2012-06-27: Family Rage And Pain


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Summary: Quenton and Nicholas talk about Quenton's family issue.

Date: June 27, 2012

Log Title: Family Rage And Pain

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Watching the fish, Quenton's here, somberly, crouched down on the bridge and letting his hand drift in the water, eyes chasing them. He's dressed in his typical outfit, the black jacket, hooded vest, collared shirt. Shirt underneath that. Someone else would probably be sweating, but Q doesn't seem to mind it at all.

The sound of hooves clopping against the ground as Nicholas can be heard approaching the area on horseback. He's dressed in just a plain green t-shirt over a pair of jeans that are tucked into cowboy boots. He definately looks a little worse for wear, he hasn't shaved in a few days leaving a light blond stubble on his chin and his hair is a bit dishevled. Seeing Quenton by the water as he walks forward on Orion through the Japanese Garden, Nick gives him a wave. "Hey Q."

"Nick," Quenton mutters, red eyes drifting up to the other mutant and his horse, before the tall, dark, and strong mutant raises to his full height, scratching the side of his face idly. "Fuck you look so damn scruffy for?" he wonders. Facial hair doesn't seem to grow on Q, which is sort of ironic, given his bad boy additude.

"Just been avoiding everything, been hanging around in the stables for the past day or so." Nicholas says as he leans forward so he can dismount. Orion makes a noise moves to his head to try to push it against Nick as he walks forward. "You now how it is, somedays are better than others."

"Yeah. I know how it is," Quenton agrees vaguely, glancing at Orion with some disdain and shifting uneasily as the horse draws close. "Didn't think anything would make you forget about personal hygeine. You're one of the dreamiest boys in school," he murmurs, the last sentence spoken in an exagerrated mockery of some female teenager's voice. "You know," he mutters, voice normal again, and a little disparaging. "Other then that Mason dude."

Nicholas gives Quenton a very unamused look. "Stuff it. I really don't care about my appearance that much, it's not high on my things I'm concerned about list." He says in a grumpy tone. "I really thought that Mason dude was just trying to pull one over on Shane when I first saw him. Didn't believe he was really Bieber Junior. Then I realized, when that Envy chick was trying to cut off his hand, he's all pretty boy, no brains. Common sense of a tick." That's the impression he got at least. "Any word on the parent front?"

"Should know better to tell me to stuff it, there, champ," Quenton reminds, idly, rolling his tongue in his cheek. "You know me. Say whatever the fuck I want." He rolls his shoulder. "Never actually spoke to the kid. Which is hilarious, considering how close he's suppose to be with Shane. Probably for the best, him and me should stay far away from each other. Don't like his music, and I'd make sure girls don't swoon over that pretty boy face of his either." The mention of his parents causes his eyes to drift away. "Got a phonecall the other day. Gonna show it to Heather. Was some guy, Ben Ferelli. He put my dad on the phone, then told me to meet him within the week or he'll kill him and my mom."

The response does get a small smile from Nick that quickly fades away. "Not a fan of his music either, mostly listen to Country. Better than that auto-tunned Glee garbage." Nick is not a Gleek. At the news, Nick's face gets pale and he swallows. "What…did he say what he wants?" His tone is shakey and very quiet. He'd never admit it to Quenton, but he doesn't want him to go through what he's going through. "You… well, shit Quenton. If I can help, I'd like to make sure they aren't killed."

"Just told me to meet him. Alone. Not that that's going to bode well. I'm sure he knows I'm probably gonna bring people with me," Quenton mutters, fingers digging into his cheek. "I wanna go alone, but… if it gets bad, and I go berserk, and my parents are still alive by then, I need someone to save them. From me," he mutters, exhaling shallowly. "It's all fucking broken. I don't know what to do. I tried meditating. I tried taking tranquilizers. Doesn't help stop the rage. Need a clear head…"

"I know you'd want to keep her safe, but I bet Shane would go, might be your best bet if things go wrong. I mean, that is if you can think she can help bring you down from a rage." Nicholas says, moving a hand to rest on Orion for a sort of support. "Only thing I can think is you do go alone…sort of. Just maybe find a group of people you think would help to hang back close enough, reinforcements or something..I don't know. For one I can honestly say, I understand…"

"I haven't raged since…" Quenton doesn't finish the sentence. He just shakes his head, exhaling, swallowing. "One day before Independence Day. The third. Heather would wanna know. Probably to handle it herself," he mutters. "I'm supposed to meet them in some back alley of a club," he mutters over to Nick. "I don't know. I'd… Heather. Maybe Shane and you. I don't know who else I'd bring. Tara, probably…"

Nicholas continues to run his hand along Orion's mane and just nods as he listens. He knows that there's a good chance that Quenton will rage, and Nick's not sure if he'd want to stop him. "If I could go back in time, I would have done anything I could to save my parents. Anything. I keep thinking that maybe there was something I could have done…" He trails off and looks right at Quenton. "Don't lose them Quenton. I think it'll hurt more to lose them then it will be to take any means necessary." He says quietly.

"I don't know how long I can hold it off," Quenton mutters, shaking his head. "I don't want to lose them. I don't wanna rage. I just… it's hurting. It's burning me up trying to get out." He exhales shallowly, lifting a hand to his temple. "I have to let it out eventually. Have to go somewhere away where I won't hurt anyone and try to just piss myself off. I don't know."

Nicholas is quiet for a long time, mostly fighting with his own emotions to keep them in check. He puts on an expressionless face and when he talks, it's with a voice that's dull and flat sounding. "It'll hurt worse. Trust me. Everyday I feel like I want to break inside, but, don't worry about that. It's not important." He says taking a deep breath. "Danger Room. Just get it set to something go nuts and destroy."

"No. You don't understand. I mean, I get it. I get you're hurting. But it's not the same kind of hurt," Quenton mutters frustratedly. "I'm not saying it's worse then yours, hell, I know emotional pain's worse then phsyical pain better then anyone, and I know you're feeling a fuck ton of it right now. Can't imagine everyone I love dying, I still got Zoey here in the school, and my dad's still alive, maybe my mom is, too." He runs his fingers through his hair. "It's phsyical. Like… I can literally feel it. Fucking agony at my core, spreading through my veins, and my head. It's me but it's not me, you know? It wants stuff I don't."

"What's it want?" Nicholas says purposefully not saying anything about the emotional want. "What does it take to saite it? You have to find a way to deal with it, cause eventually punching yourself in the head won't work. Sometimes you gotta suck it up and admit you need help when you do."

"What do you think it wants? It wants what I secretly want but don't want to because I don't wanna hurt people I love. Mason hurt Shane. I want to take his arms and pull them until they unhinge." He exhales shallowly. "It wants to kiss Shane and hold her close, but I can't do that or I might hurt her. I" Quenton just shakes his head. "I have to burn it somehow, and the Danger Room only does it so much. Besides, think the teachers aren't too fond of how… gruesome I get during the Danger Room sessions."

"How would you feel afterwards if you just let it all lose? In the Danger room that is." Nicholas asks. "I really can't understand, my emotions are normal emotions I guess. Just I don't know what to tell you. It sucks, everything sucks. You'd think it'd be awesome having superpowers, but suddenly everyone hates you and the world wants to make you as miserable as possible for something out of your god damn control."

"That's all I meant," Quenton mutters. "My anger is… a superpower all on it's own." He wets his lips briefly. "It doesn't burn off the Rage when I'm in the Danger Room, because I know it isn't real. It did burn off that time the zombies attacked, because I didn't know it was fake until after."

"I really don't know what to tell you." Nicholas says with a shrug. "I'm not good at this sort of thing. I just wish there was someway to make you think it was real, because…you need something."

"Like I said, I'll just go fly somewhere, swamp or something, and murder an alligator or a crocodile," Quenton mutters. "Somewhere away from people."

"Will it help?" Nicholas asks as he's not sure if it will. "I mean is enough of a challenge to burn off the rage, if it is, I suggest doing it before going to meet up with the jerk off that kidnapped your parents. It might help in making sure you don't end up doing what you don't want to do." He lets out a deep breath and closes his eyes for a few moments before speaking. "You have to find them and get them out alive Q…."

"Yeah. Yeah, I know," Quenton mutters, shifting slightly on his feet, before he lets out a low and ragged exhale. "I'm gonna try the best I could. Whatever it takes, even me. I don't want either of them getting hurt."

"I know you and I have our…differences to put it lightly but, I do consider you a friend." Nicholas admits, if not a bit reluctantly. "Now, my friends are all I have left, last thing I want is to see them hurt and it seems that's all I'm seeing, is the people I care about going through troubles. I don't wish this pain on anyone, even someone I think it's a bull headed jerk at times." The last part is said with the faintest of smiles.

"Wish I had bull horns. At least I can wear my monster on the outside so people would stay away from me," the red eyed mutant boy mutters. He rolls his shoulders. "You're my buddy, even if you're a little shit sometimes," he eventually agrees. "Just… I don't know. I'll try to make everything better. Just… not sure how much I can punch things to keep them away."

Nicholas shurgs and can't deny that he's a shit sometimes. He knows he can be too blunt but he doesn't care. "We're all a mess here. Tomorrow I'm gonna start seeing a shrink that Ms. Frost is setting up for me. I need help dealing. Anyway, what do you know about this Ferelli guy? Like why does he even want you?"

"He's some mobster. He made my aunt and brother a vampire, which was why I was so into going to Romania," Quenton mutters. "My brother's free, but he doesn't care about us anymore. He went bad, somehow, unlike Jill. My aunt, well. Emma Frost fucking disintegrated her with her mind, so there's that," grunts the mutant.

The look on Nick's face upon hearing what Ms. Frost did is one of complete shock. "She can disintegrate people with her mind?!" Then again he barely knows about her supervillain past. "Maybe…Jill can help. Not go fight with you or anything, that's up to you but with weaknesses and such. Wait, is he a vampire?" He assumes so since Quenton said 'made'.

"A member of his family is," Quenton murmurs over to Nick. "These guys aren't like Dracula's people, though. They don't send dudes with swords and kilts to do their dirty work, they send guys with guns, and lots of 'em. Not all of them are vampires, either, far as I know, my brother and this Romeo guy are the only ones who are all… undead and shit." He sighs quietly.

Nicholas nods slowly and runs a hand through his hair before moving it to scrach the scruff on his chin. "I'm getting better with my mind shields, dunno how may bullets I could stop though…." He says mostly to himself. "So he wants you to meet with him or else kill your parents. There's no reason as to why he wants to meet with you?"

"My dad put away a Vinny Ferelli a long time ago," Quenton mutters. "I think he has some sort of grudge against my family. He wanted me to bring Zoey, but I told him no, and eventually he said it was fine, he'll just take me."

"Do they know?" Nicholas wonders outload. "I mean, do they know that you're a mutant and what your powers are? I know you used to do the Amazing Boy thing, do they know that too? Cause that might be to your advantage oddly enough."

"Avenger Boy," Quenton reminds. "And… they knew my X-phone's number. I've no idea how they knew about that. Not to mention I left one of their guys I was torturing alive because of Heather," he grumbles ruefully.

"Probably a good thing, you'd be beating yourself up if he was dead." Nicholas says with a shrug. "Sorry, Avenger Boy." He's not making fun of him for doing it. "Your brother probably told them, and about your powers. Zoey is here at the school currently?"

"Yeah, but she's still afraid to do much of anything but stay where she is in the basement," Quenton mutters. "Doctor McCoy says she should try and maybe move in to a dorm, since he discovered she has powers, but we don't even know what she can do yet." He draws out a breath. "And no. It's cool. Being Avenger boy was such a stupid lame phase."

"You were brave enough to put on the mask and try to make a difference, that's something Quenton. And about your sister." Nicholas says seriously. "If I'm not with you when you go to find your parents, I'll watch out for her while your gone. Just in case. Make sure she's not too worried while you're off being a hero."

"Not like we made one," Quenton mutters, shrugging his shoulders slightly. "And yeah. Seems like I'm playing hero a lot. But I don't think my powers are good for much else, and with my anger… well. Maybe I need to do that. Save people. Or some shit," he mutters.

"Not a bad plan, saving people. A lotta times I wish I could do more just, I'm to afraid to even go into New York City." Nicholas looks at Orion and starts to rub the muzzle of the beast who seems to enjoy it throughly. "I was wrong, you're not a coward. You're actually braver than most people here probably."

"I'm afraid more then most people think," Quenton mutters, drawing in on himself. "I'm afraid of hurting people. I'm more afraid of me then any bad guy. Sometimes…" He glances around, before muttering, quietly, "Sometimes I don't mind… being in enough danger I might get killed. Sometimes I feel like it'd stop the agony. That it'd ensure I don't go rage one day and hurt people I care about."

"I'm afraid of losing someone I care about. I don't think I'd be able to take it." Nicholas confesses back. "That if Jill, or Shane or you or anyone I've come to be friends with ends up getting hurt or dying…it scares the hell outta me. I barely sleep at night cause of it, ever since I saw Taylor get shot, the nightmares just got worse. Instead of my Mom and Dad it's also you guys I see dying. I hate that I can't help my friends, I feel like this pathetic person whose just surviving and there's nothing good I can think of that I've done to protect anyone I care about. My parents, Bodie, Jill, Taylor, even Mason that day. I wish I knew a way to help you out even. It's just, I can't. I can't think of a damn thing and I know there's gotta be a way. Something to help with your anger, something so you can hold Shane someday but…I can't think of a darn thing."

"If I was there," mutters Quenton in frustration, "Taylor wouldn't have got shot. Nothing bad would have happened, except I would have did some killing that day." Steam rises from his back as he says that, and his fists clench so tightly together that loud popping noise of his knuckles cracking can be heard. "Fuck." His hand lifts and he punches at the side of his head. "We're alike, in that sense, you know. I hate not being able to be around when bad things happen. I hate not being able to use my strength to protect everyone. It seems everything's happening at once and I can't focus on one thing to stop it."

Nicholas puts out his hand and for a few moments there's a faint distorion in front of him in a circle about six feet in diameter. His eyes glow blue as he focuses and Orion seems to back up a bit as he does so. "This is what I've been working on." He says with some strain in his voice. "Shields, so maybe I can do something more." He lowers his and takes a few deep breaths. "It's getting easier. And I should apologize to Taylor, I kind of snapped at her. Don't really think she meant what she said, I just heard bits of it and my frustration took over."

Quenton scratches the bridge of his nose, staring over at the disortion, before just blinking. "That's actually pretty uh… big. You actually developed that?" he wonders, glancing over to the other man and tilting his head to one side, running a hand through his hair.

Nodding, Nick takes a few breaths. "Yeah, well I've learned how to do that. There's actually a lot of stuff I'll be able to do, just gotta figure out how. Since I'm not training for an competitions or anything, I've been training in the danger room and stuff when I can. Not as often as it sounds but…I gotta get better." He shrugs and pets Orion a bit. "It's not that big, I figured I have to make it at least as tall as me.

"Bigger then most things I've seen, but that's probably 'cause I'm up close," admits Quenton, glancing briefly over to the horse, then back to where the shield was. "All I do is work out," he admits. "And train. It just helps keep the burn from hurting. Not too long, but whenever I'm moving or doing something like that, it goes away. Not that I've found any uses of my power like you. Mine is pretty straight forward. I can lift big things, bend big things, punch big things. The end."

"It's not like that's nothing." Nicholas says. "You can also fly which is pretty awesome. Are you also super durable? Like, most of those big hitters seem to be?"

"Yeah, but it's not like my skin is metal or anything like that," Quenton mutters, just digging at the side of his face. "I don't know. Everyone's mutation seems to have some sort of use other then fighting. I mean, you can do great things with your power other then fight stuff. Shane and I, are powers are to destroy. Sure, I could lift stuff, but the rage… why would I evolve that."

"Maybe it's not exactly about evolving…or maybe evolving it is learning to master it." Nicholas suggests with a shrug. "I don't know, I really can't fully understand it, just from what you tell me, but there's gotta be a way to get it under control eventually. Like yoga or meditation or some crap? Though I shouldn't say crap, meditation helped me learn how to use my powers."

"I don't know. I tried meditating. I get restless. I… there was a guy who helped me, had emotion controlling powers, but he… I don't know. I raged during it, he kept me calm but later I felt this fucking sharp pain." Quenton gives off a sigh, shaking his head, muttering, "I don't know how to stop it. Stop myself. Part of the reason I stay here at the school is there's so many people close by who can put me down before I hurt anyone."

"That's one thing going for me, I can't complain about my powers." Nicholas says shaking his head slightly. "And meditation can get like that, it's not easy and I did just enough of it to make sure I wasn't slamming my Mom's pies into the ceiling accidentally anymore. I'd say talk to one of the teachers here but the only time I tried that she made it seem like being angry was going to turn me into a super villain or something, so…I wish I had more for ya."

"Yeah," Quenton murmurs, nodding his head, wetting his lips briefly, rolling his shoulder, glancing over to Nicholas. "I uh…. I don't know. Thinking the chances of me going bad are pretty much higher than yours. Just… I don't think I'd want to be. Whatever I become. If I go bad." He clears his throat, shifting a little before glancing off to the wall. "Anyway. I should go and put the beats on something in the Danger Room."

Nicholas takes a deep breath and looks Quenton in his eyes. "I won't let you go bad. I'll do whatever I can to help in that regards. Not just for you but also for Shane." And a bit for himself too. "No problem,I should go as well, Orion's getting restless." He gets back on his horse and looks down at Q. "Good luck in the Danger Room."

"Yeah," Quenton says, reluctantly, while he just crouches down, in a predatory stance. "Gonna fly a few laps before I head off," he mutters. "Have fun, cowboy." And with that, he takes off, flying at the speed of some fast runner, which compared to most, isn't much.

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