2009-03-21: Family Bonding


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Summary: The Parker-Mayfairs (and housekeeper) spend some chatting time in the hot tub.

Date: March 21, 2009

Family Bonding

Rating: R (naked folks in hot tub)

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Back Yard

The Parker-Mayfair home's back yard is a bit bigger than the front yard. It also has a lot more ornamentation. The biggest 'ornamentation' is the large swimming pool. The pool is heated in winter, so that it can still be used. Next to the pool is a small gazebo containing a hot tub… with a covered walkway to the house.

Of course Christopher is in the hot tub this afternoon and like usualy, he's sans clothes when out in the hot tub. He's got a class of white wine with him but he doesn't think it's going to stay cold for long with the steam out here. There's some soft rock music playing in the background as Christopher relaxes. He plans on finally getting some decorating and 'painting' done around the house later and also planning a nice dinner for the family but for now, it's relaxation time.

Why is Eddie on the roof? No one knows. Well, he might, but he's not telling anyone right now. Eddie, dressed in jeans and a Wonderman and Beast t-shirt, is currently shimmying his way down off the roof. "Ack," he mutters as he climbs down into the backyard.

Jared had not realized that weekends in a school full of teenaged mutants could be quite so…interesting as his morning was. That coupled with a very strange night's worth of dreams and a distracting dificulty to conrol his powers the dark haired teen has decided to return to his Father's home where there tends t be a bit less life going on around him. Since it is generaly a good idea to tell people he is home instead of surprising them the young man decides to stick his head out the back door at at least say Hello to the people in the back yard. "Hello Christopher, Eddie."

Christopher looks up at the ack sound and almost jumps out of the water as he sees Eddie shimmying down off of the roof, but seeing that he's not falling he stays in the water. "Eddie, honey, what are you doing on the roof?" He looks over at Jared with the greating and gives a smile and a wave. "Hello Jared, welcome home. I was just relaxing out here, both of you are welcome to join me."

Eddie squeaks and falls the last few feet as Chris and Jared startle him. Tumbling, he ends up sprawled on the grass. "I was climbing…" he trails off in an 'innocent' tone. "Hey, Jared," he greets. At the offer to join Chris, Eddie blushes furiously.

Jared eeks as his coming throught he back door causes Eddie to fall the last few feet to the ground. He quickly rushes over to Eddie to check and make sure that he is alright, "Eddie! Are you ok? Your not hurt are you?" The offer to join in the hot tub registers with Jared, but the fact that Jericho told him that they usually don;t wear clothes in the hot tub has not surfaced in his thoughts yet.

Again, Christopher stops himself from rushing over as Eddie falls since he knows he's probably okay and that running over in the nude would probably embarass both boys. "You okay kiddo? I should have probably waited until after you finished climbing down to say hello." Knowing how accident prone his son is. "And how are you doing Jared, settling in with everything?" He knows the boy is going trough a lot of changes that are probably a bit overwhelming.

Eddie blinks a few times at Jared then grins. "Yep! I'm okay. Takes more than a little fall like that to keep me down!" he declares as he pops back up to his feet. It was only a three or four foot fall after all and thanks to experience and the Danger Room, he knows how to 'fall right'. He grins and looks over at Christopher. "Oh yeah! Dad, there was something I wanted to ask…"

Jared nods at Eddie and grins, he is glad his new brother is alright. Jared looks over t Christopher and shrugs a little at him "I am ok, I didn't expect saturday mornings to be…well as interesting. I was really comming over to relax some where there are a few less people running around to set off my ability to to sense people."

Jared nods at Eddie and grins, he is glad his new brother is alright. Jared looks over t Christopher and shrugs a little at him "I am ok, I didn't expect saturday mornings to be…well as interesting. I was really comming over to relax somewhere there are a few less people running around to set off my ability to to sense people."

"Understandable Jared, well feel free to join me if you want, I find this is one of the best places to relax. So was that all it was that made your morning interesting, your power going off?" Christopehr says with a smile as he looks over to Eddie. "Sure honey, ask away." He sits up and runs his hands through his hair as he waits for an answer.

Flame is the upcoming element as the previous one leaves. Due to that, Ricky has regained the gift of flight. Flames surrounding his body, he begins to descend on his home. The flames vanish as he lands. His current changeover is incomplete, leaving him with scaley looking skin and small ram's horns on his head, just beginning to curve. "Hey." He says, looking around at all the people out here.

Eddie gives Jared a quick hug and then nods to Chris. "Okay. Had a meeting with Mr. Guthrie and the rest of my new squad last night and he gave us these really cool new uniforms and said we could customize them and change anything we wanted except for the colors and I wanted to know if you'd help me change it a bit, please?" he asks, giving the 'puppy eyes'. When Ricky flies in, Eddie jumps and blinks. He stares for a moment before running over and leaping at his boyfriend for a hug and kiss.

Jared shrugs at Chris, not sure what he can really say about what its like to feel a school foull of teenaged mutants suddenly all moving at once. The experiance is just strange enough he is not sure there are words for it. The appearance of the flaming guy gets a couple of long blinks and a shy wave. "Hi, I'm Jared, I guess your Ricky?" Listening to Eddie reminds Jared of something he had had been meaning to ask Chris, "That reminds me, you wouldn' have a needle and some black thread would you? I have a shirt I would like to try and repair."

Christopher nods to Eddie. "Sure, I can see what I can do, and of course I do Jared. Do you want me to patch it up for you or do you want do it yourself?" After all Christopher does know how to sew. "And hello Ricky, how are you today?" He asks with a slight chuckle as Eddie pretty much pounces on Ricky. He's gotten used to the boys changing appearance. "My sewing stuff is in my room so I'll get it for you later, okay Jared?" He says as he reaches over to grab a towel.

"Yeah, I'm Rimmph!" Ricky says, stopped by the smooching Eddie. Of course, he returns the affection happily. Afterwards, he just grins, cuddling up against Eddie, though standing. "I've got some around here, too. It's probably in your room near my art supplies, Jared." He offers. He may not know WHO he is, but he's heard he's here. He's just been busy lately with all the stuff going on. "I'm fine, Mr. Parker-Mayfair." He says, pleasantly.

Eddie squeezes Ricky, holding on tight and blushing when he realizes what he just did in front of his father and half-brother. "Awesome!" he declares. "Thanks, Dad!" he says with a big grin. He pauses a moment. "Did you meet your squad yet, Jared?"

Jared nods at Christopher and grins a little, "Its ok, I can do it myself. Mom taught me how to sew, or at least how to do a basic suture and that should work pretty well for fixing where my Wonderman shirt got sta…cut." Jared was about to say stabbed, but given how people tend to react to his story about getting stabbed in the side he at least trys to change it at the last second to avoid the worried looks people give him. "No, I have not been able to meet up with anyone listed in my squad yet, although I plan to track down Miss Matthews at least later."

Christopher just shakes his head. "Ricky, how many times do I have to tell you, just call me Christopher." At home he doesn't need formalities. "And Eddie, did you really think I'd say no?" He says with a chuckle. "Well Jared, I've never stitched a basic suture, but I'm sure it's similar. If you need any help, let me kno…wait! I can always as my sister to restore it for you, that way you don't have to worry about it looking repaired. My family doesn't live to far from here." He says as he looks back to Eddie. "How as the meeting with your squad last night Eddie?"

Ricky just chuckles at the family interplay. It really is becoming one nowadays. "I know. But you're my boss. It's hard to call you Christopher." He says, wrinkling his nose as he leans his head on Eddie's shoulder. "Squads?" he asks, looking around. Of course, he doesn't go to school. He's not a mutant. He's something else entirely, at least, he would be to Jared's senses.

Eddie gives Jared a concerned look, not buying the change to 'cut'. "That's cool, Jared," he nods. The scarred teen reaches up to gently play with one of Ricky's horns when he leans down. "Yeah, they put us in training squads up at the school. Gonna help us learn our powers and stuff better," he says. When Chris asks that question, Eddie sighs a little. "It was okay but…well…Mr. Guthrie, Leo, and Max are awesome but the other two people…Nathaniel and Nevaeh have real bad attitudes and I really don't know…" he trails off, worried about the impact those two will have on the team as a whole.

Jared shrugs a bit at Christopher, and grins at Ricky before saying, "I can understand, it is really hard not to call him or Jer…Dad by Mister for me too." THe dark haired mutant shakes his head at Christopher as he offers to gt his family involved, "Thats not neccisary, no reason to have people go out of thier way its just a little hole…" He managed to clean the blood out, and he figured that was gonna be the hard part of it anyway. "Not everyone has a good attitude Eddie, they probably sprinkled the people like that in all the squads so as not to overwhealm any one teacher with them and maybe give them good examples like you and Leo. Oh, and before I forget Mi..Christopher, Dad brought me allowence yesterday and I think he gave me the wrong envalope…"

Christopher looks at Jared and raises an eyebrow. "Wrong amoung, it should have been five hundred correct?" He doesn't bother with being discret since they gave him the same amount as they gave Eddie. "And it was only your first meeting Eddie, maybe there bad attitudes were just nerves with everything." He says trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. "I know Jeri and I are your employers but Mr, that's for my father not for me. Please, I'm still in my twenties I don't need to be called 'Mr' yet." He says with a chuckle. "Okay, I figured if my sister helped it wouldn't look repaired. Katherine wouldn't mind."

Ricky just listens to the discussions with a smile of contentment. Hey, he may not be an official family member, but he's close enough, being the housekeeper and the older son's boyfriend. "I can't wait for all this stuff to be over. I think it's getting close. The news report last night and all." He says happily as he leans in for another Eddie kiss. He's not as embarassable as Eddie. "Eddie, wanna get in the tub?" He asks, pointing.

Eddie returns the kiss and the pouts a little. "I dunno, Nathaniel seemed the same as when I met him before the meeting and Neveah's just mean…" he trails off. Jared gets a small smile before Eddie nuzzles his face against Ricky's chest. "Okay," he says, glancing at the tub and blushing.

Jared nods at Christopher, "Yes sir, there was five hundread dollars in there and that has to be too much for a monthly…" The man's words take a moment to register, and hit about half way through the word monthly. Jare3d just blinks at stares at Christopher a moment as he realizes that that was the amount that Jericho ment to leave with him. After a second he blushes and shakes his head. "A dip in a hot tub sounds nice…too bad I don't have any swim trunks."

Christopher shakes his head. "No, no Jared, that's not a monthly allowance, that's your weekly allowance. Now that you're part of the family you get the same privileges that Eddie does." He says as he doesn't seem to think anything out of the ordinary with it. After all him and Jeri are far from struggling. "Don't worry about it Jared, I'm not wearing any swim trunks so come on in if you like." He says before looking at Eddie. "And Nevaeh and Nathaniel are still relativly new right? Maybe just give them a chance to get used to things."

Ricky doesn't have any qualms, stripping out of his clothing in front of everyone as he moves to slide into the hot tub, opposite Christopher to wait for Eddie. "Yeah, back here, it's ok. It's not like any of us have anything the others haven't seen. Well, I have horns, and depending on the sign, other physical alterations." He blushes a bit, waiting for Eddie to join him. He chuckles at Jared's response. Considering he makes right about the same as they get in allowance, he knows how strange it is.

Eddie just smiles when Jared mentions the amount. "Don't bother trying to argue them down from it. They won't listen," he advises his half-brother, teasing just a little. He blushes furiously and stares as Ricky strips. After a moment, he squeaks and quickly moves behind the mystic teen before starting to strip himself.

Jared blushes and gapes a little at the mention that it is a weekly allowence. There is no way in hades he could spend half that in a week. "I…a week?" He is still a little stunned at just how much he is being given on a weekly baisis. He looks to Eddie a little pleadingly for help, and gets the advice just to not try and argue with the amount. With a sigh he gives in and shrugs as everyone starts stripping, "Well since the two people in the family I have not flashed yet are hear why not?" The young man quickly strips out of his shirt as he uses his feet to push off his shoes and socks before grabbing his shorts and whipping them off before climbing intot he hot tub.

"Eddie's right, there isn't a point in agruing. What can I saw, Jeri and I like to spoil our family." Christopher says with a chuckle. "That will also help you get the things you need and also want. And later tonight I think I'll finally get the house 'painted'. I know you're in Ricky's old room Jared, but any certain colours you like?" He asks as it's not something that's hard for him to do at all. "I've been procrastinating since Christmas on getting the place decorated.

Ricky looks at Eddie with an apologetic look before he whistles at Jared. "Not bad." He coughs, blushing and leans into Eddie, tugging him closer. Of course, they're attached at the hip when they're together, so there's no worry about him straying. He just had to be silly for a moment.

Eddie's bright red by the time he's naked and climbing into the hot tub. He tries not to look at naked-Jared. Ricky gets a confused look before the whistle and then a pout after it. He squeaks when tugged close but goes willingly.

Jared gives Ricky a raised eyebrow and sticks out his tongue, "Come on, good form dictates if your gonna hit on your boyfriends brother you don't do it in front of him." Jared blushes a little though at hte complanment, sicne he is n0ot quite used to them yet. "Right, no complaining about getting more money than I could possible spend. ASure thing Sir."

Christopher can't help but laugh at a mixture of things, Ricky, Jared and Eddie's redness. "There's nothing to be embarassed about kiddo." He says reaching over to ruffle Eddie's hair. "Except it might look bad being an older male in a hot tub with three good looking teenage boys." He says with a laugh as yes, he's trying to embarass Eddie. "And exactly Jared."

"Oh, he knows I only have eyes for him." Ricky snickers, placing a kiss on Eddie's neck. Eddie may be embarassed by public displays, but Ricky obviously isn't. Especially after he found out that Jeri and Christopher KNOW what they do. He doesn't care as much anymore.

Eddie just squeaks and blushes even worse when ruffled. The kiss makes it worse and Eddie turns to hide his face against Ricky.

Jared grins as poor Eddie goes red, again, and is glad he at least can start to get used to this…maybe. WEll, at least no one has said anything about Leo since that could well emberass him at the moment. "I guess it is a good thing you have high fences and no nosey neighbors. Mmm, ok this hot tub is way too nice, I was going to offer to help paint but I may not be able to get out of the tub to do so later."

Christopher waves his hand. "Unless you have your father's ability to share powers, I don't think you'd be able to help me paint." Since Eddie and probably Ricky know what Christopher means by painting. "I was planning on painting the normal way but using my gift will be much easier. You see I can change the colour of anything I touch." He says grinning. He looks over to Ricky and Eddie with a genuine smile. "You two are adorable."

Ricky chuckles softly at the reaction from Eddie. "Hey, it's alright." He snickers, nuzzling Eddie's head as he nods to Jared. "It's kinda weird sometimes. Course, he also does hair and stuff, which makes it easier to keep decent hairstyles. No need for appointments." he snickers, winking. "And yeah, the fences are a definite good thing here. With the occasional power practicing." He rubs one of his horns against Eddie's head.

Eddie squeaks again. "Daaaaaad!" he yelps, embarassed even more. He eeps again at the horn-rub, jumping and looking up at Ricky in surprise. His own hair's much lighter than it usually is thanks to Chris but Eddie doesn't mention it. "I'll help paint, Dad…" he trails off.

Jared shakes his head at Chris and gives him one of those 'ahh I get it' looks. "Nope, I was just gonna offer the old fasioned help, brush and paint. Thats pretty cool, changing colors of things and all, heh has to be great when you need clothes that match and your down to the last few things in your closet…probably be great for costuming if there was a way I could compeat despite being a mutant." Jared grins at Eddie as he wines just a little bit and says, "Aww deal with it, your a cute sweet couple, almost like Dad and Chris are only younger."

Christopher chuckles. "See Eddie, and you two are adorable. And thank you Jared." He says smiling at newest memeber of the family. "Okay kiddo, sounds good, and yes, it is wonderful for altering clothing. And hey, both you and Leo go to the school, maybe we can organize some sort of competetion for the two of you. Or something where the two of you can just do what you love. And my ability is great for my business, I run a hair salon, so anytime you need your hair cut or dyed or anything, I'll do it at no price." And Jared probably doesn't want to know how much Christopher charges for a haircut and how many people will pay that much.

"Oh, I know we're adorable." Ricky says with a quick nod. "Though it would be much better if I didn't have to deal with horns in public right now." He sighs softly, tugging an arm around Eddie. "Me, I just paint. A lot." He blushes, explaining his own 'business'. Of course, that's how he and Eddie met.

Eddie jumps whimpers and hides hid face against Ricky again, very embarassed. Eventually he looks back up. "An Xavier gymnastics competition?" he asks. "That does sound like a good idea…" he trails off. When Ricky brings up his painting, Eddie smiles and leans up to kiss him again. "You're an amazing artist."

Jared hmms as he thinks about the idea. "You know working out a routine with Leo might be fun. Some one has to talk Nightcrawler into taking part though too, I have seen some of the things online by people that had seen him preform as Die FleiderTuefel and he would make an awsome finally to an excibition…." Sure Jared knows he is an Actobat not a gymnast, and waht the difference is, but he would be stoked to get to witnes shim in action.

"I'm not sure where Kurt went to, he's around off and on but I'm sure he'd be willing. And if you were into doing something like that, I'd be willing to help you with your costume." Christopher says smiling as he's already accepted Jared as part of the family. "Oh Eddie, just smile and accept it instead of hiding." He says chuckling before pondering something. "Hrm…I wonder if we could make something to hide the horns but the bulk would just look off…."

"I used to cover them with a hoodie, but it doesn't work anymore. They're bigger than they were last year." It's actually been a year since Eddie and Ricky first met. Or, close enough at least. Running a hand along the horn, he sighs. "They don't hurt growing in at least."

Eddie sighs and turns to lean on Ricky, just pouting now. "What about a holographic image inducer?" he asks. "That could be used to hide all of the changes…" he trails off.

Jared nods at Chris and grins at the idea, and wondering what Leo would think of it. "I think they look kinda nice, hmm, Eddie is right a holographic projection of some kind would hide them and any other changes easy. I wonder if there is anyone that could make something like that we could talk too."

"Well they do have them at the school." Christopher says as he can try to talk to Scott only if Ricky's interested. He thinks that Ricky isn't uncomfortable with his appearance just more worried what other people will think. "If it's something /you/ want to consider Ricky, I'll see what I can do, okay? And Jared, talk to Leo, see what he thinks, and we can do plan something fun for you two."

"Oh, I don't care. I mean… and don't take this the wrong way, because I know you're all mutants, and it isn't meant the way it'll come out. But… people tend to be afraid of mutants. But when I say that I was caught up in a magical experiment gone wrong, and was chosen by some stellar being to be his or her representative, they don't tend to be as scared." Ricky admits, sliding a hand around Eddie and down his back.

Eddie keeps quiet, just listening to his adopted father, half-brother, and lover quietly. He's got a concerned expression as he looks up at the mystic teen. "Yeah but you said you didn't want the horns right now?" he seems confused. There's a squeak a moment later and Eddie turns bright red once more.

Jared nods at Ricky, and does not say anything. Considering the hate speak he got when he was shot and how peppered it was with religious condemnation he is pretty sure the guy would have reacted the same with Ricky even knowing the real nature of his powers. "I will talk to Leo, see what he thinks, maybe find a way to work in his powers into a routine since he has ones that you can actually see working without someone being hurt."

Christopher nods. "I understand Ricky and you're right, mutants are not looked upon in a positive light. And Eddie, I don't remember Ricky saying he didn't want the horns, more along the lines that it'd be more convenient without them to go out in public." Chrisotpher states. He chuckles at Jared and nods. "Well he does always sparkle. And just because a new door opens for you Jared, doesn't mean you have to forsake things you once loved. Sure you might not be able to compete as you once did but where there is a will, there is a way, yadda yadda yadda."

Nodding at Christopher, Ricky grins. "Exactly. I don't mind'em. Just people look funny. They should get over themselves." He shrugs. "Least I wasn't all flamey." The squeaking Eddie makes Ricky laugh as he does something else to make sure that he squeaks again.

Eddie squeaks and jumps again, popping away from Ricky and falling under the surface of the water. He pops back up a moment later and grabs onto the nearest side of the hottub. Full-body blush going on, he's breathing heavily as he drips.

Jared snickers at little and smiles at Chris, "Well he always sparkled, even before he ended up a conduit for living light. Hmm, if we do a pairs routine I wonder if we can talk him into costumes for it that don;t have sequins at all…" Jared almost looks like he is going to say more when Eddie suddenly dives forwards. Jared eeps, and blushes as he gets a mental image of just what Ricky did to get that reaction.

Christopher chuckles at Eddie and Ricky and shakes his head. "Would you two like me to go inside and give you some alone time?" He asks raising his eyebrows. "And Jared, I'm sure he would. Talk to Leo then you two can talk to me and I can help you make costumes, okay?" He says smiling happy that Jared seems so into the idea.

"Aww, Eddie." Ricky laughs, reaching around to hug him from behind. "I won't embarass you like that again." Of course, he promptly does, and then, "Starting now." He teases before sitting back down. "No, we'll be fine. We'll deal with things. He's just being silly." He admits.

Eddie yelps and tumbles right over the side of the hot tub after Ricky hugs him. Sprawled naked on the ground, he looks up at Ricky with the 'hurt puppy' eyes. He pouts as he climbs back up and into the tub.

Jared blinks and stands up in the tub to lean over as Eddie tumbles out, his healing powers spiking for jsut a second. Of course after getting a look at Eddie sprawled naked on the ground he blushes and sits back down looking somewhere else. "Are you Ok Eddie?" Jared asks still making sure he is not looking at the other boy. "Sounds like a plan Mi…Christopher."

Christopher raises both his eyebrows as Eddie tumbles over and gives Ricky a suspcious look. "Are you sure you don't want to be left alone?" He asks with a chuckle. "And are you okay honey?" He asks Eddie, he has his ideas and he knows poor Eddie is easily embarassable. Jared though gets an improving nod. "We're family now Jared, there's no Mister here." He says chuckling.

"Eddie, I wasn't meaning for that to happen." He returns the pouty look. After all, Ricky was just being playful. He wasn't meaning any injury. So, Eddie being Eddie ends up backfiring on the mystic. He puts his hands in his lap, so he doesn't accidentally reach out and do something else embarassing.

Eddie continues to pout as he settles back into the water, scrapes and bumps healed thanks to Jared. "Yeah…I'm okay…" he trails off. After a moment, he leans back against Ricky. "I know, babe," he whispers, closing his eyes for now and just leaning there.

Jared bites his lower lip and nods at Chris. "I know…still a hard habit to break. Gonna happen a whole lot before I get comfortable calling you just by your name." Or Dad for that matter, which is something he has only just started to get to with Jericho and will probably end up with Chris too since he is his father's husband.

Christopher won't press Jared to call him dad but when/if Jared feels comfortable doing it, he'll probably grin like an idiot. "Don't worry about it Jared, I'll just tease you when you do call me Mister." He says as he can't help but ruffle Jared's hair like he does Eddie's. "Okay kids, I think I'll be heading into the house in about five minutes or so, get some work done inside and I'm pruning up in here."

"I'll stay here for a bit. Unless Eddie wants to go in."Ricky offers, nuzzling into Eddie's neck again, like the cute little boyfriend he is. Or is it the horns affecting him?

Eddie gives Jared a look of understanding, having the habit of calling people 'sir' and 'ma'am' that's hard for him to break. He squeaks and blushes again when nuzzled but stays where he is. "Gonna stay…a little longer then come in and help paint…"

Jared grins at Eddie and Ricky and shrugs. "Actually, I think I may head inside, this is great but after my headache this morning I need a nap or something."

Christopher grabs his towel and steps out of the hot tub, quickly wrapping up as to not further embarass Eddie any further today. "And you two stay out here as long as you like, don't worry about helping me Eddie, I can get it all done." He says with a wink as he gets a towel to hand to Jared as well. "I'll get you that needle and thread to when we get inside." He says as he waits for Jared to go inside.

Ricky nods as the others get ready to go and leans over to whisper something to Eddie. Something that will most likely make the boy blush brightly. "Ok. We'll be in in a little while."

Eddie blinks, surprised by Jared leaving too. He's again surprised when Chris says not to worry about helping. Before he can say anything, Ricky's whisper makes Eddie squeak and blush. "Oh…okay. See ya later, Dad…Jared…" he trails off, looking to Ricky.

Jared grins as he gets out of the hot tube, takes the towel, and drys off a little before actually wrapping it around him. With a grin he winks at Eddie not needing to hear what Ricky said to guess, "You have fun, but if you fall out of the hot tube again and need healing just yell I will either be inside working on my shirt or napping."

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