2010-01-20: Field Test


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Summary: Students go looking for trouble and find it. And a dubious ally.

Date: January 20, 2010

Log Title Field Test

Rating: R.

NYC - Bryant Park

Located right behind the New York Public Library is the quaint Bryant Park. Looking over 42nd Street, chairs and tables have been set up all around the green, making it ideal for book readers, people to sit down and eat, or just relax with friends. Trees surround three out of four sides of the park, and in one of the corners sits a little stand called The witchcraft creamery which offers ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, floats, and warmer beverages in the winter.

The panic level in the city has been high, offices have been shut down for the moment and people have been advised not to leave their apartments unless necessary. New York City is in an official state of emergency, though it doesn't stop everyone from being out. There aren't many people in Bryant Park today, and the streets are not nearly as crowded as normal. Jeremy was out for some reason he'd rather not say, but he looks like he's waiting for someone. He's dressed in a light jacket, gloves and jeans, despite the weather being in the 70's, while smoking a cigarette. Jeremy looks around with a sort of nervous impatience.

Dallas is with his fellow students. Dressed in street wear appropriate for the heat, blue jeans, sneakers and a loose unbuttoned oxford all in various shades of blue over a crisp white t-shirt. He looks rather like what he is, a student playing hooky. He looks around the park, his expression a bit pensive and then glances towards Mikhail and Trey. "You know, they're probably going to get ticked we even came into the city, much less /when/ we did."

Trey is not really in the mood to go to the city but he pretty much couldn't deny Dallas. He also was a little surprised to see Mikhail along for the ride. It may have been Dallas' attempt at trying to get the two to play nicey nice after the incident or it could have just been a coincidence that the two were the only ones to agree to go along with the schools 'problem child'. Unlike most, Trey doesn't have much problem with the heat. He is wearing a pair of jeans, a baby blue t-shirt and a leather jacket. Despite the leather jacket, no sweat drips from his brow. Even after much teasing with Dallas, the purple eyed teen still has Mr. Fuzzles in one arm. That is probably not even odd to see in New York City. "What is the worst thing that they could do to us? Kick us from the school. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of them wanting to protect us from coming to the city in the first place. You don't punish someone for playing with fire by throwing them into an oven." Trey also went along because he has no desire to take a leadership stance and Dallas is definitely all take charge be in the leadership position. He looks at Dallas, "So where we headed fearless leader?"

Mikhail stares blankly at Dallas, "People tick?", again the language barrier causes some confusion, rather than his usual shorts no shirt look, hes dressed in street clothes Dallas picked out of his wardrobe to help him blend in, a pair of dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt, blue sneakers, a gray and black checkered emo scarf and sunglasses. He came along because he need to get out of the school and away from the temptation to kill Nathaniel, hes not bothered by the presence of Trey, any bad feeling he had of Trey are gone along with the rest of his emotions.

Be very very quiet! I'm hunting demons! heheheheh. The newest Avenger is dressed like a guy who's just recently been made homeless or something. Two scruffy tee-shirts full of holes, very oversized, and giant dirty gray pants made for someone three times his size, dirty and unkempt. He has a shopping bag clutched under one arm and walks with a defeated attitude, limping a little as if injured. He cowers away from shadows as he wanders aimlessly, mumbling.

Jeremy continues to look around for that one person, he hopes that he's not being stood up cause that will make it quite difficult for the young mutant. He spots Keld and watches him, recognizing the homeless signs all to well and approaches him. "Hey Mister, here." He says handing him a ten dollar bill. "I was in your situation not to long ago, people helped me out so, I figured I'd return the favor." Well it helps that the money he's offering was stolen a while ago since that's the main source of income for him. Jeremy, pick pocket by day, wallet snatcher by night.

Dallas looks sideways at Trey. "Addison said he probably couldn't get Mik's beast swerve back on. We're basically looking for trouble to see if maybe he just needs to let off some steam." He cracks his knuckles and says, "And I need to hit something too." It's a simplistic view of the universe, where a good fight cures all ills. But Dallas fancies himself a pretty simple guy. "And you're along to make up for threatening to zot me with lightning." He grins at Mikhail's questions and says, "Short for ticked off, Mik. I means to make mad." He watches the other people in the park with a certain calculating coldness. The demons prey on weakness. And that shuffling homeless guy? He looks like demon-chow to Dallas. He starts walking that way, "Just keep your eyes open, guys. Some of these things are tough. Really tough." He scowls a little in memory of his defeat. Well, round two is coming as soon as he can get it.

Trey just shrugs his shoulders. "I am not sure what you mean exactly about Mik's beast swerve but whatever." He looks over towards Mikhail and he says, "Just keep him away from my Bunny and all will be fine." The rather small sized weather manipulator gives the stuffed rabbit a squeeze. He looks rather intimidating with that stuffed animal in the greatest sarcastic way. "Yes well, I would zot you with lightning anytime." He looks towards the homeless guy that Dallas looks towards and he catches a whiff of him with his keen sense of smell and he scrunches his nose in disdain. "Yuck, why would people wallow around like that? I can…" He sputters. "I can taste the grease in my mouth. He would do well with a summer shower." He doesn't really get the concept of homeless people yet, that guy is his first real run in with one. He decides he doesn't like the way that Keld smells, he did a good job playing the part and so he steps away from Dallas and as far away from Keld as he can get.
You page-pose, "Dallas laughs and nods. "No worries."" to Mikhail.

Mikhail nods at Dallas when he explains what "ticked" means, he just gives Dallas the closest thing he has to a "Duh" look when he says to keep their eyes open, he looks down at Mr Fuzzles when Trey talks about eating him, "Mikhail only eat animal rabbit, that one dont smell right", and when Trey comments on Keld's scent which he had already picked up on he gives him a look, "Some people don't have choice, cant get shower".

The homeless guy flinches visibly when Jeremy speaks to him, mumbling in a barely understandable accent, "You iz a demon stay way fromme don' wan demon mony stol my mony stol my gorl dam demons" … His eyes don't actually seem to focus on anything at all, and he doesn't meet Jeremy's gaze. He does, however, let one hand shakily drift toward the offered bill, just in case it's a demon lure. At close range the smell of grease, old sweat, and random bodily fluids gets almost overpowering.
That random wandering stare did take in the three students … why in the name of all the random spirits of the empty void are there teenagers wandering in the park? They're either demons in disguise (saw two of those yesterday) or really stupid (saw several of those, most dead) or they're playing Buffy. Right.

Jeremy jumps back slightly, it's not the smell, he can take the smell. He's smelt like that before when he was on the streets, it's the fact at being called a demon. "I'm not a demon sir, I just wanted to help." He says as he does notice there are maybe twenty people in the park.

There's a ear splitting screech through the area, high pitched and shrill, and seconds later five blackish figures fly over head, two swoop down and grab a pedestrian each and the other three land, looking around. They stand at about seven feet tall, scaly skin, horns and long tails. One looks over and the three laughs, as one breaths a mouthful of fire towards two pedestrians.

Dallas winces as the demons start grabbing up pedestrians. He calls his shadow to him and it flows up his body like an oil spill in reverse, starting at the feet and finally sealing him in from head to toe. That shell of darkness is usually featureless and smooth but at the moment it ripples with half-formed spikes and claws and disturbing bits of animal or insect outlines in the darkness. Perhaps reflecting Dallas's mind. He takes a deep breath and tries to settle his stomach as he starts forward, determined to make up for his bad showing with Batroc and Lucas. He's in full-on quarterback mode as he says, "Trey, can you knock the flying ones back down? Better broken legs than demon dinners. Mik, sic 'em." He rips up a park bench in passing and hurls it at the closest demon. Several hundred pounds of wood and metal, torn from the concrete with a wrenching scream of stressed concrete and steel and then Dallas's own primal shout of anger and defiance.

Trey looks at Mikhail, "Yes well as long as you respect Mr. Fuzzles, that's all that matters." He doesn't really treat the stuffed animal like it is a real bunny or that he can have a real conversation with him. It's just a security blanket type thing. He is about to scowl when he hears the screech. His purple eyes look to pinpoint the source. When he spots the demons the weather manipulator clenches his fist. It is Dallas' orders that spark something inside of him. With a strong leader, Trey will really listen to them. He calls up the storm clouds to fill the skies, he's got a sure fire plan for knocking those suckers out of the sky all right. He just needs a nice storm to do it. Channeling his energy in to power the storm, it is a lot more difficult to call up weather in this forsaken heat. Once the storm is powered up, he can really do something.

Mikhail falls to his knees hands covering his ears as the screech is picked up by his inhuman hearing, he manages to compose himself in time to here Dallas' order, pulling off the sunglasses and dropping them to the floor he runs and jump towards the nearest demon, his fangs aimed at its throat.

And now it's time for Keld to stop being homeless.

The stinky man suddenly straightens up and looks much less vulnerable. He reaches into the grocery bag, pulls out a handful of something, and rapid-fire, flings four one-inch steel spheres (grapeshot, except these are ball-bearings), one at each of the two demons grabbing pedestrians, two at the one breathing fire, aiming for the chest and being careful about what's on the other side, like any good rifleman. Since he's using his full boosted strength, they make a rifle-shot crack each time. (It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp-rats back home… wait, wrong context.)

The motion and stress shreds the tee-shirts even more, and a blue skin-tight uniform is vaguely visible through the rents and holes. Without looking away from his targets, he says to Jeremy, "Kid, why are you out here? It's not safe."

And yeah… ok, the teenagers, Seems they're not just Scoobies for sure. More like the season-arc special guest who starts evil, gets saved through the power of wub (sic), turns evil again, gets saved again, and then disappears without fanfare between seasons, never to be seen again.

Jeremy doesn't have time to answer Keld's question, nor does he want to, so instead, he runs at a decent speed for a 'normal human'. He's looking for a place to hide, anywhere at the moment.

The storm over head doesn't seem to startle the demons flying, instead it's fun for them. One of the demons stops in mid-air and hurls a pedestrian at Trey, the other, hurls one at Dallas in his shadow form. Bowling for humans! What fun! As for the three on the ground, one gets jumped by Mikhail and his fangs bite into the flesh and that blood doesn't taste good. It's got a thick sulfur smell and taste to it. In response the demon goes to dig a claw into the back of Mikhail, hoping to dig into his flesh. The two demons being fired upon take a few hits but seem to shrug it off. One jumps up and flies towards Keld, breathing his fire breath on the alien.

Dallas growls under his his breath and then focuses on the person being tosses his way. Not much different than any other game. That's how he has to think of this. His knees flex and he leaps with the speed and distance lent to him by his shadow-shell, intercepting and grabbing the civilian around the waist in a rough midair catch-tackle. Half turning them both as the arc of his leap starts to descend, he makes sure that he'll land between the normal human and the ground. He can take it. They probably can't. His eclipse-like eyes, flaring white around black centers narrow as he prepares for the impact and tries to keep his elbows and shoulders unlocked so he doesn't transmit much of the force of the impact to the demon's victim.

Trey may be enhanced faster and stronger then a normal human but his combat training is lacking with his memories gone. Now he mostly goes on reflexes and instinct. When the human is thrown towards him, he throws a gust of wind towards the person to slow down the impact so he can catch them. The cushion of air is enough to allow it. The person is bigger then Trey, which isn't difficult so it was an awkward catch. He tumbles and rolls with the body as the two go to the ground. Once the human is safe he grumbles and calls upon the storm that he was building. Baseball sized hail stones start flying out of the cloud, they are not round but more jagged for pain. And they are being hurled specifically at the demon that attacked him.

Mikhail tries to rip out a chunk of the demons neck flesh while trying not to gag at the taste and smell of the demon's blood, he growls in anger and pain as the demon's claws cut into his flesh, his response is to try and dig his fingers and sharp nails into its eyes.

The generous human flees without even a handshake. Good, it shows common sense. Kazhurr time.
The gold-skinned alien notes dispassionately that his thrown grapeshot didn't actually destroy the demons they hit. Therefore, they're either not vulnerable like the gremlins were, or more likely, he threw too hard and it just punched through them. Stupid demons.

One of them approaches him in an obvious attack pattern, and he shows his teeth at it and says, zond, iktli-quelz-avt urgKazhurr… (good, you come to papa Kazhurr) but then, it breathes fire at him. Not so cool, as he's superstrong at the moment. Time to switch to invulnerable, then. Trade offense for defense. He begins the switch while running towards it at a fast sprint, his clothing catching fire, one hand shielding his eyes.

Successfully catching the victim, the demon then goes into a dive, trying to tackle by Dallas and the pedestrian to the ground, yay for distractions. The hail starts to fall, pelting the other aerial demon with large chunks, not enough to do any lasting damage but enough to cause it to fall to the ground as it's wings get pelted by the chunks of ice. Mikhail is able to tear a nice fleshy chunk out and it tastes horrible and actually it starts to make him feel a bit sick. There's a loud scream from the demon when Mikhail goes to claw it's eyes out. As for Keld, the demon jumps up and flies after him, being immune to fire the creature dives to tackle Keld.

Dallas grunts as he smacks into the ground. Shadow armor is all well and good, but gravity and velocity are not on speaking terms and being stuck between them usually sucks. He gives the civilian a quick, "Run." and tosses him, with with Dallas still on his back, off to the side. It's a relatively flat arc that will just move the man out of the way by a few yards, given the young mutant's strength when shadowed. And then his eyes get very wide as the demon comes plummeting down to slam into him a he lies prone. "Oh. Crap." Not eloquent, but very heartfelt. He tries to get his arms up in time to deny the demon his face and throat, but he's definitely going to take the hit.

When Trey's demon goes down to the ground, the weather manipulator doesn't let up. No, he's got other plans for this creature. The ice is just a precursor of what he has up his sleeve. Their is a flash in Trey's purple eyes, something akin to battle lust. Trey purses his lips together and puts energy into the storm. People may be surprised by what happens next, there is a crackle and from the hail storm a powerful bolt of lightning strikes Trey. It is a rare event in nature but it is quite possible to have thunder and lightning during weather like Trey is producing. His blonde hair stands on end as the electricity channels through him. He holds his hand out and sends the lightning hurling towards the ice covered demon.

Mikhail kicks both feet against the demons chest to propel himself away from it, when he flips onto his feet he staggers as his vision wavers when the dizziness hits him, he goes slightly green and falls to his knees as he struggles not to throw up.

The demon is doing what he asked it to! How cooperative of it! Kazhurr is running towards the demon, it's diving at him, now the question is, will it have better timing than he does, because as soon as it gets close enough he's going to grab for whichever limb, paw, or grasping organ is within reach. However, nearby lightning bolts are distracting, and he may not be quite focussed enough to correctly apply the redirect-demon-momentum-to-ground technique that he was hoping to use. At least the invulnerability is now running, and his hair and eyebrows stop smoking, but the clothes? They're not even good enough for the rag heap, and the flaming paper bag spills out its contents: a half dozen more shiny, shiny, chromed steel spheres, and a heap of what looks like dull grey chains, with black things wrapped around some of the links.

At Dallas's command, the man takes off running, where?, well, in a random direction. The demon's punch lands, hitting the armor and Dallas can tell with it's strength, his armor is barely holding up. Trey hits the demon with the lighting strike and it screeches, barely able to stay standing. It's not down though and it flies towards Trey, claws out, aiming to kill. The demon Mikhail went toe to toe with isn't doing so hot, it can't see. He waves his tail around trying to hit anything close, spinning around just blindly attacking. As for Keld he's able to grab an arm and direct it's momentum to the ground, it's really not that hard when the demon is in a dive anyway, but as soon as it slams into the ground, goes to attack, trying to stab his tail into a soft, squishy area of Keld's body.

Dallas winces. There will be more bruises to add to his collection. On the other hand, he grins suddenly and he half rises, one arm going around the Demon's neck and the other bracing under its chin. "Hey, dumb ass. Junior Varsity wrestling. And I always wondered why they told us to never do this!" With that, he tries to roll the demon under him using that bulldog grip to move the body one way and the neck the other. It's a maneuver he'd never even think of using on …most… humans and possibly one where the torque and weight will be enough to snap vertebra.

While Trey has speed and strength he doesn't have super regeneration, so it would be best to avoid getting head torn off. And he really needs to work on those combat skills. When the demon screeches and his first lightning and shows weakness in it's ability to barely stay standing. He takes that into consideration. The blonde hair on his body stands on edge as the static electricity stays on his body. He knows he can't come into contact with those claws. He plants his feet into the ground and puts his faith into another lightning strike. Calling down another lightning bolt he throws both his hands in front of him to channel this lightning bolt out towards the attacking demon. He remains quiet during the fight, no trash talk. Just intense focus and a battle lust to really take out this demon. Sadly he's not a team player, as well these are not really his team members. He's focused on himself and taking out the demon and not what is going on with his fellow students like a good hero would.

Mikhail gets whacked by the now blind demon's tail and gets knocked across the floor, that is just enough to bring him round slightly, shaking his head to clear it the takes aim and launches himself at the demon aiming to end it by ripping out its throat.

Keld is assaulted by demon tail as he grapples a bit with it, finding that their strength is close to evenly matched. The tail slashes a long gash in his new uniform (and that's probably going to require filling out forms, to get it fixed) but his skin underneath is unbroken and pristine. Showoff.

"Yield, demon," he growls, as every time he gets a good grip it seems to wriggle out or uses those wings to prevent him from locking it down. He tries to maneuver it towards the pile of chains. Maybe he can grab the net, with the iron nails he twisted around the links. And, yesterday he was given some little rolled up papers by an old Japanese man he had rescued, "sutras" the man called them. "Just stick on demon forehead," but they were in the sack and burned up. Oh well.

The demon fighting with Dallas doesn't make it that easy to do what he's doing, using his tail and wings to try to resit it, and even trying to stab Dallas with it's tail, but he can't break the shadow armor. Eventually though, and it takes a lot of effort from Dallas, there is a loud CRACK and the demon falls limp and eventually turns into ash. The demon lands on Trey before the lighting blast goes of but right after his claws slash at Trey's chest the lighting bolt is fired off and the demon is thrown back, landing on the ground, limp and steaming. Mikhail jumps and lands on the demon, who now knows where the feral mutant is. It's hands move, clawing at Mikhail, cutting through flesh, trying to stop it's throat from being torn out. Mikhail will feel the poison just taking over, making him feel sicker and sicker, but before it gets overbearing the demon stops, having bleed too much, it's thick reddish black blood covering both the demon and Mikhail, it falls over dead. Where the blood touches grass, the grass starts to die. These demons aren't exactly dumb and with three of them being dead, the one fighting Keld doesn't go easily, he bites, claws, kicks and stabs at Keld, even breathing fire over the area, trying not to go near the net. As for the fifth demon, he flies into the area holding Jeremy by the throat. Staying about ten feet off the ground he yells down. "Let my brother go and your mutant friend here doesn't die." Apparently some of the demons can detected powered people.

Dallas stands and shakes his head. Armor or no, all that struggling has definitely added to his colorful bruise collection. He looks towards Mikhail and Trey, nodding as 'his team' seems more or less upright and then notices Keld still standing. "Wow. Super bums. New york." He looks up to the demon and then back to Trey. "If he doesn't let go of the demon by the time his 'brother' gets off the ground, fry them both with lightning." And then he looks back up at the demon, his shadow slipping away as the immediate danger seems to lessen. "Drop him. Gently. And you both get to go back to hell without having to die first."

The saddest thing about Trey getting his chest slashed is that he doesn't exactly have a large wardrobe. His clothing selection is pretty damn limited. The mutant does not really remember being injured before. So there is a look of surprise upon his face as the claws draw blood on his torso. He doesn't have a deep injury as his lightning blast getting the demon off of him prevents the demon from removing his heart. He lifts the hand that doesn't have Mr. Fuzzles in it to his chest and he frowns. "Okay Dallas, As you wish." He doesn't know about his own weakness when it comes to his lightning.

Mikhail yelps in pain as the demon claws slash into him, as the demon falls he doesn't move quick enough to avoid getting covered by the last of the demons blood, he goes to take a step towards the flying demon but falls to his knees as the dizziness hits him again, hes gone pale and feels cold but is sweating, his vision is blurring slightly and he falls onto his hand and vomits onto the grass.

Kazhurr is done with just trying to grapple. He had relied on the bystanders doing what they usually did and running like sensible people, but he got distracted and the enemy took a hostage. Hearing the demon's ultimatum, and then hearing the teenager's counter-ultimatum (someone needs to train that kid. Has potential but green. Try to remember to followup when not fighting) the Avenger aims a punch at his own personal demon; nothing fancy, just a strong head-blow to knock him out or stun him, if he can, rather than trying to net-and-capture.

His hope, of course, is to be able to get to the hostage and take out the demon, but this battlefield has become too complicated and battle plans have fallen apart already. Then again they usually do.
The demon is about to agree to an exchange with Dallas, but then Keld goes and punches the other demon in the head. With his strength, it's enough to stun the demon for a few moments. But in those moments, the demon holding Jeremy laughs. "Well, if that's your choice!" He says flying up another ten feet and just throwing Jeremy with all it's strength, not caring where the teen lands. "Just remember, their are more of us then their are of you!" The demon yells with a laugh as he flies off, leaving his 'brother' there to it's fate.

Dallas reaches for his shadow and it flows back but he knows it isn't going to be fast enough. And he's too far away. "Trey! Wind under him! Mik? Can you catch?" It's a Hail Mary pass, sure, but better than letting the civilian get to know the concrete a /lot/ more intimately without trying /something/. He can yell at the super bum later.

The shock of being cut is pretty much knocked out of him when Dallas barks an order at him. Trey is a REALLY good #3. He's not a replacement leader like a number 2, he's the one who takes orders perfectly when a strong leader has his reigns. So he calls up a gust of wind powerful enough to slow Jeremy's falling down with a cushion of air. He focuses his attention on the tossed man and hopefully Mikhail doesn't miss. It would make them look pretty stupid. Although a cushioned fall is much better then a non-cushioned fall.

Mikhail hears Dallas' order and just about manages to get shakily to his feet, he focuses his blurring vision on the falling boy, he begins running towards his target then jumps aiming to catch him.

With the demon stunned Kazhurr has time to be fast. Maybe it will be there when he gets done with this, and make a good captive, maybe not. That's for later. For now, he switches to superspeed flight. And with Jeremy's fall being slowed, that means he can get there with a good 4-5 second cushion - there'll be a double sonic boom as he takes off and stops, trying for a non-lethal-speed catch and release. If Mikhail is there first then he'll do backup, trying to catch both. And his civilian/bum disguise clothes, what's left of them, are disintegrated, leaving him in his uniform with the attractively shredded abdomen revealing his six-pack in a shot that would end up on calendars, if someone were stupid enough to have stuck around to take candid snaps. OK, so the bum wasn't really a bum.

Since the demon is now being ignored, the one that was punched by Keld, takes off as well, going to survive to fight another day. Mikhail does get to Jeremy first and when he grabs the teen he'd notice that he just seems out of it. Twitching slightly, mainly because of his post cognition he saw too much. Last last 25-years of a demons life is never something easy to handle. At least the demons are gone now, and three of them dead.

Dallas sighs in relief as Mikhail makes that catch and blinks as the homeless guy is revealed to be somebody in a costume. He heads for where the three will likely land, shadow dropping again and grinning widely. "Nice job, guys. Everybody okay?" The stranger gets a disapproving look but he just holds his tongue for the moment. Having a battle /after/ the team-up isn't unheard of in his superhero research. Nodding towards Jeremy, he asks, "Is that guy knocked out?" His tone is hesitant as though he's adding 'or worse?'

Trey's baby blue t-shirt is sliced and stained with blood. It's a flesh wound but still bleeding. "Yeah, i'm alright, I will just require a few fifty band aids and a new shirt." His chest is rising and falling, he's gotta get used to the combat stuff. Maybe some combat training with Dallas would be a good thing. He says, "We should get back to school as soon as possible."

Mikhail makes the catch but is too shaky to safely make the landing, luckily they are caught by Keld, when they land he'll put Jeremy on the ground and then fall to the floor himself, hes covered in both his and the demon's blood, his t-shirt is shredded, and the claw marks one his back aren't healing as his powers are currently fighting the poison.

Catching both in mid-air Kazhurr brings them gently to ground as the others approach. He glances at the teen leader, and at the kid with the bunny and the slice across his chest. They seem relatively un-doomed, so he says, "Good catch" to Mikhail and checks Jeremy for injuries with a quick "See-thru" scan. It would reveal any broken bones, cuts, bruises, or similar injuries, but nothing of immediate urgency is seen. Mik, on the other hand, appears to be suffering from some fast heartbeat, probably poisoned by demon blood, and the hospitals are completely overloaded.

"Your squad member seems to be sick," he says as Dallas makes his approach. "The other one isn't critically injured."

Jeremy is just suffering from some bruises but his mind seems like it's gone on vacation, that is until Mikhail's skin makes contact with his during the catch and he snaps out of it. Not like seeing Mikhail's past is any better but it's something. He wakes up and stands up, and looks at the group. "I…I tried to run.." How did it know he had powers is the question?" "Th-thanks." He mutters, looking at Mikhail for a second, is it a look of sorrow? Before trying to run off.

Dallas blinks as the battle damage analysis throws him off his stride. Ok, Captain Hobo might not be so bad after all. He tilts his head towards Jeremy and asks, "Can you get him to safety? I need to get my people off the field." He doesn't even hesitate at calling his fellow students 'his people'. It's just where his mind is at right this moment. When Jeremy scampers off on his own he shrugs and says, "Good enough." He strips off his oxford and gives it a regretful look. A month's allowance. Ah well, this is why they are supposed to wear uniforms. He wads up the body of the shirt and tries to press it against Mikhail's wounds, figuring to use the sleeves as a make shift bandage to hold it on. "C'mon, big guy. Let's get you back to the infirmary."

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