2010-01-27: Fetching The Runaway


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Summary: Jono and Van take a drive to find the runaway student, Robyn.

Date: January 27, 2010

Log Title Fetching The Runaway

Rating: PG

Rest Stop on I-87, 20 miles outside of Albany

Robyn hasn't sleep since leaving last night, mainly functioning on food from gas stations and energy drinks. Since heading out last night he's successfully hitchhiked his way up I-87 and is about twenty miles outside of Albany, currently at a rest stop. He's sitting inside the building looking at the map with his duffel bag over his shoulder, trying to figure out where to go, and who he can get to take him there. He really doesn't know upstate New York right now but it's the opposite direction from the school and the demon infested New York City so he figures he's on a decent path.

Jonothon got this letter see, and while he didn't act immediately, he did set things in motion to do something about it. Making sure people knew where he was going, the man also asked Van to accompany him. Gave the honest truth too. Can't drive and find the missing student at the same time.
And that's how things are now. With Van behind the wheel, and Jonothon having given directions, the two arrive at that rest stop. A glance to Van as it's clear they are in the right place, he says, «Thanks.» For doing this on such short notice.
Climbing out of the school car, the Brit has a plastic bag with him. It's something of a gift for Robyn, but that wasn't explained to anyone. «I appreciate the note.» Jono says as he approaches Robyn. «But the least you could have done is not rushed off on your birthday.» The tone is gently teasing, not angry, and if he can get close enough, the man merely holds out that bag. In it are a variety of cake slices. The kind you get in stores. Chocolate, white cake, a brownie.. like half a dozen pieces in all types and flavors.

"Course." Van answers, climbing out of the car as Jonothon does. "I was just given a squad to help train and discovered Robyn's on it. Can't let one of my students rush off without at least getting to know him a bit." The car alarm chirps and he pockets the keys.

Robyn jumps slightly as he 'hears' Jono's voice and looks at him surprised. "Jono?! What…are you doing here?" Well he knows the reason but it's just an automatic response. He takes the bag slowly and looks inside it. "I had to leave, I can't stay there any more Jono." He doesn't elaborate on the why, just that he can't.

«I should really meet my own squad.» Well, he's sharing one, but that's okay. Jono found out the other day that he's co-leader of the Hellions.
Why is he here? «That's a bloody stupid question, mate.» Like duh. «I'm here in hopes you'll come back with me.» Jonothon isn't here to force the issue. He's here to try and talk you into returning. «See, you think it's bad now, but it really can get worse.» The teasing tone gone for this of course. «Running away from the school won't help you. If you had the option of going home I'd let you, but running away?» He shakes his head, spreading his hands. «This isn't a solution. This is just like accompanying Rashmi down to the city. The only difference is that it won't be demons hurting you. Being homeless is awful. Will you at least tell me why?»

Van settles down on a seat next to Robyn and stretches his legs out in front of him. "There are a lots of things you can make use of at the school. People to talk to, who'll listen, friends of yours who care. If someone else was in your position right now - Rashmi, for instance since I happened to walk in on you and her in the medbay - would you advise her ot leave the school on her own? Or would you suggest she work on solving whatever is upsetting her and getting help to do it?"

"I wasn't planning on being homeless forever, just, call my parents once the demon thing clears up so I can head back down there." Robyn says thinking it was a decent plan. "Why, I can't stand to watch them tear themselves apart anymore. All my friends are destroying themselves and there is nothing I can do to help. I just don't want to stick around to have the next horrible thing happen. He can run off to Nevada for all I care and kill himself, I'm not going to be around to watch it. And Rashmi?" He doesn't know who Van is but the name is brought up. "Rashmi's gonna probably beat herself up over this and keep making Lucas her 'project' to show everyone he's a good guy when I'm going to have to watch her be destroyed as she tries to put on a brave face. She's got Lucas back, she got what she wanted."

Jonothon lets Robyn get all that out. He's quiet, looking to Van as the man talks, but he gradually looks to Robyn. «So in spite all those good words you told me yesterday, you decided to trash it all and be selfish?» Sounding a bit dismayed at this, he stares at Robyn. «My friends are all hurting, so since I can't make them better immediately I'll leave them all to self destruct?» No, he can't believe you are talking like this.

Robyn closes his eyes and looks down at his feet. "I can't take it anymore Jono, it hurts to much. I really does. So what if I'm selfish for once, but I…I feel so weighted down. So lost. I can't do anything Jono except watch, and it hurts. It was so much easier when I wasn't a mutant. When I didn't have powers. I might have had less friends back home but it was easier."

Shaking his head as Robyn looks down, Jonothon attempts to rest a hand on Robyn's shoulder. «Robyn, look at me.» Jono hates doing the example thing. «I don't have a mouth. There's a lot of things I simply can't do. I got this way because I blew up and killed everyone I knew. All my friends gone in an instant. That wasn't the first time I'd had power troubles either. Over and over and over I tried running away. Never once did it work. It makes things worse instead.»
«You saw that I was right about going down into the city. Think you could trust me now when I say that you are making the wrong choice? I know it hurts. I've been in your shoes repeatedly. It hurts so much you think it's going to flay you from the inside out.. but it really can get better. It can if you stop running and face it. That's the only way.»

Van just stays quiet, letting the other man do the talking since he has a history with the boy. He keeps an eye on everyone else in the area.

Robyn looks up at Jono and it's clear from his face that he doesn't want to go back. He's silent for a long time as he knows Jono is right but he doesn't want to admit. "I don't know Jono, I care about them, I do, that's why it's so hard to watch." It's not like he's gone emotionally unscathed through out this all and is just watching his friends deal. "My Mom didn't even want me to go to the school at first, but she knew I needed help. I know I can't last long on my own but I don't know if I can last long there too."

That's an emotion Jonothon well understands. He's spent years not wanting to go back, and yet he always did. «Robyn.. how about we compromise?» The hand drops from Robyn's shoulder. «It's not a great one, but it's all I have. Come back to the school until this bollocks is over.» He means the demons. «I know it hurts, but it's at least safer there than here. If things don't improve I'll take you home myself. That's all I ask. Come back until we can get you home.»

"My name's Van, by the way." he says to Robyn. "And I've just been assigned to Alpha Squadron so you're one of my students. I'll be happy to listen to anything you need to talk about and help as I can. I'm sure Jonothon is also willing to lend an ear and shoulder so you don't have to go through things alone."

There are reasons to go back, Robyn just has been intentionally not thinking about them. "I'm Robyn." He says to Van. "That's why a 'y', not the 'i'. The one with an 'i' is a girl." Yes there are two Robyn's at the school. He looks at Jono for a bit and the looks at the bag that he gave him and then looks back up. "Okay, I'll come back and once this is over, I'll go home." Who knows if his mind will change or not by that point, but right now he's set on it.

Very glad Van came along, Jonothon nods to the man for that offer. The gift isn't much, he knows, but Jono doesn't know what Robyn likes. Beyond sculpting, and he didn't have much time, so some cake was the quickest part to get. «Would it help not to stay in the dorms?» Asked as he shows some relief in that the teen will return with them. «You can crash in my room until you've decided.» Considering he can sleep anywhere, so not worried about that aspect. This offered, he motions to the car. Shall we?

Van stands back up and stretches, waiting for Robyn to lead the way.

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I'll stay in my room, I've become accustomed to all the scary monsters I've created around there." And there's that faint smile from the teen. He's actually glad that someones come after him though he doesn't say it. "But I'll probably be locking myself in the art room most of the time now that my arm is healed." He means that too, expect to find him passed out in there at 2am with his face resting in clay.

Jonothon wrinkles his nose, but it's a sign of laughter. Monsters, heh. «That's perfectly acceptable.» Sleep faceplanted in what ever you want, so long as it's at the school and not some dumpster somewhere. With Van waiting, the man heads for the car. Can't enter immediately, but he lets Robyn pick where he sits. Passenger seat or back. Doesn't really matter. Really appreciates Van helping though. Jono's kind of illegal when it comes to driving.

The alarm *chirps* as Van unlocks the car. "Spend as much time in the art room as you'd like." he agrees but then adds a caveat. "So long as your studies don't suffer. And that includes your combat training. If you're going to be leaving the school, you'll going to need to know how to defend yourself as best you can."

Robyn slides in the back seat and nods. He makes a bit of a face at Van with the combat training as he doesn't look like a hand to hand kind of kid, he's quite skinny. Robyn doesn't admit to skipping classes so he can hang out in art room longer either. "I usually don't miss Danger Room sessions." He doesn't say much on the way back, in fact after being in the car for 10 minutes he lies down and falls asleep.

Saying nothing, Jonothon takes the passenger seat then. It's not until Robyn is asleep that he says privately to Van. «Thanks. You made this a lot easier.» Lots and lots. «Sorry your introduction to the school was as it was.» A death, runaways, demons..

"It's almost like being back in the Corps." Van answers dryly. "Combat, casualties, AWOL recruits. More demons though so I think the Corps wins on that count. I'll assume this is not a typical week for how things run around the school and that they'll settle down." Though phrased as a statement, it's at least half question.

There's the shake of his head for the half-question. «No, this isn't normal.» A weary confirmation. «These things happen more often at Xaviers than elsewhere it seems, but no, it isn't normal. I think it's the possession that's making it so bad. These kids aren't prepared to deal with it, and it's been kicking them in the back of the head for days now.» Jono pities them, he really does. Understands only too well. «What Corps you with, mate? I'm not entirely up on American military.» Should be, but isn't. Considering his time with Department H? Hell yes he should be.

"I'm not prepared to deal with it either." Van answers. "Demons? Possession? Who the hell /is/ prepared to deal with that kind of shit. Except maybe a priest or two or that woman with the sword. But at least that boy Lucas is… exorcised? Are there other students possessed as well?" At the last question, he snorts softly. "There's only one Corps. The Marines."

Jonothon doesn't answer about who is prepared. After a while you gain some ability to deal. The armor only pain can create over time. Still, he doesn't think of himself better for it. If anything he thinks himself worse. He's lost a lot with that experience. «Sorry.» For not knowing the Corps. «There are two other students who are possessed, but they are in New York I believe.» The city he means. «I know of four, and two of them have been rescued. If you call what happened with Lucas being rescued.»

Van nods but stays silent a moment, thinking. "So how do you fight demons and the ones they're possessing? I can't just shoot them; it's not their fault. Does holy water work? I could get some. Crosses? Bible verses?"

«I don't know for sure.» Jonothon admits honestly. «I can seem to knock them out, but that's about all. Sefton, the one in the silver with the sword, has magic. That's the only way I guess. Fight magic with magic, and I don't have any magic.» So he's in the same boat as you. «Don't have the belief to try holy water or crosses either. You need that.» Idly rubs at his wrist as he speaks of that too, the gesture unconscious.

Van grunts a soft acknowledgement. "So just need to keep them at bay or subdue them somehow." Which is easier said than done of course. "Flashbangs maybe. Or tear gas. Getting them is a problem though. Might take longer than we have."

He frowns at you, but says nothing immediately. Jonothon forgets sometimes that people aren't used to the X-men. Why use mundane things? Of course those mundane things just might help. That's why he's quiet so long. Has to over come immediate dismissal in realizing that it's a good idea. «Don't think the school is at much risk. What we need to do is find the other two and purge them. Sefton said that would end it.»

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