2011-01-12: Falling For You


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Summary: Megan flies into the cmmunications tower and falls on top of Mason. David arrives, and it looks…bad.

Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2011. 3:26pm.

Log Title: Falling For You

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

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Classes haven't been out for long, just long enough for most kids to have scattered to the four corners of the mansion grounds and have started seeing to after school activities. Though it may have been the wiser choice for Megan to have started on her homework first, the pink haired teenager is, instead, practicing her speed flying. Rainbow tinted butterfly wings almost blur as she buzzes the tops of the trees, zipping along at top speed above the forest, though her fastest isn't much faster than a normal human can sprint. The communications tower looms up in front of her and the Welsh born teen's eyes widen as she tries to put on the breaks, dumping altitude frantically. Too bad she doesn't think to just dodge out of the way. She could have saved herself a collision.

Mason has scattered to the woods as well, fingerless gloves on his hands so that he can play his guitar by himself. Not nearly as fast as Megan, he walks through the woods casually, over obstacles such as branches and tree stumps. His heavy red coat is on, blond hair covered by a wool knit cap. He hears the sound of the collision, standing almost directly beneath Megan when it happened. He slides the guitar case off his shoulder, and his blue eyes dart back and forth. "What was that?" he asks himself aloud, unaware that the sprite has just collided above him. The resonation makes it difficult to pinpoint the location of the impact, but after a moment, he glances up, only to see Megan coming straight for him. It's a good thing he's extra durable, he may need it in just a moment.

Here comes the Pixie! Not nearly as graceful falling as she is in flight, Megan is dazed by the impact with the tower, the breath knocked out of her for the moment. She's tries to catch herself, her wings fluttering just a little too late to do any good against the rushing wind. And then…

She lands hard on… Well it certainly wasn't the ground, anyway. The hard landing isn't the best follow up to having just run into a very immovable object and the Welsh born teenager just lays there for a moment, trying to regain her bearings and figure out exactly what happened before she actually moves.

Mason tries to reach up his arms to catch the flying girl, but there's not quite enough time to respond as she collides with him, driving him to the ground. He sinks into the dirt, dazed himself, with Megan's face against his cheek. Anyone to come across them might think that they were doing something they shouldn't be. His arms land around her waist, and he grunts painfully. He likewise has the wind knocked out of him now, and he blinks a little, trying to regain his senses.

Fortunately, Megan bounces back pretty quick from her little accident. She pushes herself up, her hands braced on the ground on either side of Mason's head, and blinks blearily down at the boy she managed to flatten when she fell. She gives her head a little shake, her hair falling over her shoulders as she tries to regain the ability to think and finally really looks at what, or rather, who, she landed on. Her pitch black eyes widen in shock to realize that she'd landed on another person and she tries to backpeddal off of him, only to find that his arms are around her, "Oh fy New!" Her voice, though dazed from the fall still, is the lilting tones of someone that's only been in the States for a few months. Her cheeks burn scarlet for having landed in such a… compromising position, "Are ya alright?"

Mason coughs, starting to realize that he's preventing her from getting up. He releases her, and smiles weakly. "I think so," he answers, looking up at the Welsh girl. He then suddenly recognizes that when he let go of her waist, his right hand ended up resting on her thigh, and he quickly removes it. That's not what he intended! "I guess this is a good time to use the 'did it hurt when you fell from heaven?' line, huh?" he makes light of the situation as best he can, still laying flat on his back on the forest floor.

Flat on the ground below the tower are a pair of… Well, they could be lovebirds if one didn't see Megan's collision with the tower a little below her top speed. The Mason is flat on his back with his arms draped around Megan's waist and the butterfly winged girl is stretched out atop him, looking down at the boy below her with a dazed expression on her face.
Megan's blush deepens when he moves his hand from her waist to her thigh, "I did'ne mean to land on ye…" She really does sound apologetic about the whole situation, though it doesn't occur to her to try moving just yet. Not to mention more than a little embarrassed! It's just a good thing that she always wears pants for modesty's sake. Otherwise the situation could look even more incriminating than it already does… One can only hope that a teacher or other adult doesn't wander by so soon after classes are over.
You page, "She's sitting straddling him, right? That's the picture I got at least." to Megan.
Megan pages, "Sure. That works." to you.

Mason is still a little dazed to try to bother moving, either. "It's okay," he says. "I'm a tough guy." He grins a little, but then furrows his brow. "You didn't jump from the tower, did you?" he asks. He didn't see her flying, he just knows that she landed on him. Did he just interrupt a suicide attempt? "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He knows he's fine, but the blond pop star seems more concerned now with Megan's well-being, both emotionally and physically.
Well it appears that the hope of no adults walking by is dashed. Though it is a young cool adult and former classmate of Megan's. David, in his Prodigy uniform of a yellow and white bodysuit and his signature yellow cybershades lets out a loud, "AHEM!" As he peers down from the communication tower, he shakes his head and synching up with a skillset from a nearby acrobatic student, David literally drops from the tower and after a series of flips and rolls using the nearby branches of trees lands right by the twosome on the ground. "Mason, let her go." David continues shaking his head. He has heard some rumors about Mason and is just shocked to see Megan in the position.

Megan looks relieved when Mason claims to be fine and sighs with relief, though it's short lived when he accuses her of having jumped. She shakes her head and sits up fully, her expression indignant, "No, Ah didn't jump." She blushes again, looking away and folding her arms over her chest, her wings fluttering in agitated embarrassment, "Ah fell." She rubs at her shoulder where she caught the brunt of the tower, "Ah wasn't paying enough attention, Ah guess…" Then comes that very pointed 'ahem' from above and she looks up slowly, her face once more scarlet as she realizes what a compromising position they're in. There's a strangled squeek from the girl and she scrambles off of the pop star, not yet having realized who her accidental rescuer is, "It's not what it looks like!"

Mason smiles. "That's good, okay." He laughs, "I've done that before," he says. "I fell off a stage once when I was twelve. I was so embar — " He's cut off by David's interruption. He helps her to remove herself from him, the straddling position she was in probably makes things look even worse. But behold, as he pulls himself up to his hands, it can be seen that Mason's pants, are, indeed, fully on him. There was no hanky panky. "It isn't! We were just talking!" That doesn't help the matter, probably. He should've mentioned that she just fell on top of him. They were just talking, and she just happened to be sitting on top of him. That's all!

"Yeah ok." David looks over the two to see that they are indeed dressed, but still. He quirks his eyebrow and when he gets full view of Megan, he gives the young fairy a big hug, "Megan!" as he hugs her he shoots Mason a look. He hmmmmns as he lets her go. "Well, I know Megan is a good girl." He gives her another smile before frowning when back to Mason, "Try your best not to be found lying on the ground with the female students." he pauses a moment considering some of the other students and rephrases, "Try your best not to be found lying on the ground with any of the students."

The pink haired teen gives Mason a faintly confused look at the mention of falling off of a stage, curiosity evident in the tilt of her head, though she's distracted by trying to explain just why she was sitting on top of the other teenager while they were 'just talking', "Ah was flying and the tower just came out of nowhere!" She's sure to have a bruise for her troubles, too. At least one! She smiles when her former classmate hugs her, wrapping her arms around her old friend, "Tis good to see ye, David." Even if she would have much rather have not been found in the situation she was in when he showed up.
Megan backs up a step, frowning for a moment before she moves to offer Mason a hand up, "He… caught me…" How embarrassing to be a flying mutant and have to rely on someone that's ground bound to save her. Then the name and the comment about a 'stage' finally clicks and the girl's eyes widen in surprise as she looks between the other two for a moment, her eyes finally settling on Mason, "You're Mason Steele!" Color her shocked…

Mason climbs up to his feet. "I didn't do anything!" he contests to David. "I was just coming out here to play some guitar." He indicates to the soft guitar case sitting next to where they collapsed. He's a bit covered in dirt and mud along his backside, and he turns a little, trying to see it as he brushes what he can off of himself. For the most part, though, he's just going to be dirty until he gets back to the dorms. Now his hands are a little dirty, too. "Yeah," he says with his bright smile, finding it amusing that Megan just now realized who he is. He licks his right pinky as if licking sugar off his fingers. Only…it was dirt. It's so casually done that it might go unnoticed, but…yes, he just ate a little dirt. "I'm Mason Steele. You're Megan, then?" he asks. He holds out his hand, but then realizes that it's dirty. "Oh, sorry," he apologizes.

Placing his arm around Megan affectionately, "It's good to see you too. It's been awhile and sorry I hadn't seen you since I got back. Got busy. I'm a TA now." Looking back at Mason, "I suppose it was an accident, but maybe Xorn should have a little chat with his squad about what is and is not appropriate." David exhales and then offers, "Megan Gwynn. Mason Steele." He ponders if Megan will have the same reaction most of the other girls have when they see Mason.

Megan glances over at the guitar, making a face at seeing how dirty it is, especially knowing that it's her fault. She leans against David for a moment, happy to see an old friend, though she can't contain her excitement about having met one of her favorite stars for long. She bounces slightly on the balls of her feet, wings fluttering, and nods, "Aye!" She starts to offer a proper introduction, but David beats her to it, "Tis a pleasure t'meet ye." And obviously makes up for her clumsiness in the air!
She looks up at David and grins, her nose wrinkling cutely and not having noticed the fact that dirt was eaten, or, at least, not mentioning it anyway, "That's immense! Ah don'ne know what I'll do after Ah graduate." She giggles, "Not that Ah have to worry about that yet."

"It's good to meet you, too," Mason answers, trying to pretend that Megan isn't clearly so excited. "I didn't do anything inappropriate," he promises David. "I was just here, and she had a little accident and fell on me. I promise you, there was nothing inappropriate happening." He turns a little red at the suspicion. Of course, David's concern isn't without warrant. The blond is an insatiable flirt.
David nods and smiles, "Fair enough. It was an accident." He looks between the two and offers, "but let's not have these accidents happen too often." He sound as if he speaks from experience. "Thanks, Megan. So how was your holiday?" He looks to Mason, "Same question for you. Last time I saw you, you looked pretty beat."

"Yeah," Mason says, keeping the showman's smile up. "I had a couple dozen Christmas parties I had to go to, and Christmas concerts, and New Years parades, and New Year's Eve parties. It was really busy. Now that classes at Julliard have started, I almost feel relaxed, though those are hard, too." He picks the guitar up off of the ground, and pulls it over his shoulder again. "Being famous at the holidays is hard."
"Wow, sounds like a fun-filled holiday season. You're lucky. I thought since we had been at Mutant Town during the whole mess, it would be my duty to see it through. I spent Christmas and New Year's at Mutant Town with Magneto and some of the students to help rebuild the stuff." David shrugs, "But I'm glad yo had fun."

"I don't know if I'd call it fun. A little party can go a long way," Mason answers. "But it was all good. Saw Micaela again, and she managed to stay civil." Micaela Shaw, his ex-girlfriend, and another child star.

The moment Micaela's name is said. David's cybershades flicker and show holographic images of Micaela Shaw and some of the tabloid rag's and information regarding the former couple, "Well, good to see that you're civil."

"Well, it's getting cold," Mason says. "I gotta head in and get a shower. And don't read those tabloids, they don't know what they're talking about." Most of the tabloids of their history paint Mason as the villain in the relationship. Though it was him who broke off the relationship the final time they were dating. He starts heading back toward the dorm.

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