2009-12-09: Family And Holidays


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Summary: Daisuke and Jared talk about the upcoming holiday and their families.

Date: December 9, 2009

Log Title Family and Holidays

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Nathaniel's Room

Daisuke's side of the room is a bit cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures of his grandmother, brother and mother taped on the wall along with a poster from Cowboy Bebop. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. His desk has stacks of text books, CD's and a laptop on it. There are a few small chibi style anime figures on his desk and end-table.

Lying on his bed, Daisuke is on his laptop, looking through some websites. He's thinking about taking a week off and going to visit his Grandmother and he's taking some time to look into it. It's been weird having a new roomate but Daisuke's trying to make the most of it. While he's alone he just listens to his music, his typical Japanese Rock blaring in his dorm room.

Jared does not have to ask if Daisuke is in his room even without using his powers. Jared stops and nocks on the door, even though he is fairly sure that no one inside could possibly hear him nock. After a 3 second count he slowly opens the door and sticks his head in bunny ears first. "Dai?"

Daisuke looks up as the door is knocked on, his music isn't /that/ loud but he doesn't listen to it quiet either. "Jared, hey!" He says breaking out into a big grin. He gets off the bed and walks over to wrap his arms around his boyfriend. "What's up?"

Jared shrugs as he hugs his boyfriend back, his hands comming into view for just a second holding what appears to be a small green box with Japanese Kanji on it. "Not much, bored, confused about last night, and and I ended up with a box of snacks I was gonna offer to share."

Daisuke takes the box and it takes him a second to read it, he's gotten better with his reading of Kanji in the last few years. "Men's Pocky…where did you find this all in Kanji and not in English? Thanks!" He says enjoying the chocolate biscusts. "Hey, you know I'm always up for food. Actually seeing the Kanji reminds me what I was doing, I was thinking about going to visit my Grandmother soon."

Jared shrugs and gives a small grin, "I have my ways." Not to mention an internet connection and way too large an allowance from his Dads. "Cool, you planning to go for Charistmas and new years, or waiting till January?" Jared is not the type to get pouty or mope that his boyfriend may be leaving the country for a while, but instead be excited he gets to go visit relatives. Never having actually had grandparents, or aunts and uncles even, he is at least glad when other people have them to go see.

"I dunno, I would love to go for Christmas and New Years for the big celebration but I don't know if it's too late." DAisuke explains especially since New Years is a big day in Japan. "I'd like to spend it with you but I really want to visit my Grandmother and see Kyoto again. Maybe I'll visit for the holiday and then come spring, I'll drag you with me to see Kyoto in the spring time."

Jared nods and grins as he moves out of the door way to sit on Dai's bed. "Hmm, this late it might be a little more to fly there…" Jared twitches his nose a little before he pulls his fee up under him into the lotus position. "Spending the holidays with you would be awsome, but don;t want to be the one to stop you rom going to see family. Never had much in the way of family till recently. always wished I had. Heh, and you would not have to drag too ahrd to get me to go with you in the spring….if we can talk the Dads into it."

"Yeah I know the price will be more expensive, but I can afford it." Daisuke says sitting next to Jared and cuddling next to him. "My Grandmother is my only family and I haven't seen her since Skyler and I went to visit a while back. And I think we'd be able to talk them into it, and maybe get Eddie to go with us, unless you want it to be just us?"

Jared grins and cuddles up next to Dai. "Hmm, as much fun as it would be just the two of us I think it would be great to have Eddie along. Heh, knowing his luck of we bring Eddie there is a good chance that we may end up spotting if not meeting Sunfire."

"Sunfire?" Daisuke asks not sure who he is. "Oh! And we can get him to bring Ricky along. It'd be like a couples thing, I'll talk to my Grandmother tonight to find out if it's okay about going over there for the holiday and then talk to her while there about friends coming to visit." He says taking Jared's hand in his and leaning in for a kiss.

Jared makes a happy almost purring sound as he leans in for a kiss while he grabs onto Dai's hand. "Ooh, now that does sounds like a good idea. Yes, Sunfire. Formor X-man, been on a half a dozen teams, absorbs radiation and shoots plasma, most recent I have heard anything aobut him was working for a Japanese Government Sponsered hero team. I would think that being friends with Eddie and dating me you might have had some knowledge about heroes rub off." The last is said in a mildly teasing voice.

"I don't know heroes like you and Eddie do." Daisuke says laughing. "Which I was talking about earlier with that new kid John today, how you two know everythign about heroes." Daisuke says chuckling as he's comfortable in his cuddled position with Jared. "I have picked up somethings but I don't have time to sit around all day and read about heroes….well I do but I like to draw, practice the drums and work out too."

Jared pouts a little at Daisuke. "Its not like thats all we do. Spend a lot of time working out and doing homework too. That and I have been reading a lot more stuff about medicine here lately." Jared lets his hand end up ghosting over Dai's hand, not thinking about the fact that the fur might end up tickling. "Talking to the new guy about me? He looking for info on heroes or did we just come up in conversation?"

Daisuke chuckles slightly as Jared's fur tickles his hand. "You just came up in conversation. I like talking about you cause you're speical to me." He says being sappy. "Oh man Christmas is soon, I don't even know what to get you, Eddie or Skyler for Christmas."

Jared grins a little at Dai. "Yeah, I know how you feel. No idea what to get you, Eddie, or the Dads. Well, at least one of the Dads. I found this cool cook book put out by a 5 star resteraunt that I got for Christopher."

"I'm easy, I like any kind of art supplies." Daisuke says with a laugh. He'll probably look for books on Super Hero History for Jared and Eddie. Something that a nerd might find interesting for a super hero fan. "I'm never good at gift giving since we didn't do too much growing up. I mean Shu and I always did something for eachother."

Jared nods and shrugs, "About the same with Mom and me. We did little things for each other, and usually did sdinner together, or breakfast depending on which shift she had at the hospital. "

"If Shuya and I did dinner together, we made sure to go out and usually did it around Christmas not on. My father was usually home and in a bad mood." Daisuke says as sometimes his father ignored him and his brother and sometimes it was bad. "I'm just glad that thigns are fairly normal now and if I go see my Grandmother I can visit my Mom and Shuya's shrines."

Jared nods and slips an arm around Daisuke and gives him a tight hug. There is not much he can say, but he can at least understand the way Dai feels about seeing his mother and brother's shrines since thre is a part of him that really wants to go see his own mother's grave. "Then you should deffenetly go. Eddie, me, and everyone else will be here with your Christmas gifts when you get back."

Daisuke returns the hug smiling at the closness of Jared. "It's weird, it makes me happy, like at piece, to go there and pay my respects, not sad." He turns and kisses Jared, buck bunny teeth and all. "And maybe I'll get all of yours while I'm in Japan and get you guys some neat stuff." He could probably find some weird super hero stuff other there.

Jared laughs a little, "That would be awsome. Don't think I have ever had any international Christmas presents before." Jared pulls Daisuke so that he is more or less in his lap and just hugs onto him. "I can understand what you mean. About the shrines that is. You know they are at peace and looking out for you from the other side."

Daisuke laughs and leans against Jared, putting his head back on Jared's shoulder. "I like feeling like I'm in their presence. And I'll find something awesome for you in Japan." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he can't help but reach up and rub one of Jared's ears.

Jared's right leg starts to shake a little as his ear gets rubbed, along with other effects that Daisuke can probably feel. "Anything you get me will be awsome, it does not matter what it is."

Daisuke nods and chuckles as he strokes Jared's bunny ear. "You know, I wonder how weird it would be with you as a giant bunny." He says grining as he moves around so that his legs are wrapped around Jared's torso. "My roomate isn't around right now." Daisuke says hinting at what he wants to do as he leans in to give Jared a long kiss.

Jared hmmms and leans in to nip at Daisuke's neck before he grinds his hips upwards a little. "Heh, and here I was trying to avoid thiking about that cause you might find all the fur a little too strange. So…how long do you think your room mate is going to be out?"

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