February 2009 Logs

Total Number of Logs for February 2009 - 57

February 1, 2009 Early Christmas Drew Kaden Keith and Xane R (Adult Situations)
February 2, 2009 MGH Lab Bust Eddie and Daisuke PG-13 (Violence)
February 3, 2009 Over Protectiveness Eddie Daisuke Pallaton and Leo G
February 3, 2009 Casual Flirting Keith and Danny R (Adult Situations)
February 3, 2009 Hadoken Eddie Daisuke and Leo G
February 4, 2009 Allowance Jericho, Christopher, and Eddie G
February 4, 2009 What You Make It Leo, Daisuke, and Cyrus G
February 4, 2009 Not the Headmaster's Office Eddie and Scott PG
February 5, 2009 Magic Steps: Balance Billy and special guest stars G
February 5, 2009 Barrier Breaking Drew and Kaden PG
February 5, 2009 Wolf and the Mouse? Eddie and Pallaton PG
February 5, 2009 Walk in the Park Eddie, Kevin, and Hilary PG
February 9, 2009 Friends look out for friends Daisuke, Eddie, and Pallaton PG
February 10, 2009 Discussions of the future Kaden and Keith PG-13 (language)
February 10, 2009 Are You an Alien? Cannonball, Cyclops, Dr. Reyes, Iceman, and Wave PG
February 11, 2009 Morning Light Leo, Daisuke, and Eddie G
February 12, 2009 Strange Things About Cammie, Nightshade, and Kevin PG
February 13, 2009 Fire and Water Drew, Cyclops and Kaden PG-13 (Mild Language)
February 13, 2009 Something Wicked this way comes Eddie and Kalindi PG-13
February 13, 2009 Emergency We need a cake Kaden, Keith and Xane PG-13 (language)
February 14, 2009 Crustaceous Crew! Daisuke, Eddie, Julian and Pallaton PG-13 (violence)
February 14, 2009 Birthday Boy Drew, Kaden, Keith, and Xane PG-13 for drug references
February 15, 2009 The Morning After Drew, Keith, and Kaden G
February 16, 2009 Reflecting Over Grilled Cheese Christopher and Eddie G
February 19, 2009 Healing Nova Daisuke, Eddie, Leo, and Pallaton G
February 19, 2009 Warning Eddie, James, Ricky, and Terry G
February 19, 2009 Passing the Message Along Eddie and Scott G
February 20, 2009 Invasions cause Anger Eddie, Kenta and Pallaton PG-13 (language)
February 20, 2009 Weirdos are Everywhere Candy, Danny, Erik, James and Kevin PG
February 20, 2009 Explosions of Anger Dmitri, Kaden, Keith and Xane PG-13 (language)
February 20, 2009 Lesson in Control Dmitri and Kaden PG-13 (language and violence)
February 21, 2009 Different Goals Cammie and Pallaton G
February 21, 2009 Am I Strange Daisuke and Kalindi G
February 22, 2009 Confrontation Daisuke and Hilary PG
February 22, 2009 Leftover Tension Kaden, Keith and Xane PG
February 22, 2009 Cerebra Finds Another Christopher, Eddie and James G
February 22, 2009 The Vision Returns! Jonas and Teddy PG-13
February 23, 2009 A Different Lesson Drew and Kaden PG (for romance? Or something?)
February 23, 2009 We Don't NEED the Adults Hulkling, Silent Image, Vision, and Wiccan along with evil versions of FCs PG (for comic violence)
February 23, 2009 Tours and Snacks Daisuke, Eddie and James G
February 24, 2009 What Did You Bring Me? Billy and Tommy PG (for reference to body parts)
February 24, 2009 Finding the Warmth Within Drew, Erik, Kaden, and Keith PG (for a little makey outey)
February 24, 2009 Closing Gaps Drew Kaden, and Xane G
February 24, 2009 Asking for Aid James ,Kas Paul, Uriko and Victoria along with alternate versions of OCs PG-13 (mild language)
February 25, 2009 We're Not Cloak and Dagger Kenta, and Leo G
February 25, 2009 To Make a Safe Haven Drew, Kaden, and Keith PG (language)
February 25, 2009 Battle at the Bridge Alloy, Angel, Buff, Grey King, Morph, Obsidian, and Shadowcat PG (violence)
February 26, 2009 Breakfast in Bed Christopher and Jericho PG
February 26, 2009 Strangers in a Strange Land Addison, Eddie, and Sam G
February 26, 2009 High Tension Brian, Daisuke, Eddie, and Pallaton PG-13
February 26, 2009 Locked Out Erik, James, Kalindi, Kitty, and Uriko G
February 27, 2009 New Music Addison, Kenta, and (briefly) Pallaton PG (language)
February 27, 2009 Serious Cuddling Drew, Kaden, and Keith R (Naked snuggling. Nothing visual))
February 27, 2009 Dark Times Christopher and Eddie G
February 27, 2009 You Got Project in My Tragedy Kitty and Erik PG-15 (Language)
February 27, 2009 Stuck in a City Dmitri, Drew and Kaden PG
February 28, 2009 Coming and Going Freedom Ring, and Kevin PG
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