2010-02-14: Family Thoughts


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Summary: Pietro tracks Billy down to get to know him.

Date: February 14, 2010

Family Thoughts

Rating: PG

Time has passed. Things are going normally. Billy's almost forgotten about last week's mishap. He's actually walking around right now, heading to the Young Avengers' Warehouse. He's not in any hurry, so there's no need to teleport. The cold night air is helping him think about a lot of things in his life right now. All in all… it's good. Despite the fact that a few weeks ago, he was a chthonic influenced hellchild.

And suddenly there's someone walking next to Billy. Teddy made the mistake of calling him Tommy, but Pietro isn't Billy's brother. Wearing a long coat against the weather, he's dressed in business casual beneath that. No uniform today. "Hello, Billy." Said with a coil of a smile. Hopefully the younger mutant doesn't start and teleport him across the world or something.

He does start. But, Billy's no fast-caster. His spells take a few seconds and Pietro would easily be able to avoid them. Clasping a hand to his chest, he breathes deeply. "Don't sneak up on people." He grumps for a moment before offering a return grin. "What's up? Grampa send you to find out if I'm telling the truth or not?" He wrinkles his nose. He's got access to the Avengers Database too. He knows exactly how Pietro and Magneto get along most of the time.

Pietro looks faintly disgusted at the idea of running errands for Magneto. "I'd rather delivery pizza." Which is an insult Mags has made before. "No, I came to talk to you because I wanted to." Because he desperately wants to know his sister is okay where ever she is, and Billy is his only link. "I'm trying to keep what weak family ties we have there, but I don't agree with most anything Magnus does." Billy can be assured of that.

"I can't say I follow his beliefs either, but… he IS family whether he believes it or not." Billy says with a soft nod as he runs a hand through his hair. "Actually came to see me, huh?" He says, thinking about it. He nods solemnly. He doesn't mind that. He pauses for a moment, stopping his stride. He has a problem, at times, of being a little too blunt and open. Thus, he just asks. "Have you seen or heard from her? I haven't seen her since before my power woke up. And I don't know if she realized who I was." Yep. It's been that long.

"You can't pick your family after all." Rueful that. As Billy stops, the white haired man also does. Pietro looks down at the teenager until he aska about Wanda. With that he looks away. The wind tugs at his hair and clothing, blowing those two, errant locks forward over his features. "No." Mostly calm, but around the edges one can see the pain if they look. "I've not seen her for over five years." Not hiding the pain, he looks back to Billy. It's brief however, and soon gone. "You're the only link I have to her, Billy, but that isn't the only reason I've come to see you. As with Magnus, you are family. It doesn't matter whether or not he believes. To me you are, and I'd like to get to know you. I don't have enough family to ignore it."

There's a sigh from Billy. He can't resist it. There's just no way to hold it back. "I was hoping…" He says, barely a whisper. "I'm sure she's safe though. Or some semblance thereof. I'm sure we'd know it if something really bad happened." He nods slightly, before pausing. "Not much to know, really. Raised by doctors. Picked on growing up. Met Mom. Felt my power awaken. Next day, I slammed a bully into the locker with lightning. Needless to say…" He coughs, looking away. "Anyway…" He seems a little embarassed talking about himself, but he has the grace not to try to avoid it.

Pietro isn't sure. He can't be. It shows in his stance, and on those aristocratic features of his. "I'm not sure of anything. She's been gone so long, yet she's also good reason." If only he knew. Clasping hands behind his back, he idly watches something down the street. All unintentionally he looks like his father. "I only wish she felt she could trust me." Of all people, why not your twin. "It sounds to me as though I have everything to learn." A more real smile as he looks back. "Do you have time tonight? We could get something to eat, or merely have coffee?"

"Anything you wanna do, I'm fine with. I was just heading in to see what I might be able to learn about the sword I've got. Been working with Amanda Sefton." Well, he has… But then, Billy's just as much mage as mutant. Just like his mother. There are some differences, though. But they're not obvious to the casual person. He can't resist a light blush, though. "I'm not sure what to say, but I'm more than willing to answer an uncle's questions."

"Sword?" Since Billy is willing to go, he motions in a direction that has a restaurant on the corner. Won't be fancy, not down here, but warmer than outside, and seating. "I've not dealt with Ms Sefton often." Pietro admits as he falls into step with with his nephew. Teddy said you'd been training, and it doesn't surprise the uncle a bit. "It's alright." He assures. "I'm a stranger. We've a lot of ground to cover, so it's going to seem awkward to start. Why not tell me about the sword for now, and perhaps your training with Ms Sefton? Are you enjoying it?"

"The sword…" Billy says, walking in the direction offered. "During the otherworld invasion… there was a version of me with a sword. Amanda says it's a Soulsword. A piece of who he is turned into a weapon. When he attacked me with it, it latched on and I kept it. Ticked him off royally, let me assure you." Billy laughs slightly. "But, it was corrupted. It's been cleansed now, but it brought out a dark side of me." He ponders for a moment. "She's different. Patient and talkative. Not like Ms. Harkness." He says, shivering. She was a weird on. She's also been dead for well over a decade.

Limbo is known for alternate versions of people, so while Pietro arches his eyebrows, he accepts this at face value. "Sounds as though he wasn't quite angry enough though." Pleased that Billy is here now and that other isn't. "The demons brought out the worst in everyone, Billy." Even Pietro. He was far worse of an ass than normal. Ask anyone. "I wouldn't let it get to you much." If that's possible." Pietro does flash a grin at Ms Harkness. Dead or not, she's a stern teacher. "Ms Harkness is worth listening to, even though it will be difficult. Wanda struggled with her for years."

Tilting his head, Billy looks up. "Really? Unfortunately… I don't know HOW I worked with her." He says with a bit of a chuckle. "It was when my powers went away. She was one of the steps in helping me master the real thing instead of just relying on the gene." He nods softly, looking down again. "Her… Forge… Shaman and Talisman." He counts off his fingers.

Pietro nods about Wanda and Harkness. "It's better you do." Master the real thing. "Harder, frustrating, but better in the long run." That doesn't necessarily make it enjoyable though. "Wanda struggled with it for years, Billy. I'm not sure she ever felt she was as good with it all as she actually became. And then her powers began to grow." He pauses, "Mutant powers I mean. That's when everything began to change. At least, from what I could see. Wanda hid much I believe." Sadness there. "Stay with your teachers. It really is important."

"Well, I'm only working with Amanda right now. That was… kind of a vision quest, I think. They wanted to make sure I got a grip early on, instead of waiting until later in life…" Billy doesn't add the 'like Wanda' to the end of that that might be assumed. "My powers are similar, but different enough to classify." He admits. "At least, from what I've been able to read on the files. I don't know… her real extent."

He's sure Billy's teachers will change over the years. Pietro nods about them not wanting to wait, and is glad they stepped in. At least someone learned from the problems Wanda had to deal with. "I'm not familiar with your powers, so I can only go off what I've seen in Wanda, and Wanda struggled all her life. It only got worse after she was mind controlled." The man shakes his head. "Kind of like the demons she was driven to exposing her dark side. It engulfed her. That's when I saw things starting to go down hill, but it could be different. She wouldn't tell me much." Saddened, he knows it's because she couldn't, not because she wouldn't. "It's their fear that has them careful with you, Billy. I hope you don't come to resent them for it."

"No, I do understand that." Billy says with a firm nod. "I understand just how powerful I can be. That's why I try to use the real thing more than relying on my mutation." He says, explaining. "I'll use it, but… I want to make sure I have an understanding of both sides of the coin."

"That's wise of you." Pietro is a bit surprised at the maturity in this, but he shouldn't be. "Do you enjoy being a super-hero?" Changing the topic slightly as he holds the door to the restaurant open. Inside he doesn't question further. Sure his ID is public, but Billy's likely isn't. "Table for two." A slow time of night, so it doesn't take long to get a booth. Shrugging out of his coat, the man is soon sitting. "Teddy seemed quite pleased with what you all do. How do you feel about it?" Suggesting, and correctly, that Billy has his own mind and opinion.

"It's honestly what I've always wanted to do. When Iron Lad got us together… it was everything I hoped it'd be. Sure, it was rocky at first. But we got better. And then, when Cap let us start official training…" Billy grins broadly. "Except for the occasional mind control, yeah. It really is what I like. My parents were a little shocked. When I tried to tell them… they thought I was just finally coming out." He smirks.

A smile spreads as Billy expresses such joy in it, and for the things he describes. Teddy told Pietro some, so he has a basic understanding of Iron Lad, et all. "That's quite a thing to be confused with." He's laughing for it though, even if that shows mostly in eyes and expression than any real laughter. Pietro is expressive when he's not hiding it all with super speed, nor has he tried to hide much from his family. "Are they okay with all this then?"

"They're getting used to it." Billy says. "And it's only a few months until I'm an adult anyway, and it won't really matter. Well… it WILL, but…" Billy says with a shrug. "Parents. Can't live with'em… no, just can't live with'em." He grins, teasing.

"And which part are they getting used to?" He asks with a smirk as he takes a drink of the coffee that the waitress brought him. Pietro didn't order anything to eat, but motioned for Billy to get whatever he wants. "I'm afraid I've no experience with parents like yours." Not said in a bad way. "My own adopted parents accepted our powers and what we chose to do with them. I must assume it's a difference in culture. I was raised Romany."

"I was raised Jewish Psychiatrist and Cardiologist. Consider yourself lucky." Billy says with a wrinkled nose, shaking his head as he looks up. "When your parents can outthink you from an early age, and know what you're going to do before you do it, I think they knew I was gay a LONG time before I told them. The powers… well… that was new to them. They still don't understand it all, but they accept it at least."

Pietro nods, "I do." Consider himself lucky. "We should take you to visit my adopted father sometime, and Bova as well now that I think about it." Looks a little thoughtful, but quiets to let you speak. The man snorts with laughter as you tell. "I think I should like to meet your parents as well." If they are like that. The confirmation of sexuality isn't commented on. He was curious, but doesn't want to make issue of it. Pietro does wonder how Magneto will react however. "They live in New York?"

"I'd like that, I think. Especially if they knew…" Billy doesn't bother to finish the mom at the end of that. He still doesn't know how he's going to react when he meets her for the first time for the third time. "Yeah, my parents are around here. Not far away, actually. But busy. They still have a few rugrats around the house. Teddy's… well… he's pretty much an orphan now. After the whole Kree-Skrull thing." He rolls his eyes. Stupid aliens. Well, most of them.

Didn't know what Teddy was, so that gets an arching of eyebrows. Pietro opts to stick on the family topic though. Teddy can wait. "Django Maximoff is my adopted father, and yes that was my thinking as well. To let you meet those who knew Wanda. The people she thought of as family. Bova is a woman who was the midwife at our birth. She cared for us until a family could be found. I've kept strong ties with her over the years. She helps tend to Luna when my daughter comes to visit. So your cousin is another you should meet. She'll be nine this year. Perhaps we can gradually get around to meeting everyone." Not in a huge hurry. This will mean a lot of trips.

"As long as I know where I'm going, transportation isn't an issue." Billy grins, nodding. He's finally starting to relax a little. It just takes some time. "I've heard of Bova somewhere. Maybe just in something I was reading in the files. I don't remember. Been a while." He nods, thinking. "Luna… from Crystal, right?" He's read the files! Really! He just doesn't remember a lot.

"Do you know where Wundagore Mountain is?" Pietro asks in amusement, thinking the teenager doesn't. Then again, most people don't? "Certainly would make it easier though." Takes him hours to get there, and that's at top speed. Can't carry someone at such speeds either. A nod about the files, and the man pleased that he knows a little. "Indeed. Bova is a cow woman in the service of the High Evolutionary. It's his lands she lives on. And yes, my ex-wife Crystal. Luna is far safer on the moon, among the Inhumans, so I didn't contest rights. She comes to visit once a month when able."

"I may not know where it is, but… by knowing it's name, and with my powers, I just might be able to do it." Billy says, grinning. "Especially with the Limbo-Stepping Discs that the Soulsword has." Billy considers the facts before him. "This is going to make holidays interesting now." He says with a nod. Though, thinking about it. Who knows what each person celebrates. There are so many of them.

Pietro accepts this with a nod. He's excited about his nephew seeing the family too, even if he hides it better. "I'd rather avoid using limbo." Heard too many bad stories dealing with it. "Luna should be down for a visit in a few days, so perhaps we can arrange something. The rest can wait for a time when you've several days free. This isn't the kind of place you spend the afternoon." Especially not if you want to find your Romany adopted grandfather. Pietro will have to located that one the hard way.

"Graduation is only a few months away. Then I'll be free for whatever." Billy offers. "Could go on a world tour. Again. Only this time in some kind of control." He grins, stretching back with a yawn. "School day tomorrow. I'll probably have to head out soon." He explains with a bit of a frown. "But, it's not like you don't know where to find me."

A nod about everything. Graduation, world tours, and tomorrow. "Thank you for speaking with me." Pietro says earnestly. "Your grandfather is a chore, I know, but I want to establish some real family ties with you, if your agreeable with that." Offering his hand, he grips Billy's if allowed. "Good night, and take care. I shall be in touch." Don't think he won't.

Billy does accept the hand and shake it with familiarity. "Of course. I won't turn down family that wants to be there. That's the point of it, isn't it? And I'm sure he'll one day accept things. Though, it seems so strange that he's just so anti-everything." Billy laughs, rising as he starts to head towards the door. Once outside, he'll fly the rest of the way.

Pietro shakes his head as he walks to the door. "You'll learn. If there's one thing about your grandfather, it's that he doesn't change. No matter what he claims." What can you do? "Good night, Billy." Once outside he's simply gone. Gotta love that.

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