2009-12-22: Fiery Tempers Cooling Waters


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Summary: Kaden and John clash at first, but Drew is able to stop it from becoming a fight.

Date: December 22, 2009

Log Title Fiery Tempters, Cooling Waters

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's a cold day in New York but Kaden doesn't feel the cold, it's part of being what he is. He gets a few odd looks as he's sitting on a bench just in his t-shirt and jeans drinking from a small carton of Orange Juice. He's got a backpack next to him with some books in it as he has his GED class later, but in the meantime, he figured he'd get out and get a bit of fresh air before going into hell.

John is wondering through Central Park wearing black jeans, a white Go:Audio t-shirt, his dogtags, red sneakers and has a red lightning bolt painted down his left cheek. He isnt really paying attention to where he is going, hes just happy to be able to leave the institute again, he spots the guy on the bench getting the weird looks and thinks its a little odd that this guy has no coat. He walks over and sits next to him, "Ain't you cold mate?"

For Drew, classes are out. He's already had his fill for the semester. One semester down. Wow. Just a few more to go, at the rate he's going, and he'll be done. He's wearing even less than Kaden, really. Just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Just like what he was wearing when he first met Kaden. Walking along, he isn't really noticing who's around, just enjoying the music on his headphones, smiling happily.

As John sits down next to him, Kaden just gives him a glare. Maybe he's in a bad mood, maybe it's just instinct, but he's used to his space for the most part. "Aren't you nosey mate?" He shoots back in not exactly a friendly tone. Then the glare turns to a look suspicion as he just stares at John for a while. He can feel John's connection to his element. "Wonderful, another one." He mutters.

John eyes flare red as the way Kaden is speaking to him gets his temper going "Just being polite, you stuck-up wan…" he stops himself realise its not a good idea to start a fight in the middle of the park, he gets up to walk away before his temper gets the better of him, when he hears what Kaden mutters, "Another what?" he asks glaring at Kaden.

He feels… a pull. A common pull. The grin on Drew's face gets a little wider. ~Kaden? Is that you?~ He asks, moving in the direction of the boys, not knowing what's going on. Of course, to him, the idea of Kaden simply being in the same place just makes him happy. Or… sappy. Depending on your outlook and preference.

There are few people Kaden tends to 'behave' in front of, and Drew is one of them. "Go on, finish that sentance, I'm a.." Then he stops as Drew's in his head and he lets out an audible sigh, more because he was about to lose his temper again. ~Yup, it's me. Where are you?~ He replys back mentally to his fellow spirit. "Fire, you're connected with fire, that's what I mean by another what."
John eyes are still bright red as he is finding it hard to calm down, resisting the temptation to finish his sentance he asks "How do you know that?"

A surge of water lifts Drew off the ground to get a better view. Spotting Kaden and whoever, he glides down, on a waterspout. "Hey, K." He says brightly, landing. He has no shame of showing his abilities in public. What are they gonna do? Hurt him? Kill him? Good luck. He slides over to the boys, vanishing the water easily before he gets too close. He knows Kaden's not a fan of the water.
Kaden has gotten better around water but it still is unsettling to him, after all he is fire. "Hey Drew, what are you doing out here?" He asks smiling at the blue haired Drew. It seems like that rough demenor has vanished a bit. "How do I know that, it's cause I am fire. It's what I am and I can feel you're connection."

John blinks in cofusion at Kaden's sudden chage in attitude and wonders if it has anything to do with the arrival of Drew.

"No classes, so I'm out doing some shopping with Keith's money. Getting stuff for you and the other boys." Drew says, cheerfully. Of course, he has no bags on him. Go figure. But then, Drew has unique taste. He looks to John. "Hi. I'm Drew." He says, politely. "Sup?"

Kaden closes his eyes and shakes his head. "Fuck, I forgot, Christmas. I have no clue what to get you guys, with Keith's money of course." Kaden has with a half smile. "This guy here has a connection with fire, I can feel it." He states to Drew and looks back at John and rubs the back of his head, messing up his red hair. "I'm Kaden." He adds reluctantly.

John eyes fade back to there origanal blue as he is completly calm now, "Hey, my name is John" he turns to Kaden "Sorry for losing my temper earlier, i have some trouble staying calm".

Jerking a thumb at Kaden, Drew laughs. "So did he. If you're fire, I can understand it. But, no offense, I'm not calming you the way I used to have to calm him." He winks. "Though, if you like, I can offer you a hit off a joint. That might help." He says, nodding serenely. "Either that or I'll just wrap you in water. No big to me. But then, he's been a lot calmer since we got him away from that place." He says, moving to sit next to Kaden and lean his head against the fire spirit's shoulder.

Kaden slips an arm around Drew as the water spirit is a significant stability for his mood. "Yeah…I'm kind of an asshole at times, it just…comes out." He admits reluctantly. "See, like I said, I am fire, so I can sense your connection to my element." Though Kaden does turn a bit red as Drew mentions the calming thing.

John shakes his head "No, thankyou", John has seen the effects of drugs on people before and has no intentions of going down that road. He scrtaches his head "What do you mean you are fire?"

"Dude, he IS Fire. You're fire with a lowercase f. He's Fire with a capital F. Fire is Kaden and Kaden is Fire. There is no true seperation. Just like I'm Water." Drew explains. It makes perfect sense to him. He doesn't explain more than that. Kaden can if he wants.

"Exactly what Drew said, I am fire. Just like he's water." Kaden doesn't really know how to explain it better than that, he's not exactly the brightest bulb. "That stuff's all yours Drew." Kaden says as he doesn't like drugs either, but he doesn't care what Drew does, it's more he doesn't like the effects it has on him. "I can feel it cause you control what I am."

John grins and starts a small fire in his hand, "So this is you?" he adds "Any chance you could give me better control?", John doesn't quite understand how this being Fire or being Water thing works.

"It doesn't work that way. Control is something you have to learn for yourself. Even Kaden had to. I had to. We're still learning. We're Fire and Water, but we're only seventeen. That school tried, but… they weren't right for you, were they babe?" Drew asks, looking to Kaden. He pauses a moment. "Every generation, the elements create life. Each one creates it's own body, I suppose. We are two of them."

"It is what I am, but I don't have that much control myself." Though Kaden's gotten a lot better. "It came with practice and trying not to get pissed off so much, emotions really control a lot of it for me personally." Kaden admits leaning against Drew. "That school sucked." He scowls.

John smiles sheepishly "I'm assuming you mean Xavier's, im a student there", he nods at Kaden "Yea my emotion tend to control my powers more that i do too".

"Yeah, I think that was the name of the place. But, Kaden wasn't meant to be there. He was meant to be with me and the others." Drew says, witha nod. But then again, Drew himself didn't meet any others until Kaden. "We work best together." He says with a nod.

Kaden makes a face. "Yeah, that's the place, fucking hated it there." He says as it just wasn't right for her personality. "They didn't know what to do with me after Juvie so they threw me there hoping they could fix my fire problem. But, I just found people to help me control my emotions better and it lead to controling my fires better. Fucking Dmitri." He mutters the last part with a chuckle.

John nods "I guess everyone has to find things out their own way" he shrugs "I moved from England to go to the institute, so im kinda hopeing they can help".

"The problem is they're not right for everyone, but they like to think they are. For Kaden, no. He's better with me. I can control his rages. Especially now." Drew says with a nod as he looks about. "And if I can't, I can dowse them."

Kaden blushes slightly as Drew says he can control his rages. "I don't know if I'm more pissed or not when you dowse me." He says nudging against Drew. "I guess I can say is try to calm yourself before using your powers and try to focus, once you realize what you're doing, it's a bit easier. You at least have it down where you can do this." And Kaden puts out his hand so a flame is produced. "You don't know how long it took me to just do that."

John grins at Drew "Your a little scary mate", the nods at Kaden "I've been trying to do that but struggle with my emotions, i can create small fires quite easily now, but i still cant control my tendancy to burst into flame".

"Me? Scary? Dude, I'm about the most laid back person you'll ever meet." Drew laughs. He is, at that. But then, he's also into a few things that the others aren't. He doesn't care.

"Drew's about the nicest guy you'll meet, and I'm serious about that." Kaden says as ruffles Drew's hair. "Find someone to help you, I couldn't have done it with out help, really. I can't even feel the cold anymore cause I've learned to raise my body temperature to deal with the heat, but I no control before I met Drew and the others."

John shrugs "I'll get it eventually", "if you dont mind me asking, you guys are together right?"

"Kinda, yeah, something like that. It's… complicated." Drew laughs. Considering the way their quintet works. "And no, I don't mind the asking. I've never minded admitting that."

Kaden shrugs. "Drew's kind of my anchor for stability." That's a good way for Kaden to explain it. "He's helped me through a lot and he's become…" He can't really finish it as it's hard for him to be sappy in front of a stranger. "You just have to practice, I really can't say if there is any tricks…stuff that worked on me might not work on you."

John smiles "I guess your right there, what i think he's saying works on you, can cause my power to trigger, heck even the thought of it can set me alight".

"Not necessarily. I used to piss him off." Drew laughs. "He HATED it. He came with me to my private island and stayed, then would start flaming up when I'd walk around naked. I'm sorry, I come from a family where nudity is natural. My parents never wore clothes around the house if it was just family or close friends." He chuckles.

"We grew up very differently and his openess…I hated it." Kaden says and he didn't mean with just his nudity, he meant Drew's whole personality. "I would also set random stuff on fire I would get so pissed off, I just couldn't control it. I have a really bad temper."

"So do i, when you spoke to me before kinda rudely, i barely stopped myself trying to fry you" he grins at Drew "Nudity is nateral for you?, for me sometimes its unavoidable".

"I grew up on a hippie commune." Drew explains with a laugh. "We even had our own strain of marijuana that was MUCH better than any other." He says with a firm nod. "I still have it going." He's happy about that, really. He only shares it with those he likes. "There's a difference there. And didn't that school give you something to help with that, yet?"

"It's grown on me, the nudity thing, but maybe cause I actually live with people I care about now." Kaden says with a shrug. "That's all your Drew, you don't I don't do that sh…stuff." He doesn't want to call Drew's marijuana shit just cause he hates drugs. "Why should it, that school is awful and is so full of happy go lucky shits."

John shrugs "Well theres my squad uniform, thats fireproof, but its bright yellow and kinda skintight so i dont wear it much" he turns to Kaden and raises an eyebrow "Thanks for that, never knew i was a happy go lucky shit".

"He meant some of the idiots there. Even I thought they were lame." Drew laughs. "Like that hero-worshipping kid that wants to be everyone's friend. Yeah, I LIKE to be, but I don't force it." He rolls his eyes. "And if you don't like how it looks, wear it UNDER your clothes. That way, if you burn'em, you're still dressed, silly." He laughs again.

"Haven't you noticed how every is so fucking cheery and is all 'everything is gonna be okay'." Kaden rolls his eyes as he says that. "Fucking lame, I just couldn't stand it there, I don't which I hated more, Xavier's, the Shelter or Juvie. At least in the Shelter and Juvie they didn't act like everything was sunshine and lollypops."

John's eyes flare red again as Kaden and Drew take turns insulting his friends "By hero-worshipping i assume you mean Eddie, Eddie may be a bit of a geek but he is one of the nicest guys i have ever met" he turns to Kaden "Everyone at the Institute has had something bad happen to them at some time or another and i dont think you should judge them for trying to be happy and get on with their lives"

"It's not for trying to be happy, it's blindly accepting what they're told without thinking for themselves." Drew explains. "And yeah, his name was Eddie. He may be nice, but he's TOO nice for his own good. It's like… he wasn't noticing that he was about to get burned and kept pushing. Kaden was ready to roast him."

"Oh fuck off, seriously, if they wanna be happy than that's fine by me but don't fucking try to make me feel all like I have to be all life is sunshine and roses." Kaden says with frustration. "Seriously, when I tell someone to fuck off, it doesn't mean I wanna be their friend." Though it didn't work that way with Drew.

Johns eyes flare brighter as he starts to lose his temper "You cant say that you know nothing about them, and of course their going to do what their told its a fucking school" he turns to Kaden "Just because your constantly in a bad mood doesnt mean everyone else has to be"

"I'd say he knows them pretty well. He was there for a long time. How long have you been there? Not that long, apparently, or you'd see that he's right." Drew says with a shrug. "And calm yourself before I drench you. And if you still feel the temperatures, you don't want to be drenched in this weather. It could give you hypothermia." He doesn't like the fact that John's flaring at Kaden. It's not like he could HURT Kaden, but still.

The problem when fire meets fire is tempers can start to flare, and that's the case with Kaden. "See that's your problem, it's a fucking school, you gotta do what you're told, well I'm sick of people telling me how I gotta act and that place sucked for me, okay? It's not a magic fix all place as you all like to think it is. It's no better than the fucking shelter I was in." Well it was better and Kaden knows that but his tempers getting the best of him.

John begins to radiate heat "First of all no i not, i haven't felt the cold since i was 15, and second of all i wouldn't recomend drenching me", John knows in a fight using their powers he doesn't stand a chance, but hand to hand he recons he could take them, "Just because some people follow the rules doesnt mean you can judge them".

Reaching into the air, a long whip of water appears. "You need to leave. Now. Before I cover both of you in the hudson river. Not just water, but the filthiest water in the area." Drew says, calmly as he holds the whip in his hand. "You two are letting your tempers flare, and I won't allow that to happen here, in the middle of Central Park. There are too many people that could get hurt. Leave." He states, voice lowering… getting quieter and quieter. As he does, his own blue eyes begin to get colder and whiter. After all… ice is another form of water.

"And just because I don't like you're friends means that I'm a horrible person." Kaden says his fists balling up, and Drew knows him too well because before Kaden is about to get worse, the water threat happens. He just folds his arms over his chest and sits back, with a scowl on his face. "Fine, I'll shut up." He grumbles, obviously still pissed off.

John begins to calm himself as what Drew said about innocent people snaps him out of his rage "Your right, its to much of a risk", he turns and begins walking away.

"Good." Drew says simply. "Why do you always have such a way of making friends, babe?" He asks Kaden with a sigh.

Kaden watches John for a bit and doesn't turn to answer Drew's question. "He's too much like me." He states flatly, meaning they both have that uncontrollable temper. "Should I apologize?" He's not really sure cause he knows John can controll his element and maybe he can help him eventually.

John walks far enough away thta he cant hear Kaden and Drew and then sits down in front of a large tree to try and calm himself down.

"If you have to ask, then what do you think?" Drew asks, softl. He reaches out to stroke Kaden's hair lightly. "See? You're learning babe."

Kaden nods and leans over to give Drew a quick kiss on the cheek before standing up and walking over to John. "Hey, sorry about before…I lose my temper easy, and apparently so do you. I think it has to do with what I am and what you control. I just wanted to say…Sorry and if need any pointers…I…might be able to help."

John looks up at Kaden and has tears in his eyes "Yea, im sorry too, as well as the temper i get from my powers i also get my temper from my dad, i didnt mean to threaten you guys" he rubs the tears out of his eyes and smiles at Kaden, "Yea, pointers would be good"
Drew smiles softly as he watches the two talk. Good. He remains where he is, though, letting them have this moment without his involvement.

"Just cause I don't like your friends doesn't mean we can't try to get along and help eachother." Kaden says as it doesn't seem forced what he's saying but definately awkward like he's not used to it. And for once he feels bad he made someone cry. "I don't know if I get it from my family or not, I just know it's always been there. Gotten me into too much trouble. And really, I don't think you could threaten Drew and I too much."

"Agreed, we dont mention the Institute and we help each other out", he grins at Kaden "I know what you mean about your powers getting you into trouble". He shrugs "I know i wouldnt have a chance in a superpowered fight aginst you guys", "but hand to hand i recken i could take ya" he and playfully.

Walking back over, Drew laughs. "I highly doubt that. Because even if you happened to kill us, we'd be back. And… we're both fairly well trained in our own arts." He says. Whether he's telling the truth or not, he's not giving any hint.

Kaden shrugs. "Who knows, I've gotten into my fair share of fights in my day." Kaden says smiling again. He wasn't going to mention the lack of mortality thing but it's on the table now. "Though I do know one kid at your school who isn't too bad, Kael, he's Keith's protege."

John blinks in shock "You guys are immortal, cool", he laughs "you know smartass? he's cool, he's im my squad"

"I've only seen him around the penthouse a time or two. I don't really know him." Drew says with a shrug. "But something like that, yeah."

"I only met him once but I didn't notice anything smartassy about him." But them maybe cause Kaden wasn't exactly that nice at first. He turns to look at Drew. "I have GED class in a bit, I really don't wanna go but tomorrows the last day before break." He really hates going to that damn class.

John nods "that reminds me, i have mutant ethics soon" he scratches his head, "whats GED?"

"It's for people who didn't graduate high school. Graduates Equivalent Diploma or something like that. I got mine a while ago. I'm already in college." Drew says with a nod.

"Yeah, I'll probably never get into college but it's better than nothing." Kaden says as he has trouble in school just cause he's kind of slow to understand things. "Since I don't go to high school, I'm getting it done that way."

John nods "At least your trying, some people just give up"

"I think Drew would kick my ass if I gave up." Kaden says runing a hand awkwardly through his bright red hair. "I have a hard time with classes and as you just witnessed, I have a hard time with getting along with people." He's actually gotten into a few fist fights with another kid in his class.

John nods "If you want i can try and help you with your classes", he grins "Once you get past the whole temper thing, your a cool guy, so you'll start getting on better with people when they get used to you, if not, screw 'em"

"Thanks but I think I'm cool. It's just taking the time to actually understand it and read everything." Kaden just shrugs at the comment about being a cool guy. "I have trouble controlling it, Drew says something about fire and passion and stuff."

John shrugs "I reckon if your willing to work for it, everything will fall into place".

Kaden shakes his head. "Sorry but life rarely works that way. Things don't just fall into place if you work for them or not. A lot of time, shit just happens no matter what you do." Someone's not a bit jaded at all. "So how long have you had your fire powers?"

John thinks back "I got them when i was 15, so just over two years", "How long have you had yours?"

"I don't think they really ever manifested so to say, but after I died they just kind of appeared. I was like 14." Kaden says trying to think back on it. "My temper was really bad back then."

John says, "How did you die?"

Kaden lets out a sigh and looks over at the water, he doesn't answer for quite some time. He lets the silence become fairly awkward and it's almost at a point where he seems like he's not going to answer when he does. "I have a bad temper, you've seen that. I ended up getting stabbed and when I woked up, everythign around me was burned down."

John shakes his head "You got stabbed? sorry about that".

Kaden shrugs, his gaves still over at the water in the area. "Shit happens." Is all he replies but it's obvious something his on his mind about it. "But that's how I found out I was immortal. For the longest time I thought it was more of a curse than a blessing but if it means I can live out my life with Drew and the others, I'm fine with that."

John makes a thoughtful sound "Your kind of like a Pheonix, when you die you're reborn from the ashes".

"I don't have a clue what that is." Kaden says as he doesn't really know much about fantasy stuff or fantasy creatures. He's not that up to date with things like that. "All I know is that something with what we are keeps us alive until the next is ready to be born then it's passed to them."

You say, "how long before the next one?"

Kaden shakes his head. "You're asking the wrong person, you really are. I don't know much about it at all. It's not like it comes with a manual, this is what you are. It's just luck that the five of us found each other. I'd still be stuck at that dam…school if it wasn't for Drew and Keith."

John smiles "Then im happy for you"

"You just have to work on controlling your temper as well, then you might find it's easier to control your powers." Kaden says then he finally smiles. "Then maybe I can show that Human Torch guy he's not the only asshole with fire powers in this city."

John laugha "I didn't realise that controling fire was a compatition"

Kaden shrugs. "Not really but I want to get better with my powers, I ment it more to be funny but I guess I'm not really the humours type. Anyway I gotta get to class and then after class I have my martial arts practice. Nice meeting you John…oh!" He rumages through his back pack and pulls out a piece of paper, jotting down his first name and phone number with messy hand writing. "That's my info, contact me if you need help with your fire. I also gotta find Drew before I leave."

John grins "Thanks Kaden, it was nice meeting you"

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