2011-04-16: Family Dinner


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Summary: Christopher, Jericho and Kevin enjoy a nice family dinner.

Date: April 16, 2011

Log Title: Family Dinner

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

Taking the lasagna out of the oven, Christopher then goes over to the salad he made to toss it with some homemade creamy garlic dressing. He hums to himself as he finishes up dinner since cooking is the best way to relax after a long day at the salon. After setting the table he calls out to his family. "Guys, dinner's ready."

Jericho has been working on some paper work in the bedroom with the door open. He looks up and chuckles. "On my way." He says, closing a file and tucking it into a locked briefcase. After all, confidentiality. As he makes his way into the kitchen, he pours himself a glass of cranberry juice. "Spells wonderful. As always." He chuckles.

The call to dinner has Kevin bounding into the kitchen almost before the sound is gone. He slips into a chair at the table, licking his lips in anticipation of another excelent meal cooked by one of his dads. He waits just a moment before starting to reach for dishes to dish up food, "Smells great!" He gives his head a little shake, trying to toss his hair back out of his eyes. It's been a whole thirty minutes since he last ate, after all: He's starving!

"There's garlic bread still in the oven but I made a meat lasagna and a salad." Christopher says as he puts the food on the table and serves a piece of the lasagna to Kevin and Jericho then himself. "So are you looking forward to starting at Xavier's on Monday?"

"It's a great place." Jericho says with a firm nod. "If you can avoid all the trouble that plagues it." He laughs softly. "Ohyeah, are you going to want to get a room there, or just stay here? It's all up to you. Eddie had a room there and here. So did Jared. Just easier for them. A room on the weekends or when they didn't wanna be on campus/

"Yum." Kevin barely waits for the lasagna to touch his plate before he's got his fork in hand and is digging in. He looks up at the question, his mouth full, and quickly swallows, "Oh, yeah. Kinda scared, but it's exciting, too." He'd never gone to school with anyone that wasn't a member of his dad's church until he came to live with his two new dads, after all. He falls silent for a moment at the question about living on campus or staying at home, taking a couple of bites while he considers the question, "I think I'd like to keep my room here, but it'd be nice to have somewhere there, too." He's finally got his room just the way he wants it, after all.

Christopher nods as he takes out the garlic bread before sitting down. "That's understandable. It might be good for you to have a room there and a room here, I still have my room there." He admits though he rarely uses it. "Also you're lucky in that regard, you can stay here while adjusting." He says before smiling at Jeri. "Oh I'd say just as much good happens there as bad."

"I have one as well." Jeri laughs. "It's useful on occasions. When I'm afraid I might have to get out of bed due to emergencies. When things go to hell, I stay at the school. Like during that Inferno thing a while back…" He says, glancing over to Christopher for a second. "The house wasn't safe. But that was nobody's fault." He smiles to Kevin, since he doesn't know about that part of the family history, at least, as far as Jeri knows. "And it'll give you later nights to see friends and whatnot."

Kevin helps himself to a piece of garlic bread and nods, "I know it'll be different." He blinks a couple of times at the mention of the house not being safe and looks back and forth between the two adults for a moment, biting his lower lip but remaining quiet as he mulls over what that might mean. He grins at the thought of being able to stay with friends later and nods, digging into his meal again, "That would be really cool!"

Christopher raises his eyebrows at Jeri for a second as he doesn't like to remember that mistake of his. "Also later nights to work on school projects." He teases. "There's a lot of good kids there so I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends. Just don't let Quill become a good influence on you." He says with a shake of his head. "Only student I had to kick out of my class."

There's another look from Jeri to Christopher. "Don't worry about it. I was just using it as an example." He says with a sigh. "Nothing personal. And when we were turned into ten year olds we were still living there…" He adds on with a chuckle. "And be careful or some of the wilder ones. Oh, and with your hearing… Daisuke might not be the healthiest person to power-train with." He laughs.

There's a little wrinkle of Kevin's nose at the mention of school projects, but he nods anyway, "Yeah, that, too." Then there's mention of one of the other students and the boy's eyes widen at the thought of Christopher kicking someone out of one of his classes, "What'd he do?" He obviously can't imagine anyone doing anything bad enough to get kicked out of the kitchen, "He didn't burn the kitchen down, did he?" He looks back at Jeri at the mention of a specific person that might not be someone he wants to train with, "Daisuke? Why? What does he do?" Then it seems he comes to a conclusion on his own, "Oh… He's loud, I guess, right?" Why else would his hearing be mentioned?

"Well, Quill likes to think he's funny." Christopher begins to explain. "He decided that it'd be a good idea to play baseball with a rolling pin and a bag of flour. I was….antiqued." He says taking a sip of his water. "It's not that it was that horrible but it was obvious he wasn't taking the class seriously and who knows what the next thing he would decide would be funny."

"There's too much of a risk of fire in that kitchen with some of those students you have, anyway." Jericho says with a nod. He grins at Kevin. "You're right. His codename is Howl for a reason." He laughs. "Very strong vocal chords."

Kevin can't help it. He laughs. Just the thought of someone playing baseball with a rolling pin and bag of flour, and getting it all over one of his dads, has the boy giggling like mad. He takes a bite of his salad, chewing quickly and swallowing, "I'm sorry…" For laughing. He still finds the thought of what happened funny. He sits up a little proudly at having guessed what Daisuke does, though his expression fades into faint worry at the mention of codenames, "Am I going to need to have a codename, too?" How would one even go about getting a codename?

"Yes, yes, it was very funny. You can ask Shane if you meet her." Christopher says as he can't help but chuckle at Kevin's reaction. "Don't worry about it kiddo. And need..well, it's preferred. You don't need one on the first day but it does help for training purposes. In regards to getting one most people just pick something out they like but some also just tend to fall on the codenames, like a nick name. I chose Shine because of my powers and how they're all light based."

"I chose Buff years ago, before I lost my power for a time. Then I met and fell in love… and we became Buff and Shine. Yes, the humor is lost on us." Jeri says with a straight face before being unable to hold back a snicker. "Generally, my squad uses theirs in their training sessions, but it's not required. It just makes it easier to hide who you are when things happen when you're not around us. After all, things DO happen."

"Isn't Shane a boy's name?" Kevin still isn't really used to how things work in the 'real world'. He reaches for his glass to take a small sip and wash down a bite of bread, his grin returning at the comment on their codenames, "I think it's cool, though!" Just shows that his new dads belong together. Even if that did make him a little uncomfortable at first… His grin fades into a look of curiosity at this second comment about things happening, "Do things happen a lot?"

Christopher shrugs. "Well she goes by Shane, it's whatever floats someone's boat. And do things happen a lot…" Christopher echoes, trailing off a the end. "Yes. But we have been without incident at the school itself in since Halloween. Unfortunately when you put that many mutants under one roof it can become a bit of a target."

"Quite often, but not too bad as of late." Jeri says as he finishes up what he had on the plate. He eats pretty quickly generally. It's right then that his phone starts ringing. "Scuse me." He offers to the others before he gets up.

Kevin nods, taking another bite, "That's cool, I guess…" To each their own, right? He grows thoughtful for a moment, focusing on finishing off the food on his plate and only looking up when Jeri gets up, giving the man he looks so like a little wave as he leaves, "Maybe nothing will happen while I'm going there?" He sounds hopeful that maybe his presence will keep everyone at the school safe. Maybe.

Christopher nods to Jeri. "Okay once we're all done eating and you're off the phone I'll pull out dessert." He says before looking to Kevin and giving him a reassuring smile. "Well let's hope that nothing does but if it does you have two dads at the school to look after you." He says reaching over to ruffle Kevin's hair.

When his hair is ruffled, Kevin ducks his head, grinning a little. He much prefers having two dads that care about him and treat him like the kid he is to having one father that treated him like a tool, and he's done his best to make that very clear, "Yeah, I know." His eyes light up at the mention of dessert and he looks hopeful, his eyes dancing, "So what's for dessert?"

"I made lemon bars." Christopher says. "They're in the fridge still but help me clean up a bit in here first." He says as he takes his last bite of the lasagna. "Oh one thing I wanted to bring up, since Eddie left and he has the dog with him I've been wanting to get another pet. I've been pondering adopting two cats, what do you think Kevin?"

Kevin positively beams at the thought of lemon bars and bounds up out of his chair, taking his dishes and offering to take Christopher's when he's finished, "Yes, sir!" He'll willingly do the dishes to help out. He carries the dishes to the sink, looking back at the smaller of his dads curiously when he speaks again, his expression a little conflicted at the mention of getting a pair of cats. He goes still for a moment, guilt about the fate of his last pet flickering in his eyes, "I… I like cats." His voice is cautious, "Can we get a kitten?" Something that can keep up with the teenager's apparently boundless energy.

"How about two kittens." Christopher says as he also cleans up, putting the left overs away. "We had Nova who was the sweetest dog but with how much your other Dad and I work I don't know if a dog is the way to go, unless you'd rather have a puppy." He wants a pet around the house, he likes having one and with Kevin around he figures it's a good time to try to get another.

There's a hesitant smile and Kevin nods, "That would be really cool." A pair of kittens to play with. His smile grows into something a little more confident and happy at the thought, "I had a cat before. After I first found out I had powers." He focuses on the job before him for a moment before he looks back over at his dad, grinning again, "I'd like to have another one." And with two, they can keep each other company when his dads are working and he's at school.

Christopher smiles at Kevin grows more comfortable with the idea. "I don't work tomorrow so maybe we can go to a shelter tomorrow and see about adopting, that is if Jeri isn't working." He's never sure when Jeri might get called in for something.

Kevin nods, smiling easily again, "Cool!" He didn't get to pick out his last pet. The kitten was just delivered when certain people were removed from his life, "I'd like that." He really would. It'd be one last thing to be able to do with his dads before starting school. Something fun to mark the beginning of yet another chapter in his life.

Once the dishes are cleaned up for the most part Christopher takes out the lemon bars to cut. "I'd rather it be family thing then me just showing up with two new family members." He says as he hands Kevin a lemon square covered in powdered sugar on a small plate. "Any questions about Xavier's I'll be happy to answer for you. And you're lucky, most the kids there are very easy to get along with.

There's another nod from Kevin, "Yeah, it would still be fun to go even if he can't come, though." He wouldn't want to pick out new family members without both of his dads there, though. He grins as he's handed the sugary treat and takes a bite of his dessert. He turns thoughtful at the offer to answer questions and licks powdered sugar off his lips, "What kind of stuff am I going to have to learn? I know I'm going to have to take math, and history, and stuff, but…" He shrugs, "Well, what other kind of stuff?" It is a school for mutants, after all.

"All the typical subjects like math, history, science and English but then there is mutant ethics, and a variety of electives that you can choose from. Various languages, ancient history, advanced math classes and such. As you know I teach the culinary classes." He says. "Then you have powers training three times a week where you work to get comfortable with your abilities how to use them and control them."

"And no theology classes." Kevin can't help but grin a little at that. It was one of his least favorite classes subjects he was made to learn. He licks sugar off of his fingers and looks over at Christopher, "And I could take your class?" He does enjoy cooking at times, after all. The thought of powers training has him frowning faintly, but he keeps his mouth shut for the moment. He used to know exactly how to use his powers, but now…

Christopher shakes his head. "Nope, no theology classes. I always thought having theology classes was a bit silly since it isn't something that really benefits your education in the long run. Just a class to advertise that ones views are the right views." He shakes his head as he's not religious and doesn't think it belongs in a class room. "Yes you can take my class but I'm not going to give any special benefits because you're my son.

Kevin laughs softly and nods, "I'm glad. They were stupid lessons." He looks over at his dad, his eyes dancing with mischief, "You mean I can't eat everything?" It's a wonder he doesn't weigh three hundred pounds with how much he wants to eat most of the time. He finishes off his dessert slips his plate into the sink, leaning back against the counter for the time being.

"You can eat what you cook." Christopher says chuckling. "I'm the one who gets to eat everything." Since he does have to taste the food the students cook to make sure it tastes alright. "It's a wonder I don't gain weight from that but then I guess that's what all those practices in the danger room do for me. Let me keep my wonderful figure."

There's a little mock pout at that, but Kevin just can't keep up the expression for long. Soon, he's grinning again, running a hand through his hair to get the thick locks out of his eyes, "You couldn't get fat!" He cocks his head slightly at the mention of the danger room, "Danger room? What's that?" Sure, he's probably heard the word before, but now he's curious.

"It's where you're going to train your powers." Christopher says. "It's basically a beyond high tech simulation room. It's so everything is done in the safest way possible while making sure that it gives you the most real situations to practice them in. It's a mix of alien technology that I don't fully understand but just accept that's how it works."

"Oh…" Kevin falls silent again, resting the heels of his hands against the counter for a moment and just trying to work through his thoughts, "So what kind of stuff would I learn with the things I can do?" It's not like he can train to be able to hear or smell better, can he? He shifts his weight, ballancing on one foot so that he can scratch his ankle with the other.

"You would learn the extend of your abilities, how to block out your heightened senses if they get to overwhelming. How to work as a team and how your powers work well with others. Thinks like that. There's always stuff to learn, I still learn more all the time." Christopher says as he walks over to Kevin and ruffles his hair again. "Though I'm gonna run and take a shower now, we can talk about this more later?"

Kevin nods, ducking his head a little as his hair is ruffled. He grins at the thought of being able to block things out when he needs to, "Cool." Then Christopher mentions showering and he nods again, "Okay." He pushes away from the counter, shaking his hair back again, "That sounds good." He offers a quick little hug and looks toward his bedroom, "I've got a necklace I was working on earlier that I want to finish, anyway."

Christopher returns the hug and gives Kevin a little kiss on the head. "Can't wait to see how it comes out." He says as he heads out of the kitchen to take his shower.

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