2011-02-28: Faith


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Summary: Kisha and Hosea discuss the unusual manner in which the climax of Africa occurred.

Date: Monday, February 28, 2011. 5:49pm

Log Title: Faith

Rating: G (Minor religious content)

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

Hosea's been back to his normal cheefrul self since returning from Africa. More or less, at least. The reality check for the students and staff who went was a hard one, and he feels a bit responsible for not insisting to go alone a bit more. All the same, he is happy they were there, since their presence enabled the capture of Nero, his longstanding enemy. The rain is falling on the large windows, and the African watches it fall gently across the grounds. In his left hand is an object that many may have seen him holding fondly in the last couple of weeks. It's a small black rock, about the size of a golf ball. It's smooth and not quite perfectly round. He turns it around in his hand, his food left unattended at the table behind him.

Not everyone had a horrible time in Africa! For Kisha it was practically the vacation of a lifetime, second only to that one time she might have seen Iron Man fly past while she was in a discount electrical goods store. After all who needs things like personal safety when you've got the kind of access to a high end stealth plane that would make professional spys turn green with envy? It's during a break from re-reviewing her recordings for the millionth time that she's actually bothering to get food for a change. Cold pizza and coffee made to her extacting receipe of nine parts coffee to one part water. "I probably should check the school library for alien language dictionarys…" she muses aloud.

The African arches a brow, and turns his gaze over one shoulder toward Kisha. "Kisha! It is good to see you," he says. Her undampened spirit is good for his soul. "I have not seen much of you lately. He steps back from the window, and toward the technoempath. "You managed vedy well at Africa," he says. "I thought you would have been vedy frustrated without your toys!" He lets out a smile, and sits down across from her. "I am sorry dat it was not as pleasant as everyone had hoped." The rock is placed down on the table in front of him. Not a normal sort of rock, that's for certain. In fact, it's not a rock from earth at all. It's the meteorite that struck Nero's camp, providing hope during the rescue when all seemed very lost.

Kisha tilts her head. "/Toys/," she says flatly, glancing up from the screen of her custom cellphone. "For the record I was never without any of the important stuff. I had an admittedly slow net connection and remote access to my machines, I managed to make practically every planned website update on schedule. With only minor delays caused by acts of god, acts of Magneto and those few times people started shooting at the building I was in. Slightly distracting, but it made me glad I had my nailgun in my toolkit."

Hosea grins, "I thought dat you did not believe in God?" he says with a bemused smile. "I am glad dat you did not let it cause you to lose heart, and I am even more glad dat you were not injured. I wish dat I could say da same for everyone."

"Figure of speech. It flows better than acts of a highly unlikely statistical nature," Kisha counters with a shrug. "And lose heart in what exactly? I must admit I was quite annoyed they stole the Blackbird for a while." Of course that may just be because they did it before she could… "Also for the record I believe in a higher power. I call it math. Of course with my god you can do all kinds of useful things, like build bridges or cross oceans."

Hosea arches his brow. "It may flow bettah, it also makes more sense. You think dat it was just by luck dat dis rock," his finger presses down on the meteorite. "Traveled billions of miles through space for many yeahs, to land exactly in da place it did at exactly da time it did to destroy da army of Nero, but leave all of us unharmed by da throw of dice?" He laughs, "You have much more faith den I do, Kisha. I cannot fathom dat to be an accident." He knits his brow, "But you must tell me, were you not concerned dat our classmates had been captured, and da army of Nero was threatening to capture all of us? If you only believe in math, den you should have been vedy scared."

Kisha waves her hand dismissively. "I have skills which would have been useful enough that I'd likely have avoided the worst of whatever they did. Stolen planes don't maintain themselves after all. Then it would simply be a matter of waiting for the staff to reclaim the plane and me with it." She grins. "I'm no stranger to a little discomfort and… for the record I agree about the rock fall being a little too well timed. But that sort of thing is fairly easy to engineer for someone with the right super powers. It's not beyond reason that someone tried to drop a rock from orbit onto Magneto while he was distracted."

"A bullet may have ended your life before dey knew your powers, and you should not underestimate men like Nero. You have had an easy life in America, but you should not be silly about da world outside of dese borders." He chuckles. "You say you live by math, but you make a claim you cannot defend. All da powers in da area were not working, Magneto was no stronger den any other man, and even less, because of his age." He maks a tsking sound with his mouth. "You are a girl of great faith, you see!" he points at her with a broad grin. "You just must learn to put faith in things dat are reliable!" He lets out a laugh, finding the conversation rather amusing.

"The risk of being shot is something which I've had previous experience with and being here is likely more much of a health hazard. Or have you already forgotten that I was allegedly killed once already?" Kisha counters, tapping at the screen of her cellphone to pause on an interesting section of footage. "They wouldn't have used the power dampening machine if we'd all been captured now would they?

"The risk of being shot is something which I've had previous experience with and being here is likely much more of a health hazard. Or have you already forgotten that I was allegedly killed once already?" Kisha counters, tapping at the screen of her cellphone to pause on an interesting section of footage. "They wouldn't have used the power dampening machine if we'd all been captured now would they?" With a grin she adds "You shouldn't assume everyone in America has such an easy life. Before I came to this place I used to help my big brothers gang. If not for the mutant thing I'd have been along on at least a couple of armed robberys by now if rumour is to be believed."

Hosea nods, "I apologize, I do not mean to look down upon your troubles," he admits. "It can be a challenge for me, because in America, people only see suffering as something dat is evil. Dey do not understand da value dat suffering has." He makes a quick quirk of his brow, scooping up the meteorite again. "You must also remember dat I compare life in America to my life living in Nero's camp, and being oppressed by people like him for my entire life."

Kisha laughs. "I would hardly say they're my troubles. Oh no my troubles are entirely based around overly restrictive regulation and rules," she informs in a mock solemn tone. "They won't even let me begin work on my own space ship so that after school I can finish my education on another world." She shrugs. "Suffering is like most other sensations. Either to be ignored while working or as motivation for working. I need water so I'll build a well, that sort of thing."

"Suffering can teach us a great deal, though," Hosea says. "I do not believe it is good to ignore it. It reveals to us our heart. It can show us what we hold valuable. Sometimes not da things important!" he admits. "It gives us perserverance for what is lasting, and helps us to abandon what is fleeting. I do not understand why so many people think dat suffering is evil. It is unpleasant, but not evil."

"I suspect it largely depends on the cause and type of suffering involved," Kisha suggests, nodding as if to partially concede Hosea's point. "And of course not everyone suffers in the same way…. I can't help but suspect I'm agreeing with what you're saying but only in a way you couldn't even begin to understand. And vice versa no doubt."

Hosea grins, "Understanding is a good thing to seek, do you not think?" the teleporter asks. He tosses the rock up in the air once, and catches it in his hand. He laughs, "I did not expect dat a meteorite could make such a large hole, and be so small." The small stone took out half of Nero's camp, and fits in the palm of his hand. The math of which he doesn't understand, though Kisha may well.

Hosea shakes his head. "I am vedy familiar with da area. Dere were no other warlords dat had da strength dat Nero had. His power was vedy great in Nigeria, and through much of Africa. Do not think his power is small, or dat his story will end dere. I believe he may yet escape custody. He has power over many influential people." The Nigerian arches his brow. "You must realize dat technology in Africa is not like it is here. Dat he had such great technology, and an alien who was aiding him to produce mutants? Dat is significant."

"Less than you'd think really. It's a relatively lawless region, forgotten by the majority of the world and as you said there isn't much technology. Which means it's much harder for anyone to discover what he was involved in. If /I/ was planning on performing experiments on Human test subjects it's /exactly/ the sort of place I'd pick," Kisha assures with a confidence that suggests she may have worked out plans of a similar nature in the past. "The alien was almost certainly using him, rather than aiding him. Actually…. It's entirely possible dropping a rock on Nero was a quick and dirty plan to cover up the entire thing. Plot discovered, puppet warlord no longer useful it's time to cut and run. Or in this case flatten the place from orbit and run."

Hosea shakes his head in disbelief. "But you have no evidence for dis," he says. "You are making up stories, now, because you do not have a solid explanation. Nero would not be used by anyone as a puppet, you do not know him like I did. Even if you did, it would not mean dat God did not act in a mighty way. Dere was a human dere, who knew nothing of what was going on, all da way from New York, and was in just da right place to cut da power to da generators at da right time. Did anotha person make dat happen, too? Or is it maybe possible dere are no coincidences? If someone else made da rock fall, den dat too would have been God's design, yes? Nothing happens outside his powah."

Kisha takes a deliberate swig of her coffee. "There is this thing, called a theory. It's something rational people come up with when they are either as yet unable or unwilling to obtain additional evidence. In a way it's like claiming 'God' did everything you don't understand except without all throwbacks to the days when people lived in caves and worried the sun wouldn't still be there in the morning. Except the neat bit with a theory is that the person making it knows up front might be wrong and is willing to entertain the notion. While claiming an all powerful being is at work generally comes linked with an unwillingness to believe in more plausable solutions even when they're revealed."

"Dat is silly," Hosea says. "Faith is not built on what I do not understand. Who would do that?" Well, Westerners might, but that's not him. "Faith is not blind. It is based on what I have already seen and know to be true. So you could say dat it is a 'theory' if you like, but it is more likely den inventing people who do not exist. I do not know how God does what he does always, but to pretend dat he does not exist would be like pretending dat you to not exist. I see you before me, I hear your voice just as I hear his, yes?" He puts a finger aside his nose. "I think maybe you do not understand what faith means. You think it is an easy answer, hmm, Americans call it someting. A cooper? A cop on? I do not remember. An answer to just trow around when you do not know something. Dis is not faith, dat is to hide from reality. Faith is built on what I know to be real, and trust dat God will continue to act as he has in da past," he pauses. "Do you understand?"

"Inventing people who don't exist? What're you talking about? The theory I suggested involved Nero, who I assume you agree existed and the 'alien' involved in creating his pseudo-mutants. Who again I think there is ample evidence to support the being in question being involved. I simply suggested that the being, which may or may not be an alien, could have tried to eliminate Nero when it looked like things were going badly," Kisha explains slowly, with a pained look on her face. "The only people I've considered being involved is a potential third party who may have dropped a rock from orbit. Which is statistically far more likely than you'd imagine, after all on any given moment countless spy satelites are floating above your head."

"Hah, den da alien was foolish, for he dropped da rock when Nero's victory was at hand," Hosea points out. "So dat only leaves anotha person, who you can only speculate about, yes? But I am more interested to know if you understand dat faith is not a simple answer dat I throw at things I do not understand. It is based on what is already known to me." He twists the rock in his hand, examining it a moment. "Many people heah will assume dat I must not be as wise as dem, because I have different knowledge den what comes in man's books. Dey are fast to believe in things dey cannot know, but den will mock what I do know. It becomes tiresome. Maybe you feel da same, when people do not understand da way you think about machines, but dey will think you silly, though dey do not have knowledge."

Kisha wolfs down her pizza, cold just the way it should be. "I understand the concept yes. That doesn't mean I could ever agree with it as a lifestyle choice," she says. "Oh and for the record what seems foolish to a Human mindset and a non-Human one aren't always the same. Trust me on this, my brain rewired itself to run like a Shi'ar for just a little while and all kinds of things which would be obvious normally felt odd. Although I guess that could have been some kind of short term brain injury…. It's no wonder they keep dragging me down to the medbay every few weeks since the trip."

Hosea doesn't seem to really follow what she's saying, but nods all the same. "Well, dat may be true on some things," he concedes, though he doesn't have any examples to work with. "But you should open your mind to da truths dat God has. I have had to open my mind to many things dat are science since coming heah, dey do not hinder me. It would do you well." He starts to stand to his feet. "In dis place, people have had to fight demons, but dey still to not believe in God, strange, yes?" he asks.

"One mans demon is just an animal from another layer of reality to another. They both want to do unspeakable things to you for light entertainment and no doubt spending any length of time with them puts dampeners on your ability to consider the prospect of a benevolent deity," Kisha ventures. "As far as I'm concerned demons are likely to just be another kind of alien. With our myths and legends about them simply down to a lack of understanding of the concept when they first turned up."

"Hmm," Hosea's eyes narrow. "You are only familiar with da weak demons dat da superheroes heah have fought," he notes. "Da truly dangerous ones, you nevah see coming, and you cannot fight dem with your hands or powers." He smiles, "I've met dem, and I would be as you describe, except dat God has reached into my life." He starts toward the door. "Maybe in time, you can see dis as well."

"I'm not familiar with any demons, devils or anything of that nature. Aside from a small gap in my memory that implies otherwise I haven't seen any evidence that convinces me they exist," Kisha points out with dry amusement. "But anyway I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for me to convert. For me a god can only ever be something to supersede by going postphysical. Now there's a thought, I could be benevolent every now and again and get a nice little temple somewhere…."

Hosea shakes his head. "Dere is knowledge dat cannot be measured by your instruments," Hosea points out. "To be wise, you must seek out truth wherever it may be, not only where you are comfortable looking for it. Great things always come at great cost."

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