2011-06-13: Fashion Upgrades


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Summary: Kieran and Brian are at the mall and called in the fashion expert to hang out and lend a hand in changing up Kieran's wardrobe a bit.

Date: June 13, 2011

Log Title: Fashion Upgrades

Rating: PG

Westchester Salem Center- Generic Rebellious Teen Store

Once past the door to this store, its customers are assaulted with rows and rows of black clothes, some of which reference children's cartoons that probably went off the air before said customers were even born. Toward the back there are racks of CDs, displays of jewelry (many with a skull theme) and a clear case of stickers with rudely witty phrases on them.

Earlier in the day Kieran had gone off to spend time with his family and this ended up with Kieran and Brian arriving at the Salem Center Mall, with the mini-Ki dressed in exactly the same type of clothing as Kieran himself is wearing, both wearing black t-shirts, black cargo pants, and sandals. Brian of course though is noticeable by his shorter stature and the fact that he's talking animatedly as they walk towards the store that Kieran arranged to meet Tyler at as soon as possible.
"So Sean's girlfriend called last night and when I answered she called mouthy brat again and hungup and called back again. Tim answered it and he was all calm and quiet with her and I could hear her screaming to get Sean after a bit. She managed to get /Tim/ to tell her to shove off, and hang up the phone. Thankfully Sean got back about then and answered the phone and took it away so we didn't have to hear them. They're so very odd." Brian says in his high voice.

Left to his own devices Tyler spent the better part of the morning painting then wandered back to his dorm room to relax for a bit. When given a call from his boyfriend about meeting at a store in the Salem Center to hang out he hopped into action and rode the bus over to the mall making sure to text what he was wearing in case it was hard to spot him in the crowd of shoppers. Ty is wearing a brown t-shirt that compliments his hair coloring, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and a pair of dark brown sandals.
It's not hard to find Kieran and Brian as Brian is telling a story quite animatedly. Sounds like there is some drama over at the hotel where Kieran's family is staying. "Hey, guys." Loping stride brings him to stand next to the boys and of course a hug is offered to KI.

Returning the hug and moving to kiss his boyfriend's lips softly, Kieran smiles a bit, before looking at Brian,"Wow She managed to upset Tim I didn't think that was possible." And judging from the shock in his voice, it seems to be true. Apparently Tim's the most sedate of the family, probably in counterpoint to just how crazy Brian seems to be.
"I know right!" Brian says cheerfully and then blinking slowly,"Hey Tyler! How're you doing? You guys look really good together. You fit together quite nicely. So Tyler, you're from Cincinnati too? He said something about Cheviot. I am not sure what's going on right now. So are you going to come over this summer? We have a really big pool and a hot tub now. We didn't have the hottub when Kieran left, mom just had it installed because she could deal with soakage." He says cheerfully.

"Sounds like your parents might need to interfere," Tyler wonders aloud after returning the gentle kiss Ki bestowed upon him. Brian seems full of life today or in general as this might be how he is on a daily basis. Tongue rubs across his lip as amusement about Brian's chatter threatens to send him into giggles. "I'm doing fine. Got a little bit of work in before you guys called. Thank you times two." The questions just seem to keep coming which might cause a problem if he misses something important amongst things that are trivial.
"I am from Cheviot. I live down the street from St. Martins. Or, I do when I'm at my parents and not at school. I'm not sure what's going on right now either other than talking to you and ninja'ing Ki's hand here." Which he does. "I'm hoping to come over during the summer. Is it a nice hot tub? That may sell me on visiting you guys sooner rather than later." He's managing to keep up though poor Kieran might find himself doomed for the day.

"It's so freaking awesome!" Brian says excitedly,"It's big enough our whole family can sit in it and have space to stretch out. Course mom's shorter than Kieran and only Sean's /really/ tall, and he is. Like a giant or something." He says almost without seeming to even pause between sentences,"Oh neat. We've been to that church. Not my favorite of the Cincinnati churches. Holy Family's a lot prettier and huge. Our church is all new and stuff, so it's not nearly as impressive as the older churches like St Martin's." He says considering this all for the moment,"Anyway, so what are we going to do? Were you going to try and get Ki to dress differently, more colour like your shoes the other day?" Yes. Hyperboy did notice the shoes.
Holding his boyfriend's hand, Kieran shrugs a bit,"I think we were just going to hang out, what about you Ty, did you have specific stores in mind?" He asks casually, squeezing the hand that got ninja'd gently as if to reassure that the boy will stop the torrent of words sometime.

The hot tub must be enormous to fit an entire family. "I'm sure I'll get to check out the pool and the hot tub some time this summer. There's no real rush, Brian." Tyler has to say something like that as he's not sure how his summer is going to play out between his parents, this possible thing with Magneto, and whatever else might pop up between then and now. There's a bit more rambling that Tyler let's slide as he looks about this section of the mall to see what's around.
Threading his fingers with Ki's, Ty considers what the trio should get up to in the mall. "Not sure about color, Brian. I think we need to get Kieran into something a bit more up to speed. He looks good don't get me wrong but he could use a lil bit of a fashion update." Nods his head in the direction of Hot Topic. "Just not from that store."

"Oh so I need a fashion update now do I?" Kieran asks smirking a bit at Tyler,"Alright, I'll join in. Let's go ahead and update my clothing." He says rolling his eyes a little bit at the whole thing. The truth be told he doesn't really care about the whole thing.
"Yes, you'll get to come over! I can't wait for you to join us! Course you'll have to deal with Sean. Tim actually said he was interested in meeting you. However, he's really really serious and quiet. He doesn't really speak a lot. Man of few words and all that." Brian says smiling at Tyler. Of course with a brother like Brian one might wonder how anyone could get a word in edgewise. "And that's cool. I have a few other outfits. Of course at school we wear dress shirts, dress slacks and dress shoes." He says sighing a little bit.

Tyler nods aloof, "Mmmhmm, fashion update. Though the two of you are matching today which is adorable." They'll have to see what they could come up with since there was an entire mall to work with. Skater shops, Abercrombie, and the handful of other useful places. "I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. We've still got dinner plans don't forget about that." So, the couple begins walking hoping Brian can keep up while babbling about this and that. Shouldn't be a problem since Kevin's ears got talked off the night previous. "Ahh, you go to a private school then. I went to public school up until the end of this year. Summers the best time then, huh? Get to wear whatever you want."

"Yeah. I go to Saint Antoninous, as does Tim. Sean goes to Elder like Kieran used to though." Brian says cheerfully managing to keep up with Kieran and Tyler despite the much shorter legs,"Yeah. I love summer but also because then it's a lot of swimming. I love swimming. Feeling the water flowing over me." He says happily, bouncing along as he explains. "And we're all looking forward to it too. Well Sean doesn't seem to care, and dad doesn't care either." He says sighing deeply. Kieran just remains silent for the time being as he walks along with Tyler and Brian, trying not to have an explosion from the boy's chattering of his own.

"That's a good school, Brian." Though the conversation has a break at least for Tyler as he tries to direct the guys into one of the nearby shops to browse around and see if they can find anything worth taking a look at. "Sean's graduating this year then. He thinking of going to UC or something else if anything?" Of course Kieran could probably answer those questions better than Brian but the kid will probably toss in his two cents and then some. There's a shirt on one of the tables that Tyler points out to Kieran. It's a picture of the Lucky Charms mascot with the tag line from the commercials that no one touches his lucky charms. "Perhaps your older brother takes after your father," towards both. "Everyone finds happiness in different ways." Lifts up his hand and Kieran's for Brian to see.

"No. It's just Sean can get a little self-absorbed and doesn't really care to meet someone that he has no direct reason to interact with." Brian says shrugging a little bit and smiling at the Lucky Charms t-shirt,"Maybe you should get that one Tyler." He says perfectly innocently, before continuing,"He's applied to NYU, UC, Xavier, NKU, CaseWestern, and a few others. I forget what all others. He doesn't have the GPA for Caltech." He adds cheerfully, as he looks at the t-shirts.
The t-shirt earns a bit of a smirk from Kieran and then he begins choking at the comment from Brian. Yes. Blonde hair and white skin do equal massive blushing at a comment like that. Kieran did /not/ expect it from Brian either.

Tyler shakes his head, "Are we talking about meeting me? There's good enough reason to in the future. I meant the swimming and enjoying of the summer though not that. People have to relax or they work themselves to death." Brian's comment about the shirt seems to sail over Tyler's head for a moment before he gets it and falls apart laughing. "What do they teach you over there? I didn't start talking like that until I was 13." Poor Kieran is blushing furiously which Tyler thinks is adorable and gives Ki a one armed embrace as his other hand remains held. "I don't think Ki needs any of this stuff. I'm thinking actual shirts just a bit edgier. Maybe a nice belt and buckle as well." There's a cool looking button up short sleeve shirt on a rack of clothes nearby which he takes Kieran over to and frees up his hand to pull it off the display. "Something like this.”

"Well actually I learned from listening to Kieran and his friends and Sean and his friends talking." Brian says laughing a little bit. "He could use them for just being casual looking." He says simply, relaxing a little bit at the moment as he looks at Tyler intently.
"Alright, shall I try this one?" Kieran asks looking at the shirt,"And how do you want me to wear it? Open or buttoned up, or." He trails off as he looks at the shirt thinking about all of the ways he could wear it. There are many different versions.

"Point," Ty smiles over at Brian. "Maybe we can divide and conquer? Why don't you check out what the shoes are like in this shop? See if there's anything cool." Even if Brian would rather not Tyler has lifted the shirt in his hands up then rests it against Kieran's shoulder seeming to contemplate what to do or if this is even the right shirt. "Hmmm…" Turns back towards the racks and finds nothing of help there then spins around to see another shirt on a display. Grabbing that he comes back to hold up first the button up shirt to Ki's shoulder then the blue shirt with silver design on top of that. "This definitely works. You could wear either separately or you could use the button up over the t-shirt buttoned or open." The coloring and design of the button up work well with the t in Tyler's estimation. "You seem to like blue or do you want to add more to your color wheel?"

"Alright." Brian says before running off to check out the shoes. He's not sure what exactly he's looking for but he does seem to be a little quieter as he looks around. A couple of teenage girls can be heard saying how cute he is as he looks over a shoe.
"Nice job on handling Brian. You're a natural." Kieran says laughing a little bit. "And I usually wear blue because I know how it looks on me. If you want to add more colours to my colour wheel then you can. I trust you enough to choose things that won't look hideous on me."

"Thank you," Tyler smiles. "Not bad for a guy who has zip experience wrangling kids or brothers, brothers that are kids." Taking into consideration that Ki trusts him to make decent decisions Tyler searches about the store to see if there is anything else that might be passable. Picks up a deep purple shirt and pairs it with a pair of dark grey distressed looking cargo shorts. Now for the fun part. With items in hand he hands those off to Kieran and sets his hands to his boyfriends shoulders. "Off to the dressing room with you while I see what Brian might have found." Walks Kieran as far as the opening leading back to the dressing rooms before letting his hands fall away. "Will be over there." Wandering over towards Brian. "Find anything interesting?"

"Alright." Kieran says accepting the clothing and finding an open changing room to try and the clothes that his boyfriend selected for him. As for Brian who is still looking at shoes holds up a grey and black tennis shoe of varying shading for Tyler's inspection and a pair of bright cyan coloured sneakers as well,"There are others. Like a pair of purple ones, but not sure how they'd look. They're rather bright don't you think?" Brian asks weighing the visibility of the shoes obviously in his head.

A few twists and turns through displays of clothing Tyler comes to stand next to Brian looking at the shoes the young man holds up. "The grey/black one's are nice but nothing to write home about and yeah the cyan are a bit bright. If we can find a good pair of blue shoes that are a little darker those would work out great." Peering down at the purple shoes he shakes his head obviously disliking these shoes in particular. "Too plum. You know…that sort of icky purple." Tyler eyes the wall for a moment but sees nothing of much use. "There's always another store. So is shopping at least better than hanging around the hotel?"

"I like royal purple better than this shade." Brian says shrugging a little bit,"I don't mind shopping. I mean there are things that I like better than shopping but this isn't too bad." He says casually, his eyes flicker a little bit at the other lad,"So you really like my brother?" He asks curiously,"You hurt him and I'll hurt you so badly that you'll wish you were never born." He says smiling sweetly back at Tyler.

Tyler finds a bench to sit down on in the shoe area and does so. Brian is still looking around which is totally fine. There's not much in this store that screams /buy me/. Does he like Kieran? "Yeah, I do. Figuring that out was a bit weird but I'm very glad we're together." An almost eleven year old making the age old sibling/best friend threat has Tyler trying hard not to smile. "I'll do my best never to incur your wrath." Hopefully the sophomore and the freshman would not hurt each other though one could never promise not too. Silly things happen sometimes the trick is making sure to apologize and work things out after the bit of drama. "Don't worry for it Brian. I'd never do something like cheat on him or anything like that."

"Good. Because I don't want to do anything." Brian says laughing a little bit,"I really think you'll be good for him. So that's all good." He says casually as he stands there looking about,"This store is kinda boring isn't it?" He asks frowning a bit as he slides his hands into the pockets of his shortys. "It seems odd, doesn't it?" He asks casually.

"And I don't want to be pwnd thank you very much." Tyler laughs as he looks about the store then back to Brian. "The store is pretty boring. Not quite sure what this store is trying to do. Most have a certain setup that they cater too like people shop at the Gap if they want horribly overpriced khaki pants." Tyler waves towards the bench entreating Brian to sit down for a bit as it might take Kieran a little while with the clothes. "You think I'll be good for him? I appreciate that, honestly. Bit worried your father might not think so."

"I think they're trying hard to be everything." Brian says shrugging a little bit,"Oh I don't think dad will be that hard. Just right now he'll be annoyed. I think he just wants people to worry more about school than relationships. He's not /that/ bad about things. Although he disapproves of Sean's girlfriend as he thinks she's just a distraction and annoying." He whispers conspiratorialy to Tyler. "So where to next do you think?"

Tyler chuckles about the shop and nods in agreement. It was like hippie meet prep and throw in a bit of the skater crowd to boot. "Sean's girlfriend doesn't seem to be winning anyone's vote. About your father though I can understand his worries an'all but from what Kieran tells me he's really serious about school and pretty much everything else. I don't really fit into that mold at all." Points to himself, "Meet the Bad Influence."

"Pfft. I think Kieran'll help you get all serious about your studies. He's very reliable that way." Brian says smiling a little bit ,"Don't think about the mold that my dad has. He doesn't have a mold for our significant others. If anything you're better than something that he would dream up. It's not like you're going to try and get him to blow off his studies." He says smiling at the older boy,"So that's that."

"If he does I'm sure my parents would be thrilled. I can pull decent grades but they don't come easily. I don't think I have the tools or whatever I need. Organization? Maybe that." Tyler pulls out his cell to see what time it is, and if he'd had any calls since arriving at the mall. "I wouldn't mess with your brothers studies or anything like that. Just like he wouldn't derail whatever I was doing. There's an understanding there at least." Turns a smile towards Brian. "You're pretty laid back. Thinking we might hit the surfer shop and see what they have. Probably decent stuff for the warmer weather. You got any ideas? Or stuff you want to check out for yourself?"

"Nah. I just want to hang out." Brian says smiling a bit,"Well why wouldn't I be?" He asks curiously, as Kieran comes out wearing the clothing that Tyler picked out,"What do you think?" He asks curiously stand there as Brian gets up and begins looking Kieran over with a look of intensity and hands still in the pocket of his cargos. He does look quite relaxed at the moment thankfully.

A lot had happened in a year. Tyler wonders what Brian thinks about finding out about his brother being a Voltorb and dating a guy who moonlighted as a constellation. Speaking of the Xavier school resident taser he's come out wearing one of the outfits. Getting up from the bench Tyler gives Kieran the critical eye and motions a spin with one finger. The colors work out nice and the outfit is pretty snazzy over all. "I think you look great. Let me grab you a smaller t-shirt though. That one is sort of slipping off your shoulders and looks way too baggy. Right Brian?"

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