2010-03-24: Feral Fighting


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Summary: Marshall takes Doctor's advice and tries to learn a skill… from Mikhail.

Date: March 24, 2010

Feral Fighting

Rating: R (for extreme violence)

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Early morning, and on the advice of a teacher, Marshall is doing some experimenting. Having gotten the approval of one of the teachers at the school, and gotten Mikhail to come along, he's in the danger room. He's in his uniform, only for protection, as he doesn't have any other kind of protective gear. "Thank you." He says to Mikhail. "For help me." He explains, as the danger room is set in motion by said teacher. A wooded area. Perhaps set during one war or another. It's a basic survival/takedown scenario. Marshall has no marketable skills in fighting, so that's what Mikhail's for.

As a favor to Marshall, Mikhail is spending his free period in his favorite room in the school, the danger room, he's dressed in his green and white squad uniform which has been customised down to shorts. "I'm happy to help", he smiles, he watches as the scenario is set up, a wide grin spreading across his face when he sees the woods, this is gonna be fun.

For Marshall's part, he just moves to the side, so that he can observe. As of now, the Danger Room doesn't recognize him as being there. He's being purposefully ignored. But that's when things start to happen. What appear to be soldiers (of non-descript origin) come running out from between the trees, only two at a time for now, running at Mik. They're armed with nothing more than daggers.

As Marshall steps away and the attack begins, Mikhail adopts an offensive stance, crouching down he jumps at the clostest one using both their weights to knock into the other, theres a cracking sound as he disarms the first with a full out punch to the shoulder, dislocating it, then move to the next, taking him of the fight with a punch to the face knocking him out, "Next", he growls.

There's a wince from Marshall as he imagines the impact around him, but he's not tearing his eyes off. He's watching it all quite intently.

At Next, two more come out, from different positions. One coming at a run while the other sneaks around, trying to get the best of the feral youth.

Mikhail takes the first head on, moving out of the way of the dagger then grabbing hold of the wrist weilding it, hetrists it sharply breaking it, while digging his nails it, using his newly found venom to poison his attacker. As for the one sneaking up on him, Mik can hear him, feral sences and that, he lets the man get just about close enough to attack him, then launches himself in the air, landing on the mans back, he grabs his head and snaps his neck.

"Come on, something bigger", he snarls.

The poison doesn't register in Marshall's mind. After all, that's beyond his ability to mimic or incorporate. Also, the senses. It's only the fighting style that he's learning. But he's watching quite intently. He has enough strength and agility to perform most of what he's seen so far.

This time, three come out, armed with larger knives, bordering on short swords.

Mikhail rolls his eyes as yet again more humans with blades are sent out, is that the best the room can do, the boy has taken out demons, this is childs play. Now to start fighting a little dirty, he pulls up the body of the man hes standing over and thows the body at the nearest attacker, then jumps up and uses a tree branch to swing over another attacker, landing he turns and ducks to avoid the short sword, grabs the mans wrist,then knocks him out with a punch to the face. He dodges as the final man stabs at him, the sword just slicing his side (it's not deep and would quickly heal, if it was real that is), he snarls and does something that may freak Marshall out, he jams his index ans middle fingers into the mans eyes.

Marshall winces visible as he watches, but he's not looking away. That would be silly to do, in all honesty.Not this close to finishing. It's not pretty and it's not nice. But he didn't expect it to be. He saw the wild side of Mik and knew that was what to expect.

Now, it's a crowd. A half-dozen people armed variously all charging in. They're obviously not programmed to be trained very well. But it's enough to give a minor workout.

Mikhail grins, now it's a party, he picks up the sword the now eyeless man was weilding and throws it at one of the incoming attackers, then dives at another, using their combined weight rolls smacking the mans head on a tree trunk, okay, two down. As he turns he dodges a spit-second before number three's sword whould go though his head, moving he bites down hard on the mans wrist, biting though the flesh and crunching the bone, the man yells in pain and drops the weapon, Mik punches him hard in the throat, choking him. Number four, Mik drops to the floor on his back and kicks the man with feral strength, in his…, you know, the man yells in pain, dropping his weapon as he does the automatic thing moving his hands to the area, giving Mik the chance to knock him out as well.

The other one is just about to throw his weapon at Mikhail when it all clicks into Marshall's head. With an… odd-sound for him… a roar comes from his throat, he starts running and leaps at the final standing attacker. He springs up to grab at the man's head, right about the ears. Using that grip to help him move around, he twists about until he's sitting on the man's shoulders, and then twists with his hands. Broken neck. Oops. Marshall stops after, and blinks. "It work!" Then he pauses. "Ew. Dirty fight." He says, looking to Mikhail. His blood is definitely pumping though.

Mikhail's eyes widen in shock, he knew Marshall was here to learn how to fight by mimicing him, but… whoa, Marshall who looks like butter wouldn't melt, has just roared, disarmed an attacker and broken his neck in a matter of seconds. "Wow, Marshall that was amazing, well done".

Marshall just blushes. "Learn from you. Mikhail. Thanks." He says, moving over to offer a hug to his roommate. "Very hungry now. And… hmm." he says with a laugh. "We talk that later." He still feels his blood pumping. "Need shower." He nods, grinning. "This really neat power. Like it."

Mikhail hugs Marshall, realy impressed, "Yeah, fights make you hungry quickly", he stretches, "Shower then food, yeah?", he is grinning widly, that was fun, and he help his new friend as well, "Your power is really good, you can learn all sorts of things".

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