2010-07-20: Family Awkwardness


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Summary: Jinx meets Robyn's mother when she comes to visit her son.

Date: July 20, 2010

Log Title: Family Awkwardness

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Like usual Robyn's in the medbay but he's not alone today. His mother is there with him lookined ever so the worried parent while Robyn's trying to reassure her she's okay. She doesn't look much like Robyn except that she's also a brunette, but her hair is several shades lighter and slightly frizzed from the summer humidity. Robyn's told his mother that he was hit by a car, and he's also revealed that he has a twin brother, which is a lot for his mother to handle. "Like I said Mom, I didn't see the car. I was bored, I couldn't sleep and just went for a walk. I must have spaced out." Yeah, it's full of holes but he's sticking to that story.

Jinx is on her way to visit Robyn, bringing a box of fresh-picked blueberries with her. Since she overloaded with chocolate, she has been doing a fresh approach with good summer produce, so she brings the teen a box. She pauses upon hearing voices, and falters at the door, peeking inside. "Hey Robyn," she calls softly. Seeing the woman, she bristles a little, apprehensive suddenly. "Uh.. I can go."

There's only so long a mother can go without seeing her child after hearing he was hit by a car and injured and since Robyn can't go home right now, his mother took a train and then a cab to the school to check on her son. Both Robyn and his Mom look up at the voice, and Robyn breaks out into a huge grin. His mother, she startles a bit at the sight in front of her as she's never seen a skunk-girl…or anything of the sort. "Hey Jinx, no it's okay, this is my Mom, Mom…this is my good friend Jinx." He says introducting the two. There's a bit of nervousnes from Robyn's mom as she politely offers a hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm Robyn's Mom, Lily."

Jinx creeps into the room, feeling vulnerable and the wash of shame that always comes when someone new sees her. "Hello," she says softly. She sets the basket of blueberries down. "I found some wild bushes in the woods, and thought you might like to share," she murmurs softly, eyes shifting between the two. She eyes the woman's hand and carefully folds her hand into the woman's palm, her brow slightly creased as she tries not to throw anything off.

The hand shake is warm and her voice is friendly but there's a hint of discomfort. Robyn looks between the two and sighs. "Mom, it's okay, she's a friend, a really good friend. She's been looking out for me down here." He says not caring if Jinx hears what he says. Robyn then turns to Jinx and smiles. "They have wild blueberry bushes in the woods? I never noticed. How are they?" He asks as he pushes himself up to a better sitting position. Robyn's mother then smiles at Jinx and brushes back her son's hair out of his face. "Sorry just…anyone with super powers makes me uncomfortable. I'm just getting used to getting my Little Birdies powers." She says using one of her embarassing nicknames for him.

Jinx doesn't mention how stereotypical it is for a skunk to be in the woods picking blueberries. Her ears are lowered slightly, and she pulls her hand away before her embarassment can climb into her touch. "They are okay, a little tart," she comments. At the nickname, she grins, waggling her brows at Robyn. Oh, that will come out later. "Most people with super powers are just as boring as those without."

"And others decided to do horrible things with their powers Jinx." Robyn's mother responds, but there's no malice in her voice, no accusations. Just a stating of fact. Then Robyn chimes in. "We live in New York City…Brooklyn to be exact, and you see a lot of battles and such. It can get annoying when they have to repair the bridge…again…or when school is cancelled cause Spider-Man and The Green Goblin had a fight two blocks away." There's a shrug cause it happened. He then goes to take a blueberry or a few from Jinx to try. "These would be great in pancakes." He says. His mother though seems to amost loom protectivly over his Son.

Jinx looks between mom and son. "Yeah, I imagine so," she steps back, giving them plenty of space. "It's always easier to see the ones who do the damage on a grand scale, that's for sure. " She feels awkward and stupid and kicks the ground. "Anyways, I just came to share and all. You enjoy, okay?" She takes another step backwards.

Before Jinx can leave, Robyn's mother approches her and she goes to speak quietly to her. "I'm going soon anyway but I wanted to say…thank you. For being a friend to Robyn. He hasn't had many friends before here and he's happy here. As much as I want him home, I can tell he's happy. Just, watch out for him okay?" It's a worried Mother doing her thing. "I'll be right back Robyn..going to find the bathroom." His mother says as she goes to leave the two alone. Robyn then sighs. "I'm sorry about that, that's just my Mom. She..she doesn't like me being here."

Jinx shakes her head to Robyn with a smile. "No, it's okay. I think it is awesome that you have a mom who cares about you and all. I understand where she is coming from," she glances to the door, where Mom has exited. "Hey, I am gonna see Scott about Connor sometime soon. You want to go and say your side?"

"She's awesome." Robyn says about his Mom as he will never deny that he got lucky with the parents he has. He was adopted, he could have ended up anywhere but he got his and he's happy with that. "Oh, yes. I talked to him and…I really miss my roommate Connor. I almost want to figure things out to get him back. I don't care what happens to him, just as long as my friend is back. And yeah…talking to Scott would be a good idea. We waited to long in regards to Selene."

Jinx smiles and bobs her head. "Well, I got an appointment. Come up when you're done, if you want, okay? I had this Connor go off on me for no reason at all, and I am done with it. Enough tolerance," she sniffs, ears folding back. "I'll see ya later, okay? Once your mom splits, just come on up."

Robyn nods to Jinx. "Yeah…he's..I don't know. I know this isn't his world but he doesn't need to be such a dick. I mean he should go somewhere else if he needs to get things done." Robyn grumps as he takes a few more blueberries. Yummy fruit. As Jinx is leaving though, Lily Larkin comes back in and stops the young girl. "I'm sorry if I seemed startled before but…I don't know of my Little Birdie told you, but I am an illustrator for Children's Books. I know this is awkward to ask but, do you think you can model for me some time?"

Jinx is still in the hallway, so she pauses before she is out of earshot. She returns to the room and ummms softly, wavering on the edge of entering or not. "I couldn't help but overhear.." and she can't, having such sensitive ears. "But if you needed a model, I would be honored."

There's a smile from Robyn's mother as Jinx agrees. "I'd be honoured, like I said, I illustrate children's books and you'd be a great model for that. I have to go now." She look down at Robyn and gives him a kiss on the forhead before gatherting her purse. "As soon as you're well Little Birdie, you're coming home for a week." And she makes it sound that there is no fighting in the matter, and then, the two are alone. Robyn is quite red at this point buries his face under the blanket. "She used the nickname." The one he hates like any teenager would.

Jinx grins at the use of the name. "Lil' Birdy," she sings to the boy, crossing over to brush his hair from his eyes, then completely mess his hair with her hand with a laugh. "Robyn, if you weren't already gay I'd say you were gay!"

Robyn turns even pinker, if possible, as she uses that. "Please don't tell James or Lucas..especially Lucas. Robear is bad enough." But he doesn't mind it coming from Lucas anymore. "And I try not to be flaming, I don't wear pink or do my nails, but my parents were less surprised when I came out of the closet then when we found out I was a mutant. Though…I came out after I met Jordan." Robyn admits.

Jinx is still grinning brightly. "I won't tell Lucas. He'd be a jerk about it," she laughs and sits on the bed heavily. She steals a blueberry from the basket and crunches it between her teeth. "Well, if there is anyone to come out for, it's Jordan. He is really hot."

"I know right? And he got me that before he left." Robyn says as indicates a special edition copy of Nightmare Before Christmas with the Jack Skellington bust. "He also said to make sure he calls me or I call him once a week. And I think things are going to work. Just..it's a test of things. And I tried to get him to lay off of Lucas, he still hates him cause of the demon thing but I think it's silly."

Jinx listens closely and grins at the bust and special edition. "Hey, that is awesome news. I am really glad to hear it. You deserve someone being great to you," she pauses. "What was the demon thing? I hear lots of hints but I don't know any facts."

"I don't like to talk about it but you deserve to know the whole story, like I told Connor." Robyn says taking a deep breath. "A while back, after Christmas, something happened and some of the students and teachers got possessed by these demons as they tried to take over New York. The demons that is, they possessed those to help them. Lucas and James were among two that were possessed, so was Jordan. They did horrible things while possessed, unforgivable, but they weren't them. It wasn't them in control, it was this beast, this demon monster, in the driving seat. Even though it wasn't James or Lucas's fault, they still carry a lot of the guilt in regards to it."

Jinx frowns then, her brows creasing. "Just how often do people get possessed around here?" she asks, leaning back to regard Robyn skeptically. "I mean, isn't there some protection or something? That's like… 3 times this year or something? Statistically, that is more dangerous than getting hit by a car!"

"Often enough, I mean..that's why Jordan calls this place poison. Stuff happens to us here. It sucks." Robyn says as he slowly eats some blueberries. "Oh thanks." About getting hit by a car. "But we're in a school with a ton of kids with super powers Jinx, you gotta realize, we're putting a target on ourselves but.." Robyn says taking her hand in one of his. "Over all, I'm happy here. I wouldn't give up what I have here, the first I have, for anything. Hell, I'll get hit by a car again if it ment not losing you guys."

Jinx rolls her shoulders in a shrug. She reaches up, scritching her claws lightly through the fur on her shoulder where the strap of her tanktop mats the fur down. "Target is one thing. A repeated offense just means there's no defense. But what do I know, y'know? I am no professional here. Sometimes I think walking away is the best answer," she pushes up from the bed. "I should go check my scores for that dumb test I had to take this morning."

"Okay, I guess you can leave me here, to my bordem." Robyn mock complains as he smiles at Jinx. "Thanks for coming down and visiting me when I'm stuck down here. I should be out in a few days, I know they wanna run a few more tests and X-rays and crap." He says making a face before moving so he's lying down more. "Becareful with Lucas Jinx, I don't want to see you just become a rebound." He says to her as he doesn't want to see her hurt, but he could be making an assumption.

Jinx picks up a blueberry and hurls it at his head, playfully. "Birdy catch!" she calls. She pauses as he says his last and her good mood fades. "Yeah…" she glowers softly. "Bye, Robyn." In a flash of black and white, she is gone from the room.

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