2011-07-11: Faeries and Fireflies


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Summary: The residents of Xavier’s meet outside on a peaceful midsummer evening.

Date: July 11, 2011

Log Title: Faeries and Fireflies

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.


The twilight is just starting to set in around the mansion, turning the sky from blue to deep shades of indigo. The trees in the distance are now only a dark silhouette against the fading light, creating a nice backdrop for the fireflies that have started flashing off in the distance. With the heat of the day dying down a few of the students have finally ventured outside, some of them watching the sky and others playing out on the grass.

The path lights flicker to life and Hildegarde stirs, rousing from her nap and stretching on the chair she had sitting off the path a ways. She removes her sunglasses and rubs her eyes, raising her lemonade to her lips. She hesitates for a moment and sighs, tipping the drink onto the lawn after discovering a particularly large beetle has drowned in her beverage. The woman sits up more properly and looks around. She's not had a pleasant few months, but it looks like the school's had it a bit worse off.

Nigel wanders out of the school and checks his watch, not wanting to risk breaking cerfew. He doesn't want any disciplinary issues so soon after just arriving in the school. The young man looks about to see who else may be around.

Walking out of the woods towards the school is Sage. He's spent most of the afternoon in there, fallen asleep for a bit and is now heading back inside. There's a few leaves and twigs stuck in his dreads that he hasn't noticed yet. In one hand is a baggie with a few pieces of homemade bread and in the other is a jar with some amber looking liquid in it. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose fitting tunic style shirt. Not to far from Hilde he stops and kicks off his sandals, preferring to go barefoot. He hums Simple Man under his breath a bit as he walks.

The soft tapping of a cane precedes Sophie, as the blind girl makes her way around the path from the direction of the dormitories. Her left arm is in a plaster cast, and swaddled up in a sling. Across her right shoulder she carries her backpack. She guides herself slowly forwards until she finds a bench, where she sits, and collapses up her cane. From her backpack she produces an old, leather-bound book, which she promptly fumbles. "Oh! Oh, Dios … no donde esta?" she declares as the book sails through the air. and lands with a heavy thump… somewhere. She sighs heavily, and gets down on her knees, patting about with her good hand and not managing to find the right spot.

Hildegarde seems a bit mesmerized by the insects sparkling toward the trees for a short while. She places her sunglasses back on and pushes them up on top of her head, looking up to the sky and frowning. Even this far out of the city the light pollution blocks out most of the stars. It was one of the few things she actually enjoyed about her visit back to Germany, the night sky. She looks back down and offers a soft smile to Sage as he approaches. The woman looks as though she is about to say something to him when Sophie drops her book. Hilde stands up, her chair making a pained noise as she does so. She offers a quite, "Excuse me" as she passes by Nigel and bends down to pick up Sophie's book. "Here it is. Sophie, correct?"

Nigel looks over as the book lands near him but before he can bend to pick it up Hildegarde moves past him and he steps to the side "Ah Sorry." He looks over and gives sage a wave before looking to Sophie. "Are you ok?"

"Hello Nigel." Sage says in response to the wave, his voice carrying a thick Northern British accent. "How are you doing tonight?" He looks over at Sophie. "Are you alright?" He echoes Nigel at seeing the state that Sophie is. "Do you need any help carrying anything?"

Sophie blushes softly, and slowly pulls herself up off her knees and back to her feet. "Si, I am Sophie," she replies. She brushes off her knees, and winves visibly as she bends to do so. "I am alright, thank you. I am simply learning the difficulty of functioning with a broken arm, but it should be healed in another two or three weeks, so it is no great thing. Thank you for rescuing my Bible, I don't know how long it would have taken me to find it on my own."

Walking down the path with hands in his shorts pockets is Tyler. He's come outside to have a break from reading, and wandering around the recreation room. Seems like there are others out enjoying the evening so he approaches with his sneaker clad feet shuffling along disturbing bits of debris on the path. "Hello, peoples!" A merry greeting given to all as bright and cheerful as his yellow smiley face t-shirt. "Traffic Jam? Aiding damsels in distress? Path party?" Notices that Sophie's sporting a cast, "Hey, Sophie! Can I autograph your cast?"

Hildegarde guides the girl back to her bench and helps her to sit down properly if she will allow it. She glances down at the book quickly and nods, pushing it toward Sophie's hands. "You should be more careful. It won't heal properly if you aggravate the fracture." Hilde turns to face the others. The woman has a look of confused concentration as she tries to place the two faces. If they were in any of her classes she does not remember them. She glances to Nigel. "Nigel? And…" She looks over at Sage, "Guessing by your accent you are probably from England?" Her own accent seems British, but it is slightly off. It almost seems as though English is not her first language. She glances back as the third boy approaches, but this one seems also to be new to her. She laughs softly. "Seems that way. Sophie is just quite popular it seems."

Nigel nods but looks confused, having not had a class yet since he came during summer break. "Ah I guess you're one of the Professors?" He gives a small wave to Tyler and looks back to Hildegarde "Yes I'm Nigel, Nigel Beck. Also known as Wilcard from time to time." He smiles a little, trying not to look too awkward.

Sophie accepts the help to find her way back to the bench, and nods her head quickly. "Si, Professor, I am being careful. It is just difficult to do some things entirely by feel, and with only one hand. I have been working hard to heal Senorita Tara, Senor Cloud, and Headmistress Frost… but I can do nothing for myself." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and then attends to her Bible, managing to find the right page without dropping it this time. "Thank you, all, for your concern; it is a great relief."

Sage seems to blink a bit as Sophie seems to run off so quickly. "Cheers." He says to her before nodding to Hilde. "Yes ma'am, I'm from England. I'm still new here. I'm Sage Windsong Chipmunk Holbrook the Fourth." He says putting down the jar of amber liquid so he can offer a hand. As Tyler comes over there's a grin from Sage and a wave. "G'evenin' mate, how are you doing tonight?"

"What's up gentlemen!" More of a greeting from the blonde haired teen than a question. Tyler bounces in place on the balls of his feet then comes to stand somewhere close by Sage, "Not bad. Bored outta my mind but good. Everyone else?" Peers over towards Sophie who's taken up a seat on a nearby benchw with the assistance of the professor. "If you need anything Sophie lemme know…" comes to a stand still thinking that it might be for the best that he introduce himself. Tyler wiggles his head like Kermit the Frog does when trying to appear super cool, "Hayworth; Tyler Hayworth. Full of amazing. Glad to meet you Professor."

Hildegarde reaches out a hand toward Sophie as she takes off. "Oh? Yes well take care." She shakes her head and places a hand up to readjust her sunglasses. She looks down and Nigel and smiles. "Oh don't look so confused. We haven't met no, I just heard Mister…Sage? Here speak your name." She offers a smile and a nod of greeting to the three boys in turn. "Yes I am a Professor here. Hildegarde VonRegenleif. Most of the students call me Hilde or Professor V." She waves a hand dismissively, "Either works. I usually teach History and German but I…Had to take care of some things back home. I just got back."

The students may recognize that name beyond the school. Hildegarde has a few books published about mutants and appears on talk shows from time to time. The name VonRegenleif may also be familiar to those who are music savvy. A German group is gaining popularity in Europe, the main singer is Elke VonRegenleif.

Nigel nods "Ah well then very nice to meet you. Never been very good with languages myself but will most likely have you for history." He looks around again and checks his watch.

"You don't need to call me Mister Sage, it's just, Sage." He says with a smile before looking to Tyler. "I spent the afternoon trying to find the some forest fairies, thus the bread and honey water, but I fell asleep so I don't know if they came or not." Sage says as he looks a bit disappointed. "I think I might be in your History class come school starting but I'm not sure. I've never had school like this before." He admits before he looks to Nigel. "Are you waiting for something?"

Tyler tips his head so that an ear touches against his shoulder. Sophie must split so a wave of goodbye is given before he picks his head back up. "Well, they probably didn't like the noms. There's always next time, Sage." Hopefully the faeries will come around at some point because he'd love to draw a few. "Same, Professor. I got here before these two but that was right before break started. Doubt you'd see me in your German class which would be for the best. Hey! Nigel you're not running off are ya? The night is young, there's honey water to lure faeries out of their forest hidey-places…"

Hildegarde glances up at the sky again as the moon breaks through a wisp of cloud. The fireflies have moved in closer to the school, sparkling around the group as they speak to one another. She smiles to Nigel and taps her own watch. "Don't worry about the curfew here. We're on school grounds and you're with a Professor. I think we'll be ok to stay outside for a little longer. At least, if the mosquitoes don't eat us first." She blinks suddenly and turns to Sage as though trying to decide if he'd said what she thought he did, but Tyler verifies that what she heard was correct. "Fairies?" She smiles sadly, "My sisters and I used to…When we were children…" She trails off for a moment and shakes her head. "Sorry about that. You may be interested in the Mythology class I offer as well. You should look into it."

Nigel looks to Tyler "Well we are on Curfew and I don't…." He stops as Hildegarde chimes in and nods "Ah alright. Just didn't want to get in trouble." He smiles a little at all the talk of fairies but really has nothing to add.

"Well at night there are different creatures about such as pookas and more dangerous sorts. Some like to play more pranks at night." Sage says. "It's hard to tell if it's a pooka or not as that rabbit you may see might really be one." Sage does believe in this fully and not like it's some legend or myth. "Why would I be interested in Mythology Ms. Hildegarde? I don't really know much about that kind of thing."

"I knew there were rules for off campus and to be back by a certain time but did I space something else? Hmmm…are the Freshman on a nine o'clock curfew? It's all good." Tyler thinks that might be the case but honestly he only skimmed the message like he's prone to doing instead of reading the entire thing like one should. Shrugs as he honestly doesn't know, "A pooka? I'll quit while I'm ahead." Ty will attempt to remember that name and that they appear to be like rabbits for future reference. He's got quite the glossary of strange things, and Britishisms going so that he can understand his roomie a bit better. "Oh cool, a mythology class!" Quickly switches tracks again, "Hey, Nigel? You settled in and everything? I haven't seen you since the rec room the other day."

Hilde shrugs, "Yes well. As long as we stay near the mansion. I'm not going to take you all trapsing into the woods at night with Miss Frost in her condition." She smiles at Sage. "Yes well, that's what they call it these days. We both know there's a bit more behind it then stories though, don't we?" She nods in agreement with herself. "I wrote a book on it actually, potential ties between mythical beings of old and the mutants of today. Some powers seem to match up with things from old stories…" She glances over at Tyler. "Yes. It's an optional elective, counts as an English class.

Nigel looks to Tyler and nods "Yeah got settled in pretty good so far. Even got a few chances to use the Danger room. Strange place even for me, though it was good to be able to let loose a little bit."

"Well that's how we get powers, by not mythical but mystic beings. They're not some mythical creatures, fairies, pookas, opets, snarzzles are all real. I grew up hearing tales and stories about them." Sage explains. "And how we get our powers from dunlalaps, I hear most American's call us mutants but that's how we get powers." Then Sage looks surprised. "There's an English class, that'd probably be perfect for me." He doesn't know that it means English as in grammar, witting, and the such. He looks to Nigel. "The only Danger Room session I've ever been in is with Nigel, or more Wildcard. I'm not eager to go back."

"Ahh, you've made it into the Danger Room. Glad you had a good experience in there. Now you can kinda see why I said you had to experience it instead of have someone tell you about it." Tyler smiles at Nigel then nods in understanding about the offered class. He'll have to look into that when it comes time to get back to classes then he frowns when Sage mentions that the Danger Room experience wasn't all that hot for him. "Yeah? I've been in there a few times. Met this British guy who showed me a few things which was awesome but the actual scenarios I haven't cared for at all. I'm hoping that it gets better in there." Pulling hands free from his shorts Tyler waves about in front of himself. "I've no idea what the two of you are talking about. I got lost somewhere between pixies and mutants are all related somehow."

After a time, Sophie returns, looking a little bit flustered when she gets back. "Sorry for walking off, so," she murmurs as she gets back within range. "The medecines that I am taking for my wounds, I… I seem to react to them poorly. It is…" She coughs softly. "It is frustrating," she says at last, and leaves it at that. "How is everyone else? All are well, I hope?"

Hildegarde chuckles slightly at the mention of the strange creatures. "I meant more like maybe mutants have existed a bit longer than we thought, and maybe the old mutants were viewed as gods." Though she's seen some things recently that lead her to believe that maybe some myths are real. "For example, VonRegenleif means 'Son of Regenleif', one of the Valkyries. Perhaps one of my ancestors had a power similar to mine, hmm? I suppose I'll never know."

She glances at Nigel. "Ah, the Danger Room? It has its uses. I suppose it has to do with one's powers. I like to be able to let go and stop having to worry about breaking everything. It's quite freeing." She glances at Sophie when she returns, smiling softly. "Welcome back Sophie. And it is ok. Remind me to brew you some herbal tea before bed, it might help some.

Nigel nods "Well I'll see everyone about, I need to head back to my room and get some rest. It was nice to meet you professor. Sorry to chat and run."

"I could also see if I can find you some herbs that help with pain relief. They're all natural and quite safe." Sage offers to Sophie. "I'm Sage by the way." He then offers a shrug to Tyler. "All it is is fighting. It's kind of..not my cup of tea." He just doesn't like anything with violence. "Cheers Nigel. Have a good evening."

"Catch-cha round again!" Tyler calls out as Nigel wanders off then notices that Sophie's returned. "Can they switch you to something similar that might work better for you or have they tried that already, Sophie?" Reaching a hand behind himself to rub at his neck he regards Hilde with an odd expression. "That's not a biker gang right? You're talking what? Norse stuff? Sorry, I haven't paid much attention to historical things or school for the matter." Letting the hand fall away from himself Tyler takes to rocking from ball to heel at a slow pace for several moments before peering across his shoulder at Sage. "I'm not a big fan of pew-pewing people either. Kinda hoping there are challenges where we can learn how to use our abilities without having to blast someone's face in."

"This is the second medication we've tried, and it is not so bad as the first," she murmurs. "It is just…" She blushes heatedly once more. "it makes me need the girl's room somewhat… often." She clasps her cane with both hands, and ahems softly. "It is no great thing. …If you know of something that can be tried, Sage… right? Then I wouldn't mind trying, so long as the nurse says it's alright." She pauses, letting the redness drain from her face. "Valkyries were Norse spirits, if I remember rightly. Warrior-women who presided over battles, and decided which warriors would live and which would die; and then carrying the spirits of those slain to Valhalla, to feast until Ragnarok."

Hilde waves a quick goodbye to Nigel as he departs. She smiles to Sage, "Ah if you know anything local. I have some tea hidden in the kitchen though, so there's no need if it will cause you to need to go into the forest again this late at night." She then turns and nods to Tyler, "Ah yes. Valkyries are from Norse mythology…" and then Sophie chimes in and "Yes! Excellent, Sophie. I see you're up to date on your myths."

She frowns at the mention of their aversion to fighting. "Well, sometimes force is necessary. Sometimes you have to destroy something in order to save something else. Believe me, it is best to be prepared for all outcomes. Even if force is your least desired option, sometimes it is the only one available to you."

"I know there are some herbs in the attic garden so I can look up there to see what they have." Sage is very good with plants and knowing which ones are helpful. "I will look for you but I don't know what we have here. And I won't be going into the woods tonight since it's getting late for me as well." He's a bit of an early sleeper. "I've learned that there is always a solution that doesn't involving fighting. I don't mean to disagree but that's just what my Mum and Dad always taught me."

Tyler blushes, "Sorry Sophie. Didn't mean to put you on the spot about the meds and all. That totally sucks by the way. I do hope you get to feeling better soon." Strangely enough he's learning something about mythology on a dirt path on the grounds of the school rather than a traditional classroom setting which he finds far better. "Sorry, Professor V," he shrugs with a bit of a frown forming. "You've got a good point but personally I'm not out to save something or destroy anything. I want to learn control so I can keep from causing destruction. I'm not too thrilled about using what I can do for any reason which seems to be at odds with a great many people I've run into. Maybe I'm just weird."

Sophie shakes her head. "Oh, it is quite alright, Tyler." She smiles softly. "When I lost my sight I needed help with nearly everything for months. It is no great thing." She shifts her cane, and swings it across the ground in a circle around her feet. "I would agree, Sage, it is probably not a good idea to go out tonight. But… I must disagree with you about learning to fight, if only a little. I do not wish to have to destroy anything, either… but too often have I been picked on and made the victim because I am both a mutant and a blind one; and I do not want to be a victim anymore."

Hildegarde nods to the two boys. "You are not weird, and you should not feel like you need to give up your beliefs. They are yours and should be kept near to your heart. I just caution, as Sophie has mentioned, that it is best to be prepared for the need to defend yourself or someone you love." She glances out over the grounds again, "Sometimes force is the only option. You may hope for a peaceful solution, but if your opponent is bent on war and destruction…Well let us just pray that you do not see what I have seen."

There's nod from Sage but he doesn't say much more in his opinion. "Well, I think it's time for me to head to bed. I'll see you in the room later Tyler. Ms. VonReginleif and Sophie it was a pleasure. Cheers." He says as he heads off towards the school to head to sleep.

"Copy that. I'll see you a lil bit later Sage. Think I'm going to wander around once everyone goes their own way." Tyler smiles and offers up a small wave at Sage's retreating form. As for the current subject Ty can do nothing but shake his head about it. "See, I don't want an opponent. Not going to go looking for one and if someone picks a fight with me then I suppose I'll avoid the best I can. I truly hope I don't have to witness or be a part of anything involving explosions and possible loss of life."

Sophie bobs her head in Sage's general direction. "Dios los bendiga," she murmurs, "See you tomorrow perhaps!" She pauses, and brushes at herself over her side, and her healing shrapnel wounds. "I have never picked a fight. But sometimes they seem to pick me; I was assaulted during a riot in Mutant Town, I have been attacked by a trio of men looking for a mutant to pick on, and… I was in the hallway outside Cerebra, when that was attacked the other day. Next time, I would like to be prepared… even if the idea of a blind girl fighting back might seem ridiculous."

Hildegarde shakes her head again. "You cannot avoid conflicts forever. If someone you loved was in danger, would you let them suffer to avoid a fight? Things are not always black and white. But like I said, hopefully it is not a lesson you will have to learn in person." She turns to Sophie and shakes her head, "Things have gotten crazy in my absence. I don't think a blind girl fighting back is ridiculous…Just be careful not to push yourself." She glances up at the moon again and sighs, "Well I suppose I should be heading to bed…" She glances at the two, "I'd prefer the two of you not stay outdoors after curfew. If you want to enjoy the night some more though…Just stick near the entrance and don't wander off alone. And don't stay out too late, alright?" She stretches and picks up the glass she brought out with her earlier. "Sophie I'll put some tea on the stove for you if you want it. It's not medicinal, it comes in a box. But it helps me sleep sometimes when I need it." Hilde bids the two goodnight and heads into the mansion.

Tyler says, "I don't think wanting to defend yourself is a ridiculous idea at all. Anyone who was being attacked would want to protect themselves mutant or not. Maybe I'm not getting it, maybe I'm a bit blind to it all, dunno. I came from a place where I wasn't dealing with this sort of thing at all. No riots, no bullies, people throwing powers around, and certainly no crazy people storming a home hell bent on blowing things up." He's not been able to explain his position to anyone thus far and thinks that the trend might continue on or that he ought to just give in and agree with everyone else just for the sake of letting matters die out. Sadly he's been put in the exact position the professor mentioned and he did more harm than good. Yup, letting this go. "Have a good night Professor, it was nice meeting you.""

Sophie hmms? "That sounds wonderful, Professor. I think I shall take you up on that offer, if I may." She smiles, and nods in Tyler's general direction. "No, no; I do understand. You do not wish to need to fight, or harm anyone else; and I certaily don't want to either. When I arrived here I was the same… until I was nearly killed at least once, and now possibly twice. Professor Lenscher told me that my good intentions and my faith, while commendable, are as effective an armor as gossamer." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "He is right. God helps those who help themselves. I will learn what I must." She taps her cane around herself, and makes to follow Hildegarde. "See you tomorrow, Tyler? Have a good evening, si?"

Tyler bows his head to the women, "Sure, Sophie. You have a good rest of your evening too. Feel better soon! Remember, if you need anything lemme know I'm more than happy to help out!" With that Tyler takes off towards the dorms in a sort of zig zag method that will take longer than necessary to get to his destination.

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