2010-01-12: Family Reunion


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Summary: Jet interrupts a quiet day at home for Christopher and Jericho, needing a favor.

Date: January 12, 2010.

Log Title Family Reunion

Rating: PG

Christopher doesn't have to teach today at Xavier's, which is nice when you are the culinary teacher classes aren't mandatory for everyday. He has to work later this afternoon though, but in the meantime he's been cooking, making quite the brunch for him and Jericho. There's cranberry juice of course, fresh cranberry muffins, orange juice, bacon, potato casserole, pecan pancakes, sausage, onion and cheese egg frittata and some fresh fruit. Even though there's only two of them at the moment, he's cooked a lot. Christopher doesn't cook in small portions. He's finished cooking everything and now he's in the living room figuring the two can just eat in there. The couch is more comfortable than the kitchen table and chairs.

Jeri himself has no appointments until this afternoon, so he's relaxing. Coming out of the bedroom he's wearing a pair of shorts and not much more. He's stretching. "I smell food." He says with a half-grin, opening his eyes a little blearily. He's been up late working on something for the state. He moves to sit on the couch next to Christopher and grins. "All this? for me? Nice snack." he teases. After all, Jeri DOES eat a lot, but this is more than even he and Jared could eat at once.

Jet has been in New York and before that London long enough that a trip out to the relative cleanliness and order of more generally upscale places always seems like a journey through a slightly alien environment. Having taken a train from the city and walked to the house, he's just about ready for family at this point. Dressed in his usual 'bargain bin rock' style and wearing a vintage (and cheap!) army jacket over it, he pauses on the doorstep a moment, takes a breath and then rings the bell, trying to look as though he's not conflicted about being out here.

Christopher is dressed for the day, wearing a pair of nice jeans and a green button down shirt with the sleeves folded up and the top few buttons undone, showing a small patch of chest hair. He'd probably be dressed similar to Jeri but he had run out to the store quick earlier to get stuff for breakfast. "All this for us, but yes, I decided to spoil you with a big breakfast this morning. I can also make Mimosas if you wanted one for breakfast." But Christopher knows he's more of a drinker than Jeri, and then, the door bell rings and he looks curiously at it. "One of the boys…no, they have keys." He says getting up to answer the door, after all he's planned a morning of relaxation for Jeri.

"ooOOooh Mimosas are always a good way to start a day. And with OUR metabolisms." he laughs, waiting to see who is behind the door when Christopher opens it. Actually, he's not expecting anyone, so in his mind, it's probably a student come to the house for one on one. Sometimes they do that, since some don't want people at school to know they're talking to someone.

Jet straightens up a little when the door opens. He smiles faintly and tries to look less like a vagrant and tries not be annoyed with himself for it. This is meeting family, not a job interview. His voice is still a little hesitant as he says, "Um, hey." Maybe he should have called first. Or sent an email. Or stayed in the city. Do people bring something? Damn. Could he have transported Jello on the train? It's the only thing he knows how to make. The thoughts might not carry through, but that pensive expression does.

When pose opens the door and spots who it is, he breaks out into a big smile, after all he's only met Jericho's brother, Jet, once or twice. "Hello, come in." He says moving aside so Jet can walk in. "Jericho, I think someone is here to see you, and wow, is this a surprise. We're just about to have some breakfast, you're welcome to join us if you're hungry, or even if you're not." Christopher is just an extremely friendly guy and it show.

Looking up at the door, Jeri blinks. "Jet! What brings you up here?" He says, grinning brightly as he offers seating space. "There's extra plates in the kitchen. Eat, eat. You're too thin." He puts on a pseudo-Hebrew speechset as he does that. He scoots around, obviously pleased to see family around. Well, non-Jordan family. "Jerica with you? Mom or Dad? Or just you?… not Jordan hopefully." He says with a roll of his eyes.

Jet relaxes a little at that smile from Christopher and lets out a little breath he didn't know he'd been holding. There was no reason to assume a negative reaction to seeing him but you never know…. He's not even conscious of wiping off his feet on the doormat before entering. Childhood 'going visiting' training asserting itself apparently. He smiles back at Christopher, still nervously, given why he's here but warm. "Thanks." As always, there is a faint twinge of jealousy when he sees Jericho. His brother's height is always a little reminder of the fact that he's the 'little' brother. And will be eternally. Still, that's a minor note in a larger crescendo of relief and happiness. "Jeri. Hey. And, um, no. I'm kind of living in the city now. Alone." And has been for a while. Without visiting. He decides not to mention that part. "And food is good."

Christopher sighs and hopes Jordan isn't with him, he's not exactly fond of the older brother. "Welcome Jet, it's good to see you again, what brings you by?" He says as he heads to the kitchen to get another plate so Jet can help himself. "Oh you moved to the city, does that mean that we'll be getting to see you more often?" Christopher has always been a bit of a 'family' guy, even him and Jericho have their two sons. "So do you have the cranberry obsession your brother has?" He says with a chuckle.

"Oh? In the city? Whatcha doin' down there?" He asks, grinning. Jeri likes having more family close. "Be careful if you run into Jordan down there, though. Between us? He's an asshole." He says with a nod. "And has his fingers into too many pies right now." He laughs at Christopher's question about cranberry. "He asks that because I have a cranberry thing and… Have you met Jared yet? He's actually my biological son. Anyway, he's also a cranberry fanatic." He says with a nod. "You're always welcome here. The house is big, and we may have three rambunctious boys with superpowers, but hey. It's love." He laughs.

Jet watches Christopher switch into 'host' mode with a faint, bemused smile. It figures that Jeri would end up with a guy with a lot of personality. He shrugs out of his jacket and puts it over his arm. "Ah, yea. Julliard." He just leaves that name there without elaborating. Given that their father would probably never pay for a musical education, that has to mean scholarship or lottery win. He grimaces at Jordan's name. "I haven't seen Jordan. Lucky, I guess." No, his eldest sibling didn't make his life a living hell growing up. Not at all. And then something sinks in as he's about to answer the cranberry question. "Son?" His expression is a mixture of surprise and amusement. "And, um, thanks." He swallows and says, "Ah, I kind of need a favor." Which may be the first time in his life he's actually said that to a sibling.

Jet watches Christopher switch into 'host' mode with a faint, bemused smile. It figures that Jeri would end up with a guy with a lot of personality. He shrugs out of his jacket and puts it over his arm. "Ah, yea. Julliard." He just leaves that name there without elaborating. Given that their father would probably never pay for a musical education, that has to mean scholarship or lottery win. He grimaces at Jordan's name. "I haven't seen Jordan. Lucky, I guess." No, his second eldest sibling didn't make his life a living hell growing up. Not at all. And then something sinks in as he's about to answer the cranberry question. "Son?" His expression is a mixture of surprise and amusement. "And, um, thanks." He swallows and says, "Ah, I kind of need a favor." Which may be the first time in his life he's actually said that to a sibling.

Christopher rolls his eyes as Jordan's met him. "I wish he wasn't the first in your family that I had to meet. He's…well…he's your brother and that's all I say." Christopher doesn't like him too much and he would love to find out what his issue is. He sits down on one of the couches and just listens to the two. As the word favour comes up, he just lets it be between Jet and Jericho for now.

"Julliard. Nice. If I didn't have desires for helping people who grew up like me…" Jeri waves a hand over his body, "And had skill with anything other than a violin… I would have tried. But I suck at any other instruments, and my voice is too raspy for them." He coughs. See? There IS something Jet can do better. And obviously, Jeri has NO problem with that choice of life. "What's your major at Juilliard? I mean, like I said. I'm ONLY good with the violin." But he is good at it. "Yup. Son. Last girl I dated before I moved for college. She had a kid. Jared. We found him after we adopted Eddie and Eddie brought along his boyfriend Ricky." He lists, chuckling. Bustling family. "Favor? Of course. Anything you need, kiddo. You're my brother, you don't even have to ask."

Jet goes from a reserved smile to a full-on grin that makes him look both younger and much less reserved. "Yea, but you're good with the violin." He's able to be generous from his territory. Especially after Jericho's putting him at ease. "I play everything these days." Not /quite/ everything but it's a reasonable stretch. "And, um, congratulations." He shakes his head in amusement at the reminder of the family's tendency for choosing their own paths romantically. Cranberry addiction isn't the only thing that's genetic, apparently. Taking he offered plate, he nods his thanks to Christopher and watches his brother's husband retreat, still smiling. The time he spends meticulously putting food on the plate and arranging it before getting to the point is classic Jet. One of his usual ways to escape doing something he didn't want to do growing up was to drag his feet and focus on minutia. After a while, he looks back up at Jericho and says, "You remember what happened to Jerica and me?"

"Wow, is your whole family musical? I did a bit of singing in High School, before Xavier's, but that was about it. I went onto other fields." Like cooking, and hair styling. Christopher runs a hand through his hair and at the mention of Jerica and him he raises an eyebrow. "You mean with Nanny and the Orphan Maker?" He says wondering if he remember Christopher and Jeri being stuck in children's bodies. After all his sister was involved too.

"How could I not. The reason we were even involved in the first place was that Jordan had one of his friends turn us into children, which brought Nanny, Orphan-Maker, and you two back around. What about it?" Jeri asks, tilting his head as he digs into his own plate. It's his brother and his husband. He doesn't care if they see him being a little overzealous with his food. He shakes his head at Christopher. "Nah, just us. I didn't really pick it up more than basic lessons until I was living on my own. After the whole Genoshan Slave episode." He coughs a bit.

Jet arches his eyebrows at Christopher at the first question and shakes his head. "Mom let us take lessons. Dad … is dad." He nods at the second question, swallowing. Even a year later, he doesn't like saying the names. He gives Jeri a sympathetic look at the mention on Genosha and then looks back down at his plate. He takes a few bites and then looks up at Christopher, smiling nervously again. "It's good. Thanks." He looks back to his brother and says, "You know how people were always going on about how we might be mutants after it was over? Well, um, that was a pretty good guess."

"Between being kidnapped by someone who regularly turns mutants into children to control and having at least two siblings who are mutants. Myself and Jordan. It's fairly appropriate to think you might be." Jeri says with a nod. He tilts his head, listening to Jet. "Really? What'd you get? Mine's all physical and Jordan's is all mental."
Jet grins and says, "Something really /cool/. Mostly. It would be easier to show you. Do you have a piano or anything?" He looks as pleased as a kid with new toy to show off. "Best. Power. Ever!"

Christopher raises his eyebrows and chuckles at Jet's enthusiasm. "We found out my sister, Katherine, was also a mutant via them. And no, we don't have a piano but maybe Jeri's violin?" Since is saying a musical instrument, that's the only one that he knows they have around the house.

"No, all I have is my violin." Jeri says, rising to go get it from the bedroom. Which is just around the corner, of course. He brings it out. "And yeah, Kathrine had a very interesting gift that benefits her work." He says with a nod, coming out holding the violin case out to Jet. it's his brother. And if it's damaged, hell, he can get another.

Jet shakes his head. "I guess it makes sense. If you both are. And it's genetic." That hesitation is fading as he gets comfortable in their home. He nods his thanks and opens the case. The reverence with which he approaches the instrument is born from years of both loving music and the things that create it and the etiquette of professional musicians. He stands, plucking the strings lightly and adjusting a peg or two, checks the bow for rosin and then nods. "Nice. Well kept." To him, that's probably a higher compliment than telling somebody they are beautiful or brilliant. He takes a scrap of cloth from his pocket. An ordinary handkerchief. "Belonged to Buddy Holly. I love E-Bay." He wraps the cloth around his wrist and sets bow to violin. As the first strains of 'Peggy Sue' come forth, there is suddenly another person in the room, also playing a violin. For a classic rock fan the iconic, spectacled figure is instantly recognizable.

"Something about the Parker-Mayfair's and mutants." Christopher says with an amused smile. "Kat didn't even know that she was a mutant until then, so it makes sense that you didn't either." He says watching Jet curiously and then as everything comes into being, he just watches in surprise, speechless as to what to say at the moment.
Jeri simply grins, watching the whole display. "Now that's. just… WOW." He says with a laugh. "I'd love to get a taste of that power, later. If you're up for it." But then, he may never have explained the intricacies of his own to Jet. He doesn't remember. "When did you find that out?"

Jet grins at the two of them over the violin and then lets the song die away. He looks towards the phantom and says, "Thanks, Buddy." The 'ghost' waves back and says, "Sure thing." Even the voice is exact. And then it fades away. Taking the tension off the strings and putting Jeri's violin back in the case, he answers, "Couple of months. And, um, sure. You can try it. Might help." And again, he makes a production of stowing the incitement and delaying the rest of what he has to say. Finally, he looks back up at the two of them and says, "Um, there /is/ a problem."

"Well Jeri could probably help with your powers if you need it, he can understand them." Chrisotpher says as he looks at Jet. "What's that, you know you can come to your Brother and I for anything, even though we barely know each other, I am your brother's husband and would like to consider you family."

"Mutation problem or problem more oriented to my profession?" Jeri asks. After all, he works with kids on a daily basis and knows some of them don't want you to say certain things out loud. That's why he's coding it somewhat. He sits up, plate finished and considers things. He chuckles a bit at Christopher's enthusiasm. "It's alright. Jet's just nervous." He winks.

Jet gives Jeri a faint grin even in the middle of his discomfort at the first question. "Yes." Laconic and slightly sardonic. " He nods at Christopher and that smile gets a little wider. "Thanks. Um, me too." He takes a deep breath and says, "It happens when I sleep. But different. Real, not just ghosts. I see /them/ and they're really there. Tearing up my place. They go away when I wake up but my place is still trashed. And I'm dinged up. The landlord is ticked. He thinks I'm a junkie or psycho."

Christopher raises an eyebrow. "Really? That is quite a problem." Christopher says not really sure how to help with that one. "I'm sure Jeri and I can help try to figure out a solution and I know, not sleeping isn't one of the solutions." He says as he knows they first have to get a better understanding of his powers.

"Well, we can definitely try to figure that out." Jeri says with a firm nod. "And if your landlord complains, and you need to get away, you can stay up here every now and then. It's not like we ever finished setting up the house." He laughs. "We've been meaning to and just… well… Invasions. Powerswaps… and other things."

Jet blinks at Christopher as though wondering if he's a telepath or something. How did he know Jet had tried that? He says, "Yea, I know." Now. After having one of the worst incidents triggered by the troubled, restless sleep of a man coming down off three days worth of Redbull and coffee. He looks back to Jeri at that offer and can't hide a bemused smile. "That's cool … but I don't think I fit in around here."

Christopher raises an eyebrow at Jet. "What makes you think you wouldn't fit around here? We're not asking you to live up here but just, if you ever need a place to crash or want to come over for dinner, you're always welcome." He says smiling at the youngest Mayfair brother. "Yeah, yeah, I'll try to decorate it soon, I was going to paint the old fashion way but I think I'll just have to cheat, find comfortable and nice furniture and make it work that way. I already know I want a sage green Kitchen."

"Nah, with a power like that, if it works on non-musical things, Eddie would SO want to boost you and copy it. He has so many trinkets and things from superheroes, and he'd love to just sit and talk with them." Jeri laughs. "And Jared too, most likely. But, Jared doesn't have that ability." He grins, nodding. "Aside from oddly manifesting powers… is everything else ok?" Typical familial worry.

Jet shrugs and says, "It's pretty, um, Leave It To Beaver out here. But dinner sounds good." He's still working on that plate of food even as he says that. Apparently home cooking is a treat. To Jericho he nods and says, "It works on anything that was personal to somebody or any place that had something…." He hesitates, looking for the right word. "…strong happen there. And you both can do whatever." He might be somewhat retiring, but he trusts Jeri completely. At the question, he grins. "Not bad. I'm getting along." There is a certain amount of pride wrapped up in that. He's getting along without asking for help, mostly. And on his terms, rather then those of their father. "You?"

Christopher laughs at the Leave it to Beaver comment. "It's the mask of this place. Just a month ago we had quite the interesting…event happen downtown. Beanstalk, giant, the whole 9 yards. Jared was convinced at times he was the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland." Though it is fairly peaceful most the time.

"House. Wife. Kids. Cars." Jeri says with a wave of his hand. "Class rooms full of students. Occasionally called in by the state to do psychiatric evaluations on supervillains. Can't complain." He says with a grin, tossing a wink over. "Well, since you're out here, for holidays, you don't have to travel home. You can just join us. And believe me, we're FAR from Leave it to Beaver. "And one of our friends was Robin Hood. One of my students was Peter Pan." He laughs softly.

Jet just blinks at all that and says, "I've got friends who would pay for trips like that." Not his thing personally, but hey, he doesn't judge. The retelling of domestic bliss gets a bit of a smirk but he nods thoughtfully. "That would be cool. Thanks." A pause and then, wryly, "You grew up okay."

Christopher grins and elbows Jeri lovingly as he says wife. "Just because I'm a better cook than you." He's definitely teasing. "We usually do something nice to celebrate the holidays, and mainly relax." He looks up at Jeri and raises an eyebrow. "He definitely grew /up/ alright." Commenting on his height. "So how much age difference is between the two of you?"

"Bout ten years. Give or take." Jeri offers to Christopher. His phone buzzes in his pocket and he holds up a finger. "Forgive me." He says, looking at it before he steps into another room.
Jet gives Jericho a look of mixed affection and envy as he rises and leaves the room and then looks back to Christopher with a sigh. "Yea, he did. I always hoped I'd end up taller than those two." He shrugs. "Not much chance of that now."

"I always thought I was tall until I met him." Christopher says smiling as he watches Jeri go. "Height isn't everything and it's not exactly like you're short yourself." Though Jet's not exactly tall either. "So Julliard, that's quite the accomplishment Jet."

Coming back after a few seconds, Jeri walks back into the living room. "Sorry about that. Just a student asking for an appointment later today." He says with a grin and a shrug. "Work never ends." He laughs, looking over. "So, what'd I miss?"

Jet nods and says, "Yea. But Jeri and Jackass are both taller." Which says volumes about Jet's mindset about brothers. He smiles at the comment though and shrugs, "Got chops. And lucky." He grins as Jericho returns and says, slyly, "We were talking about how you got overfed as a kid."

Christopher laughs at Jet's comment. "Well he gets overfed now, look at all I cooked for him." He can't join in with a bit of the teasing. "I guess it's good I don't get cooking emergency calls, just salon emergency calls." He rolls his eyes cause they're mostly just people not being able to find something that's in it's usually spot as Christopher is pretty organized.

"Hey, I'm not overfed. I'm fed just right. Not my fault that I have a metabolism that demands attention to feed my structure. Or that my son got it, too." Jeri says with a half-grin. He's not immune to this. "We'll get you figured out, Jet. I work with things like this for a living." He says with a nod before going back to another discussion. "And we always have plenty of food, and plenty of leftovers. Since two of us eat like there's no tomorrow and two don't eat very much at all."

Jet sits back a little in his chair and nods in reply to the promise to figure things out. "That's why I came to you." He really doesn't have to say much more than that because he knows Jeri knows that it means his brother has faith in him. And it would embarrass at least one of them to say it. And then mock-defensively, "I eat." Usually bar snacks while he's at a gig somewhere, but that counts, as long as you are still a student. Jet's tone goes obscurely and slyly amused as he asks, "Do mom and dad know they are biological grandparents, yet? Any video?" He'd pay real money for the sight of their father's reaction to that.

"And it's not your fault babe that I like cooking so much." Christoher says leaning in for a quick kiss. "Yeah, you eat what, about two twinkees a day?" He can't help but notice Jets skinny frame. "You should come over at least once a week for a home cooked meal, make it a regular thing." He doesn't mind, he likes having people over. "We also have the pool and hot tub for you to take advantage of." He then looks at Jericho, curious for the answer.

"And the hot tub, in the dead of winter?" Jeri just fans his face. "Best thing ever. Snow falling down, you're nice and toasty. Reach up to run a hand through your hair and your hair's FROZEN." He grins. "And you don't know a thing, because you've already had four cocktails." He says with a nod, just grinning at the idea. "Yeah, they know. They've just been too busy to come up, and we've been too busy to go down. School year and all. Maybe this summer."

Jet arches his eyebrows at Christopher and asks, "Two? Is it Christmas?" Definitely one for the understated humor. He tilts his head a little at the idea of the hot tub and says, "Sounds fun." He looks around and nods, "I guess you /are/ Ward Cleaver." He glances aside at Christopher. "Doesn't make you June, though. James, maybe."

Christopher can't help but chuckle at Jet. "Nope, but it is Martin Luther King day, a cause for great celebration." There is some sarcasm in his voice. "Oh man, the hot tub is amazing in the snow, a nice bottle of wine." He nods in agreement before looking at Jericho. "I adore your brother." He says finding his sense of humour refreshing.

"Good. More family up here where there's more weather and more seasons." Jeri says with a nod. "And I'm glad you remembered where the house was and how to get here. That's the really good thing." He considers for a moment. "Funny. Mom and Dad never told me you were up here. But then, they never told me that Jordan was, either."

Jet smiles at Christopher again and then winces faintly as Jeri notes that, looking chagrined and a little ashamed. "Ah. They don't know." He shrugs and adds defensively, "It's better to just do it and explain to dad after I'm done." Never mind that he's talking about at least another three years. It made sense when he was rationalizing how not to have that argument with his father.

Christopher knows a little about Jeri's family but never having met any, except Jordan, Jet and Jerica and Jordan being the main one, he doesn't have a solid opinion of the parents. He stands up and stretches. "I think I'm going to go hop in the shower quick and leave you two to talk, I have to work in an hour anyway and clean up. Jet feel free to take any left overs home with and it's good to know you'll be around more." He says smiling before heading into the bedroom.

"And now that we know you're down there, you'll get occasional visits. The kids run down there a lot and tend to find people and pounce on them. Beware. Jared's strong." Jeri chuckles. "Ok, babe. We'll be here for a bit, probably."

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