2009-07-06: Father Son Bonding


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Summary: Eddie chats with Christopher about the future.

Date: July 6, 2009

Log Title Father Son Bonding

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

"I dunno, Nova. What do you think?" Eddie Parker-Mayfair, dressed in shorts and a Spider-Man t-shirt, asks the husky. The dog just tilts its head to the side and stares up at the teen. Eddie's at the kitchen table today, occasionally sipping from a glass of what appears to be strawberry flavored milk. He's got a notebook in front of him with several words like 'teacher', 'stylist', 'doctor', and 'accountant' written with a lot of scribbles and doodles in the margins. "I just don't know."

Since Christopher doesn't have any classes to teach at the time being and he doesn't work until later today, he's enjoyed sleeping in. Coming into the kitchen wearing just a pair of pajama pants, he put them on before leaving the bedroom, he hears Eddie and smiles. "Morning kiddo? What don't you know about?" He asks before yawning and walking over to put on a pot of coffee.

Eddie jumps even if Nova's moving to greet Christopher. The formerly scarred mutant smiles when he sees its just his adopted dad. "Morning, Dad," he says. He taps the notebook a few times before letting out a little sigh. "What I'm gonna do with my life."

Christopher bends over and pats Nova before looking up at Eddie. "Wow, Nova's getting big. Ah, what ideas do you have down so far kiddo? And remember you don't have to make that decision right now, you may find you want to do something now, go do it and realize you really don't want to do that for a living."

Eddie smiles. "Yeah. He nearly squished me this morning," he jokes a bit. The teen then sighs and pokes the paper again. "I know, I know…so far I was thinking I could try being a teacher or a doctor like Dad or a hair stylist like you or an accountant or math guy like Mr. Drake," he shrugs.

Christopher walks over and ruffles Eddie's hair and shakes his head. "Why don't you look for something that you might want to that's 'Like Eddie' instead of like me or Jeri or Bobby." Christopher says as he's not sure if Eddie is just trying to follow in someone foots steps or go his own path. "And Jeri and I are both teachers."

Eddie squeaks when ruffled. "Because I don't know what's 'like Eddie'," he admits. "All I've ever wanted to be was a superhero and that doesn't pay bills or anything," he pauses to pout. "I know you're both teachers. That's why it was my first option."

"I don't know, do you really think you'd want to be a stylist or a psychitrist?" Christopher asks since he can't really see Eddie fully enjoying either of those. "Well teacher, you can always look into that, I don't know Kiddo, but if you want to go to college you know Jeri and I will help you look at places. If you want to take a year off, see the world, we'll help you there too."

Eddie makes a little face. "No…not really," he admits. "I'm not smart enough to be a psychiatrist and I'm too clumsy to cut people's hair," he says with a sigh. "Dunno what I'd teach," he adds. A beat pause. "Really? A year off to just travel?"

"Why not? It's definately something we can discuss. See the world a bit, maybe get a better idea of what is is that Eddie wants to do than what it is that Eddie's trying to be like." Christopher says pouring himself a cup of coffee now that's done, and taking a seat next to Eddie. "I didn't figure out what I wanted to do until after David passed away." He says taking a sip from his mug.

Eddie nods, looking down at his own pink beverage. "Well, I guess seeing more of the world'd be good," he says. "Saw more of it than I ever thought I would already," he chuckles quietly. "That's the thing though…I know what I want to do…I just can't do it by itself."

Christopher reaches over and ruffles Eddie's hair again. "You want to be a superhero." He says with a chuckle. "Any thing else that there is, that you can't do by yourself?" Christopehr asks as he's really not sure if there's anything else Eddie wants to do.

Eddie squeaks and nods. "Yeah," he says, blushing a bit. "Well, there's a lot I can't do by myself…" he trails off with a shrug. "I just haven't figured it al out yet."

"Well what is it that you can't do by yourself?" Christopher asks being his curious self as he stands up to go to the fridge to look for something small for breakfast. "And you still have time to figure things out kiddo, and also a lot of life just..happens." He says finally pulling out a grapefruit.

Eddie squirms. "Well…I need you and Dad and Jared and Ricky and Wesley and Dai. To…well I just need you all," he says, blushing again. "and it's not like I can be a superhero all by myself. I need like…a team," he says. "And I have no idea how the college thing or even getting into one works so I definitely need help there."

Christopher chuckles and cuts the grapefruit in half, offering half of it to Eddie. "Well you know your father and I aren't really the superhero type. Sure we'll help out when need be and have codenames but we're not X-Men or anything. And with college, well, we'll look around, mail out for information on a few colleges or look online and then we can drive around looking at colleges some weekend." But Christopher is going to guess that Eddie is going to want to stay in the area.

Eddie blinks then smiles when the grapefruit is offered. "Thanks, Dad," he says. He then nods. "I know. I've got the New Mutants squad as my team. Even if not everyone wants to be a superhero we're still a team…" he shrugs. "What colleges are in the area?" he asks curiously.

"Well at least you have people to train with." Christopehr says and then he ponders Eddie's question. "Well there is ESU, Empire State University, in the city and then there are a couple of local colleges, I know SUNY has a few in the area. We can look in to see which ones are around."

Eddie nods. He pokes at his grapefruit a few times and then looks up at Christopher. He considers a moment before moving over to hug the other mutant. "Thanks, Dad. For all this…and everything else too."

Christopher returns the hug. "You don't need to thank me for anything, I love you kiddo and this is what being a family is about." He says as he's very happy with his family. "You are my son Eddie, even if it's not by blood you are mine." He says giving him a quick squeeze.

Eddie grins and lets out a squeak as he's squeezed. "Yeah, I know. But I wanted to anyway," he says. "What time do you have to be at the salon today, Dad?"

Christopher starts to put some sugar on his grapefruit and take a few bites before answering. "Not for a bit, why, what's up kiddo?" He asks. "I still have to shower and clean up a bit before actually going out and doing anything though."

Eddie takes some sugar for himself and shrugs. "Just wanted to spend some time with ya," he admits. "Maybe I can come in and help out some more today too."

Christopher smiles and nods. "Sure, anything you want do kiddo. So did you have any ideas or did you just want to spend some time around the house? Relax outside, maybe enjoy the pool and hot tub for a bit?" Now that it's summer the pool is getting used a lot more frequently by Christopher. "Or did you want to go out somewhere special? I can take you out for lunch in a bit too."

Eddie shrugs and chuckles a little. "I dunno, really. Dad's teaching me how to swim so I can actually use the pool with everyone," he says. "Let's stay around the house, do a little swim and then maybe the hottub?"

"Okay, we'll do a little bit of swimming and hot tub and then I can make us a little lunch so we can have it outside." Christopher says with a nod though he might enjoy a little alcoholic refreshment with lunch later.

Eddie nods and grins. "Right! I'll help where ever ya need me," he chimes. "Man, today's gonna be a really great day!"

Christopher chuckles and nods. "I'm glad. And oh! Before I forget, I'm going to need to steal yours and Jared's help this weekend." Christopher says with a nod. "I haven't actually decorated and painted the house yet so I want to recruit you and Jared to help me paint the living room this Saturday. I have to go pick out paint tomorrow."

Eddie blinks a few times then nods. "Sure thing, Dad! Anything you need," he says. "Decorate? What holiday?" he asks, not realizing what Chris meant. After a second, it hits him and he blushes. "Right! I'll help paint. Even come help pick it up if you want."

"There is no holiday coming up, we just had fourth of July." Christopher says chuckle. The only 'holiday' coming up is Christopher's birthday in a few weeks. "I need to get a few colour samples and such but it shouldn't be hard. Sure, you can come to the paint store with me."

"Cool. I'm happy to help," Eddie says with a smile. He's likely to find out from Jeri when Chris' birthday is and will then plan something. He does still feel bad about missing Fathers' Day afterall. "I just hope there's no paint-related accidents."

"If there is don't worry about it, remember what my powers are?" Christopher says with a chuckle as if some paint gets ont he floor or it doesn't paint even, he can easily fix that. "I'm just going to paint the living room like that, the kitchen, well, I'm going to use my powers.

Eddie offers a sheepish smile. "Well, I meant more like…someone somehow getting a paint can stuck on their foot or paint spilled all over them," he says. "What color are you gonna make the kitchen?" he asks, looking around.

"Well, if someone gets paint spilled on them, into the bathtub with them and if they get a paint can stuck on their foot..well.." Christopher just shakes his head with a faint sigh. "What colour for the kitchen, something like a light green maybe."

Eddie blushes faintly. "I'll be careful around the paint cans, Dad," he says, squirming. Apparently he thinks he's clumsier than he actually is. "Light green is nice."

"Well we'll have the paint trays so we won't be painting right from the can." Christopher says as he's painted before but he definately prefers to cheat. "Yes, light green walls, white cabnits, light brown, like a beech coloured, wood."

Eddie nods and smiles. "That sounds great, Dad," he says. "I can't wait to see how it all looks when it's done," the booster goes on. "I'll go get my swim suit for the pool," he chimes, leaning up to give Chris a quick kiss on the cheek.

Christopher returns the kiss and nods. "Sounds good kiddo, I'll meet you out there in a bit." He says as he cleans up a bit before heading into his bedroom to grab his own swimsuit. He won't entirely embarass Eddie except for when they go into the hottub.

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