2020-06-08: Fighting Fire


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Summary: Kaden runs into one of Ahab's hounds, they clash mightily.

Date: June 8, 2020

Fighting Fire

Rating: Log Rating.

The Future - NYC - Central Park

Once regarded as an oasis of tranquility inside "the city that never sleeps," Central Park has become an effigy to its former greatness. Upturned earth, scorched trees, and broken jogging paths offer a grim reminder of the present while the occasional Sentinel patrol offers a jarring reminder of the future. But even in all of this destruction Nature ekes out her existence, offering a variety of places to conceal oneself from detection by Hunter and Redeemer alike. From burned barren fields to dense forest, you can still find many sites to visit, rest, and battle at.

Caleb is starting his morning patrol, it's overcast, so boring, he's dressed in dark grey cargos, a black t-shirt, a grey jacket, black airwalk trainers, the stone in the silver wristband on his right wrist is clear and his light brown hair is already damp, he's running though the park with a scared look on his face trying to make it look like he's one of the mutants he hunts on a supply run and hopeing not to run into trouble.

Kaden is only wearing a black sleevles shirt and a pair of jeans, there is black marks of either soot, dirt or both on his face and arms. His red hair has grown shoulder length and shaggy over the years and he's sporting a few days of beard growth. On his way down, he spots the running Caleb and looks down at his companion. "Go hide, something's coming." He's not sure if it's friend or foe so he figures he'll see what's going on before deaming if it's okay. After all you don't survive trusting anyone. Stepping out into Caleb's path, Kaden holds out an arm. "Woah…what's going on?" He asks suspiciously.

And we have a bite, ok, now scared voice, "I.., i.., i'm looking for supplies and i thought i heard something behind me, oh god,i hope it's not one of those robot things", now fearful body language, "Who are you?"

"I'm just a New Yorker trying to live through all this." That's all Kaden says as he looks behind Caleb. "Well there aren't many supplies left around, good luck." He says to the scared guy. He does feel a bit bad but Kaden was never one to really sympathtic. "Which direction did you see the Sentinel come from?" He asks. "And if your'e not a mutant, they won't bother you." Since almost every mutant knows the word Sentinel now and not 'robot things' he assumes Caleb is just another flatliner trying to live.

Caleb gulps and points in the direction was running from, "Th..th..that way", his eyes widen at the mutant comment, "It only attacks mutants, no, oh no, oh no", he puts his hands to his head.

Kaden takes a step back from Caleb and gives him a weary eye, his left hand makes some slight signals, trying to tell his counterpart that it's not safe. "Alright, who the hell are you, cause you ain't no mutant. If you were a mutant you'd know right away what the fuck that 'robot thing' was and what it was used for. So quit the act and tell me what the fuck you're up to." It's not Caleb's acting that fooled Kaden, it was his choice of words. You don't survive in New York as a mutant after five years of this and not know what a Sentinel is.

Caleb looks down and when he looks back up theres a huge grin on his face, "Damn, and i thought the Oscar was mine, what gave me away?", his bodylanguage has changed completely he's completely confident now.

Kaden gets a bored expression on his face, maybe it's there to try to annoy Caleb. "I dunno, just that you didn't wake up early enough in the morning to fool me is all." Like he's gonna give away what fooled him to the enemy and give him the edge for next time. "So tell me what you're doing out here and I'll decide if I let you go on your merry way or roast you alive. I really am kind of hoping for the later one."

"I told you, i'm going to pick something up, you should really learn to listen, it might help you out", Caleb laughs at Kaden saying he'll let him go, "That was rude, now be a good boy and tell me who you are carrottop", the bored look is irritating, but he'll change it shortly.

Kaden smirks at Caleb and shakes his head. "You really want to know who I am?" He raises a hand and fire starts to lick at his fingers and slowly spread up his right arm. "How about I tell you who I used to be, I used to be one of New York City's finest, I was part of the FDNY, and I was happy, until you shits fucked it all up. And you know what, now I'm not happy so you wanna know who I am, I'm Fire bitch." Kaden says as he gets into a martial arts pose, a Kung Fu type stance, with his right fist on fire as he waits for Caleb to come in an attack.

Caleb hmms, serious now, "Mutant, Fire production and manipulation, sector 28", he speaks into a communicator, he clenches his fists and they begin to glow violet along with his eyes, "Bring it then Carrottop".

"You don't know shit. I'm not a mutant, I already told you asshole, I'm Fire." And that's exactly what Kaden is, the human embodiment of the element of fire, all he can do is hope that his companion is able to get to saftey. He stays in his Kung Fu stance, heat starting to build up around him, now both fits on fire. He just waits for Caleb to step into to attack. "Show me what kind of Hunter Reject they sent out this time."

Caleb speaks into the communicator again, "Target claims not to be a mutant but to be fire itself", he grins again, "I'm not a hunter Carrottop, now who's making stuff up", then he's gone, lets see if Kaden can hit what he can't see.

Now that Caleb disappears, Kaden closes his eyes and starts to try to sense the heat that comes off of Caleb. It's kind of like infravision but more of an extra sense that he can just feel where a person's heat signature can come from. If he can sense the heat signature of Caleb, he turns and throws a punch in that direction, probably not hitting anything, but sending a stream of fire in the direction of where he believe Caleb to be.

Caleb moves to one side just avoiding the stream of fire, "Thats it Carrottop!, you singed me coat, no more Mr nice guy!", with that two blast of violet energy are shot at Kaden, Caleb isn't playing anymore.

"Oh man I thought my English was bad." Kaden says as Caleb talks back and he quickly tries to put up a wall of fire in front of him. The first violet orb slams into it followed by the second one, but it can't hold up against the force of the second orb and some of the energy comes through his firey barrier and slams into his forearms, the fire going out for a moment. Just as quickly as it went out though, Kaden's entire body errputs in flames and he takes a stance, shoving both arms out forward, palms first, to where he can feel Caleb and where he saw the energy come from. It's a powerful firey blast whose size makes a flame thrower look like a super-soaker.

Caleb has to phase to avoid being consumed by the wall of flame, making him turn visable and revealing his position, he superspeeds behind Kaden and aims a solid punch at the fire spirts back.

The punch lands on Kaden's back but Caleb's hand would also get quite burned in the process as his entire body is sheathed in flame and the temperature even makes the heat around him hard to tolerate. The punch hurts but Kaden goes with it, moving forward with the force of the punch and turning bring a flaming arm around quick to try to clothes line Caleb in the chest. It's all done in quick fashion as Kaden has no problems putting his life on the line for a fight.

Caleb groans at the pain in his hand but before he can react to it his clotheslined and knocked to he floor, now with a burned hand and burns across his chest, he is mad, he struggles to sit up, the violet glow returning, puts both hands together and sends out a full powered blast.

Kaden saw Caleb was down and made one mistake, he let his guard down so a full out blast hits him in the chest and sends the redhead flying back, slaming into a burnt husk of a tree. There's a cry of pain as he lands to the ground but Kaden still manages to push himself up and he looks pissed. "You really think that's gonna keep me down Chuckles?" He says as he stays on the fire the entire time. He looks at Caleb and smirks. "Above you." He says as he concentrates and the area below Caleb so that he can send a column of fire up from the ground towards the ghost.

Caleb sees the fire coming at the last second and tries to superspeed out of the way, however he is slightly too, he gets a series of burns up his back and his shirt and jacket is set alight, moans in pain and phases out of them, "I liked that coat!", he falls onto one of his knees from the pain.

"Good, I'm glad you now know what it feels like to lose something, fucker. Now lets try for something of real value, like your life." Kaden says with a dead serious tone to his voice and Caleb would know Kaden is trying to kill him and has every intention of doing so. He flies up in the air leaving a firey trail behind him before flying straight towards Caleb with the intention of hanging on, burning him, while crashing into any object he can find.

Caleb staggers to his feet and just manages to phase as Kaden flies towads him, "Back-up needed in sector 28, repeat back-up needed in sector 28", he turns and consentrates on forming another blast.

Kaden flies right through Caleb and has to stop in midair since he never hit his target. "Oh no, Uhuh, you don't get to ask for back up, this is between you and me you pussy." Kaden says as right now he's not without his injuries gotten hit once full on with one of Caleb's blasts and taken another hit earlier which he'll /definately/ be feeling later. "Unless you want to get another pathetic mutant hunter like yourself killed." He gets prepared to go on the defense as he says one last thing to Caleb. "So come on you usless excuse for a mutant, kill me."

The Irish Hound is pissed off, Caleb turns to glare at Kaden, "I am not a mutant, i've been in New York for ten years and people still mistake me for a mutant, i am human, h-u-m-a-n, human, got it?", he straightens up, "Now bring it you oversized firefly!"

There's a laugh that comes from Kaden. "If you're flying around like that asshole, I've not news for you, you ain't no human. Not a mutant, well that makes two of us, not human, that makes two of us too. So you know what asshat, burn in hell." He spits out as he shoots out a wave of fire, aiming it to go below Caleb and come up behind him like a wave of fire crashing down to burn him.

Caleb flies about thirty-five feet into the air to avoid the wave of flame, deciding this is not going well at all, "I am human you stupid idiot!, and trust me you will pay for this", with that he disappears.

It's not the first time Kaden has seen Caleb disappear and he figures he might just be doing the vanishing trick again, but this time he doesn't take the time to sense his heat signature. The fire around the Fire Spirit seems to pull inward and then explode out around him in a large fire ball taking up an area thirty feet around him, dead trees, old benches and anything that is flamable ignite and Kaden slowly floats down to the ground, his hands are the only thing that's still on fire. Lucky for him, he was able to get some clothing of unstable molecules years ago.

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