2009-01-27: Fighting Woes


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Summary: Christopher and Eddie chat about fighting

Date: January 27, 2009

Is fighting worth it

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's a pleasant evening in the Xavier Mansion. The snow's already falling fast outside but one young man has taken refuge inside the nice warm kitchen. Eddie Mayfair-Parker is sitting on a stool and leaning on the counter. He's got an icepack pressed to one eye and is slowly nibbling at a cookie. He sighs but remains otherwise quiet.

Since he has class tomorrow morning, Christopher's opted to spend the night in the mansion. He's just gotten in from the Salon and decided to stop by the kitchen to make a quick bite to eat. Seeing Eddie with the ice pack over his eye, Christopher's look grows to one of concern. "Eddie, what happened?" He says rushing over.

Eddie jumps, dropping his cookie onto the plate but managing to not fall. Looking around, Eddie blinks then forces a smile when he sees Chris. "Hi, Dad…" he trails off. Sighing, he opts to not try making up a story and lowers the ice pack. He's spotting a nice shiner. "Got punched…"

"Got punched?" Christopher says with concern as he rubs the back of Eddie's head. "You've been getting to a lot of fights lately, everything okay? You're not having any problems are you?" Christopher says, concerned that Eddie might be going through some sort of rebellious phase.

Eddie frowns. "I'm not getting into fights, people just keep coming after me…" he trails off. "Was that Kaden guy again," he says, leaning his head back slightly and putting the ice pack back on his eye.

Christopher leans down to give Eddie a hug and a kiss on the top of his head. He sighs but not at anything Eddie did. "We really have to find a way to keep him off of you. Why does he have it out to get you?" Christopher says not liking this kid and glad he's not at the school anymore to beat on his son. "You want some hot chocolate? I can make some that isn't powdered"

Eddie blushes faintly and frowns. "He won't bother me again," he says quietly. The scarred mutant doesn't elaborate though. He's planning on dealing with things on his own this time. "Yes please?"

Christopher gives Eddie one last kiss and nods. "Good, so you're doing okay, right?" He asks as he looks around for some solid chocolate to start shaving so he can melt it and add milk to make a nice thick hot chocolate. "Sorry if I seem worried but I am you father, and I know it's just by adoption, but I don't think of it that way, you are Mine and Jeri's son so I worry about you."

Eddie blushes still and nods. "It's okay, Dad. I know you're my Dads," he says with another little smile. "I'll be fine…I'm just," he sighs, finishing off his cookie. "just sad…"

Before he can put the chocolate in the pot to start melting it, Christopher turns around with that concerned look on his face. "Sad, what's wrong kiddo?" He says resisting the urdge to go over and give Eddie a huge hug.

Eddie shrugs. "Aisde from the obvious…" he gestures at his eye. "Just…thinking about Kaden and talking with Pallaton the other day and walking through the city today…just made me sad."

"I know it takes more than just a black eye to really keep you down Eddie." Christopher says as he finally starts to heat up the chocolate. "What about it made you sad? Maybe just talking about it might help." He says going over to the fridge to grab the milk. He's glad he decided on hot chocolate for a snack as it tends to be a good 'comfort' drink.

Eddie sighs again. "Just…thinking," he answers. "Too much I guess."

Christopher finishes mixing the chocolate and milk and puts it in a large mug and tops it with some whipped cream before handing it to Eddie. "Well why not think outloud then? And I isn't that you think too much it's that you feel too much. You're a caring person honey." He says before fixing himself a cup as well and puts some cookies on a plate before going to sit down next to Eddie.

Eddie blinks in surprise at the hot chocolate. "Wow…" he trails off. "Thanks, Dad," he says, waiting for it to cool down before drinking any. He squirms, a bit of a torn expression on his face. "Can…can I ask you not to tell anyone if I do?" he asks. "Especially not Mr. Summers or Ms. Frost?"

Christopher blinks at the question and nods. "Of course honey, and our bond of family is stronger than any bond between the headmasters here. I have the salon so I'd happily risk my job here if it meant our family." He says honestly as he takes a sip of his hot chocolate.

Eddie sighs, sinking down. It made him feel worse to hear that last part. "It's just…Pallaton went out to look for Kaden to tell him to leave me alone and they got into a fight just like I knew would happen," he says quietly. "And Kaden came after me because he thought I sent Pallaton after him…"

Christopher lets out a frustrated sigh and shakes his head. "I'm sorry Eddie, I tried to tell him revenge doesn't get you anywhere." He's not frustrated at Eddie at all, it's Pallaton he's diappointed with and he thinks he'll have to have a talk with the young mutant away from the school. "I won't tell Scott or Emma, promise. They don't need to know and about everything, I'm sorry it turned into such a big mess."

Eddie sighs -again-. "I told him the same thing. Julian too…" he trails off. "Just…makes me sad," he repeats. The teen starts to drink his hot chocolate. "Mmm…this is really good…"

"I can see how it can make you sad. Wanting revenge is such a pointless thing. Irt doesn't acomplish anything." Christopher says not preaching to Eddie but more just thinking outloud while talking. "Do you mind if I talk to Pallaton? Not school related, I'll take him off school grounds and out to lunch so it doesn't have to involve the school, I just don't want to see the esclate any more than necessary, which it already has."

Eddie just cringes and sinks back down as Christopher things aloud. "Would…" he pauses. "Would it be okay if I talked to him first?" he asks. "Don't want it to seem like…I always have to send people to do things for me…or that I tattled or something…"

Christopher reaches over and gently strokes the back of Eddie's head. "Okay honey, I'm sorry but that's why I asked first. I didn't want you getting upset with me just going and doing that. I hope you work everything out." He says feeling bad for Eddie.

Eddie pressed back against the hand slightly and nods. "Thanks, Dad…" he murmurs. Lowering the ice pack, Eddie pokes the injured area aand winces. "Man…"

Christopher smiles and nods. "Sorry things have been so rough for you kiddo, lets just hope this is the last of the fights outside of the danger room for a long time. Black eyes don't suit you." He says with a smile.

Eddie pouts. "I know…I look worse than usual…" he mutters, poking the spot again. "I don't mind if I have to fight…even if I don't like it…but it should be for something important. Like keeping people safe…not just because one guy's a jerk and somone did something they shouldn't…"

Christopher stands up and gives Eddie a big hug and a kiss on the top of his head. "At least you look tough with that black eye." He says with a chuckle trying to get Eddie to smile. "I know honey. Pointless fighting isn't worth it. Unfortunately though I should head up to bed I have to teach in the morning. I love you kiddo." He says giving him one last kiss before heading to his room.

Eddie blushes. He forces a small smile and shakes his head. "Love you too, Dad…" he trails off. "Have a good night," he adds. As Chris goes, Eddie remains and slowly drinks his drink.

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