2011-12-08: Fancy Feast For Lunch


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Summary: Ahmed has a creative streak when it comes to cooking!

Date: December 8, 2011

Log Title: Fancy Feast For Lunch

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Lunch time is usually standard fare around the dormitory cafeteria, nothing much to write home about. But passing by the kitchen in the mansion today, anyone in the area would be struck with a wonderful combo of flavors assaulting the hallway. Besides the smell of what has to be cookies, there is also the wonderful and sharper smells of cooking meats, fragrant spices, flavors that can make a man's mouth water. In the center of it all is one person… and it's not Christopher! Ahmed seems to be in the middle of making what looks like four dishes at once right now, ranging from a Chicken Piccata all the way over to a crock pot that is bubbling up a beef stew that might make certain students dive in!

Bored and hungry Warlock was on his way to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, almost there he catches the smell of what Ahmed's cooking, curious he continues on his way to the kitchen. Dressed in dark jeans, a blue lantern corp t-shirt and dark blue sneakers he stops by the door when he spots who's cooking, it's the cat guy Ahmed again, wow how many things is he cooking?

It's lunchtime and the cafeteria was a little to crowded for Nicholas, and besides seeing that there was a small food fight made him not want to eat in their. He's decided to just try to get to his next class earlier and skip lunch when he smells Ahmed's cooking wafting out of the kitchen. He pokes his head and stops right in the doorway. "You cook?" Is all he says to Ahmed sounding a bit surprised.

"Yup." Is all Ahmed replies to at first, putting something to the side off the stove top, and then moves to start working on yet ANOTHER dish, this one smelling a bit more of a middle eastern flare. Once he's got his spices in, there's a sizzle and there's some rack of lamb in there. Pausing for a moment, "Mom's a vet for the RCMP, and dad runs the local grocery store… so… late hours. I got dumped with the aunts a lot. They'd ask me to make something while they played cards." Back to work, but he then adds with a grin, "This kitchen is EPIC… I was just gonna make some lunch treats for peeps for a bit, so make a request. I'll see if I can do it."

Warlock moves out of the way when Nicholas pokes his head round the door, walking to the otherside of the kitchen so he's out of both boy's ways he sits down at one of the stools and watches as Ahmed puts on yet another dish, the guy is like a one man something or other, hmm what was that word again?

Nicholas leans against the door and watches Ahmed for a bit. "My mom would do a lot of cooking, and I don't really have any requests that I can think of." He says before taking a deep breath. "Sorry about the other night, just, I'm not adjusting well. And I didn't come back because I was mad it was because I couldn't find the room so I slept on the couch downstairs that night." He says awkwardly and in a lame attemmpt to change the subject he says, "So, you don't get cat fur in the food when you cook?"

Holding up one of his arms, he shows that odd grey-silver coloring, "I'm actually like a sphynx cat… clear hairs, and the pattern is on the skin. So nothing comes off. I'm even hypoallergenic." Laughing at the joke, Ahmed continues to work on the lamb, the stew, some vegetable dish in the oven, and checking on some cookies is already finished, "Last night was last night, Nick… gone with the sunrise. But you got lost? Seriously? Huh… I suppose this place is a little big at night." Looking backwards a moment, he notes Warlock, and asks, "Taking requests, you want anything? the Snickerdoodles are free grabs, and so are the ginger cookies. Just leave enough for me to put together a thank you jar for the guy who runs this place."

Warlock laughs a little at Ahmed's 'hypoallergenic' joke, "How'd you find that one out?", smiling he takes one of the ginger cookies and takes a bite, "Nah i'm good, these are really good mate", better than his nan's attempts at them, "Who runs this place, is there like a cook?, i've only been in here a few times but i've only ever seen students in here".

Nigel comes wandering into the Kitchen, looking around as he heard voices and giving a wave to those present. "Hey folks, anyone else get lost and end up here?" He chuckles "I swear I'm gonna map this place out and program a student GPS…"

"So because the hairs are clear it's okay if we at them?" Nich asks, he's not intetionally being a dick but the idea of his roommates fur being in his food isn't exactly a welcoming thought. "Yes seriously, I got lost. Just drop it okay." He mutters as he takes a cookie and takes a bite out of it, but before he can comment Nigel walks in and gets a glare from Nicholas. "Haha, really funny, let's all make fun of the new kid who get's lost going from the stables to the dorms."

Ahmed pauses work to go over and get some plates out, putting them out on the prep area and looking them over, "Hey guys… kitchen… no fighting in here. Please?" The last part just a little pleading, but then he start to plate up for everyone else, including Nigel, "Simple, I shaved my arm. I don't shed, okay? I only LOOK like a Thundercat. Well… maybe my cat form might, but I don't. Down side is I'm on ritalin so I don't sleep more than half the day, and I'm able to focus on things. Otherwise, I couldn't even do this." Motioning to the meal. Back to work, the lamb, what looks like a baked fish, some asparagus, and something like out of the finale of Ratatoullie is set up, "Everyone grab a plate and tell me what you think."

Warlock looks over to Nicholas, "No one is making fun of you, i've got lost a few times aswell but i'm starting to figure it out, shouldn't take you guys too long", he doesn't need to be told twice to grab a plate when the food smells that good, "You looking to a chief when you're done with high school Ahmed?".

Nigel looks over and blinks. "Make fun? No seriously I was headed to the danger room and ended up here.. I've been here since summer and I still can't figure this place out. I swear the moving stairways at Hogwarts got nothing on this school. I seriously wanna pulls a google maps on this place and make a damn smartphone "You are here" app.." He looks over as the food is plated up "Wow.. good timing I guess. Didn't know you could cook Ahmed, awesome."

Nicholas looks at Nigel and gets a bit embarassed. "Sorry, I just get lost easy. It was a bit of a joke back home how I don't have any direction sense, I can't find anything here I thought…just..sorry." He says finally sitting down in a chair and looks over at Ahmed. "So what did you just cook? Half that stuff doesn't look like something I've seen." He's used to a more rustic food.

Ahmed takes the chicken piccata that was cooling to the side and puts it on a plate for himself, the meat just barely done, and seems like it's dominating the entire plate, at least six breasts of it there. Putting that on the table, "That's mine… it would make anyone else here sick. The chicken's not cooked through… allright." Pointing at the four things, "We have four different things… Lamb in moroccan spices, Baked Tilapia with garlic and chili pepper, asparagus in a lemon butter sauce with chalots, and the last is called Confit Byaldi… it's the dish that Remy makes to impress the food critic at the end of Ratatouille. I would recommend drinking a little water between bites so you don't get overwhelmed." Smiling a bit, Lock's question makes him pause, and he just walks back to the stove, "It's just a hobby." But there's a touch of bitter in those words.

Nigel nods as he listens to the menu "Hmm better grab the milk for this one." He heads towards the fridge to get a gallon jug and then a glass from one of the cabinets. "So how is everybody today? Getting settled in alright?" He heads back towards the table. "This place can definately take some getting used to."

Warlock gets up to go getfour glasses of water when Ahmed suggests they'll need it and carefully slides them towards each person, catching the tone in Ahmed's voice he sighs, "Sorry if i touched a sore subject there", he sits back in his seat and says to Nigel and Nicholas, "They probably have some sort of map of this place if you ask".

"I don't know what any of that stuff is." Nicholas comment a bit cautiously as he's not sure if he wants to try it. "It's not offense to your cooking Ahmed, I'm sure it's good but I might just stick with a bowl of cereal or something." He does feel bad it's just Nick isn't the most adventerous of eaters. He then offers Nigel a shrug. "Honestly I don't know if I could ever get used to this place. There are more kids here then there are people in the city I'm from."

Nigel nods and takes a seat "Sounds awesome Ahmed, also sounds like I'm going to need a bottle of rolaids once this is over but hey no pain no gain." He nods to Nicholas with a smile "Ah well I'm from Pittsburgh myself, so I'm used to thing being alot more crowded actually. Farthest I've been from a city in ages. Course this place makes up for the quantity with quality. Where else can you find people that can do some of the screwy stuff we do around here?"

After putting some stuff in to wash, Ahmed comes over and grabs one of his chicken breasts and tears into it, the pinkness QUITE obvious to anyone who sees it before he gulps it down, those fangs of his at work. Swallowing that chunk he replies, "No worries… try if you want, don't if you can't. Just let me know what you like, and if I can, I'll whip some up." Sitting back a bit more, the rest of that breast goes the way of it's former half, and with a gulp he adds, "I got reminded Hannukah is coming up, and I got kinda depressed… so I came in here to do something to take my mind off of it. And don't worry about the sore spot… I'm just coming to realize that I'm never going to be accepted mainstream. I envy you guys for it. I mean…" And he pauses to do the Old Spice Guy Voice, "Look at yourself. Now Look at me. Now back at yourself. Back to me. Monocle Smile!" And he does it, picture perfect.

Warlock hmms for a second before deciding to try the Confit Byaldi, "Mate, this is bloody great, big thumbs up for the confit beealdi, what's tilapia?", while he is mostly a pizza addict he's willing to give pretty much any food a go, "Hey the difference is only skin or fur deep, who knows what'll happen in the future, mutants could end up generally excepted".

Nicholas just gets really quite for a bit and doesn't say anything, just watching everyone eat. Something Ahmed said kind of touched a nerve and he doesn't really trust himself to speak at the moment. Though after Warlock's prase of the Confit Byaldi he does get up and fixes himself a small plate. He looks over at Nigel. "I'm from North Dakato, a small city called Martin. There are around 30 people there." He says as he takes a small bite of food.

Nigel pauses a moment and smirks "Accepted mainstream? I was publically outted when I changed the first time. People I don't even know insult me for being a mutant even when I'm 'normal' like this. Toss in the fact that I don't have full control over myself when I change and life ain't exactly a bowl of cherrys. Course you wanna feel good about yourself I heard some of the students say there's a giant talking Platypus in Mutant town somewhere. Frankly a little hair-dye and a replica sword of omens and you'd rule the cosplay scene at conventions." He takes a bite from the lamb, and then goes for the milk when the spices kick in. "Whoa.. that's got a kick to it."

The confit has a really homey taste to it, squash and several other items baked together. Watching Nick plate up some though actually seems to take the tension out of Ahmed's shoulders, and standing in the light of the kitchen, there's an almsot action figure plastic sheen to his skin where he's been sweating. Another chicken breast is all but gulped down and he then laughs, "Sci Fi's not my thing, and Comic book people are too WEIRD. Like I want to be around people who are gonna tell me how to look, when I already look like it?" But Nigel gets a smile, "I actually wanna go to a convention from your part of the states. You might have heard of it. Anthrocon."

When Ahmed says that people who like comics are weird Warlock quietly covers the symbol on his shirt with his arm and takes a sip of water before asking, "What's Anthrocon?", he then quiets himself by finishing whats on his plate, "Ahmed you could easily put the cafeteria out of business".

"How can he put the cafeteria out of business, neither of them charge for food nor is Ahmed or the lunch people a business really." Nicholas says as he takes another bite of his food. "This isn't bad Ahmed, uh..nevermind, I'll ask later." He says as he's very tense at the moment and turns to staring out the window as Nigle and Ahmed talk.

Nigel smirks "Well that makes me as weird as they get.. comics, sci-fi, cartoons, I get into all of it. As for Anthrocon, I've been there a few times. Mostly for the specials guests like the cartoon voice actors and such. Frankly those guys have way too much time on thier hands and disposable income." He looks to Warlock. "A Furry convention.. basically a bunch a people wearing very sohpisticated animal costumes. Like a sports mascot or somthing like the Disney version of Robin hood."

"It's a lot more than that, Nigel… it's about spirituality, and about connecting with something innocent." Ahmed blurts out, almost angrily, and then stops, adding with a slightly bemused but depressed look, "Not that I ever went… until here I never had a visa." Watching the group, he snarfs down his food in a manner of someone who is eating to get it out of the way, and then licking his fingers, there's a soft burp from him, and Ahmed then turns towards the door, "Look… I'll be back later to handle the pots and pans, but I'm late for chemistry. Doc McCoy promised us all if we got good marks on his quiz on Friday, he'd make something explode."

Nigel checks his watch "Ah hell, got another session with Professor Xorn in ten minutes." He practically inhales the remainder of his food. "You guys have a nice day, I better bolt."

"It was just an expression, sorry", Warlock grins at Ahmed's enthusiasm for explodey things, "See ya Ahmed, thanks for the food", he considers skipping french to tidy up the pots considering Ahmed did all the cooking and he can afford to miss a french class, "Oh, see you aswell Nigel".

Nicholas waves a hand and sighs, getting up to put his dish in the sink. "My roommate is weird." He mutters as the talk of the furry stuff comes up. "They're joking about that weird stuff right?" He asks Warlock.

Warlock shrugs, "Who knows?, Ahmed seemed to be taking it pretty seriously but whose to judge?, though i think Nigel was joking", he picks up his plate and takes it to the dishwasher before heading to the fridge to grab a coke, "You want a drink or anything?"

"Yeah but I don't think they let underage kids drink beer here." Nicholas says offhandedly before sighing. "Sure, I'll have a soda, whatever is in there. As long as it's not grape soda." He says making a face. "What's your name, I don't think I asked it. I'm Nicholas. Or Nick."

Warlock nods and grabs a soda out of the fridge for Nick, "Someone told me the headmistress can read minds so i don't think you get away with it anyway", a few months ago he'd have tossed the soda to the other guy but since he's not always sure when the whole strength thing will kick in he just hands it to him, "I'm Lock, well Warlock but i go by Lock for obvious reasons".

Nicholas takes the soda and stands up. Warlock does get an odd look at his name though. "Thanks Lock, uh, I'm gonna get going to. I have history class and it starts in three minutes…shit!" He says sounding annoyed. "Fuck I'm going to be late." He says as he rushes out the door, heading the wrong way.

"Oh, err right, see ya later Nick", as Nick heads out the door Warlock calls after him "Other way!", smiling to himself he starts cleaning away the other three boy's plates aswell, "Yeah, may as well skip french".

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