2010-09-19: Fight In The Ladies Restroom


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Summary: While Mike and David are at the mall, stupid thugs try to pick up a girl and Mike and David defend her and then meet Jono afterwards

Date: September 19, 2010

Log Title: Fight in The Ladies Restroom

Rating: Log Rating. PG-13

Westchester - Salem Center Food Court

Entering the mall brings its visitors right to the Food Court. A wide open area with tables and chairs sprinkled around it, its edges lined with a wide variety of fast food choices. Pizza, burgers, ice cream, chicken, Chinese, smoothies, you name it, you got it.

It's a late Sunday afternoon and Mike Drakos, Boy Robot and Motorcycle In Training, has come to the Salem Center Mall to pick up a book he ordered before the summer. He is feeling especially chafed about this: he had to ride the train and then a bus. RIDE. It's disgusting.
Still. It's been a while since he actually saw the road the way the other folks do, and it was different. His backpack slung across one shoulder, he semi-swaggers toward the entrance, fully aware that his induced-image jock-self is going to get a squee from the clump of girls by the door.
Keep it cool, Drakos. Just grunt, that's the expected language. Don't engage and they won't try to get more involved.

Having taken a trip to the mall, the tall African-American mutant dressed comfortable in a Xavier's sweatshirt and jeans, David walks through the mall. His purpose was to buy himself some toiletries since he has returned to Salem Center, but he find himself window-shopping and just looking around the mall reminiscing from his days as a New Mutant and running around with his friends. Returning here a few years later, he cannot help but gawk at how the mall has changed.
He opts to grab something to eat at the food court, while doing so, he takes note of the loud gang of teens sitting across the way yelling at pretty young things as they walk by. The group of four laugh as one of their own stands and approaches a young woman who is too busy looking in her pocket mirror to notice the man behind her, "Hey baby!" She turns around with a grimace, "Sorry, jerk. I'm taken." He responds as he places his hand on her shoulder, "Yeah, by me." He pulls her close as she begins to hit him and yell, "Let go…of me…"

"Oh great," Mike thinks out loud, a bit of auto-tune in his voice… What was rule one? Oh, right … call mall security. That'll be interesting, the sunday guys are so … energetic.
The apparently-not-a-robot-really teen watches for a moment, to see if this is going to get worse. Maybe the girls won't need rescue? Girl power? Please? Aww heck.

The unruly man gets slapped by the girl and she falls back and runs towards the ladies restroom and just like NYC, the majority of the crowd do nothing and make no move to help the clearly scared girl. The group of young men take this opportunity to look between themselves and follow her into the bathroom.

David being the always watchful, attentive, and observant mutant, simply sighs and follows the men towards the restroom area. He begins to cracks his knuckles as he feels a sudden skill set of Aikido come over him as he walks towards the rest area. An older woman rushes out of the bathroom and is knocked over as the men are about to enter.

Mike knows he should call security once the boys enter the rest room. But no. Common sense is only used on behalf of other people. He sees the men going in and yells, "HEY! HEY! THAT'S WOMENS ROOM YOU GUYS!" and trots towards it, catching up and oh bother. Help Sweet Old Lady to her feet.
"Did they hurt you Ma'am? Oh, would you mind calling the mall security? They were attacking a young girl."
And Mike is, of course, kept busy enough that David can enter if he needs. Of course, aikido includes KNOWLEDGE of attacks, but the skillset itself is all about pure defense. And Mike's better than most beginners, but not world class, and he tends to rely sometimes on using 'chi' tricks that are really as effective as they are because he's as strong as a truck.

Turning to see the old woman is helped up by Mike. David gives him a quick once over before entering the bathroom to find the young woman curled in the corner in a fetal position while the men approach. "Now…now…boys. That is definitely not any way to get a girl's attention." The men quickly turn and shout, "Get the f**k out of here, n****!" The word is enough to incite David as he rushes towards the nearest man in a football like pose. Someone in the mall, must be a football player and David tackles him quickly, though the other three are quick to descend on David.

Hearing that word, and entering to see the girl curled up while three others are attacking, well, they're not looking his way are they? Mike does a computer-mind thing - he loads a pressure point diagram into his secondary visual imaging and maps it over the bodies of the three attackers, then sweeps forward to shove one toward the toilet enclosures, the other towards the sinks. The third he'll see if he can grab by the foot.
A rather energetic polka starts playing as if someone had just turned on Weird Al on a boombox. Because dance music is needed.

David slams the leader of this gang into the floor and does not notice the three behind him, but they never reach him as one is tossed into the toilet. He hits seat hard enough that a splash of water shouts outs and begins to fill the restroom. The other hits the sink and similar water shouts out as he knocks the faucet clear off. The last standing man feels his foot being grabbed and suddenly the polka music plays. He, David, the woman, and the man tackled on the floor all stop as if on cue and look towards Mike with the music playing. The man whose foot has been grabbed, "What the f***?"

Oops. that was harder than it was supposed to be. Mike shakes his head, and will have to get back to practice on that "Not Killing Too Hard" thing again. He shakes his head at the one whose foot he's grabbed, and says, "Let's dance. This is the No Means No Polka" and then shifts his weight back, the hand wrapped around the foot very gently pulling it along as he does a very deep stretch backward. Which is likely to pull the man back about 10 feet, and if the thug doesn't watch himself he'll be in face-dragged-along-bathroom-floor trouble.
Meanwhile the pressure point map is calculated for the man David's facing as well, and mapped in Mike's awareness.

Oops, indeed. The man is indeed dragged across the wet bathroom flooding with toilet and sink water. David hops up to his feet as he does not want to get to wet. He moves to the young woman and surmises that, Mike while image-induced is more than meets the eye. The man who was tackled rises up and is unsure what to do so moves towards Mike, "You messed with my friends." Yes, he is not that bright and goes to hit Mike. David helps her up, "Be careful and don't sleep. Get security." He turns to see how Mike takes out the last remaining idiot.

Mike shifts around to push the guy on the floor out of the path of the water, moving the man's hands into a bind as he does so.
He almost misses the other guy as he stands, but there it is! A fist! He's giving me a fist! Mike does the pure aikido move, stepping in and taking the fist in his left hand, then stepping to the side and forward so that the girl can get past while oops, the man he's helping along is now most likely kissing the door of the next stall.
"HI!" Mike says to David. "I hope you didn't get any of their stench on you."
That doubtless gets a protesting complaint from the guy he's holding agaist the door, but Mike just says to him, "I could have put you face down on the floor in that stuff, would you rather I do that?"
Meanwhile the one he was dealing with before attempts to stand up only to discover that, oops, his hands are tucked into the seat of his pants.

David watches the comedy of errors that is occurring the women's restroom. As Mike makes quick work of the men, David realizes it was this young man that he sensed the aikido from. He watches the woman make her way out. As the man whose hand was tucked into the back of his pants falls flat on his face and splash into the dirty water. With the men, more of less dealt with, David grins and states, "Nice moves." He looks down and sees the water getting a bit out of hand and goes towards the sink and begins to pull at some nob under the sink to shut the water down. A plumber must be somewhere in the mall.

"Thank you, I had a great teacher." The teen reaches up and taps at a pocket, and the polka ceases. Though, frankly, what he did there may show a bit of cognitive dissonance because it involved the use of Misdirection, not Operating Personal Electronics. Also, right now while he's holding the mugger against the door, Mike is also very actively adjusting some kind of device that projects a complex holographic image, and another that simulates a human voice. Interesting skills those.
"Hey, just hold still. If you guys hadn't been so eager to mess up that girl you wouldn't be about to go off to become best buddies with a guy named Moosekiller."
Not that … wait, maybe Mike WOULD be allowed to testify. That would be cool. Not Xaviers any more, right?

David notes all the information he is gleaning from Mike. David hmmns to himself and looks about the room. He moves from one man to the next and strikes them in a pressure point to knock them out. He approachs the man Mike holds. "Excuse me, one second." He says to Mike as he strikes the man on the side of the neck which instantly knocks him out. "Let him go and leave him be." He notes, "Security and comes are on their way, so perhaps best to leave this portion of the mall?" His goggles seems to flicker as he was making this statement matter-of-factly.

Mike blinks… That was a very effective KO, just the one Mike would have liked to have used.
"Uh, sure. I'm Mike, by the way."
He doesn't offer a hand to shake, that would be giving away the whole deal. Somewhere he annotates a note, increase priority on schematic two. Still cannot shake hands in public.
The robot-in-disguise pushes open the door to the restroom, winks to the two girls who are helping their huddled girlfriend, and then very quickly heads inside the mall. Should have simulated a hoodie, could've covered the head, this is going to be a pain…

"I'll be right there, Mike." David walks over to the hand dryer and dries off his hands and then calmly walks out of the restroom while security guards rush in past them. He bows his head towards the girl who was bothered by the young thugs and then heads in the direction that Mike went. When clear enough to avoid the guards in the bathroom or anyone who may have noticed him. He moves closer to Mike, "Hey there. Thanks for the assistance with those idiots. I'm David." He does extend his hand out.

Drawn by curiosity as security rushes past, a thin Brit in black is peering off the way they ran. Of course Jonothon has no idea he knows anyone involved, but that will soon resolve itself as Mike emerges and heads into mall proper. Which is a bit of a surprise, as he thought Mike had moved schools. « Mike? » Asked with a familiar mental accent. David he doesn't know properly, but he has heard of the teen before. Access to school records and having been mentioned in the past and all.
The Brit has a small bag with him, showing that he's been shopping here tonight. Guess it will be a huge shock thanks to the music store title on the bag..

And Mike hasn't had a chance to pull on gloves or anything either. Darnit. Well. This will be interesting. He seems a bit reticent to shake hands, but … whatever. The man seemed cool before, so he probably won't freak out when Mike takes his hand…. OH thank you angels and powers and principalities, it's a distraction!
"OH! HI Jono!" Mike's outstretched hand turns into a wave towards the brit.

David shakes hand with Mike and instantly feels this is no ordinary hand. He begins to suspect something when he hears Mike yell out Jono and turns to see the Brit. "Mr. Chambers?" He says quietly. He looks to Mike, "Should've figured…though when he searches through the school records using his goggles. A very different image of a "Mike" comes up and not the image induced man before him. "Truly a small world." He repeats, "David Alleyne." The name on his sweatshirt stating Xavier's should show how the three men are connected.

Approaching, Jonothon has a smirk at David. « Mr Starsmore, thank you. I'd rather be called Jono. » Chamber being his code name, not his birth name. Not that the man looks old enough to be a Mr anyone. Barely looks twenty he does. « Mike, what are you doing up here? » Asked of the other. « Not that this is a bad thing.. but you transferred schools.. » Which was rather sad. Of course, with Mike, the want to see friends probably over ruled the say of parents.

… Sweatshirt with Xaviers label? They wouldn't let us have those… hmm. Mike's thoughts aren't broadcast, and they're still a bit far-away for accidental telepathy, but Jono probably heard that 2+2=DUH! moment.
"Yeah. Mom thinks that it's too dangerous," he explains, "what with all the things that went on there. I came up to pick up a book I ordered before I left. Uh, hello, then, Mr. Alleyne."
Yeah, if David is old enough to be a teacher and Mike not yet 16, he deserves to be Mistered in return.

David hmmmns and removes the sweatshirt and ties it around his waist. "Well Jono. I can see you two know each other. Mike, thank you for the assistance and I'm sure I'll meet you again." He waves to both, "Jono, I'll see you later in the institute." He excuses himself and makes his way from the mall. His goggles aflitter as he reads the files on Jono and Mike as he makes his way out.

Mike waves to David as he leaves, and then turns to answer Jono.
"So far? It's … really military. Much less distracting. Much less absurd angsting, but Rashmi's there, and a few other cool people. It's a lot easier to focus, but it's also more boring. I do miss my friends. And the sky. But nobody says 'no' when I want to learn a new vehicle."
Mike shrugs, and (noticing the lack of people looking his way, and that he's in a camera-free corner) shifts the settings on his inducer, so he's pale, blond, and skinnier.
"There. If David doesn't need to be involved then I'd better not be found, I guess."
But Mike's troubled about whether the girls will be safe if those four gang-boys aren't actually arrested. Even though the old woman they knocked down will probably take them on.

He listens, not paying much mind to the appearance change. That's just part of knowing Mike as far as Jonothon is concerned. « It is a military academy. » Said with a rueful smirk. Duh. « Less angsting? Maybe they will take me on as a teacher. » Said with a roll of eyes. « I'm not keeping you from anything, am I? Just worried about you. » See, Jono likes you, and he's missed having you around. « And what happened here? Anything I can help with? » Seems security has it well in hand though.

Mike gives the quickest series of images of the four guys initially "flirting" with one of the girls, then groping, then chasing her into the girls' bathroom, and then David heading in, and Mike following, the woman who was knocked down on her way out, and the flagrantly bad estimate of how hard he needed to shove two of them when getting after the ones who were attacking David.
"I'm out of practice. Better start that up again," Mike says ruefully. "Also, I just need to pickup my book, and I should get back to the school before lockdown, since I've not reached the lofty heights of Graduate yet. I miss you, and Hank, and my buddies from the creamsicle brigade. Saw Theo the other day, he's still Theo."

The images aren't good, but while Jonothon's lips thin, he doesn't do more than nod. It's dealt with, and that's that. Like you, he only hopes that the girl is alright. Dark eyes are focused that way, but his true attention is still on you. « Want a ride? » Since Jono can't help with anything else. Offered of course without knowing if you already arranged something. « I don't mind heading down into the city either. » So if you want to get back, he can help there too. « Doubt any of us change that much, Mike. » Theo being Theo. There's something of a smile for it though.

"You mean, not have to ride the bus and subway? That would be awesome. Need to grab my book first though," Mike says, and nods toward the Boox Boxx, purveyor of fine texts, reading material, and of coursa comic books.
Mike's particular goal: a trade paperback of Space Station Zero Comics, and a book on alternative engines: rotary, gyroscopic, and even external combustion.

The smile widens just a touch, « That was the general idea. » Not having to ride the bus and subway down into the city. « You'll have to merge though. Unless you want me to head back to the school so I can take out a van. » Jonothon doesn't mind though, for he knows you'll be careful with his Harley. As for the book, well, that's no trouble. Slinging his small bag over a shoulder, the Brit ambles after you. Not in any rush at all, so take your time.

"Fantastic, and I won't mind that at all," Mike says, "I'd take any of the scrapes off myself anyway, wouldn't do that kind of thing to your bike."
Getting the items that were ordered is fast, credit-card swipe to pay, also fast. Mike waves to the cashier, and they're done without much pain at all.

« I know I can trust you, mike. » Jonothon assures as he idly watches some of the young women passing by. Looking back, he shrugs. « Not like I can't put the bike back together even if you do. » But he's not expecting to have to do that. And as you finish, he accompanies you through the mall to where he parked said bike. « What did you buy? » Curious about it. Comics are fun too!

"Space Station Zero comics, is a space marines versus rebel colonial ice-miners in the highly retro-futuristic world of the year 2000, it's got great art, but also some of the cheesiest political villains and jingo heroes … the Rebel Ratmaster, the Glorious Gleaming Armored Division, Aaron Angry and his Roaring Rocketeers, it's great stuff," Mike enthuses as they return to the parking lot. "I'll loan you my back copies if you want."

The description gets the motion of a snort from Jonothon, even if he can't make the sound. « I wouldn't have time to read it. » He admits, pushing open the doors of the mall and heading into the cooling air of approaching fall. « And and I'm afraid something would happen and it'd get destroyed. You're in a safer place, but I can't say I am. » Not with Magneto and the school. No way. « Thanks though. If you ever find it in computer format, send it my way? » Then he doesn't have to worry about destroying it. The bike isn't too far, and the Brit tucks that music bag into a side saddle. They aren't big on this cycle, but they are there. « Have at, mate. »

Mike doesn't even stow the books and backpack; they disappear along with him as he merges. The only sign once he has done so, is that the bike is suddenly the focus of thought, and … this is probably the first time Jono has actually WATCHED Mike do this. He actually comes completely apart at the subatomic level, flowing into the space the bike exists in, and then something connects itself through the bike. (And if Jono had any memories left from the dream-flash of severed timelines, and Ghost's interfacing was among that, this is rather different feeling.)
«OK, ready to go,» Mike thinks to Jono.

Mindful of the warnings that were given so long ago about this, Jonothon straddles the cycle and puts on his helmet. Doesn't really need it, but this sure keeps the police from pulling him over repeatedly. That gets annoying. « You want to drive? Or shall I? Don't mind either way. » The Brit's shielding himself as best he can, without cutting Mike off completely. « You'll have to give directions to the school once we hit the city anyway. » Doesn't know where it is, beyond some general concepts.

There's no attempt to sync with Jono's physical or mental structure past the very lightest awareness, not stronger than one would have from sitting next to someone in a car, but perhaps a bit more sensory; a visual 'float' of a map is there briefly showing the fastest routes, and Mike's mental voice, « Battery Park. There's a shuttle there I have to take. Also, please do drive, I'll just get used to the bike from this end.»

It's a strange idea for Jonothon, but he merely nods and starts the bike. Maybe that isn't necessary, but it's habit. Leans the bike slightly to work the kick stand, and then he's off towards the street. « Battery Park. Right. » It will take about an hour to drive down there, but it's a trip the Brit makes nearly daily. One of the reasons he hasn't been around the school much since the classes ended last spring. He's been busy. « Beyond being military, are you fitting in at the new school well? Me trying to ask without asking for anything I shouldn't be told. » Amused over that.

Mike ((shrugs)) about the fitting in. «As far as I can tell I'm doing OK. They have standard classes, but I've finagled some added independent study because I got back early and kinda showed them that I get bored easily.»
Which is, in many ways, a big part of why he had so much trouble with the many previous schools.
Mike seems to be simply enjoying the feel of the road under his wheels, without tangling at all. And then, he asks a question. «So, I'm not finding the powers training as challenging there. Do you think I could maybe get some coaching from you?»

Some mental laughter, for this way there is a link, if a small one. Jonothon's laughter is rich and very human sounding, for all it's not actually a sound. « You being bored generally means trouble, yes. What are you studying then? » Amused at this, and for the new teachers who have to deal with it.
Being asked for training though as the man pausing. He keeps his thoughts to himself, but he none the less grimaces over them. Not because of you, but because of Magneto. Still, you need training. If Barnes won't give it to you.. A pause, but there's a reply of, « I certainly can try. I warn you though, when I'm in the city it's generally because of my training with Magneto. That certainly doesn't count as safe as far as your parents are concerned. I'm willing though. »

«My Papa, his fear was that I would get twisted. Mama, that I would get hurt. And I was thinking of asking Magneto for help as well, since he's been helping Rashmi. I don't trust his sense of right and wrong, he's a profoundly racist man, but I also think that there aren't two people on the planet who could do a better job of teaching men than you and him, to protect my body or my spirit. And I'll get permission first.»
Mike will be relatively quiet the rest of the way to Battery Park, and on emerging, will offer a hug to his friend before running to catch the last regular shuttle out to Ellis Island.

Quiet as you explain, the Brit doesn't immediately reply. That's so very true of Magneto. « You may not want to ask permission, mate, for all I shouldn't say that. Or if you do ask, just ask about me. Magneto is a troublesome topic in any conversation, for all you are right. He's been an amazing teacher. If you can deal with the constant insults. Of course that could just be me. He's never thought much of me. » Jonothon has no idea that it's actually the opposite. Magneto puts him down that much. Luckily Jono doesn't take much stock in it, beyond thinking the man is just old and cranky.
Upon reaching the Battery, Jono climbs off the bike to return that hug. « Send me a text when you figure things out? Cheers, mate. » He stays to watch Mike go.

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