2009-09-10: Father Son Time


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie chat for a bit.

Date: September 10, 2009

Log Title Father Son Time

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Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

School's just started again so Christopher's had to alter his schedule at the salon to reflect his teaching hours. He's enjoyed only working one job over the summer but now the busy season begins again. He has the day off from salon and is home at the moment, just having gotten back from grocery shopping. At the moment he's humming an upbeat sort of tune as he seperates what he's using to make dinner tonight and what he needs to put away.

Coming home from school, mostly because he left a book he'd need for homework in his bedroom (on the floor specifically and likely under the bed), Eddie Parker-Mayfair's arrival is heralded by Nova barking happily and changing his interest from Chris' groceries to running into the other room to see Eddie. There's a small thud and some laughing before Eddie comes into the kitchen, wearing jeans and a Wolverine t-shirt. "Hey. Dad. Need some help?" he asks, moving in for the hug-greeting.

Christopher puts down a jar of garlic before greeting Eddie with a hug. "Hey there Kiddo, sure. Some of this stuff needs to be put in the freezer and fridge. I think we might have to make some room." He says going to look into the freezer to see if he needs to play tetris. "So how's your first week back at school going?"

Eddie smiles and nods, hanging his backpack off the back of a chair. "Sure," he says, starting to look in some of the bags and remove things. "It's going okay. Still can't believe I'm a senior though," he says. "Are your classes going okay?"

"I've only had the first two, but so far so good. And I know, our little Eddie is growing up." Christopher says chuckling with a hair ruffle. "The salon is going well too, it was a busy summer there. So what classes are you focusing on this year?" He asks taking out a box of doggie treats and trying to put them away quick before Nova spots them.

Eddie blushes and squeaks when ruffled. "Daaaa~aad," he chuckles. "Standard stuff my advisor helped me pick out," he explains, starting to list his classes. Nova meanwhile pads into the room. And while he doesn't spot the treats, he's giving Chris the 'you have something for me?' look that dogs do so well.

"I could have always said our little Captain Muffin Pants." Christopher says chuckling knowing Eddie will blush more. "I'll be honest, I never really liked taking history in high school. It never was my thing much until college but history had a whole different outlook when you're studing interior design and culinary arts." Christopher says with a chuckle as Eddie lists his classes. As Nova gives him 'the look', Christopher puts his hands on his hips and looks at the not so puppy puppy. "You'll eat later."

Eddie does indeed blush even more, even if there's a tiny little smile he tries to hide. "What about the history of interior design or the culinary arts?" he asks curiously. "I don't mind history. Got to see some of it first-hand afterall," he chuckles as well. Nova gives a little whimper, ears droopin before he moves to lick up some water from his bowl. It's not treats but it'll have to do until later. "Aw, it's okay, Nova," Eddie tells the not-so-puppy puppy.

"I know it's okay, you'll probably spoil Nova the minute I leave the room." Christopher says with a chuckle. "We just had to learn which different styles were popular in which time periods, like wise with cooking. Which dishes were in certain periods. Just things like that." Christopher says going into the fridge to get the last of some pie he made recently so he can split the last bit of the strawberry ruhbarb with him and Eddie.

Eddie blushes again and offers his most innocent smile to Chris. "Wow…was that all hard to memorize?" he asks, moving a few groceries to where they belong. At the sight of the pie, Eddie smiles again. It's a good pie!

Christopher shakes his head. "No, it wasn't too bad. But then I was learning about something I actually enjoyed at the time. I don't know if I was really cut out for interrior design as anything more than a hobby sort of thing." He puts a large slice of pie infront of Eddie and sits down at the table with his own slice. "Baroque, Renessance, Gothic, all the different styles durning the Medieval Period were easy to get mixed up at first."

Eddie sits down with Chris. "Thanks, Dad," he says, squirming a little as he pulls his chair in. "That makes sense," he reasons. "You really enjoyed all the classes?"

"I did when I was in college, now, if I was to do it all over again, I'd probably focus just on culinary." Christopher says as he starts eat. "Sometimes interests change over time, sometimes they don't. It all varies. I don't regret the choices that I made though." Christopher says not wanting to scare Eddie when he makes his decision what to study in college.

Eddie listens closely as he eats, a little scared but a little reassured as well. The booster nods slowly as Chris explains changing interests. "But…" he pauses. "How did you even decide in the first place what to do?"

"I dunno, that's a hard one to answer. I always knew I enjoyed cooking and I figured with my power to change colours it seemed like a good fit. Don't get me wrong, I do like decorating but not as a career. So much pettiness I realized and it was more competition for a job than I enjoy." Christopher explains. "Even though I went to Xavier's and trained, I knew being a super hero wasn't for me at the time."

Eddie nods, letting the information provided by Chris roll around in his head. The power booster pokes at his pie a few times, biting his lip slightly. "Why didn't you think being a hero was for you?" he asks.

Christopher shrugs. "It just something I wasn't interested in at all of eighteen years old. It was too violent for me, I didn't want that life of secrecy and I wanted to go out and learn who I was, and not as Shine." Christopher explains running a hand through his hair. As much as he's not the hero type, he does like to help out when needed and he hates it when people don't realize his potential in a situation. "I was a bit different at eighteen than I am now. I had a horrible time with people I was so shy."

"You did a pretty good job being a hero to me," Eddie reamrks with a blush. He blinks rapidly when Chris mentions being shy, looking over in surprise. "Really?"

Christopher can't help but laugh. "Oh yes I was shy. I was fourteen when I found out I was a mutant, just came out to my partents that I'm gay, started going to a new school, that was just too much for me to try to sort through emotionally as well so I kind of just kept to myself while at Xavier's. Worrying about your powers and what others would think of you because you were different not just by being a mutant by gay as well."

Eddie nods, sticking a bit of pie into his mouth. He gets a thoughtful expression on his face, just thinking. "That does make sense but I just can't imagine you or Dad ever being shy," he admits with a smile.

Christopher laughs. "I know, I'm so out going now, I think that's why getting away from Xavier's and going to college was good for me, but saying that, everyone's different." He stands up and goes to put his dish away. "Okay I'm making pizza for dinner tonight, wanna help in a bit?"

Eddie follows a moment after, wondering if he'd change if he went away from Xavier's. And into what. "Sure! I'll help," he says cheerfully. And its pizza so that's another plus! "You make really great pizza, Dad."

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