2009-04-22: Family Matters


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Summary: Two Young Avengers talk about their families after a training session.

Date: April 22, 2009

Log Title: Family Matters

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below. Only there is something odd about this place, as those boxes and rooms hold the property of the Young Avengers. Training ground and living quarters for the young team.

It's a quiet day in the Young Avengers HQ, not much happening today after an earlier training session at Avengers Mansion. Right now, Teddy Altman is sitting in the main room of the headquarters on a couch. He's just in some sweat pants, hair still plastered to his head from after his shower. The shapeshifter's in human form and seems to be looking through a folder with several papers inside it.

Cody comes walking out of the showers a few minutes after you. He's been in a pretty good mood since his return, working hard and such. There is always a bonus when he gets out of school in order to be a hero. Or at least train with them. He still has a towel over his shoulders and is literally pulling up and tieing his PJ bottoms as he leaves the showers, moving to crash on the couch with you, throwing his bare feet up on the coffee table. "Good workout." He offers, throwing you a smile. His aura is still sort of glowing with dull motes of blue energy.

Teddy glances over and offers a smile. "Yeah…it was. You're doing good…today's was easy though," he comments. The folder's got a bunch of print-outs and news paper clippings about Captain Marvel from a few years ago. Seems Teddy's a fanboy or something. "Just wait till things really pick up. You'll be happy if you can stay awake long enough for Billy to teleport us here."

Cody shrugs a little as he idly moves to turn, putting his feet on your lap and reaching to pluck out a picture of Captain Marvel looking it over. "Who's this guy?" He asks curiously, pushing some wet hair out of his face, and handing the picture back to you.

Teddy lets out a little grunt as his lap is invaded by feet but doesn't comment. A small frown crosses his face as the picture is asked abotu but it passes quickly. "Captain Marvel," he replies as he takes the picture back.

Cody raises a brow and pulls his feet under him. He's a little backwater some times but he's not dumb. He puts up his hands and shrugs a little. "Er ok, man." He says an amused expression on his face. "Sorry for askin'."

Teddy shakes his head. "No…sorry just…" he sighs. "He's my dad…" he mutters, flipping a page and looking over a photo of Captain Marvel and Rick Jones. The shapeshifter gets a small idea before closing the folder and setting it down on the coffee table.

Cody raises a brow. "Whoa! Really?" He asks, moving to sit up and look at the folder and then back at you. "That's cool…right?" he asks looking at you with a tone of concern. "You ok man? I think this is the first mention of your family that hasn't ended in an awkward I don't wanna talk about it sort of feel…."

Teddy nods, letting out a breath as he leans back. "Yeah, it's cool," he smiles a bit. "Just never got to meet the guy is all. Never got to meet either of the siblings I supposedly have either."

Cody gives a nod of his head, tilting his head to the side and leaning back in the couch to watch you, happy to listen for the moment as it's the most he's ever heard you talk about your family. "That's cool." He offers with a chuckle. "Very cool. Family you didn't know about?"

"Lots of things I didn't know about," Teddy replies quietly. "It was just two very crazy days that were some of the worst in my life so far," he pauses. After a few moments of silently staring at the ceiling, he lets out a little laugh. "I wonder if they figured out Kl'rt's not me yet…"

Cody tilts his head to the side. He scratches his head and looks at the ceiling as well as if perhaps something is written there. "Who is Kl'rt." Cody still has no idea that Teddy is really part Skrull. He takes his eyes off the ceiling and idly reaches over to put a hand on your shoulder. "You ok man?"

"Super Skrull," Teddy replies idly. He glances over at the hand on his shoulder and flashes a smile. "Yeah. I'm fine. Just had a messed up dream last night that's been on my mind all day. I'll get over it."

Cody gives a nod and he gives the shoulder a squeeze before pulling his hand off. "What's a super skrull?" he asks curiously.

Teddy stares for a second before chuckling. "The Super Skrull. He's a member of an alien race called the Skrulls that has all the powers of the Fantastic Four as well as shapeshifting and hypnosis," he explains. "He's…sort of an enemy but sort of a friend. It's complicated."

Cody raises a brow and looks at you as if you just said Big-Foot exists. And in that moment he connects his position with the Young Avengers with the Avengers and then the media attention a few years back on the skrulls. "Well I'll be damned! Yer sayin' that shit really exists?" he laughs a bit. "Aliens? Really?! That's awesome."

Teddy arches an eyebrow slowly. "Cody. You're sitting next to an alien," he says simpley. "Of course they exist. Skrulls, Kree, Shi'ar, and a lot more."

Cody blinks and his features go very very blank for a moment. He actually looks over to his otherside as if perhaps the lamp is an alien, he then blinks and looks at you, brows going up in an almost puppy like level of unsure. He points to you. "Yer an alien?"

Teddy nods. "Yep," he says. "Half skrull, half kree," he replies, a small smile coming to his face. "But keep quiet about it. No one outside the Avengers and Young Avengers gets to know this yet."

Cody raises a brow. "Well…so ….." Yes Cody, add two plus two. He pulls himself in a little tighter, he's still texan despite the intimacy that you have shared. Alien equals bad right? "So…you shapeshift and that's from the skrull side?" he asks and then pauses. "What's a kree?" Oh, he's a good student, but he has good moments of being completely dense.

Teddy sighs and frowns a little when he notices Cody pulling himself all together. "Yeah. The kree are another alien race. Stronger than humans and very technologically advanced," he explains. "Don't worry. I'm not an invader or anything. I didn't even know what I was until about a year ago…"

Cody gives a nod, and actively works to relax. It's the same thing he did when he saw Elijah for the first time. It's his parents racism at work. He however gives a nod of his head and offers. "Cool….so…you got off easy then. Cool powers, and you can survive here." He offers gesturing around.

Teddy continues to frown. "Yeah…easy…" he mutters. "I've been on earth my whole life. So…I may be genetically an alien but I'm an Earthling in every other respect."

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Yeah. That's cool though…I didn't know that about you." he offers, grinning again. He can easily ignore it, like he does with Elijah. It's stupid and racists and he knows it. He shakes his head a little and just smiles. "Wow…"

Teddy chuckles a little. "Not many people know it at all. Pretty much just our team, the Avengers, and the Skrull and Kree," he points out. Stretching, he quirks an eyebrow. "Wow?"

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Yeah, wow. I mean, before a couple of months ago, I was just gonna be some congressman, or a banker, or take my dad's business." He chuckles. "Now, I know Aliens, and Robots, and Black Guys…." he says with a laugh. "And am having sex with boys….and training with Captain America, and fighting bad guys….this. is. awesome!"

Teddy listens with a smile, ignoring the 'black guys' and 'sex with boys' parts with just a little chuckle. "Yeah. Pretty much how most of us reacted when we started this whole thing too."

Cody gives a nod of his head and bounces slightly in an excited manner. He idly moves to stand up and make a short sprint to the fridge, wanting something to drink. He calls back, "I'm gettin' a drink, you want somethin?"

Teddy just blinks as Cody sprints off, tilting his head to watch. "Uhh. Sure. Just a water, thanks," he calls back.

Cody returns with a pair of water bottles, one of which he hands off, the other of which he opens and starts to drink, moving to sit on the arm of the couch. "Wish my family was that interesting. My dad's in oil and he's kinna an asshole sometimes….got a momma and a sister…Cindy's cool." He offers, thinking fondly on his sister.

"Thanks," Teddy accepts the water bottle and leans back to listen. "They're letting you be a hero though so they can't be all that bad," he reasons.

Cody shakes his head. "Dad is letting it happen because if I get to be a hero, then it's good for business. If I fuck up, I'm sure I'm out of the family….He's told me such." He offers, going a little pouty. "I aint seen my family in goin' on two years now…he keeps sayin' it's gonna happen, but I know him. He don't like that I'm a mutant…saw it in his face the day the doctor told him…."

Teddy frowns again, reaching over to place a hand on Cody's shoulder for a moemnt. "Tell him Captain America wants to meet him and your family maybe. That'll get ya some time to see 'em real quick."

Cody shakes his head. "Nah…it's better. Makes it easier." he offers with a shrug. "I write to Cindy all the time, she writes back." He stretches a little and smiles at the touch on the shoulder. "It's ok…really. That way they can be proud of me when they see me on the news, and it won't have to be awkward or nothin'…"

Teddy nods, taking his hand back and popping open his water bottle. "It's good you still keep in contact with her," he chimes. "If I knew if my sister was still alive out there in space somewhere, I'd write her too," he chuckles a bit.

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