2011-08-21: Fancy Meeting You Here


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Summary: David is out on Broadway thinking about seeing a play when Tyler happens past overhearing a comment David made about Wicked and decides to stop to talk about the show since he's seen the show. They get to talking and end up having a bit of lunch.

Date: August 21, 2011

Log Title: Fancy Meeting You Here

Rating: PG

NYC- Broadway

Broadway's not just a street in New York; it's where all the biggest musicals and plays in the world aspire to be shown. With street after street of theatres, gift shops, and restaurants, Broadway is a lively place. Bright lights fill the streets with the glowing and flashing billboards promoting the latest shows. Time's Square leads right into Broadway.

Late afternoon, David finds himself on Broadway near Times Square at the discount Broadway ticket center. Dressed comfortably for the summer in a black purple and blue stripped polo shirt, jeans and red cybershades, David peruses the different options of which show to get discounted ticket for. He check out a poster of Wicked as he hmmmmmns, "A Wizard of Oz without Dorothy… I don't know." Looking over other shows and posters, his cybershades flicker abit flashing various words which get the attention of some young yuppies. One asking the Xavier's teaching assistant where he bought them. David looks the yuppie over and responds, "They're originals."

Having come into the city wandering about Broadway looking at various things in FAO Schwartz Tyler has wound his way towards Times Square wearing a hooded t-shirt depicting various multicolored skulls, frayed jeans with a thick white belt, and bright blue sneakers. A quick check of his watch reveals the time as well as shift several bracelets about that make a soft tinkling sound as they move. "I overheard the comment," he says looking at David and ignoring the group of yuppies standing nearby inquiring about David's shades. "I recommend going to the show. It's well worth the money spent."

Looking away from the yuppies and recognizing Tyler by his voice and skillset, David offers a smile as he turns to see the Xavier's student. Noting the outfit, David nods his head approvingly and then returns to the subject, "I don't know. It doesn't have Idina Menzel or Kristen Chenowith. I've seen clips of their performance on youtube. I can't imagine anyone else singing Defying Gravity." He pauses a moment, "Have you seen the show?" He eyes the poster like he really does want to see it.

Tyler has not met David before so is merely offering help to someone on a subject where he has some first hand knowledge. "Yeah, no one is going to be able to give the performances that the original cast gave though I've heard quite a few sing Defying Gravity well. I'm sorta partial to Chris Colfer's version but ya know." Maybe David would know about Glee or not. "I saw the show a few months back, this particular cast too, and it was really good. I walked away with a lot of swag as well so I'm sure that helps the production keep going. You a show go'er or just interested in this one in particular?"

Looking the boy over, David carries on the conversation as if they do know each other. Hard to keep track of which students he encounters, David is aware of who Tyler is. "You know I haven't heard Kurt's version, but on the Glee Project, Lindsey sang it." He shakes his hand, "She was so-so." Opting to go with Wicked, "I don't catch too many shows in the city. You know how crazy it is at the Institute." He pauses a moment. "Actually Kieran told me you both went to see it." Offering a half-smirk, "I wonder if Xavier's staff would get a discount if I show my id."

"The version in the show is deliberately messed up on Kurt's part though he sings it live on the tour and you can download the mp3 of course." The mention of Lindsey on the Glee Project has Tyler hissing as if someone threw cold water down his neck. "I can't stand that girl. Either she's totally fake or so closed off that I just don't give a damn about a word coming out of her mouth. I tend to mute her every time she is in a scene by herself." The mention of the Institute has Tyler flipping his long blonde bangs out of his eyes and growing more confused at the mention of his boyfriend and so on and so forth. "Umm, dude…." he begins holding up a hand to try and stop David from mentioning more stuff. "You are? Cool that you're like staff there and know my boyfriend but I've not run into you before."

Tilting his head at Tyler's last comment, David blinks and grimaces a bit. While he is not the coolest teaching assistant at Xavier's, he would have thought everyone knew him. Reality check. "Oh sorry, Tyler. It gets confusing sometimes to know which students you do and do not directly meet." One of David's goals for the summer had been to use the time to get to know the students on a more personal level and bond, but admittedly there were other things going on. "I'm David Alleyne." He extends his hand, "I'm one of the teaching assistants at the school. And I know Kieran. He's mentioned you a few times." Laughing a bit, "Small world considering we meet in Times Square, of all places."

"No sweat man. There's a lot of kids going in and out of that place and I'm still relatively new there. Tyler Hayworth," The blonde haired blue eyed teen extends his hand outward to shake David's. "Nice to meet you and yes Ki is my boyfriend." Chuckling about this chance meeting in one of the busiest areas of the city. "Well, at least I happened upon you when you were making a crucial decision about seeing the show. I figured I'd be out and about spending some time down here to see how things go. Stopped by a theater earlier to ask a bunch of questions of the staff about how a production comes together. Was seeing a show the reason you're out here? Or did you just happen past?"

"Well, it happens. Actually, Just yesterday, I also ran into a student who I hadn't met at the school. And also, an alum. Despite the craziness of the summer there, I got to meet some new old faces." David smiles and exhales a moment before answering the question, "Well, now that some of the missing students are back. I thought I would try and catch a show before the semester starts up again." He points to the poster of Wicked, "Kieran had mentioned you had both seen it. So I thought why not." David then continues, "So, are you interested in theater? Or behind the scenes stuff?"

Tyler flips his hair again, "Really? A former student? That had to have been interesting I hope. I've met a few people here and there but it's the summer and people haven't trickled back onto campus for the new school year just yet." There are a few people who need to pass by so Tyler steps out of the way smiling at them then takes up a lean against the wall near the flashing Broadway signage. "Definitely see the show, David. I'm trying to keep an eye on the shows that are out because I want to see whatever Hugh Jackman is in next. As for me I'm not sure yet. I rather like theater and musicals. I've considered working on sets, designing things for shows that sort of thing, but I've also considered going into graphic design or straight up painting. I've got time to figure it out or to do many different things. Maybe I'll book it over to LA one day and get into the movies. I don't think I ever want to act at all and I can't sing at all. Dancing? Maybe."

"Actually, he was pretty interesting." David mentally goes over what he knows of Brian. And ponders another meeting with some other alum. Maybe a reunion of sorts. He also moves to the side of passing tourists and rude New Yorkers as one brushes his shoulders. David look at the offender apologetically and then shrugs and continues the conversation, "Well, you have plenty of time and many options, so get to know every facet of it. And who knows? Emma is pretty well connected in the world, so maybe she could arrange an internship and Piotr ever returns you have to take his art class." David smiles, "I believe some of his paintings hang in one of the hallways of the Institute. Really nice guy." The shades blink a moment, "Oh you are a really good painter, huh. Well, maybe you could spruce up the boy's dorm with some artwork?"

"I think the only person I've met that's a former student is Jono." The rude New Yorkers pass by though Tyler doesn't give them the time of day. Instead he glances across his shoulder at David nodding in understanding. "I've not had any time with the Headmistress which some have said is a good thing. Who's Piotr though? An old art teacher? That would be kind of cool. I'll have to see if I can figure out what his work is when I'm checking things out in the school." Thinks for a tick about the boys dorms. "I think whatever I'd paint would be lost on them. Maybe I can come up with some graphical masterpiece on the computer then make that happen. Something more with the times you know. Most don't even bother looking past what they're doing to see what's around them. What's up with you though? With all of the craziness what keeps you hanging out at the school?"

"Oh yeah, Jono is cool. I met him when I first came back to work at the school. He's one of the cooler X-Men that you see around the Institute from time to time. I barely see them other than meetings with Scott and Emma." David pauses a moment at the mention of the headmistress, "Well, despite her…" David tries to think of the right word, but unable to, "despite what some may say about her. She is a great teacher and looks out for the students more than most. I mean all the X-Men and teachers look out for all of you. But I think her background as a teacher even before joining the X-Men makes her connect with the students better." David is pleased with how he phrased it, but then add, "But she is very scary too." He flashes back to an incident when he was a student and shakes his head, "As for me, I want to try to make a difference. I may never become an X-Man or any type of superhero, but I can help out with molding the next batch of kids who I was just like when I first got there."

Tyler pulls his cell phone from his pocket to turn off the annoying vibrate feature. He doesn't need to know every time an email comes into his account! "I don't know very much about the X-Men or the Professors to tell the truth. I've met erm Hilde? Xorn and the Parker-Mayfair's. Oh, and Magneto. I was hoping to go to Genosha this summer but I guess that fell through since I didn't hear anything. The Headmistress is scary?" This has Tyler looking all sorts of shocked. "That's good reason to stick around at the school, David. I'm having a hard time getting used to certain aspects but overall things have been interesting and sometimes helpful. What is it you do actually? Maybe we ought to zip into somewhere less crowded and such."

At Tyler's suggestion of moving somewhere less busy, David suggests, "Well, I don't know if you like Middle Eastern food, but there is a great Syrian near place over there." He points south. "And they have the best shawermas that I have ever tasted." He grins, "And I have tasted quite a few." David hopes to use this as a chance to get to know Tyler. It's always useful to have feedback from the students.

"Um, never had Middle Eastern but it's worth trying out. Worst that could happen is I just don't like it." Reaching down to fiddle with his bracelets Tyler pushes away from the wall he's leaned up against then slips his cell back into a jeans pocket. "Well, we can do that if you want to lead me through this sea of people." Lead and he shall follow then settle in at the table they are shown to in the restaurant. "Well, here we are and no longer in much danger of being overheard or trampled by busy busy people."

"True enough." David offers as he peruses a menu, "Have whatever you like. Courtesy of the Xavier Institute, of course." David smirks, "I'll just have a shawerma, though the lamb and chicken platter is pretty good and inexpensive. Comes with rice, humus, and some salad." Leaning into his chair, David continues the conversation from outside, "I'm a general TA there, but mostly focus on research, library skills, and computers. Help the students out in the computer lab or library, show how to use things or I pretty much have access to most information courtesy of the shades." David removes them a moment and places them on the table.

"You guys have a business account thingermabob?" Tyler is curious about that as it would be a pretty sweet deal to have an expense account as a staff member. "Oh, that platter sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll have that and some water then." Tyler looks around to get a feel for the place as well as enjoying the smells coming from the food all around him. "Ahh, so you're a tech-head. Not my thing at all. I barely use the computer I have and that's mainly just to run my art programs. I really ought to have a Mac but my family can't afford something like what I'd need. I briefly met this guy from school the other day that has a robot. You into the whole robot thing too?"

"Oh no no. Nothing fancy like an account. And if they exist, the Teaching Assistants don't get them." David will have to ask Emma about that. "I was referring more to it being my treat, but I get paid by the Institute, so yeah." David shrugs, "Yeah, I guess I am kinda a tech-head. Literally when I wear the cybershades. As for the Mac, until your parents get you one, just use the lab. It's got everything you need. The staff keep it up-to-date." David thinks for a moment "robot? Oh you mean Proto. Yeah Theo's dog. Cool pet. As for myself. Not really into robots. What I am 'into' tends to change with who I am around but for the most part I try to dabble in whatever, I can. Learn as much as I can without having to rely on others." The order is placed and relatively quickly a small Arab woman brings the mutants their food. David speaking in perfect Arabic offers, <Thank you.> which causes the woman to express some surprise and a thank you.

Tyler understands what David meant now. "You don't have to pay for me. I'm cool with paying my own way. It's really no problem." This cybershades thing has the teen confused as he peers across the table at the shades in question resting on the table. "Well, yeah I could use the one here but I wouldn't have one back home. It's no big deal I rather like working with things I can touch and hold more so than a tablet with a stylus or something. Ahh, well learning is always a good thing." Food appears at the table rather quickly which is nice and rather unexpected. Tyler offers up a bright smile to the woman and a polite thank you even as David speaks Arabic. "Cool. If we ever randomly run into each other again I'll drag you to an Italian place and wow you with my Italian."

Responding to Tyler in Italian that would match his level, <Well that would be nice I know an Italian place near SoHo that is pretty good.> David offers a goofy grin as he places some white sauce on his shawerma, "I got the bill. No worries, but when we do go to the Italin place, it's all you." He offers and then leans back, "So, I always look to know what areas need improvement at the school and see what changes I can make with Emma's permission, of course. What would you say is the bad part of Xaviers?"

<Well well well, you're all full of surprises David.> Tyler replies back easily and with a bit of an accent. It's not often that he speaks like this as there's no one around Xavier's that has spoken the language and outside of his family and the odd gathering back home with the Italian community he's not told anyone he's bilingual. "Yeah, thanks there about the bill. You know Italian food can be hella expensive. I see how this is going." Even though he sounds unhappy about this he's kept a smile upon his face so that David knows he's not seriously disgruntled about it all. "The bad part? Oy…" This is a rather tough question for him to answer. "I've only had a few months and that's not really true as I left for a time. Other than it getting attacked constantly the only thing I think I'd say that's sucked is DR scenarios. I'm not with that yet but I'm getting there. I'm more reluctant about it all I guess. The rest would just be social stuff and hrm…I dunno. Place seems to have everything one could think of.

Mulling over what Tyler says, David nods taking a few bites from the shawerma. After sipping some water, David coughs and then catches himself, "Excuse me." A few more coughs and clearing his throat, "Well, it does take some time to get used to the Danger Room. With a few more practices, you'll get used to it. I still practice in there from time to time and still get amazed and 'hurt' in some of the battle simulations." David notes, "Well, next time we meet up at the mansion, I'll run a simulation for you. What do you prefer? One of those all-out battle simulations that a lot of the more aggressive students like or something a bit more non-combative?"

Tyler waves a hand from side to side negating what's been said. "It's not so much how the room functions so much as what's ran. I didn't see it as helpful in learning at all. I saw it as a straight up fight something situation and I wasn't down with that. I talked with Jono about this so I won't bore you with it but I've come around. I still don't want to attack a fictional being or place what have you but I understand why it's being done." That one can get hurt in the Danger Room despite how it runs is something he knows all too well and manages to eat some of the food in front of him murmuring happily as he finds it's to his liking. "Oh, you can run a sim because you're a TA, that's cool! Erm…I'd rather something non combative. I'd rather go through challenges that don't involve me taking shots at something. My roommate told me he had to face down a trio of dragons the last time he was in a scenario and I'm rather glad I wasn't involved in that."

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