2011-01-08: Fights And Birthday Trips


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Summary: Robyn talks about Hosea, Connor brings up Birthday plans and friendships.

Date: January 8., 2011

Log Title: Fights And Birthday Trips

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Life Cafe

Located in the East Village, the Life Cafe displays the vibe of area. This sidewalk cafe has a Bohemian feel with posters on the wall, a small bar inside, tables shoved everywhere, and even a secret garden tucked away in back for people to dine. The menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches, and quite the vegetarian enclave.

Arranging to meet up for himself and Connor to meet up with Rashmi for lunch at the Life Cafe in the East Village, Robyn walks into the small restaurant. "I can't believe what a moron Hosea is." Robyn grumbles to Connor since he arrived back at the school last night with a bit of a bump to the back of the noggin. He's been a bit grumbly since last night really pissed off about what happened in City Hall Park.

Connor seems to be relatively quiet on the whole as he ended up portalling Robyn and himself into one of his usual entry points, a small storage area just off the main subway access lines. Dressed with a beanie cap and a long russian military coat over his usual hooded top and heavy pants, his breath puffs out as he moves along and then holds the door for Robyn, checking outside before moving in. Only once they're inside does he actually say anything, "It's always hard to really judge people until you see them at their best, and their worst."

Rashmi, thanks to the convenient fact that she actually lives in the city proper, is already at the Cafe and waiting for the two, a steaming mug of tea in front of her. Her knit cap and mittens, piled next to her, and the book she'd been reading immediately tucked away. Standing, she grins brightly as the boys approach, stepping forward to give each a quick hug in turn. "It's good to see you guys again! I was hoping to tell you what we're working on for the big inter-schol dance… which I was volunteered for to head up the committee… anyway. Hi! What's… up…?" Her brow furrows, gaze flicking from Robyn's face to Connor's and back again. "You guys… don't look too happy."

Robyn rubs the back of his head and sighs. "Well it's the second time I've seen him like that. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I actually got Lucas to stand down before punches were thrown." He says before walking over to where Rashmi is and gives her a smile and hug back. "School dance, that sounds awesome. I wonder if I'll actually be able to drag Jordan to it." He says before shaking his head. "Sorry, just had a crazy run in with Hosea last night. That kid is…totally crazy."

Connor sits down between the two, removing the beanie, and the gloves on his hands to, shoving them both into a pocket, "You don't know that, Robyn… honestly, it sounds like something that happened set him off. It's happened with me before… I just have a better knowledge of what my triggers are." There's a sigh as he stares at the tea, and then says, "You two chat, I'll be back with drinks and snacks for us."

Rashmi blinks, settling herself back in her chair, nodding and smiling her thanks to Connor as the other teen volunteers himself for drinks duty. "So… wait. Hosea lost it? What *happened?!*" Robyn certainly has the redhead's attention, her expression concerned and intent as she waits for her friend to tell his story.

"I think it was more than a trigger." Robyn say with a sigh. "I came into the city last night, Cloud and Hosea were there, and David. Well Hosea ran into this girl she knows and when she mentioned being from another realm he like assumed she was the daughter of devil." He says with an eyeroll. "After attacking her two body guards, breaking one of their legs and the others collar bone. I mean I didn't know he could fight like that but when we tried to stop him, he wouldn't listen and attacked us. He choked slammed me into the ground and continued to attack her."

Already having heard this whole story at least three times today, Connor moves off to get himself a black coffee, Robyn some herbal tea, and then a pair of the place's rather enticing looking chicken sandwiches… extra pickles for the west coaster. This leaves him plenty of time to sit there and ponder as he adds a little honey and cream to his coffee, then sips, and adds a bit more to even it out. All done to buy his friends a little private time.

Rashmi blinks sharply, eyebrows pulling way down. "He did wh—… hang on. You're saying as soon as he heard that, he just started beating up on people? And turned on *you* guys when you tried to stop him? I just…" Dropping back in her seat, she stares at Robyn, eyes wide, hands wrapping around her tea mug as though to pull comfort from its heat. "…What happened to the girl?"

"Well that's the weird part. I think Hosea was kinda right, she might have been from a not so nice realm. But saying that, I'm not saying what Hosea did was right." Robyn says. "She said some crazy spell and this..thing..this demony thing…took her away. The only way I could get him to stop was to possess him and then have him wake up in the fountain. I figured the cold water would cool him off…literally."

Connor retrieves the two chicken sandwiches, his done up with a spicy rub and some avocado and cream cheese with sprouts… always one for odd but fun tastes… while Robyn gets something more parochial. Not quite as an afterthought, when he walks over, he sets down a basket of fried sweet potato slices for Rashmi with a chili sauce. With food arranged, the comment is finally made, "Robyn and I both turn eighteen in about two weeks."

"Well, I'm glad you stopped him," Rashmi says, her tone… less than pleased. "Part of me hopes that she goes to the police, he's actually in a *lot* of trouble doing that. At least three counts of battery, maybe even assault with intent. That's like… *prison,* Robyn… someone *needs* to beat that into his hea—" Trailing off, she makes a pleased noise as the sweet potato fries are set in front of her, grinning up at Connor. "Thanks! …Wait, you do? Oh. Huh. Wow… we should definitely do something, then. Any requests?"

"I don't think he has it in his thick head to listen." Robyn grumbles before the topic of birthday comes up and he nods. "Yeah, the twenty second and mine is the twenty seventh. But I don't really have any requests that I can think of." He says before looking at the chicken sandwich and taking a bite.

Picking his own up, he takes a bite, and causes some of the creme cheese to try and push out, Connor replies, "It's not that I wanted to distract the conversation… but to be honest, I don't know if Hosea is really someone we have any right to complain about or be concerned about." With that said, he then takes another deep breath and sips at his coffee, "He's from a bad part of Africa, and worse… he's never talked about what happened there. It could be justified… at least in his eyes."

"Whether he's justified or not, Connor, he broke laws," Rashmi points out. "I'm not laying judgment on him… I hope… I'm just saying, whatever he was *thinking,* what he *did* would have the police after him. Putting people in the hospital? Attacking a woman? As much as I hate to say it, the fact that a demon took her away means questions *might* not be asked too hard. But that's not a *good thing,* Connor…" The redhead sighs, shaking her head and sipping at her tea. "…I'll have to talk to him tomorrow, and find out what he thought he was doing. Once I do that… I don't know, maybe look for the woman and get her side."

"I don't know, it's just…he didn't just attack her but when people he calls friends tried to stop him and he ends up choke slamming them to the ground, I don't know. He was in this kind of blind rage that just seems dangerous." Robyn shrugs and looks at Connor. "He kinda scares me." He admits. "It's just, he seems to get pissed off and then it's like he's focused on the fight. At least when you and I had our little run in when you first started here, you were able to come to your senses after about minute." Robyn doesn't blame Connor for that just stating that he thinks Hosea has serious issues.

Connor closes his eyes after a couple moments in consideration, crossing his arms over his chest as he takes a moment to pause and think. Locked in that contemplative pose, he frowns gently, before opening his eyes once more, "I guess… I'm just feeling a bit too detached from this, you know? Especially after the stuff that happened at the Rally. I'm still trying to get myself back together after that, and this comes along… and my first and honest instinct is to just go there and take him down. But we should also tell the faculty. He's still a student in their care first… their responsibility."

Rashmi nods slowly. "That's a good idea, Connor… I'm pretty sure Mr. Summers and Ms. Frost will have a lot to say about the whole thing…" Drawing in a deep breath, she sets down her mug with an audible thump, her expression stating learly that the problem is, if not solved, tabled for now. "Okay. So. Birthday. Anyone want to do anything particular?"

"Oh I'm not saying that we need to take him down, I really don't like possessing people I know like I had to do but….like you said Connor. Instead of bitching to you guys about Hosea's shenanigans, I should be talking to Miss Frost and Mr. Summers." Robyn says as he takes a bite of his sandwich. "I dunno, I wasn't at the thing in Mutant Town so I really don't know know much about that but I don't know if that had to do with how he reacted to her. I just know she's the daughter of some Umbilifacos or something?" He doesn't fully remember the name. "And Birthday, I don't know yet. I haven't talked a ton about it."

Connor finally cracks a smile as he goes back to his sandwich, and replies to Robyn, "Well… I think this is the perfect person to ask… given she knows us both very well, she's one of our best friends, and she's one of the few people we might decide to invite along if we did something?" Giving a sly little wink to his friend before he reaches over and touches Rashmi's shoulder, "And if you have the name of whatever Umbilical cord-guy's people are… you can always ask the people at Barnes to look into it… see if it's a credible threat. Two birds with one stone."

Rashmi nods quietly, patting Connor's arm. "Good idea… In fact, I can ask my Supernatural Studies teacher, she should know where to look." A pen and notepad are pulled from her bookbag, '[Inv]Umbalificos?' scrawled onto a blank page. "Okay! Birthday. So if you guys don't have a set idea… Let's start with what would you *not* like to do? We can go from there.

"I think that was the name, I just remember it sounded exactly like that Connor. Umbilical Cord." That's how Robyn kinda remembers it before grinning at his roommate. "I think so, and I'd like to do something small since we are going to be eighteen. Finally adults." Not that it means much but eighteen is a good year. "What what I'd not want to do..fight super villains." He jokes. "I don't want to do something simple like go to the movies."

Connor's smile grows broader, "We COULD go to Vegas… we don't spend much of what we get provided anyways… I've got a nice little chunk saved up I could splurge on a hotel room, do the strip, see the sights… Be two buddies on the crawl." His arm goes over Robyn's shoulder, and hugs him close before looking to Rashmi, "But then that's just a spur of the moment kind of thing… first idea that pops in my head."

"Vegas, huh…?" While her tone of voice suggests that Vegas woldn't be terribly high on her list of things to do, she doesn't hurry to shoot the idea down anyway. "Well, that could work I guess… It'd be a wild weekend, definitely…" Settling back, the redhead chews at her lower lip, thinking.

"Vegas…I don't think I've ever thought about going there but..that would be really cool." Robyn says as he pauses before saying something a bit quietly. "We can go see shows like Sigfried and Roy." He blushes a bit as he says that but it's got magic and tigers and it'd be cool. "Wild weekend…it's like we're going to be two guys from The Hangover. But there's also DisneyWorld in Florida. I've never been there."

Connor looks back and forth, and then back down at his sandwich, "Nothing says we couldn't do both… especially not with the way I can…" And he makes a slightly 'boom' gesture with his hands, and then adds a nonchalant shrug, "Siegfried and Roy, and some Curque del Soliel one night, and Goofy and Mickey the next! It's still mindblowing that I can do that, you know… that it's just THAT easy to travel. Especially since I've never wanted to go anywhere. I still owe Rashmi a visit to a place of her choice…"

Rashmi chuckles, waving a hand. "Yeah, but the places *I* want to go, I don't really want to cash that in for your birthday, you two. I'd want to go to like old ruins, or the big pilgrimage temple, or something like that. No no… This is about you guys wanting to have fun, right? So, let's have fun. Just, um… Hm." She nibbles on another sweet chip, frowning lightly to herself. "…Between the fundraising, work, getting stuff ready for the dance, I *hope* I can get the entire weekend free… Which reminds me, either of you guys want to do anything for the big craft fair we're looking at holding next weekend?"

"Well we'd love for you to come but if you can't make it then…I'm going to tease you about having too much on your plate." Robyn says in a loving way towards Rashmi with a big grin. "Oh! Cirque del Soleil, that sounds like it could be awesome. I'm happy with picking one place and staying there for the weekend. There's so much to do that I'd rather enjoy Vegas and spend time there then rush it. We can put what we've saved together and have a great time." He's excited about the idea of the trip. He looks at Rashmi and nods. "Sure, tell me what kind of crafts you want and I'll be happy to provide stuff. I mean is this going to be like country fair kinda thing?"

And the other young man adds in a chuckle of, "Well… she'll have to fit in vacation time between all her other classwork, volunteer work, intern work, personal work, family work… we might be able to get five minutes to take her to a craps table or something." Waggling his eyebrows at Rashmi in jest, Connor then turns back to Robyn and replies, "Let's take a look at hotels and stuff when we get back… in the meantime…" He drags up his sandwich for another bite, and proceeds to finish it off, before adding, "I could bring in some old books… classics to sell. Stuff from my mom's store, and what's stored at our place."

Rashmi bobs her head. "Pretty much exactly, Robyn. It… well, kind of snowballed that way. I mean, Robin started talking about a bake sale, then Jeremy brought up raffles and stuff, and it just sort of hit me that instead of doing little things that people might ignore, why not just ask to take over the Salem Center parking lot for a weekend and do like *everything?* And Ms. Frost says that she'd match whatever we raised, and that she'd try to talk Barnes into doing the same, so… If everything goes *well,* we're looking at having a big 20s-themed formal around the end of the month. So yeah… Art, books, that'd all be great. If there's anything anyone wants to contribute to the raffle, and maybe an auction to go with?"

"Well count me in, I'll start making some homey type stuff. Try to have it look simple and normal." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I can make serving bowls and plates, vases and maybe some salt and pepper shakers given the right amount of time. Most of it can be easy to make." Like serving bowls. "And 20's themed…this is going to be so much fun. I've never been to a dance. I really hope that Jordan will go with me. You know what, that's what I'll tell him I want for my birthday."

There's a soft sigh from Connor as he leans on the table, "I don't know what I want for my birthday… one one hand it seems important… but on the other…" And he looks back and forth, "I don't even know who I'd take. The only real prospect is Heather, and it's not like we'd be going as a couple… not in that way. I just know no one will think to ask her… because they don't understand how much she actually craves normality in her life."

Rashmi grins broadly. "You know, Connor… I think that'd be the sweetest thing you could do. And I'd be happy to help her get ready, too, I'm going to ask the shop near Mami and Papi's place if they'd like to do some of the costuming. …And maybe ask one of my teachers if he'd like to do some singing, too, he's a huge musical theater fan and drama teacher—yes, we *do* have a drama department, make of that what you will," she amends, nose wrinkling as she grins.

"I like Heather and I had a lot of fun with you and her at your parents house." Robyn says as he loved Connor's house and family. "She deserves to have a guy like you take her and I mean, it's about having fun not making out with some chick or dude underneath the bleachers?" Do people really do that at school dances? "I dunno if Jordan says no, I'll be going by myself." Though he's going to be trying that birthday card.

Connor actually laughs a bit, "Great… now I'm just picturing myself coming in dressed like Humphrey Bogart ala Casablanca or something…" Looking back and forth with a shake of the head, "Allright, I'll talk to Heather about the dance. One of the things I'll want to make sure of is we bring an MP3 player with some sounds that can help her… I found this out from talking with her. She perceives sounds as color. So if the music or the ruckus there isn't good for her, we can always put in something that is."

Rashmi nods. "That's a good idea, and it makes sense. She, um… actually gave me one of her paintings as a Christmas present… I think it was that one you and I saw her working on after you all got back from that other place. Anyway, um… hm. MP3 player, good idea, and if Jordan *doesn't* take you, Robyn," Rashmi says, rounding on her other friend with furrowed eyebrows, "then tell me where he is and I will *thump* him until he recants. Tell him those are his choices. Giving you a wonderful birthday present that will make you happy beyond words, or a thumping."

Robyn smiles at Rashmi and gives her a small nod. "Thanks Rashmi." He says as he threat really means a lot to him. "And that's a good idea, I'm glad you thought of it. Are there any other students who might have special needs? And is Mason gonna be signing at it too?" Since the kid does seem to like being the star he is. "What I like about this roaring 20's thing, I get to wear a really cool hat." He says with a big grin.

Connor immediately rolls his eyes, "God I hope not… he can be likeable, but seriously… there's a point where he's got to stop being that person up on stage, and just BE the person he is. It's like he has this ten foot bubble of 'I'm so awesome' around him." A slightly bitter tone rolling from the young man as he finishes off his coffee.

"You'd be surprised," Rashmi says quietly. "And anyway, he was actually pretty firm on that. He doesn't want to be on stage, and I get the idea that being at a dance like this means something to him too, y'know? Just because it's musical, doesn't mean he has to be in the middle of it, right?" Pausing to sip her tea, she frowns in thought. "Well… Special needs, not necessarily, but special circumstances.. Like there's Mike, and Travis has six arms, and there's probably a ton more people I'm flying right past because I can't remember *everyone* at the school, but it'd definitely be worth it to talk to Ms. Frost and Ms. Drew and see what sorts of arrangements we'd have to make…"

"Mason's not bad I just don't think he understands that he's..well…from a different world." Robyn doesn't mean it in a bad way but he could never understand the life that Mason came from. "Mike, that'd be cool to see him at the dance too. So we have Vegas to look forward to and then a school dance. I have to admit that this year is looking pretty good so far. Also I sent out all my college applications for next year so now the waiting game."

Connor looks down and away for a moment when college plans are mentioned, and remains silent on the topic for several moments before replying with a slight deflection, "I guess I just had a sour experience with him, and the stuff that went down in Mutant Town before Christmas has me looking for someone else to blame… I know who's fault it was, and why…and it sickens me to know people can be like that… but still…" he stops his musings for a moment, "I hope you get accepted, Robyn… I'm sure that the staff will put in a good word for you, especially Mister Summers."

Rashmi reaches across the table, resting her hand on Connor's arm. "But still, you're just as human as everyone, and what happened has you scared. Yeah… I know. I'm terrified too, Connor… Just… the best we can do is all we can do, right? And the *important* thing here is to do as much good for yourself and the people around you. Trust me… it gets easier to deal with, the longer away it is. And probably the best salve for that is getting a little bit of the normal back in your life." She looks to Robyn, head tilting slightly and a smile touching her face. "Connor's right, you're pretty sure to get in. Just then, you get the fun of having to work harder than you thought you had, because everyone's going to be almost as or as talented as you."

Looking between Connor and Rashmi, Robyn feels a bit confused but then he throws his arm around Connor and squeezes his shoulder. "I'm not really sure what fully went down in Mutant Town. I just know that you got hurt pretty good. I'd like to hear about what happened but at the same time, I kind know what you felt like now when you came to the school. An experience you hear bits about but don't fully understand the fear behind it." He admits but he doesn't think it's a bad thing. "So what did exactly happen there.

Eyes flash to Rashmi, and then one hand comes up to grab Robyn's hand and squeeze it, before Connor says quietly, "People turned hunting mutants into a game… worse… someone decided to up the ante and include relatives and acqaintances. People were assigned point values, like a video game… and the most points win a prize…" Looking away and outside to the cold night air, the young man hides his hard eyes from the pair, "They… they used to rally as… as like a real life version of an MMO… like a raid on WoW, only not so fair or cool. So I…" Another pause as he gulps, "I threw myself into them, I pulled their guns and shot at their legs, I pulled grenades from their belts to scatter them. I did things I didn't think I was capable of. Some people died because of me. But I did it because if I didn't… other people, people who didn't have the skills or training I did… they'd get hurt."

"You did what you had to do," Rashmi whispers, squeezing Connor's arm. "We all did… It wasn't like the Inferno, or Mr. Sinister's insanity. It was a real war zone. And we all have to live with what we did, but I *promise you* Connor… The only people who'll say you weren't acting in self-defense are the ones who don't have a right to say *anything.* …Mostly because they weren't watching those… *people* try to set *children on fire.*" This last, spoken in a small, pained whisper, and a glance thrown at Robyn. "Robyn… I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I'm *so glad* you weren't there. What happened… we can't ever take that back. Just hope that it doesn't ever happen again."

Robyn squeezes Connor's hand and then moves in to give his friend a big hug. He doesn't say anything, he can't really think of any other words so he just sticks with the hug. When he finally lets go he nods to Rashmi. "I don't mind, I'm glad I wasn't there too." He admits. "It's just horrible that people would do that, make a game out of hunting us. It's not….I'm glad you two were their to protect people and it's awful thing things you had to do Connor but it's wonderful that you could protect people who needed to be protected."

Connor brings himself back as he pats Robyn with the hug, and then looks to Rashmi with a nod before pulling away and looking up at Robyn, "But that's about it… I mean… I don't think either of us could really do it justice for you… and I don't think you should have that haunting you." He then sighs and touches Rashmi's shoulder as he keeps close to Robyn, "Look at us… the Three Musketeers as it were."

Rashmi chuckles. "Or a sitcom that likes to get actiony sometimes… Which makes me think we should rent a fourth-floor walkup down off Times Square. Heather can pop in now and again like Kramer, we'll give her a tape recorder with a laugh track to go with it all."

"I just don't want to be George." Robyn says at the Seinfeld reference. Cause honestly, who wants to be George. "Though getting our own place does sound appealing. I mean I'll be going to college next year, and my family would love me being back in the city and closer to them. "Thanks Connor, I understand and I'm glad that you're not giving me the full understanding cause..well..I'll admit, I don't do good with horrible things."

Connor picks up the dregs of his coffee and holds it up and out for the others, "Then here's to a new year, and new things… not always good, not always bad… but always different and interesting. Chinese curse and all that."

Rashmi lifts her own mostly-empty cup, clinking it against those of her friends. "But we can hope things'll be mostly okay, at least. And do what we can to make sure it *is* as good as it can be, right?"

Robyn holds his cup out with the other two for the toast. "And when it is good or bad that we're always there for each other. We can smile through the good and lean on each other through the not so good. So, to an exciting new year."

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