2011-01-07: Fashion Committee Convenes

Players: Drew Daniels, Giea, and Kael

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Summary: Drew and Kael meet Giea for the first time and discuss among other things fashion

Date: January 7, 2011

Log Title: Fashion Committee Convenes

Rating: PG

NYC - Upper East Side

// The Upper East Side of New York City is New York's richest living area. The apartments here are off the most expensive in New York, and in the United States, and the businesses that make their home here are some of the wealthiest companies. Elegant rows of landmark townhouses line the side streets. There aren't as many shops here as there is housing and businesses.//

It is early afternoon and Drew Daniels has returned to New York City after having spent the holidays at home. One of his resolutions was to work harder with his students. Not just the ones at Barnes. Admittedly the Texan had not met with Kael for some time and so, he had contacted the mutant to meet him outside the Starbucks on the Upper East Side. After having shared a quick meal getting to know the young aerokinetic mutant. Drew leads the young mutant outside. "Well, we can start a little training now." Drew looks over the street to see small patches of snow on the ground. Focusing his powers, he on a small pile of snow. He creates a gentle yet strong enough breeze to pick up the snow and spread it around giving the appearance of it snowing, each flake carried by his breeze. After a moment he drops the snow, "Let's see how much finesse you have."

Just a walk around the block, turning right at every corner. To keep her parents from worrying about her, this is the approach that she is supposed to take when going on a walk. Instead, in a fit of teenage rebelliousness, she has decided today to walk two blocks and turn left at each corner. This fatefully crosses her path with our heroes! Her cane taps gently on the sidewalk as she navigates, trying to step carefully to avoid any patches of ice as she walks.

Kael lets out a smog of breath as he sniffles a bit. He watches the artificial snowfall and he hms a bit before he looks up at the tree near him. Finesse was never really his strong point, he was more of a 'Go big or go home' kind of mentality. Hard to get that out of a Texan. His hair starts to tip white, though only his bangs are visible from the covering his hat provides. A breeze, stronger than what Tex conjoured, knocked into the tree and knocks the snow down in some clumps before some of the snow is actually caught and sprinkled about in smaller clumps. "I'm going to say. Little to none." Most, if not all, of his finesse is in flight.

Laughing a bit at that, Drew offers in his deep Texan twang, "Well now, I guess that is something to work on. I only recently got the finesse part down. Funny we can whip up hurricanes and tornadoes but something as simple as a breeze or a gale can be tough." Doing something uncharacteristic of himself, Drew takes off his hat, "A true Texan and a true cowboy will never let his hat touch the floor." He whips up and tosses it into the air and then holds out his hand, "Quickly, Kael. Don't let it hit the ground generate enough of a breeze to catch it and place it in my hand." The use of the wind appearing and disappearing may catch the senses of the blind girl as she walks by.

Some of the snow that Kael knocks down falls down unto Giea, and she raises her arms above her head to protect herself. "Huh. Darn squirrels." It must be squirrels, they're always up to no good! She continues walking, and feeling the odd weather patterns gets a perplexed look on her face. She just stops and seems to stare ahead as she calls, "Is there a storm coming? The wind's all weird!" It's clear that she's trying to make contact with other people, but can't locate them. "I hear some murmurs, but please speak up if you answer me!" She sighs, frowning slightly and fiddling with her watch. That murmuring is probably more squirrels. Darn squirrels.

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Yeah… I guess." He brings his hands out of his pockets, and lets out a breath before he 'pulls' up at the wind with a hand. Aiming to make a slight breeze to lift the hat back up, but it's a bit stronger than expected as it overshoots the hand. Giea's speech distracts him for a moment before his eyes flick back towards the hat; which nearly touches the ground, and gusts it back up into the air before he floats it rather irregularly over towards Tex's hand. Finnesse. Not Kael's strong suit.

Smiling and grabbing the hat, Drew brushes his hand through his hair and places the hat back on. "That was close, but you did it. You'll get the hang out it soon enough." Seeing the blind girl, Drew takes his hat off again. Always take the hat off in the presence of a lady. "Sorry, miss." The twang would alert Giea that he is from Texas, "Wind was crazy, but should die down soon enough." Drew's voice is naturally loud and big like everything else in Texas.

Kael blinks a bit before he stifles a small chuckle. He's still a growing boy, he can be immature at times! "At least it's a nice night to go out walking. It's not snowing that hard." He looks back at Tex, smirking slightly as he rubs the back of his head before he puts his hands back into his pockets. He looks down at the cane and hms a bit before he goes to ask a question; but stops himself in the process.

Smiling at Kael and mentally chucking at their private joke, "Yes, thankfully the weather isn't too bad out today." Realizing the girl is blind, Drew puts his hat back on, "Well, you can probably tell we're not New Yorkers. So I will be very unlike New York and introduce myself. Names Drew and this here is Kael." He would extend his has to shake, but will not unless Giea does first.

"My name is Giea Parkin, pleasure meeting you both!" says Giea, extending her hand in the general direction of the two men. "Yeah, you guys sound like you're a little more southern than here. I'm usually not great with accents, but I can recognize Texan pretty well." Being partially deaf does not help much in the way of accent recognition. "If it got really stormy out, I'd have to get right home, and that's such a shame. I love being out in the fresh air."

Kael shrugs a bit with a silent sigh as he smiles. "Nice to meet you, Giea. I gotta say, I do like your name. Quite unique." He looks around for a second before he looks up into the air, watching the snow fall for moment. "I think we're safe for the moment. The weather said that it'd probably get back later in the week. But, I don' really trust the weather man." Well, any weather man except Pudge. He always seems to be right.

"Well I'm not much of a meteorologist, but something tells me. At least it will not be windy while we are here chatting it up." He extends his hand and shakes Giea. It is a firm yet gentle handshake, "Giea. That's a nice name like Kael said. Means Earth, right?" He may be from Texas, but he knows a thing or two about the world. "And yes, good job hearing the accent. You're talking to a genuine cowboy." Drew is pretty much dressed like a cowboy all the time.

"Well, if the 'G' were hard, it would mean Earth, but it's kind of based on it. I think my parents just came up with a name they thought sounded pretty, doesn't mean anything," says Giea, smiling brightly as she speaks. She leaves her hand out after Drew takes it, though she lowers it if Kael does not take it in a timely manner. "And I know. I never know with the weather! I listen to the news, but it's like they're guessing just as much as I am!"

Kael takes Giea's hand and shakes it as much as a teenager would before he puts his hand back into his pocket. He looks over at Drew with a smirk before he says, "If he's a regular cowboy,t hen I'm just a rebel teenager." Well, a rebel from the wearing a cowboy garb. He never really did like the boots.

"Give it time, Kael. Give it time." Drew smirks, "So you get along well enough in this city for being blind, Giea? And your rather friendly and trusting. A good quality. Even in a city like this." Drew smirks again. "Do you need help getting home or anything?"

"Blind and hard of hearing, even. I've got to give my shout out to the deaf community." Beat. "In a manner of speaking!" replies Giea, smiling at that. "Can't be ashamed of any community you're part of, after all. But I get along pretty well. It can be hard sometimes, but I wouldn't know any different!" She swivels her head slightly, as if trying to locate Kael, grinning now, "Well, Mr. Rebel Teen, what are you rebelling against? The Institution? The Man?"

Kael lets out a scoff at Drew before he lets out a soft laugh. "I'll give it a good ten years before I find that in style again." He's joking, really! Then he looks over at Giea and lets out a laugh once more. "Can I rebel against fashion instead? I try to look nice, but being a Texan and not having /some/ sort of cowboy attire is kind of a broken unspoken rule."

Rolling his eyes, then smiling, and then outright laughing, Drew says, "Ten years. We'll see." He looks down at the teen before turning back to Giea, "So blind and hard of hearing? That has to be tough. But I'm glad to see you aren't letting it keep you from enjoying the world."

"It's really bad when I've got a stuffed nose," replies Giea, smiling still, "'cause then all I've got are these!" She raises her hand up and wiggles her fingers. "It can be hard sometimes, I guess. I need help at school, which I think is fair. Most of the other students kind of have an edge over me, with our audiovisual education system!" To Kael she notes, "Well, you can rebel against fashion all you want. I'll support you! I don't care what you wear!"

Kael sticks his tongue out playfully at Drew before he looks back at Giea with a smirk. "Why thank you. I'll try my best with your support." He hms a bit before he says, "I know a good few people that have things along the same vein as you do. And I gotta say, ya got the right attitude for it!"

A strong short quick breeze smacks Kael on the head and then dies just as quick as courtesy of Drew. "Yeah, great attitude to have. So, Giea, you go to school in the city I take it?" Drew starts to chuckle to himself.

Giea raises her arms as if checking what she's wearing, saying to Kael, "Usually my nanny helps me get dressed, and I knooow, it's super lame to have a nanny at my age so don't make fun, but I think I'm actually colour coordinated most of the time. But if I was dressing myself, I'd be just as anti-fashion as you, Kael. Yet another community to represent! I pretty much collect 'em!" She lowers her arms and taps her cane back against the ground. "Yeah, I go to NYU right now. I'm loving the whole college life thing."

Kael grunts at the smack of the wind upside his head and he gives a glare over at Drew before he smirks a bit as he looks over at Giea. "I won't make fun of ya, don't worry about it." He stretches his arms above his head before he has a gust of wind smack the top of a lightpole to make snow fall atop of Drew.

Drew's mustache twitches a bit as he cuts off Kael's gust of wind and but enough of it reaches the lightpost and some snow falls on his hat. He shoots Kael a look as he takes off his hat to wipe off some of the snow. He lets out another chuckle and then compliments Giea, "Well, your nanny does a good job. And I know some kids your age and a little younger who could use a nanny." He shoots Kael a playful look.

"I'm guessing I know who you're talking about." She pushes up her dark glasses, showing for a moment her unnerving looking eyes to give an elaborate wink. Body language is not really natural for her, so it looks a bit silly. She drops the shades, where they once again rest crookedly on her face (she doesn't really care, the glasses aren't for her benefit anyways), and notes, "Thanks for not making fun, though. I know I can be a little weird on occasion!"

Kael clicks his tongue a bit as he looks over at Drew and quirks a brow at him before he says, "And there're a few older people that could use one as well." He looks back at Giea with a soft laugh, "Everyone can be a little weird at times. It's bound to happen more often than not." Variety is the spice of life!

Drew smiles at Giea's wink, "I wouldn't mind a nanny myself. Would make things alot easier for me." Drew looks between the two youngsters, "Everyone is weird. So much so that being weird is the norm. And those that are normal are weird."

"I hear that all the time!" says Giea in response to Tex, "But I'm okay with being a little different. I'm a person independent of whatever communities I'm a part of, whether it's the blind or deaf community or the anti-fashion community, and that's cool. I get to experience a lot of things that other people don't!" She raises her eyebrows, "If that makes any sense. Anyways, everyone could probably use a nanny. Especially one like mine. She's so nice!"

Kael smirks. "I've a nanny, kind of…" He hms a bit before he shrugs slightly before he pulls his cellphone out and mumbles. "I should probably head back home before I start to get call after call about where I am." He sighs a bit before he looks up at Giea with a smile, even if she can't see it, "Exactly what Drew said. Life's too full of oddness to try to be normal."

Drew smirks, "I've heard of your kind of nanny. I look forward to meeting her sometime." Drew smiles and then tips his hat again, "Well, Miss Giea Parkin. It was nice to meet you. And even though this is a large city, I am sure we will meet again." He looks to Kael, "Get back home soon. I'll call you for our next meeting."

Giea says, "Okay," at the others and readies her cane for more walking. "It was nice meeting you both. I guess you probably live around here or something, so yeah, I'll probably meet you again. I should get going so my parents don't worry, too." She continues on her way, carefully navigating down the street as she did before.

Kael gives a wave to Drew before he says, "We'll probably run into each other again, Giea. Hope to see you around." He heads down the street, humming to himself before he turns the corner. Winds swirling around him before he's up in the air and flying home through the falling snow.

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