2013-03-13: Figuring Out A Codename


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Summary: Nick asks for advice on a codename.

Date: March 13, 2013

Log Title: Figuring out a Codename.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

It's finally nice outside and Nicholas has decided to enjoy every moment of it. He's already taken care of Orion for the day, gone for a ride and then groomed him. His jeans are fairly muddy but his red flannel shirt seems fairly clean. Nicholas sits in the grass with his headphones playing music into his ears and a notepad in his hands looking deep in thought. Every so often he scribbles something on the piece of paper and goes back to thinking.

With a couple of round balls of what look to be yarn, of all things, Amunet makes her way out to where the grass is nice, thick and not too muddy underneith. Wearing the oversized jacket of Conners still, it half drags about her heels before she sits down only a lil ways away from nich. Pulling out a piece of paper with drawn illustrated 'how to' she pulls out the psychodelic colored yarn into her lap with a set of knitting needles nd starts to work slowly.

Having gotten a text asking him to drop something off earlier Cloud has finally made his way to the mansion to drop it off. Dressed in faded black jeans, a purple t-shirt, light black jacket and a bag over one shoulder he crosses the quad spotting two students he's met as he passes, giving each a nod in greeting, "Hey".

Nicholas seems to be shaken out of his thoughts when Cloud speaks up. "Hey Cloud. How's it going?" He says looking back down at the pad in his hands then instantly looks back up. "Cloud! Can I ask you a question, about your codename, hero name, whatever it's called?" And that's when he finally notices Amunet. "Amunet, didn't see you, how long have you been out here?"

Looking up, Amunet seems to think a moment and then the times she's seen him makes her break out into a dimpled smile, "hi! Hi Mr. Cloud, Hi Nich." Then shrugs a bit, "oh not long. It's nice and warm today so I thought I'd try my hand at one of the things from the crafts class."

"Good thanks Nick, just making a delivery. You alright?", Cloud chuckles a little at Amunet before smiling, "It's just Cloud Amunet, no one calls me Mr.". Figuring he's got a few minutes he nods to Nick, "Yeah sure, what do you wanna know about my codename?"

"Well for starters, what is it?" Nicholas isn't quite sure if he knows what it is. "And second, how'd you come up with it? See I don't have one yet and Ms. Pryde told me I have to think of one by the end of next week or else she's not training me anymore until I come up with one. Just…Hoseboy didn't really seem to be a good idea." If Nick's joking or not, he's not showing it. "Try your hand at? You saying you've never knitted Amunet?"

Amunet shakes her head, "nope. Never have. I've sewn before done a lil crocheting, but knitting is.." She trails off and the tip of her tongue peeks out the corner of her lips while she seems to be trying to cast on. Holding up the knitting needles and seeing the line of yarn that shouldn't be there. Looking from her illustration to the needles and back again, "Where did that come from?"

"Ms. Pryde? That's Shadowcat right? I never met her during my time here but I've read stuff", Cloud drops his bag to the ground, "Well I go by Rush and it's for a couple of reasons, one I get a sort of rush from using the energy absorbing aspects of my powers and the other reason is sort of due to my rep. I'm pretty well known for being impulsive, often dangerously impulsive and rushing into things, I've got the scars to prove it. Impulse was taken so Rush". He nods to Amunet, "You were doing that picture sewing thing a while back right?". "Most people name their codename after some connection to their powers, like Magneto and Storm or a nickname of some kind, like with Miss Frost, she's on the good side now but still goes by White Queen. Why Horseboy?"

"Yeah, she's been training Shane and I with defensive combat stuff." Nicholas says and shakes his head. "No, the Horseboy thing was a joke. Cause I have my horse, Orion…nevermind." He thinks the joke just went past them and wasn't very clever on his part. "Yeah, but I've been trying to think of what names are good for a telekinetic. Jedi's not exactly original." He says looking back over at Amunet. "Isn't knitting one of those hard things to learn? I think my Grandmother knits."

Amunet shrugs and says, "I dunno, supposedly nots that hard if you can get the casting done. But I keep ending up with this… line of.." Gerumbling she pulls the yarn off the knitting needle and starts over before glancing over to Cloud and nods, "the needle point? Yeah that's me. I haven't picked up my needlepoint in a while though. I used to use it for meditating kind of, but since Headmistress started working with me, I don't need it as often."

"Huh, can't say I'm great with the defensive stuff myself, other than going metal that is", Cloud hmms, "You asked anyone else about the codename thing? like I said it doesn't have to be power linked, might just be something you excel at, it'll come to you eventually, why's she hurrying you?" He looks over to Amunet, "So if Miss Frost is helping you out you're powers must be mental right?"

"Mental as in powers or mental as in crazy?" Nicholas asks Cloud not sure what he means by defensive stuff. "Though I'm not bad with the defensive stuff it's just, I tend to freeze up and forget all my training when I get into real combat." Or at least when it has to do with anything anti-mutant. "You're the first I've asked, I figure I'll ask Shane, Jill, Ahmed, Lock, maybe call Connor, wait, I can ask Amunet. Amunet, do you have any opinions on a superhero name for me?"

Amunet just sticks her tongue out at Nich at the 'crazy' comment. "Oh stuff it." Though there's mno bite to the comment. Before then glancing to Cloud and shrugs, "Sort of." Is all she says on that… before then looking to Nich a long moment. "Tank."

"Mental as in mind I meant", Cloud shrugs, "Freezing can be better than the alturnitive which I'm the poster boy for, just take a deep breath and try and remember what you've learned and if your gut tells you to, just run, don't dive into a fight just because you think you should", he takes off his jacket and lifts up the front of his shirt to show the scars on his chest, "Kinda try to use this as a warning for myself to do just that but yeah doesn't work so well in practise", he pulls his shirt back down. "You still not comfortable talking about what you can do Amunet?"

Nicholas looks at Amunet with confusion. "Stuff what?" He's honestly not sure what she's getting at. "Well I doubt it seeing as the last time I got into some pretty serious trouble. I was almost killed on public television. Anyway, I don't want to talk about that cause then I'll get all angry and mopey and I'm trying to focus on other things. But thanks for the advice, I like the running option." He looks over at Amunet and raises an eyebrow. "Tank? There's nothing Tank like about me, I spent practically in the medbay."

Amunet looks to Cloud and shrugs, "It's not so much comfort now. It's knowing that somwe things shouldn't be shared, cause of how they could be used if people found out. I've got the whole being able to tell when troubles coming though so I'm still helpful in other ways." Looking at Nich again and says, "Who says it has anything to do with looks?" Thinking again, "hrmmm.. give me a second to think on it…. "

Cloud hmms, "Why don't you try an ironic codename, not seen that done, might be a cool idea", he sits down like the other two as he seems to be sticking around, "Have you tried not so much consentrating on technique and just adapting with you've learnt around how you move?". "You've got a danger sense Amunet? as it's not going off now it kinda beats the idea that danger follows me around".

"I'm not clever enough for an ironic codename." Nicholas states. "I a simple kind of guy so I prefer simple. Something like Tank would have worked if I was someone like Quenton or something." He then glances over at Amunet. "I wasn't talking about looks, I was talking about my powers and my ability to get hurt easily, tanks don't get injured as often as I do, that's all I'm saying."

Amunet shrugs and looks skyward for a long moment, maybe in the dirtection of where she'd been climbing weeks before. Lips twitching first one way and then another. "you know.. I don't think I have much of an imagination, the only thing I can come up with is eagle.. but that doesn't seem right either. I'll keep comin up with ideas if you want.." Then her lips quirk and she shrugs, "it's something I've been working on with the headmistress. I told her bout some time in mutant town and she had me think back to some of my instincts… so yeah in a sense. Not in anything bright blaring like a slap upside the head. But yeah I can feel it when something isn't right most of the time." Still seeming to be thiking though as she says, "I dunno lemme think bout it, I might be able to think of something.."

"Well if you want something simple what about T.K? it's a short term for telekinesis, could do as a stop-gap until you figure out one that suits you", Cloud reaches into his bag and pulls out an apple, "You guys doing ok now things seem to have settled down?"

"You want to know the truth or do you want to know the answer everyone wants to hear?" Nicholas asks Cloud in response asking if he's okay. "It's up to you Amunet, you don't have to think of names on my behalf. Just wanted some feedback and it's helped." He runs a hand through his hair and leans back. "I'll be honest Amunet, I'm at a total loss as to what your powers are, but I'm not gonna pry. At least you got Ms Frost helping you out with them."

Amunet Just flashes a thankful smile at Nich and says, "Well now you know you have a human trouble finder if you need one." her nose wrinkling faintly before then shrugging and says, "T.k. works." Looking to Cloud at his question she just seems to think a moment before then saying, "I'm here and not Mutant Town. Anything's better than there."

"If you wanna tell me the truth it's up to you, if you wanna just say you're fine that's fine too, you don't have to talk about anything you don't want to man", Cloud doesn't know the full extent off what happened to those kidnapped but from what he's heard he can make an educated guess, "Well you're here now and I don't see that fence going up again and if it does there's plenty of people waiting to tear it back down".

"I went to Mutant Town once, there was an anti-mutant demonstration there. Let's just say, I haven't been back to New York City since." Nicholas says shrugging his shoulders. "I'll just say I have my ups and downs Cloud, barely sleeping still but that's the norm nowadays." He then glances back over at Amunet. "Here's a good place. Only place that really feels like home anymore."

Amunet shrugs and says, "It's becoming home slowly, at least to me." And then she just nods a small bit to Cloud before then looking back down to the knitting needles again, once again trying to cast on.

"After coming here going back to Boston always feels strange, more like visiting than going home, that's why I moved to Mutant Town when I graduated but I'm hoping to move on just waiting to hear on another school", Cloud frowns, "Is it nightmares affecting your sleep? if so have you thought of asking Frost for help?"

"Nightmares, and no, I'm not asking Ms. Frost for help." His tone makes it sound kind of final. "I miss North Dakota but going back…." Nicholas just shakes his head. "I want to go back but I know everything's different. Also seeing my house…it'd be just…" He just shakes his head and leaves it at that. "Amunet, any word on your Mom?"

Amunet glances to nich a small bit, "Why not ask the headmistress? S he's been ok to me.." Looking confused and then when her mom is brought up she shakes her head, "No. Well.. there was one. She said dad had left and she was going to go and meet uip with some friends who would help hide her from him. And to stay here. I don't know if she'll get ahold of me again any time soon but at least I know she's not there with him."

"Ask Miss Frost to see if she can find your mom with cerebra, I think that it can find pretty much any mutant unless they're being purposly hidden from it", Cloud shrugs, "There's nothing that says you have to go back, yousaid this place feels like home, rebuild things here and don't let the anti-mutant bigots intimidate you".

Nicholas sets his jaw firm and frowns. "No, there's really no use in asking her. I'd get more success talking to a tree. But that's good about your Mom, least you know she's still alive and well." He looks back down at his pad and starts scribbling on it a bit, not looking up as he talks. "I need closure, I want to make sure they were buried and if so, I'd like to see their graves."

Amunet looks to be about to go into her string of questions when her phone starts beeping at her, "Oh cripes I'm late." Moving to gather up her stuff, "i'll see you guys around.. good to see you again Mr. Cloud…. see ya later Nich."

"If you want to go and check you should ask a steff member to take you, just to make sure it's safe, I'd say I'd take you but I'm not the best choice of bodyguard and I'm not staff", he waves as Amunet leaves, "Any idea why she keeps calling me Mr. Cloud?"

Nicholas shrugs. "Same reason that Sophie calls everyone Mister as well? I guess it's a sign of respect for her but she doesn't realize that it bothers you more than shows you respect." Nicholas suggests and lets out a bit of a sigh. "I don't plan on going alone, if I go alone…they could be there or I might have an episode or something. I get panic attacks sometimes."

"If it makes her feel better I'll leave it, doesn't bother me that much, though dunno what I did to get her respect… wait she thinks I'm old doesn't she?", Cloud nods, "I don't know exactly what went down but I know the level of hate those dicks put towards mutants, I can still feel it in my head, but from what people say happened, no normal person would come out of that undamaged".

Nick pales a bit at Cloud's words, his hand reaching to touch the 'M' scar that was burned into his arm. "I probably hate them just as much, if not more." He whispers before changing the subject. "You graduated, you're older, not necessarily old. It's like saying you're more experienced or wiser I think." Nicholas really isn't sure. He stands up and dusts himself off. "Well I'm gonna head inside, take a shower than see if I can find Shane. Thanks for the advice about codenames Cloud."

"Don't let it consume you Nick, from the older, expirienced/wiser guy, trust me as much as they deserve your hate don't let that control you", Cloud grabs his back and stands up to, "Then again most people will tell you I'm not all that bright so that might be the dumbest advice ever so feel free to ignore it, nice talking to you and sorry I couldn't say more about the code names", he probably should get off and deliver what he came to.

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