2010-11-18: Feeling Trapped


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Summary: Connor talks a bit about being stuck in Tegu-Haaz and what happened there.

Date: November 18, 2010

Log Title: Feeling Trapped

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Having been gone for over a month, David misses some of the simpler things like working out and playing basketball. Having been injured by a blast from a demon while leaving Tegu-Haaz, David has been spending his time at the gym trying to work off the injury. He can be seen at on the basketball nets, practicing his dunking skills. He is not that great, but he is able to manage a few dunks. He is sweating while wearing a black A-shirt and black shorts.

Basketball isn't Daisuke's strong suit, actually most sports aren't, but just becaue he isn't athletic doesn't mean he can't still do a bit of a work out in the gym. He walks into the large room wearing a worn t-shirt over a pair of track pants as he plans on doing a bit of stretching and running to stay a bit in shape. "Hey David." He says as he puts down a bottle of water and towel by the wall. "Mind some company?"

Something David might have been tolerating for the time he's been here is another person on the other end of the gym, in the middle of attacking a practice dummy with a furious series of elbow- and knee-strikes. Connor is there, dressed in his New Mutant's training suit, the jacket and glasses he had custom-made for it stripped and to the side, sweating just as hard as he seems to be going through a serious workout as well. Pausing for a moment to get some water, he gives Daisuke a look and a nod from his end of things.

Having been caught up in his own game of basketball, David had not noticed Connor fighting the dummy, when Daisuke enters the room, David stumbles in mid dunk. He falls down hard and grumbles a bit as he stands up and looks over at Daisuke, "Hey Dai." He looks over and nods to Connor, "Oh hey Connor. I didn't notice you guys. Sorry, got caught up in the game."

"I didn't know that was a viable play in Basketball." Daisuke says to David as he falls. "Sorry, you okay?" He asks before he goes to sit on a spot on the floor and start going through some stretches. "And it's good to see both of you back, welcome home." He looks up at both of them as he leans forward to grab one of his feet. "So what exactly happened?"

Connor goes back to the training dummy, and this time gets into a series of blows that knock the sweat off his arms practically, "Lemme See… *BAM* Woke up in a Victorian hell version of here… *WHAM* Got turned into an insane character from a book…*SLAP-WHAM* Died…" That follows up with a rather vicious-looking groin-strike before he pants and leans on the dummy, "God only knows why… but the whole thing was weird… cathartic."

Watching Connor beat the dummy, "I see can see you are taking your catharsis out on the dummy." David ponders a moment before turning to Daisuke, "Pretty much what he said. It was a nightmare version of here. The Institute was an Asylum, Salem Center was a nightmare Gothic village. Some of the students and Kenta were changed into B-movie monsters. Some demon was controlling the whole thing. Connor, Heather, Star, and Mike defeated it and we're back." David picks up the ball and shoots it into the basket from a pretty good distance, "Miss us?" David asks playfully.

Daisuke sit sup and raises both eyebrows at Connor. "That good huh?" Obviously being a bit sarcastic about the 'good'. "Wow, that sounds pretty….messed up. What was it like there? I mean besides…Gothic Village." He then nods. "Of course, all of you guys lost were missed. We couldn't figure what happened to you and I think Addison had his hands a bit more full then expected."

Connor looks over at David and then says, "I never want to see another rabbit again… but I'll be damned if my fear of clutter wasn't beaten to hell. I was Renfield… from Bram Stoker's Dracula. I was stuck in a haunted house version of the Mansion… I spent two weeks living on flies, spiders and rat." Shaking his head he moves off and begins some cool-down stretches of his own, "I mean… if you take out most of the creep factor? It might have even been pleasant. And by creep factor I mean thinks like the giant pumpkin that ate Kisha and apparently spit her back up here on the Grounds. The demon that trapped us fed on our fears, and she was too… Kisha… to be scared enough for it."

Pausing a moment to hear that he was actually missed and the news on Kisha, David blinks and misses another shot with the basketball, "Sorry." He picks up the ball and after looking at it for a minute, puts it back with the other equipment, "Kisha disappeared the first week there and it was under my watch, so you can imagine how relieved I am to know she was here the whole time." He exhales and then smiles, "I think I might take some shots at that dummy."

"Yeah when Kisha came back it was a real mystey but the getting eaten by a pumpkin makes sense." Daisuke says as he switches legs to go back to stretching. "When she came back she was covered in like pumpkin pie filling. She had no memory of anything that happened there so she couldn't help us with getting you back." He then looks up and gives Connor a 'blech' face. "Bugs, that doesn't sound to great. And, no offense, I'm kinda glad I wasn't there." Dai and fear don't do so well.

Connor moves off a bit so that David can take a couple potshots at the inoffensive thing, but then reaches into his own workout bag and takes out a water bottle, cracking it and downing most of it in one go. Stopping for breath, he then takes in the rest, before putting it in one hand and crushing it down into a small ball with barely a twitch of his fingers, and then launches it to the recycling bin, "I'm gonna be getting in with Dr. Mayfair-Parker soon… I know I'm pretty much riding the surface of this, so eventually something's gonna give. But until then, I'm just going to enjoy being back, get back in shape, and not let this get in my way."

*Jab* "Well, not that I do much" *punch* "of the psychology thing," *kick* "but if you want to talk" *chop* "Connor. We can." *slap* "I've been meeting" *crack* "Meeting with some of the students since we've returned." David then head butts the dummy as it falls over onto the ground.

"Dr. Parker-Mayfair is good, I see him regularly." Daisuke admits. Even though he's gotten past most of his past he still sees the psychologist twice a month. "You've probably heard this before Connor, but pretty much everything just takes time to get past. And with people around to support you, it does get better. How I deal with a lot of the craziness that has happened over the years is I just tell myself, I've been through worse."

Connor helps put the dummy back up, and says to David softly, "You're overextending… and never headbutt. No one wins with a headbutt. Next time, don't use your arm like a ram… use it like a hammer. Bounce your blow off the impact, and you'll cushion your knuckles." Patting the older boy's shoulder as he digs out a new water bottle and tosses it Dai's way, "Thanks… seriously. But I gotta ask… have you ever been so close to the edge, you feel like you dropped some of that baggage you had over the edge instead of losing yourself?"

Nodding his head as Connor gives advice on how to fight, "Well, it felt good. But yeah, I will use my head by not using my head." David grins as he walks away from the dummy, "I think that is a good response to have to a traumatic event or situation. When confronting something, your fear gets put aside or tosses away in order to confront the situation head on. It's so intense that you forget all about the baggage. The question is whether it will come back or if it was just situational. An intense situation, but still."

Daisuke ponders Connor's question and shakes his head. "Nothing like that, cause I think I went over the edge at one point, but when I came back up I left a lot of baggage down there." He doesn't go into a lot of details though. "Though it's always been easiest when there's been someone to go through it with you or help you after you've gone through it. When you're alone, that's the worst."

Connor pauses a moment, "I'm used to being alone… but this time… I sorta HAD people there with me. Mike, Star, Robyn, James and Jinx… all of us got changed… even Mister Gilpatrick got bitten by James and turned into a werewolf. Not that I want to form our own clique… but I figure this is what happened when New York went to hell around this time last year. Rashmi told me a little about it." But with that he takes a deep breath, and digs out a towel to wipe his brow, "What's your guy's plans for Thanksgiving?"

"I should go home. Or I may fly out to Japan. Not sure which. Though most likely, I'll probably just stay here. Being back is so weird. Not sure how to tell my family or girlfriend how I was taken away." David shrugs, "What about you guys?"

"I'll be staying here. I'm going to visit my Grandmother in Japan for New Years." Daisuke says as he finally stands up. "Thanksgiving is an American Holiday so I don't have anyone to celebrate it with and this is pretty much the only place I call home anymore." He doesn't really have anywhere else to go. "Just as long as they don't make me cook."

Connor laughs a bit, and then grins as he says to David, "Tell you what… if you want to head back to Japan… either of you… get me a picture of where you want to touch down, and give me a ring." Then he creates a small portal sphere, but then extinguishes it, "I don't mind saving people from stuff like say… airfares, boarding lines… and custom stamps." Chuckling afterwards.

"Nice, Connor. I may take you up on that. And it would get Nori off my back." David ponders, "Can you port people back to or do you have to be present to do the teleports?"

Daisuke nods to Connor and smiles. "Thanks but I'm used to the whole plane deal, I fly back about once or twice a year, but then it might be nice to save on airfare." He might just have to ask him. "I'll have to find some pictures of my Grandmother's house in Kyoto then. Will a painting of a plaec work?" He knows he's painted there several times. "Maybe I'll see if Skyler wants to spend New Years in Japan again."

Connor shakes his head, "I need a picture… a live feed is best, or having been there… and my portals only go one way. So I'll have to go there to pick you up to come back… which I don't mind." Then he shrugs a bit and tilts his head to look at Dai once more, for a moment some hardness passing through them, "Christmas and New Years is going to be rough… that'll be the one year anniversary from when I manifested, and teleported for the first time."

Nodding at what Connor says, David goes into the corner and starts a rep of push-ups and sit-ups.

Daisuke waves a hand. "Don't worry about it, I really don't mind paying for a flight." He does notice the hardness to Connor's eyes and makes a mental note to just a flight sometime soon. Maybe he'll fly on Christmas day. "I just don't want my Grandmother to spend New Years alone and the celebrations there are definately fun. I like going to the temples around New Years also."

Connor walks away for a moment, and then sits down next to his bag, the vibrancy and life leaving him for several moments, "I don't know if I want to go home… I don't want to see or deal with my family right now. The questions, the prodding, the constant attempts to get me to open up on things I know I can't tell them… but they're also family. I can't just avoid them. It's not fair… I feel trapped." Then he takes a breath, and asks, "How would you handle it, Sir?"

Daisuke winces at being called Sir. "Just call me Daisuke, or actually Dai. I'm not really a 'sir' or anythign there." He then ponders the answer and takes a deep breath. "Honestly, I don't know. I never really had a family family. My Mom died when I was young, my father was an asshole and my brother well…my asshole father is the reason my brother killed himself so how I would handle it..I couldn't even guess." He doesn't look Connor in the face as he speaks, focusing on a lovely spot on the floor. "I never had to deal with it, I stay here cause this is my home. It was the first place I wasn't scared to come home to."

Connor replies softly, "So… in a way… this is your family, then. Allright… I think I can kinda understand that then."

"I never had a parent worry about me going to school here or the danger I could face, I never had to confess to a sibling or parent or even a friend that I was a mutant. Sometimes I wish I did, maybe it would have made things easier but it's not the way it happened." Daisuke says shurgging a shoulder. "This place, and my Grandmother back in Japan, that's the only family I have and…I really don't mind it that way. Sorry I can't give you advice on how to deal with your family."

Connor actually chuckles a bit and then shrugs, "It's allright…" And he looks back up, eyes having warmed slightly once more, "I guess it's just proof that I really do need to deal with it on my own terms, and stop leaning on other people for answers."

Daisuke shakes his head before answering slowly. "No…well maybe not for answers but support. It's good to have people to lean on for support when figuring things out. And you always need to deal with your problems on your own terms. What works for someone might not work for someone else. You have things some of us don't and we have things that you might not have. And when you're finally able to stand on your own two feet, you can help your friends when they've lost their footing."

Connor nods once more and picks up his bag, "I'm gonna go do a short run around the mansion… get some air in. Also want to get the uniform to fit right. Thanks for the chat…" And with that he just… vanishes… a faint ripple in the air following his wake.

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