2010-09-27: Field Trip

Players: David, Star, Cloud, Vincent, & Hosea

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Summary: Star gives an impromptu concert in the park and the Xavier students encounter Vincent

Date: September 27, 2010

Log Title:Field Trip

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

As a red volkswagon pulls up, the students will find themselves at Union Square Park. After a few minutes of trying to find a parking spot and a loud hobo screaming profanities, David parks the car and starts to unload a trombone, "Star, this will be great practice for your solo tomorrow. A performance in the park." You gotta love New York City, people can just pull out their instruments and play whenever wherever they want. The tall young African American is wearing a light white hoodie over a Xaviers T-shirt and jeans, "I'll join you, of course."
The park is filled with the typical New Yorkers scuttling about. It is a breezy dark day as the rain has left and the sun starts to break through.As a red volkswagon pulls up, the students will find themselves at Union Square Park. After a few minutes of trying to find a parking spot and a loud hobo screaming profanities, David parks the car and starts to unload a trombone, "Star, this will be great practice for your solo tomorrow. A performance in the park." You gotta love New York City, people can just pull out their instruments and play whenever wherever they want. The tall young African American is wearing a light white hoodie over a Xaviers T-shirt and jeans, "I'll join you, of course."
The park is filled with the typical New Yorkers scuttling about. It is a breezy dark day as the rain has left and the sun starts to break through.

Cloud isn't exactly sure why he's here, he doesn't play an instrument, still he climbs out of the car and follows David, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey shorts, a black hoodie and his dark roots are beginning to show though his spikey bleached blond hair, he's still feeling buzzed from the electricity absorption.

A field trip to Union Square isn't a bad way to spend the evening. Star rolls her eyes at the cursing hobo, but ignores him other than that, "Oh! I got part of Cloud's birthday present from here." She pauses to giggle softly and leans over to try to lightly poke at her brother's side, "And I've never seen you wear it, either." Who'd wear a dog collar and leash, though? She gets out of the car with the two guys, pulling the black case of her own trombone out with her. For the moment, the empathic mutant is wearing light colored jeans, a salmon colored hindley, and a pair of black and white Converse high tops.
She pales slightly at the thought of playing in front of a bunch of strangers, nervousness spiking in the air around her and her eyes fading to gray, "You want me to play in front of a bunch of people I don't know?! I don't think I'm ready for that…" Not with the piece she's been working on for class tomorrow, at least.

There's a quiet section of the park that there's really no one in, but a smallish young man dressed darkly, with his hood pulled up over his forehead shadowing his eyes and nose. Vincent is leaning against a tree, with his arms crossed and looks around the park, his eyes softly scanning the area, looking for someone, or something.

Laughing, David, moves closer to Star, "It's perfect. You don't know them and they don't know you. So they are the best ones to play for. Plus the reason Cloud is here is to provide support." He unloads the trombone, "Come on….trust me. I think this will be a great experience for you."

He slips down the tree and sits against it. "Hmm, not much going on here." He says to himself, looking down at his watch, not sure what to do now. He looks over at the three x-kids blinking at their blatant carefreeness towards the schools secrecy. They are lucky he's not with his new anti-mutant 'friends'.

Realizing, it will take a bit more goading for Star to play, David moves over towards a bench and starts playing the trombone. For someone unused to this instrument, he plays fairly well Enough for a small audience to gather and start watching his performance.

Ok… Now Star's really nervous! "Yeah, but what if I mess up? I've never played this piece in front of anyone before…" And she's terrified that she's going to mess up. It's only when David starts to play and the pleasure of the audience reaches her nose that she squares her shoulders and walks over to join him, not really seeing any problem with the older mutant wearing a school t-shirt, "Fine." That one word is breathed almost silently as she opens the case and quickly puts her own trombone together, trying very hard to be confidant and not betray the stage fright that always hits right before she plays for someone.

Vincent leans forward to scratch the bottom of his knee with. He looks over to the small crowd gathering around the X-kiddies and rolls his eyes. "To be that ignorant again." He says putting a small smirk on his lips and he pushes his feet farther forward so that his shoulders and head are propped up by the tree and he puts his hands on top of his head, as if to take a nap.

The small audience applauds and some start to reach in their pockets to give David money for his performance. He raises his eyebrow, "No no. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce my friend. She is giving a solo performance tomorrow and if you could hear her play and let us know what you think." He gestures for Star to come up and play for the audience who start to cheer her on for her to come forward. As they clap, he moves to the side for her to take the "stage" or NYC park bench.

When she gets that introduction, Star grimaces and takes a deep, calming breath before bringing the instrument to her lips and beginning the song she's going to play, shooting David a look that promises bad things if she messes up and they don't like her playing. Hesitantly, the first notes of the song ring out into the air as the girl closes her eyes and slowly loses herself in the music. Not only do the brassy notes of the trombone fill the air, so do the soulful emotions that the music always brings forth in the teenager. It's no wonder that she was second chair in band at her old school…

A soft snore churns out of Vincent as he rustles softly in the grass, lowering a hand to scratch his back under his ribs with some licking of his lips.

David grins widely as the audience seems to enjoy the performance. Part of him wonders if it is because she is making them enjoy the music, even subconsciously….either way, she is playing and play well. David begins to pack up his own trombone and moves to the side, leaning against the parked red volkswagon. He hollers out a little "Alright!" and then watches with a large smile on his face.

It's just a short piece that Star plays, so it comes to an end soon enough, and she opens her eyes as she lowers the instrument, her expression slightly uncertain as she waits for the audience's judgment, her eyes gray with worry that they wouldn't like her performance. That's when she finally spots Vincent's familiar form and she blinks a couple of times in surprise.

Vincent roles over and flops face first in the grass, and shifts just enough to put his hand under his face so that the grass doesn't bother his nose.

The audience applauds. Not wildly, but they genuinely seemed ot like her performance, so they clap and applaud. A few of the more loud New Yorkers whistles. David joins in with the applause and then notes her blinks and turns to see who Star is looking at and he spots Vincent, only running into him for literally seconds at the mansion, David makes his way towards the sleeping mutant. "Mr. Lorimar." He says in an appropriate tone.

Star blushes at the applause and murmers a faint thank you to the small crowd, quickly moving to pack the trombone away. She stands and almost flees in the direction of David and Vincent, faint excitement bubbling around her, "They liked it!" And she didn't expect them to. She offers Vincent a bright little smile and bounces lightly on the balls of her feet, "Hey. Vincent, right?" She's only met him a couple of times.

Vincent rolls over and blinks a few times, looking up at David and Star, "Oh. Hey you two." He rubs his eyes, before sitting up and looking between the two. "What're you two doing out here?"

David shifts his head to the side and quirks an eyebrow, "Maybe we should ask you? Are you tired? I know it's a nice day out, but napping in the park?" He grins and offers a hand to help Vincent up, "I thought it might be nice to practice outside." He looks over towards the trombone Star has.

"Mr Alleyne just brought me out to play for some people. I've got this big solo in class tomorrow…" Star shrugs and sets the end of the case down on the ground at her feet, supporting it with one hand, "Anyway, it's good to see you." He was nice enough, after all, when she saw him last time. She reaches up to tuck run a hand through her hair.

Nodding and taking David's hand, Vincent stands up and nods to his question, "I need you both to do me a huge huge favor." Vincent says looking between the two of them and starts to whisper a quietly as he can.

David helps Vincent up and is surprised by the asking of a favor of someone he has basically just met, but he moves in closer to hear Vincent's request. He looks to Star as well to get a read on both of the mutants.

"There's a large thing going on the internet where people are actively killing mutants." Vincent says with a frown, looking down at David's shirt. "You should try to not wear those shirts and try and to stay in safe places for the next few days." Vincent says, keeping his personal secret to himself.

David shifts his hoodie that he thought was over his Xaviers shirt and frowns and shifts back from Vincent, "The internet is full of stupid stupid rumors, but if you can give me specific websites, I can find out more about any threats and hopefully prevent some deaths." He sighs, "As for hiding…I don't think so. I am proud of who I am and can take care of myself." He looks to Star and hopes this doesn't lead to scary feelings.

Star's eyes widen slightly at this, but it's not fear that comes from her: It's anger. "Killing mutants?!" She doesn't shout, but her voice is very intense, "That's the kind of stuff that bartender I was talking to back before school started was talking about." She doesn't say how or where she spoke to a bartender, but she sounds like she agrees with whatever he was talking about. She shakes her head, "I'll stay out of sight, though."

Vincent nods and looks at David, his voice getting rough with a hint of anger, "This isn't a stupid rumor." He waits a moment to listen to David, then with another notch in the anger mode Vincent replies, "You can be proud all you want, but don't be dumb, there are people that will kill you without a thought." He speaks with a twinge of memories and truth before looking at Star, "That's the smartest thing to do right now." He still doesn't tell them about his spy job.

David notes the hint of anger in Vincent's voice and notes the intensity in Star's voice, "Rumors or not, I will not let idiots dictate how I live my life." He furrows his brow, "If there is something you know, you should tell us." The shades that David is wearing seem to flicker a moment as David scans Vincent's file. David pauses and collects himself before responding in anger and considers Vincent's history and powers, "Do you have any information that can help prevent any violence?" He says that slowly as if holding back a bit.

Hosea had to use the restroom just as the group arrived, and it's taken him until now to find a good place to go. But finally, he is returning. "I miss Africa," he announces in his rich and deep voice as he finds the group again. "Dere is no problem in Africa if you go to da bathroom beside da road dere." He's unaware of the issues that have been forming since he left, but hears David's last comment. "Violence? Who is being violent?" he asks, inviting himself into the conversation with all the grace and subtlety of a bull in a china shop.

"I can't tell you." Vincent says looking away from David, and avoiding eye contact with the rest of the group, and ignoring Hosea, not sure who he is but he does lowering his hands in a 'shushing' gesture.

David looks towards Hosea. His sunglasses flicker a moment, "No one is being violent, Hosea." He turns to Vincent and just shakes his head. He states, "You seem adamant, but I take it is because you want to protect us. If that's the case, then protection is mutual and you should come back with us to the Institute."

"Ah," the Nigerian says. "United States is not nearly as dangerous as people say," he offers. "But it is true, anyone who is in dangah should be protected." He's still not sure what the conversation is about, but wants to show his support.

"No, I'm not a fighter." She'd just try to 'calm' them into submission. Star's eyes slowly fade towards black as Vincent's anger merges with her own, "I sure as hell won't let anyone hurt someone that's just minding their own business." Even if it means that she's got to fight, herself. She nods in agreement with the other two, "They're right, though. If there're people killing people just because of who they are, then you should do what you can to stay safe, too."

Vincent looks back up towards the three fellow mutants. "I'm perfectly safe." In a way. He looks between them all. "I'll be fine." He's already been attacked by these guys. "Y'all need to stay up in Westchester as much as you can."

David offers, "Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble. When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. (Proverbs 3:23,24)" David then shakes his head, "That's odd that you want us up in Westchester, but you'll stay down here. Well right now." David looks over both his shoulders as his cybershades flicker as he looks all around.

"David is right," Hosea says. "You must have sound judgment, as Proverbs tell us." He knows the verses David used. "We can protect you. Look at me!" he indicates his massive size. Standing at 6'7", he is an impressive figure, and his muscles aren't lacking. "Hah, but do I say, 'I am strong enough by mahself'? No. It is unwise. No man can stand alone. We are made to stand together for truth." He gestures around at the people walking back and forth. "It is good for people to be togetha. Many people will try to kill, because dey are afraid. If you stay alone, you will be afraid, yes? And maybe you become one of those dat kill? Dere is bettah things to know den killing."

Star looks a little surprised at the quoting of Proverbs and that manages to wash away the anger that's been hanging around her since the first mention of mutants being killed. She nods and picks up the trombone case, "I think I'm going to go put my 'bone away." Just stow it in the car for now.

Vincent blinks at David, wondering why he's quoting the bible, then Vince looks over at Hosea, "I have to be alone now." He says, looking down at his feet, thinking about what he's going to say. "I am afraid all the time, and maybe I'm suppose-" He shrugs and turns around with a shrug, "I'm ok." He says before he starts to walk away towards the parking lot.

David reaches out to grab Vincent, not even thinking about it, "Word like alone now and afraid all the time indicate that you are NOT ok." The cybershades flicker again words flashing quickly as David searches for something recent in Vincent's file to explain his reticence for seeking safety at the mansion. He looks to see Star put the trombone and stay out of harm's way should something happen.

Vincent stops and looks down at David's hand, then turns slightly to look at the cyber glasses and then over to Hosea, his eyes pleading them to not make him explain his situation, "I /need/ to be alone." He pauses, still pleading with the two of them, "I am meant for this."

David removes his hand from Vincent but looks to Vincent, "There is something more going on here, then you would want us to know." He looks to Hosea, "I don't want to fight you to protect you, but you need to give us more than what you are giving us, Vincent." He waits for a response as he studies Vincent and begins to strategize as he looks about as the crowd that watched the musical performance dwindles, but there are still some present.

"What is it dat you are meant for?" Hosea adds. He doesn't try make any physical action to stop the stranger.

Vincent says, "I can't tell you." to both of them, "And protecting me is useless." He says, confidant in his healing abilities and his cover has been pretty solid for now. "Ok, I have to go before I'm seen with you. Something we'd all regret in a very short amount of time." He starts again for the parking lot."

Not all protection is from physical harm," the African notes. "And why would anyone care if you were seen with us? Who are we dat your enemies would be angry? Believe me, I have seen evil men, it sounds dat dey have already made trouble for you, do not think dat avoiding us will make your trouble less." He seems to be just as persistent as David.

David hmmmns to himself, "Protecting you is not useless." He looks to Hosea, "You'd agree with me that trying to restrain him would cause too much of a ruckus, especially if he is trying to hide." He turns to look at Star, "And he is better protected than either of us. Let's leave him be and let him go." The cybershades flicker as this entire interaction is caught on video for staff perusal and says to Vincent, "Good luck."

Vincent looks over his shoulder and gives David a nod. He seems to finally figure out the sensitivity of Vincent's situation, and putting a hand over his shoulder to grab his hood he adds one last sentence "My name's David by the way." before winking, nodding and pulling the hood all the way over his head and walks over to his car and leaves the mutants behind.

"Of course will not restrain him," Hosea agrees. "Dat is not our place." He gives a pained look, not having the understanding in the situation that David does. "God has power over his situation, more den we could." He stops chasing after the stranger, and speaks in an African tongue. "<One sows, another reaps, but it is God who brings the rain and makes it grow.>"

David smiles and laughs when he hears what Vincent's name is. He gives a salute and the cybershades zoom in on the license plate of the car that 'David' is going towards and drives off in. David then sighs and responds in perfect fluency to Hosea's native tongue, <I fear God has nothing to do with whatever 'David' is up to. But hopefully, we can find out what is really going on. But he is right, we should head back to the mansion, it's getting late and it is most definitely safe there.>

David makes his way to the car with Hosea as they discuss theology. Waiting for them are Star and Cloud. "Ok twins, Hosea. Time to go off." He stares off in the direction that Vincent went and just thinks to himself. Packing up his trombone, "What an interesting evening."

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