2009-09-03: Ferrety Fun


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Summary: Kalindi, Izzy, Tory and Jennifer socialize in Bryant Park.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title Ferrety Fun

Rating: G

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

While Kalindi has opted not to carry her heavy backpack, she still walks as if under a great weight. With her recently increased physical regiment, her muscles seem to get sore a lot more quickly. With that in mind, she has decided to just take a leisurely walk to loosen up a little bit. With her training having been completed for the day and the sun shining warmly in the late afternoon, it just seemed like to perfect thing to do. She toys idly with a gold necklace that she wears as she glances around, just quietly observing people in the park for now.

A few grunts of frustration echo out of the storm grate as it looks like someone, or something, is trying to push a make shift sack through it. It's not really a sack just a towel tied around some clothing. The 'sack' sits above the storm grate for a bit getting a few stares as shortly after a ferret crawls out. Tory sniffs around a bit before trying to drag the sack to a near by bush with his teeth.

Even super-heroines like to sunbathe every now and then, even if they are six and a half feet tall and green and just don't tan. She-Hulk meanders into the park wearing a purple bikini-top, a wide brimmed hat to shade her eyes, and a white sarong with matching sandals while holding folding lounge chair in one hand and a basket in the other. She finds a nice place to lay out her chair and gets busy in unfolding it.

Rather suddenly, a purple hand whips out of the bush to grab the ferret and the bag. In the bush is Nightshade, the oddity that he is. "Tory!" the odd, fused voice exclaims happily.

At first, Kalindi's attention is attracted to the ferret crawling out of the storm grate. Forgetting her soreness, she starts running over with eyes wide to check out the animal; she's still not incredibly familiar with wildlife, so the sight of anything but squirrels, rats and pigeons is pretty exciting for her. She pauses in her run, though, when she catches She-Hulk out of the corner of her eye, looking over wide-eyed at the super heroine. She has familiarized herself a little bit more with prominent superhumans, so she recognizes the green giantess pretty quickly. But she has more important things to concern herself with, so she walks closer to the ferret. The sight of Nightshade's hand surprises her, and gasps, "Oh no," assuming instantly that the creature is going to get eaten.

As he's grabed by Nightshade, Tory squirms a bit, seeing as he doesn't want to shift as he'll end up being a naked boy if he does. There's a few squeaks from the ferret shifter, as a kind of return greating, to Nightshade.

Jennifer is at the wrong angle to see exactly what's going on in the bushes over there, save for Kalindi rushing off. She sits up a bit, curious to see what's going on, but it doesn't look like it's anything that's going to need her intervention at the moment, so she lays back in her chair, keeping an eye on the activity over there in case it does escalate into something.

Nightshade comes out of the bush, hugging the ferret and being careful not to squish him. "Nightshade missed Tory!" the alien voice declares. "Yeah! We did," the human voice adds. There's a sudden sniffing at the air and Nightshade looks around. "It's Green Lady!" the alien voice whispers. "She got kissy face with Gold Man," the human voice adds with a snicker. There's another pause. "Gonna turn into Tory-Person instead of Tory-Ferret?" the human voice asks after a moment.

Kalindi stops running when she's close enough to just see Tory and Nightshade. Since she isn't actively listening to Nightshade speaking, she eyes the symbiote-person for a few seconds and says, sounding a little bit unsure, "Don't eat that." Despite sounding unsure, it seems a lot more like a command than it does a request. She wants to get a closer look at the creature before any eating happens, though.

Since he's still held by Nightshade, Tory will find it hard to shift. The little ferret nods and nibbles the Purple guy's hand before squriming free from his grip. Running to a bush, Tory chooses there to shift and lucky for him the bush hides his naughty parts. "Hi Nightshade! SheHulk!" He shouts happily as he notices the large green woman. "

Jennifer sits up again as she hears her name being called from the bushes and sees a nearly naked Tory. She sends him a warm smile and a wave, before standing up and walking over to where he's at. "Well, hello there." When she gets closer she notices that Izzy is there as well. "Izzy." The young woman, on the other hand, she doesn't recognize.

Nightshade's hand tastes of hotdog and other assorted things he raided from a cart earlier. Kalindi gets a cautious glare. "Nightshade would not eat Tory, Silly Girl" the alien voice says simply. When Tory changes back, Nightshade hops over to hug him again. "Tory!" the voice exclaims again. "Hi, Green Lady," he waves to She-Hulk but stays close to Tory.

"I am making sure," says Kalindi to Nightshade, simply shrugging it off. She watches the ferret run off and, while she makes a motion as if she's going to chase after it, she stops at a pang of pain. Which is just as well, since Tory returns to his naked human form. She stands there agape for a few seconds and squeaks, "Where did the animal go?"

Tory is lucky his boy bits are covered by the bush because he really doesn't like being naked in front of people. He just can't shift his clothes. "Nightshade, can I have my clothes?" He asks putting out a hand. "I'm no animal, well half the time I'm an animal half the time I'm a boy, I'm Tory!" He says excidedly.

Jennifer chuckles at Tory's enthusiasm, and nods in agreement. "He's the ferret," she explains to Kalindi.

When it looks like Kalidi might chase after he ferret, Nightshade's fingers sharpen into claws and his stance becomes more defensive. When she stops, he's back to smooth and happy. When the clothing is requested, Nightshade scrambles over, collects the clothes, and then rushes them back to Tory.

The alien's defensive stance doesn't go unnoticed by Kali. She's pretty alert, so the first thing she does when those claws come out is grab hold of her powers. Her gold bracelets seem to crawl up her wrists into the palms of her hands. She too looks defensive up until Nightshade calms down, when she turns her attention back towards Tory. She maybe seems a little bit disappointed at his and She Hulk's statements, "Oh. I had never seen an animal like that, and I thought I could look and…" she trails off and kicks the ground disappointedly.

Tory starts to pull his shirt over his head and ducks down to pull on his pants. The last thing he pulls out of his sack is a beat up Teddy bear and holds it by the hand as he wanders out. He walks over to Kalindi and sniffs her before tilting his head. "You thought you could look and what? You didn't finish your sentance. Oh Nightshade I missed you too and we can play search and hidey stuffs and She Hulk I still have your paperclips my chain is thiiiiiiis long!!!!" He says holding out his hands.

She-Hulk just laughs at Tory's child-like behavior. "Well, I'm glad I was able to add to your chain." Even though the boy looks to be in his late teens, she talks to him as if talking to somebody half his age. Giving Kalindi a curious glance she asks, "You've never seen a ferret?"

Nightshade keeps an eye on Kalindi even if he doesn't look like it, a perk of being able to see from any point of his body. "We didn't see a ferret before Tory either," Nightshade's human voice chimes. "What is a paper clip?" the alien voice asks.

"…maybe hold it and feel what it is like to touch its fur," Kalindi finishes when Tory prompts her, feeling pretty stupid. Really, she has nothing against animals. Having been raised for most of her life in an alternate dimension with no experience with other life forms has just left her with a childlike sense of wonderment. But she can't hold and pet a human! When asked about never having seen a ferret, Kalindi replies honestly, "No, I have not." Her strange, thick and unplaceable accent, something between Hindi and something that sounds perhaps demonic, certainly suggests that she's not from around here. "Are there a lot of them?" While she isn't aware that Nightshade is watching her, she does eye him every once in awhile just out of pure suspicion.

Tory can't help but giggle as Kalindi mentions what she wants to do. "When I shift back I can let you pet me! I'm part human part ferret and I hadn't seen many ferrets before but I am one! The bad man had some ferrets when I first got there." Tory says with a nod and a bit of a shudder. "Oh Paperclips are cool, they're shiny and bendy and you can make a chain out of them. Old people use them to hold papers but that's boring. Let me see!" Tory says searching his pockets and pulling out a toy car, yarn and two spoons. "All my paperclips are down there." He says pointing to the sewer grate. "I like the She Hulk added to my chain, it makes it extra special, do you know why? Cause you're a Super Hero!"

Jennifer gives Tory the obligatory Super Hero pose: Feet held slightly a part, arms akimbo and fists on her hips. "That I am!" She shakes her head at Kalindi, answering, "We don't see them in the wild around here, for the most part. They're usually kept as pets."

Nightshade watches everything Tory takes out and nods. "Nightshade will look for more for Tory," the alien voice declares simply. Kalindi gets a very wary look when she mentions wanting to touch Tory, the purple oddity not liking her for reasons it can't figure out and likely doesn't care. The purple oddity mimics She-Hulk's pose before laughing. "We're a superhero too!" the human voice adds. "Hey, Tory! Wanna come to where we live? We can get your paperclips and stuff and you can come with us," the human voice goes on, bouncing around Tory a bit.

Playing with her balled up bracelets for a moment, Kalindi reattaches them to her wrists, smiling slightly at Tory. "It would maybe seem a little bit strange to me if I pet you, knowing that you are also a human person." She shrugs and looks towards Jennifer and Nightshade, an eyebrow arched at their superhero poses.

Tory laughs at Kalindi and shurgs. He's just very carefree about most things. "I'm Tory!" He says introducing himself to her. "I can visit where you live Nightshade, I have Teddy with me so itt's okay!" He says holding up his beloved beat up teddy bear. "I'm not a superhero, just a ferret."

She-Hulk ruffles Tory's hair in a kind of maternal manner, "I know. Considering some of the things you've been through you're a very brave boy."

Nightshade nods quickly, letting out a happy noise. "Okay!" both voices declare. "Let's get all your stuff and we can swing ya there," the human voice says, excited. Nightshade will wait, helping TOry gather everything then will offer his back to ride on for the web-swing journy.

Kalindi smiles at Tory's enthusiastic introduction and replies, "My name is Kalindi. It is very nice to meet you." She eyes She-Hulk and then Nightshade carefully for a second and just fiddles a bit nervously with her bracelets.

Tory grabs Kalindi's hand and starts to shaking it for a few seconds longer than normal. "Okay Nightshade, it was nice meeting you Kalindi!" Tory says with a grin as he looks at SheJulk and nods. "That's right I'm brave. I will see you again She Hulk!" He says as he goes to grab his stuff before heading off with Nightshade.

She-Hulk pays no mind to Kalindi's discomfort at being around her. "Stay out of trouble," she calls out to Tory, before turning back to the other two. "It's good to meet you to, Kalindi. I am She-Hulk." Kalindi probably figured that out already, but it's good to make formal introductions anyway.

Kalindi eyes She-Hulk for a couple of moments silently before saying, "Yes, I am glad to be meeting you today, She-Hulk." She pauses for a couple more uncomfortable moments to make the observation: "You are very big." She puts her hand up in such a way to gesture out that she means vertically, not horizontally. Kali finds She-Hulk perhaps a little bit more intimidating in person than on Wikipedia.

She-Hulk chuckles at Kalindi's comment. "That I am. You get that when you're related to The Hulk."

"Ah, yes, the Hulk. Is it true that he eats people? I think that I have read that somewhere. He bites them in half, one bite," says Kalindi. She shrugs and then says, "You do not look like you eat people. You do not have the jaw for it." She taps the side of her own face to indicate.

She-Hulk turns a little green(er) at the thought of eating people. "Ew. No, I've never known him to eat anybody." After a thoughtful pause, "Or bite anybody for that matter. Squish them and stomp on them, yes. But he usually leaves the teeth out of it."

Kalindi furrows her brow slightly. It's clear that she's struggling to just have words come out of her mouth, regardless of having nothing to talk about. "Ah, I am glad of this. I think that, if he wanted to, he could eat me, so this is comforting. I do not eat people. I am a vegetarian." She bites her bottom lip and then just /stares/ at the giantess before her.

She-Hulk gives Kalindi a disapproving frown, putting her hands on her hips. "I'm not /that/ intimidating, am I?" She asks. "I'm in a bikini."

Nodding slowly, Kalindi comments, "And you have a much better figure than I do." She crosses her arms and says, "I find you very intimidating, I am sorry. I have seen a picture of you with a car. And if you wanted, pow! I would have no more bones." Especially since she has a lot less gold on her than usual. She shrugs a little bit defeatedly. "I do not mean to make you feel bad."

She-Hulk arches an emerald eyebrow at Kalindi, "Do you think I would just drop a car on you with no reason?" She shakes her head, "Even the Hulk, despite what the news wants you to believe, doesn't smash people for no reason."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "Oh, no no, I don't think that you would do it for no reason. I do not think that you are crazy. But that you /could/. That is what I find intimidating. No, I do not think you will harm me today or any time soon. It is like, ah, well, maybe a very big dog. It is very friendly, but I know that it could snap my head off." She shrugs and says, "I would not hate the dog, but I am cautious."

She-Hulk just shakes her head in bewilderment. "Usually the kind of people who look at me like that are the same kind of people who expect to, one day, see me coming their because they're doing something not-so-legal."

This is where Kalindi's honesty becomes her undoing. Since she is committed to always tell the truth if she tells anything at all, she just stands there awkwardly for a few moments, staring at She-Hulk. "Well… I am not doing anything illegal right now," she points out.

She-Hulk folds her arms and peers down at the girl. "No," she says, her tone wary. "I suppose you're not."

Pondering, Kalindi tilts her head slightly and looks up. "There was this time where I did some fighting against a magical monster that was attacking people in a theatre. I think that I broke some things in there, but, I do not think that you would be the kind of person to be faulting me for property damage. Or doing vigilante things." She arches an eyebrow, actually trying to think of any /real/ laws that she has broken since coming to the Earth world. Buying and selling souls? Totally legal in most countries. Beating up people? Well, they started it. Self-defense. She shrugs and says, "I do not know. You are still much bigger and stronger than I am. I would not want to fight you."

Jennifer snickers at the mention of the monster in the theater. "I guess I can't hold collateral damage against you, considering how much I tend to cause when I get going." She shakes her head, unfolding her arms and letting them rest at her side again. "No, not many people do."

"That was a very annoying day," Kalindi notes, "I went to just watch a movie, but it was cancelled." She shrugs and then adds, "What is the scariest monster that you have ever had to fight? Is there anything that you could not beat?" As soon as she is feeling assured that Jennifer is unlikely to hurt her in the near future she warms up a little bit more, same as she would when a big dog proved to be chalk full of love..

Jennifer considers her answer very carefully. "The scariest monster I ever came across was myself." The following silence indicates that she isn't about to elaborate on her choice any time soon.

The answer makes Kalindi a little bit more visibly nervous again. "Ah, I see," she says, frowning. She fiddles with her necklace for a few moments and then says, "Do you think you could pick up a bus? Two buses? I can not pick up very many buses. I do not think I can pick up any at all."

"I could easily lift a couple of busses," Answers She Hulk. "I've even thrown a tank before."

"Tanks are very heavy," says Kalindi, sounding pretty confident in that assertion. "I could not pick it up, not even an inch. I do not have super strength, though, I am just as strong as I am."

After a few moments of considering how strong Jennifer is, Kalindi decides to just end the chat now. After all, this woman could have desire to beat her up someday. "Well, um, I will be going home now, I think. It was interesting to meet you." She raises an eyebrow as if questioning her own farewell, and runs off, limping from still being sore.

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