2013-05-24: Figuring Out An Echo


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Summary: Hercules talks to Jessica about Echo.

Date: May 24, 2013

Log Title: Figuring Out an Echo

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Administrative Office

The administrative offices of the various shield agents and academic administrators as well as the small army of secretaries and clerks it takes to keep a school running smoothly are connected to this module. The central module has a large counter bisecting it with various school functionaries behind the counter at work stations or manning the desk.

The doors open to reveal a rather large man ducking his head, and stepping into the main administration area. The man peers about at the people here, obviously looking for someone. He tires of looking fairly quickly, and bluntly asks one of the nearby people if they could direct him to one Jessica Drew.

It's not hard to spot Jessica, she's the one dressed in a black pencil skirt and red button down shirt looking none to happy. She's got a stack of papers that she's currently going through with a bit of a frown on her face. Why did Nick talk her into this…a question she asks herself on a daily basis.

Hercules strides over to where Jessica works through the tower of paper. He clears his throat quietly, "Ah, hello, miss Drew? Do you have a moment to speak with me? My name is Hercules. I have been part of the Academy for several years now, but I have been on assignment for SHIELD for most of that. I would like to discuss teaching for next semester. Amongst other things."

Jessica looks over and then up as the Greek God and offers him a smile. She brushes a stray black hair from her face before offering a hand. "Hercules…I know who you are. Good to finally meet you and yes I have a moment. Thank you, gets me away from doing all this paperwork. I'm an Avenger and a SHIELD agent with super powers…how did I get talked into organizing student files." Isn't there a lacky who should be doing that? A SHIELD intern?

Hercules chuckles politely, and reaches out to shake the offered hand, taking care not to squeeze too hard. "Well, there are a few others things I would like to speak about, and I am sure they are more appropriate for your position here. But it might be better suited to a place where there are less ears. Also, I was curious to meet the big boss lady, after all." He grins and crosses his arms. "I am a big fan of yours. But, down to business. I am interested in teaching physical education curriculum, as well as at least a soccer team. As a secondary interest, I would also like to teach history. Specifically ancient history, with field trips taken to various locales of historical weight. Is it possible to get funding for this?"

Jessica raises an eyebrow. "Big Boss lady? Oh no, that's not me." Though she does seem to get saddled with a lot of responsibilities here. "There's an empty office down the hall, not the most comfortable but it'll do." She leads the way to a small room with desk and a few chairs, obviously meant for meetings. She sits in one of the two chairs in front of the desk seeming glad to be off her feet for a bit, darn heels. "A big fan of mine? That's…well thanks you." Jessica isn't sure how to react to that and a slight blush forms on her cheeks. She did remember the perfume that counters her pheromones…right? "That sounds great, we are in need of help here and Nick Fury keeps on assigning SHIELD agents to teach part time and it'd be nice to have a helping hand around here."

Hercules nods in response, "I do think that girls and women need positive role models, and you definitely fit that description wonderfully." He takes his seat, sitting carefully as the chair complains as he settles in. "Something that concerns me is the woman being held in the Medical Center, Echo. I admit that I do not know all the circumstances of her imprisonment, but I am interested in hearing about what is going on. I do think that we could at least allow her a proper room, with a Faraday Cage built in to prevent errant signals. And to perhaps allow her access to a radio, some books, maybe video games? Also, to see if we can't push things along and get the matter resolved?"

Jessica lets out a polite laugh and shakes her head. "Read my file sometime, I'm not exactly the best person for women to look up to." Self Confidence has never been one of her stronger qualities. Grateful for the subject of Echo to come up, she nods and thinks for a bit, trying to remember the circumstances. "Honestly, I don't know that much. If I recall correctly she's an Android, I think she was brought here after being damaged…injured…I'm not sure what the politically correct term is." Jessica stands up and walks to the computer behind the desk, turning the monitor on so she can go through the database. "Hopefully this will tell us."

Hercules hmms, "But a role model does not have to be perfect to be a role model. It's how we deal with our problems that is what is important, yes?" He nods and leans on the desk to peer at the screen. "Er, I think it is probably correct to view her as female. I do not know if she was constructed with an AI, or just a sophisticated program… however, in talking to her she seems sentient to me. She understands her situtation, she speaks of herself as me, myself, I… she staunchly defends her actions as self defense. She resists shutting down despite direction to do so. Hallmarks of sentience, in my opinion."

"Here it is and I was referring to damaged verses injured." Jessica says, did she just purposefully ignore the bit about her being a role model? "One of our students, Mike, found her and convinced her to come here. Apparently she's confessed she's killed people…potentially dangerous so they put her in a cell down in the medbay. That doesn't make much sense at all." She furrows her brow trying to see if she can find anymore details. "Who gave this order?" He wonders out loud. "So what is your opinion….it doesn't sound like any real reason to keep her prisoner I mean it's not like most around here are innocent when it comes to taking a life." Though Jessica herself never has.

Hercules hmms and taps his chin. "Well, there is cause for concern. If you were to take suggestions, upgrade her accomodations to something more comfortable, allow her to learn her rights, give her access to materials to read, perhaps a tv or a radio. She said she had pictures, GPS coordinates and evidence of both the crimes and what lead to them. Review that information. If she IS guilty, well, she should have access to the same things all criminals are entitled to, under the law. If you believe she is not guilty, well… what kind of decisions can you make? Can you decide that she is free to go, after looking at the evidence?"

"That would be Jennifer's territory, I don't know much about law….I mean outside of being a Private Investigator." Jessica admits trying to see if she can find any other information. "She needed to recharge…that's why she was brought here, not that she was injured. Okay…but…" She shakes her head. "Why didn't this go through the proper channels. I think we have to review that information and make a decision. Has anyone pressed charges on her for any of these crimes?"

Hercules rolls his shoulders in a shrug, "That is not something I would be privy to, but as far as I can tell, no. No one really knows she is there, or why. Which, as you can see, was the cause of my concern. Do not mistake me, if she is guilty she should be prosecute. If she isn't, she should be allowed to leave. There seemed to be debate as to her sentience also, which to me is obvious, she is sentient."

Jessica nods and starts to make her own notes, based on what Hercules is saying, in the file. "I agree, I should go talk to her as well, not that I don't trust your opinion. You said she mentioned self defense, did she talk about the circumstances behind the fact that she killed people? Was she being persecuted or something, it's all so vague. So our first step is getting her situated into a decent living situation, second is to find out the details behind these murders which I'm sure I'll be able to find out." Time to break out the old detective skills. "Then we can make a decision from there."

Hercules shakes his head, "No, not at all, I understand that it is good to get multiple opinions and to get as much information as possible. And she said to me that she was in hiding, but not from what. She acted only in self defence and only killed when she believed her life in danger. However, she mentioned that she had done so twenty-seven times. Which, to me, is extreme. I think someone was trying to either capture her or eliminate her, and wished to do so very badly, enough that risking their agents was necessary to them. She did not reveal any such information, however, that is my gut feeling after talking to her multiple times."

"Twenty seven? And there was nothing on the news or media about this, no man hunt for her…no charges to be pressed that just seems suspicious to me." Jessica says looking upwards at Hercules. "We should get her set up in her own room, find out what her needs are and then I can try talking to her. Maybe it'll be easier to talk to her once she's out of imprisonment. How long has she been there…."

"Two weeks at minimum, that is about when I first discovered her, when I went in for a physical checkup." He holds up a hand. "Please do not go in there alone. I would suggest taking a woman named Rashmi, or myself. We have both talked to her, and she appears to be at ease in our company. I do not doubt your abilities, but it is always best to have a partner. She did stress to me that if she saw an opportunity to escape, she would take it. As any prisoner might, yes? Allow myself, or Rashmi, into the place first, and then we can introduce you after chatting. Should go smoothly, I would think, if we approach her calmly, and show her that we're interested in helping her out of this situation."

"Rashmi…she's a good choice. A very bright young woman. She's already making waves in the way the world views mutants." Jessica says, she can't help but be impressed with the young woman. "I trust your judgement, I know I don't come off as the friendliest of sorts a lot of the times. Having you and, or Rashmi there is probably a good idea."

Hercules hmms. "She is a bright woman indeed. Quick on her feet, and quick in thinking. As for you, you have been perfectly civil and friendly with me, miss Drew. Do me a favor? Talk to Rashmi and get to the same point as we have, and ask her who should go inside. If she mentions me, then I would be happy to go, and our judgements will all be as one, yes? But if she has a better suggestion, take it. She could do with making that sort of decision, I think."

Jessica lets out a chuckle. "It's because you're also an Avenger and a superhero…I can act normal around others who probably have just as messed of a life as I do." She's not really joking either. "Put me out there in the real world, I'm as uncomfortable and awkward as they come. I'll definitely talk with Rashmi, she's got a good head on her shoulders so I think her opinion will count for quite a bit. I'd also like to find out what Echo wants."

Hercules guffaws and smacks the desk with a hand. "Messed up life? Pish-tosh, I am as normal a hero as they come, I'll have you know." He wipes an eye and continues to chuckle on. "I do understand you, I think, Jessica. A little something that hardly anyone else knows, but I too am uncomfortable when out on the stage of real life, with people watching my every move. Having to be careful around so many people that could get hurt if I am not careful with my strength. It is very difficult sometimes. It is why I swagger and strut."

"I don't remember a time when I didn't have powers and it's been one hectic ride since. At least my stint with HYDRA didn't last that long." Jessica says giving a smile. "And as normal as a hero as they come, I bet most of us have a God as a parent." She jests. "So have you been set up with a room here? Or are you staying off campus?"

Hercules chuckles, "We all have things we regret, and that's what life is all about, what builds character. What you do when things are not alright. And doesn't everyone have at least one God in their family? I hear geneology websites have come a long way." The man winks before laughing once more. "I do have a room here, yes, and thank you for the accomodations."

"Does the High Evolutionary count?" Jessica says letting out her own chuckle. The wink…she's sure she remembered to wear the perfume that counter acts her pheromones, it's as essential as deodorant. "Well I'm not related to him, he was my father's partner and the one responsible for my powers. Anyway, I hate to cut this short but I still have some paper work to file before meeting up with Carol for drinks. It was a pleasure meeting you Hercules."

Hercules straightens and smiles, "No, please, the pleasure was all mine. I would be intersted in talking more about the curriculum, but I am sure there is someone lower down the totem pole who is reponsible for that. Echo was my main concern. My thanks for easing my concerns. And also for smiling. I shall get out of your hair, as they say. See you again, Jessica."

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