2011-12-05: Failure To Socialize


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Summary: Chloe and Nicholas both rub each other the wrong way.

Date: December 5, 2011

Log Title: Failure To Socialize

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Classes have ended for the day and it's getting close to evening. Nicholas has found his way up to the Atrium and is currently standing at the window looking out at the grounds. "If the stables are over there and the dorms are over there that means I have to take a.." He's trying to figure out the layout of the grounds and figures a view from above might help.

Even though class has only just finished there's been more than enough time for Chloe to saunter up into the attic, pilfer a small selection of fresh vegetables for a little post class snack, then begin heading down for a little relaxation before her evening workout. "Where are you trying to go?" she wonders, springing down the steps in a few rapid bounding leaps. "I know pretty much every short cut this place has. At least the ones where you don't need a password or teleportation."

Nicholas tenses as Chole speaks and doesn't turn to look at her. "I'm not trying to find anywhere. Just looking." Is what he responds in a rather cold tone before he sighs and turns around. "Look, I don't need any help getting around, just looking at the grounds and learning the place, not like I've had much time to explore before getting shoved into classes."

"I dunno. Sounds like you need directions to Miss Frosts etiquette class," Chloe says with dry amusement, pausing just long enough to eat a half dozen tomatos. "I gather from the 'shoved into classes' part that you're new and not especially pleased you're here/"

"Sounds like you need directions to not be a total bitch." Nicholas reponds to Chloe shoving his hands into the pockets of the hoodie he's wearing. "Yes I'm new here and I don't need to tell you if I'm pleased to be here or not. So is this all part of the haze the new guy routine?"

"Funny how you expect people to keep being nice to you after you act like a jerk when they politely offer you help," Chloe notes, with her trademark slow (for her) eye roll. "As for if you're pleased or not practically every new student is unhappy for one reason or another. Although most don't tend to advertise it quite so much." She shrugs, then fast world eats another vegetable. "Haze the new guy isn't an especially popular sport here. When they new guy might become radioactive when upset it's really fucking stupid to go around upsetting them."

"What, you think I expect people to be nice to me here? Wow, you're full of assumptions so I guess you love making an ass out of yourself and me." Nicholas says frowning. "Well you don't have to worry, I'm radioactive or anything, I'm a telekinetic. And if the person hazing happens to be someone like Superman whose to give a fuck if they're radioactive or not."

Chloe laughs softly. "That wasn't an assumption. I had first hand evidence of it. I tried to be nice, you act like a jerk, I stop being nice and then you sulk about it. And for the record I wasn't worried in the slightest, like I said I know the fastest routes to just about everywhere. Including the medbay. So unless you had some power which would kill me in seconds I was pretty safe and to be honest people with powers that make people drop stone dead are actually quite rare." She begins an idle circuit of the Observation deck. "Scrambling minds or teleporting them half way across the state are a bit more common, but still not enough to lose sleep over."

"Wow, let me guess, you're super power is an ego the size of Texas, cause if it isn't, that's impressive." Nicholas says as he honestly doesn't care if she's nice to him or not. "And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" He says before putting on a fake falsetto voice in mocking. "I know the quickest way to the medbay." He rolls his eyes. "You really think you're something special, don't you."

Chloe leans against the wall. "If you mean I have some self confidence and don't feel the need to compete for emo of the year, then sure why not. For the record it means I know how to find where the doctors are. Or are those words still a little to long for you? You could have been radioactive, burst into flames or been made of poison and I could have got myself patched up before you'd had chance to bore anyone sulking about how terrible your life is now you're a mutant."

Nicholas glares at Chloe and it looks like he's pissed. "Fuck you! Stop trying to fucking assume you know shit about me just cause I'm in a terrible mood! Let me get some shit through your egotistical, not confident, but annoyingly egotistical head. First, I'm not upset that I'm here, and I don't hate being here. Second, my life isn't terrible because I'm a mutant. Fuck, I've had my powers for four years and third, maybe I am being fucking emo but that's none of your business why!"

"It started being my business when you decided to start acting like a prick," Chloe replies with zenlike calm, taking a little sidestep to put herself away from anything breakable and discreetly locking her cybernetic fingers tight around part of the window. "You say you're shoved into classes than throw your toys out of the pram when people assume you're not happy being here.

Nicholas rolls his eyes. "Yes, because it's so important to you to know why I'm being a prick." His voice dripping with sarcasim. "You want to know, because I know you're so desperate to be nosey and know everyone's business." It's taking him a lot of restraint not to just shove something across the room, he's afraid that if he does he'll send it right through a window and that won't be good. "I'm not happy because my parents are fucking dead, they were murdered because I'm a mutant. You happy now?"

Chloe sighs and lets go with her cyberhand. "Not especially," she says flatly. "Look if you wanted time alone maybe in future you could try saying that you want some space. Instead of just trying to insult anyone who takes the time to speak to you. Almost everyone in this place has either gone through something like that or has a friend who has lost someone. Or the Xavier special of having someone actually try kill them. Even if you don't find someone you can talk things through with you'd at least find people willing to give you time alone."

"Stuff your self righteous attitude down your throat. I said I didn't need help getting around and you immedtately told me I needed an ettiquette class so don't act like you weren't being some queen bitch. I only insulted you after you insulted me." Nicholas says to her. "And thank you oh so much for making me feel like the death of my parents is the equivlent to someone failing a test around here. It makes me feel so much better so thank you."

"Oh yes, you turned down a friendly offer of help in the most charming and gracious way I've ever encountered," Chloe says sweetly. "Without a hint of whiny little shit about you. So yes, I made a single joke about ettiquette classes and if that's your idea of a queen bitch then wow you /really/ need help. As for that last bit of crap? I never said anything about a test. I said people had gone through similar things. Family members attacked or killed, people kidnapping them and experimenting on them, being kicked out of home or just plain old maimed."

"But I wasn't the one to start throwing insults first." Nick says to hear bitterly as he walks over to the elevator and punches the button to call the elevator so he can escape the awful that is Chloe. "Maybe I do need some help but it sure as shit ain't going to be because you said it."

Chloe raises an eyebrow. "I made a joke, not threw an insult. There's a big difference. If you took it as an insult then that's your misunderstanding," she points out. "And hey for what it's worth I apologise for it, not that you'll believe me. If I'd known you were grieving I wouldn't have attempted to be funny. I'd have left you in peace. As for what you do and don't do I really couldn't care less." And with the elevator claimed by the new kid she makes for her favorite short cut down, back up into the attic onto the roof and a hop, skip and a jump down.

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