2011-06-10: Family Vacation

Players: Jordan Mayfair & Shifter

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Summary: Jordan Mayfair and Shifter discuss possible vacation and other things.

Date: June 10, 2011

Log Title: Family Vacation?

Rating: PG

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room)

It seems like a hectic afternoon for Mayfair as he has been pacing back and forth throughout the living room and cursing into his Bluetooth seemingly yelling at clients all day through his Bluetooth. As he paces back and forth. His manservant, Billy, has been pouring drink after drink, nervously hoping that Jordan does not unleash his anger upon him. Jordan is in a robe and appears not to have even bothered getting fully dressed today as he has just been on the phone all day. His tone is loud and angry.

Other than practising with his powers and playing video games Shifter hasn't had a lot to do over the last month or so, he's been out of the house for most of the day trying to find something to amuse himself for the day, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, sneakers and a light blue long sleaved shirt, as he climbs though his bedroom window he hears Mayfair shouting, sounds like someone working for him has fucked up.

Continuing in his verbal cursing tirade, Jordan Mayfair lets out a loud howl and smashes an expensive snifter of cognac on the ground and then removes the Bluetooth from his ear and tosses it on the ground and stomps on it. He exhales and then calms down a moment, “Billy, clean up and the mess and let me know when Zoya is around. I have some people for her to kill.” He sighs and walks towards a bar in the living room and pours himself another drink, “And where is Axel? I’ve not seen that boy in ages.”

Hearing his name mentioned Shifter figures he should make his presence known, leaving his room he jumps over the banester landing in he hall before walking into the living room, 'You wanted to see me Jordan?", he has to wonder how bad the screw up was to piss Mayfair off so much.

Fake smiling when Shifter makes his presence known, Jordan sighs and begins pouring the kid a drink of juice. “Axel, sorry. I am a bit pissy. Some assholes at the office lost important paperwork and now someone is on my ass. And can literally make things difficult for me.” His voice has a twinge of fear mixed with anger. “If Zoya doesn’t return soon. I may need to cash in on a favor from your Morlock friends.” He hands the lad a glass of juice and Jordan sips on some strong smelling alcohol concoction.

Shifter takes the offered juice and nods when Mayfair mentions cashing in a favor with the Morlocks, 'Is it really that bad?', it takes a lot to worry Mayfair from what he's seen so it must be, 'Is there anything i can do to help?'

“Well how would you feel about killing someone?” Jordan asks a moment with a serious expression followed by silence and then laughter, “Just kidding.” He smirks though he wonders if Shifter has reached the point that he would kill someone just because Jordan has asked instead of simply out of defense. He sips his drink and orders Billy to bring down some clothes for him to put on.

Shifter sighs, 'I'd personally rather avoid it but…", he's not stupid, he's lived there for a while and he knows that Mayfair is more than just a lawyer and knows what Zoya's employied for, 'If it really had to be done…', he feels kinda stupid when Jordan says he's kidding.

Sighing a bit with a surprise expression of both pride and disappointment, Jordan sighs “Well hopefully that filthy cur, Masque, can get someone to assist with more questionable assignments.” Jordan then looks over as Billy brings out a rake of clothes for Jordan to look through, “So tell me, lad. IS there anywhere you want to go for summer vacation?”

Shifter tenses up when Masque is mentioned, he doesn't trust the man, his leadership can only make things worse for the Morlocks, "I don't know, what sort of places to people go on holiday?, i've never actually had a holiday".

“Goodness, I sometimes feel like you have always been here and I forget your past. Well, we can go anywhere. Anywhere you want. Typically in the summer people will go to beaches and stuff. It might be good for you to see the ocean. I can probably find a secluded spot for you and should Zoya want to join you. Or maybe even some of your Morlock friends?” Jordan shrugs as he gets dressed now wearing a blue designer track suit.

Shifter grins, "I've never been on a beach before, or had a tan actually, might be fun", he could probably convice some of the Morlocks to come with, those some do refuse point blank to come to the surface, "Where is Zoya anyways?"

“She is on a special assignment right now. Though admittedly it has been sometime since I have heard from her.” Jordan looks a bit annoyed again and then shrugs and sighs, “As for vacation, I think a beach somewhere would be fine. I can arrange a private flight and then set you all up on a beach somewhere secluded so you don’t have to deal with annoying flatscans.” He ponders, “I’ll talk to Masque about it. I’m pretty sure he will say yes, no matter how he feels about it.” Jordan grins a bit.

'I hope she's alright, thats a long time not to hear from her', Zoya's actually kinda cool when she unwinds a little, 'Doesn't Masque worry you, the guy seems way too in control', Shifter shrugs, 'Not a lot that can be done though".

“True, but she can take of herself. Or be replaced if need be.” Jordan finishes off another drink, “As for Masque. He is of no consequence and is just bitter because of how ugly he is. I can deal with him. Though, you are right about the control issues. Maybe there is something we can do.” He sighs and shrugs, “Well, either way. That is a matter for another time.”

With that, Jordan sighs as his cell phone rings, “Damn it!” He looks to Shifter, “Sorry, Axel. We’ll talk about vacation another time.” He exits the room once again cursing profusely on the phone.

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