2009-05-03: Figuring Things Out


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Summary: Leo tells Dai a bit about what recently happened in his life.

Date: May 3, 2009

Log Title Figuring Things Out

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

He hasn't been himself lately. No smiles, no bounciness, no hyper activity. Sure, he still has the energy, but it's not being released. Thus, Leo is glowing quite brightly as he sits, curled up into an almost ball on a couch in the Dorm Lobby.

Coming down to the lobby via elevator with a pair of drumsticks in hand is Daisuke. It looks as if he's about to go practice when he spots the glowing teen sitting in the lobby. "Hey Leo." He says walking over and sitting down next to him. He gives Leo a curious look as he's not boucy or smiling. "How have you been doing?"

Without speaking, Leo just shrugs. He doesn't even look towards Daisuke. There's too much on his mind. He pulls his legs in a little tighter, knees up against his chest. He doesn't want to spill someone else's business to someone, but hey…he may have to to figure things out.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out something's wrong with Leo from his reaction. He's obviously acting not like himself. "Leo…hey, is everything okay? What's wrong?" He asks as he's wondering if he should put his arm around his friend or not, he decides to not for the time being.

"My own stupid fault." Leo says, softly, shaking his head. "Because I'm the way I am, and said it up front, I didn't think to find out how I'd feel if it happened and I didn't know. And I've been doing so good, trying NOT to do that." Yes, it's confusing. But hey, it's Leo.

Daisuke looks at Leo and puts his arm around him. "Leo…I'm not really sure what you're talking about but I hope things work out okay." He's mulling over in his mind what Leo could be talking about. He's trying to think of all the things that he knows Leo does and that he would be trying not to do. Nothing's coming to Dai.

"I mean, I stopped hanging around Pallaton, because I knew I was attracted and I didn't want to hurt Nathan. And I stopped hanging around Jared because I knew that… ya know." Leo shrugs softly. He figures Dai knows that in the past they've been really close. "But I know how I am, so I held back." He's still not spilling, but that's just his way. "But I thought I'd be ok with it, even if he did."

Daisuke nods slowly as he registers what Leo says and it the pieces do fall into place. "So Nathan…with someone else?" He doesn't want to say Nathan cheated on you cause he figures it might not be the best thing to vocalize at the moment. "So you're not okay with it? Well obviously but…" He's really not sure what to say. Dai just wishes he was better at comforting people.

"I don't know. I CAN'T be mad. It's not fair. Because I know how I can get." Leo says softly. He knows it, and has never hidden it. He doesn't announce it like Vlad, but he doesn't see the point in denying the truth. But he nods to Dai. "I just… I don't know what to do or what to say."

Daisuke now pulls Leo into a hug. "I don't know Leo, I do know that if I found out Jared did something with someone else while we're together, I'd be really hurt." But then Daisuke is insecure and sensitive. "Just be honest Leo. I know you really like Nathan and maybe…I don't know, just don't look for revenge by doing the same thing." He doesn't think Leo would though.

"I wouldn't. I told him up front, though, that something might happen between me and someone. I wouldn't deny it but… dude… I know he still loves me. I can feel it. He can't fake that." Leo shakes his head. "I'm just lost. That's all. I don't know what to do or what to think. All I know is it's my own fault." Yup. There's something Leo's never shown until recently. Minor self-hatred.

"You can't blame yourself for his mistakes, even if you said it was okay." Daisuke says softly. "You two have to work on trusting eachother then and focusing on eachother. You love him Leo and he loves you but do you two trust eachother?" He asks as he's no theripist but he's trying to help.

"I do, but… I don't trust the other person. He won't let me meet him." Leo says, honestly. That's what bugs him. "Nate doesn't trust him around me. SO… why would he…?" That's where the stickler seems to be for Leo. If Nate had been with someone he knew, he probably wouldn't care.

"Then tell Nathan that." Daisuke says. "That the fact that he won't let you meet the guy is what bothers you. That you do trust him and that he can trust you. I don't know why, especially since you don't seem the type that would beat up someone over that. I think though you need to tell Nathan exactly that."

There's a nod from Leo as he thinks about that. "That and the guy's older. He's an adult. That's creepy." He says, wrinkling his nose. He shakes his head softly. "I… I will. Eventually."

Daisuke gives Leo a puzzled expression. He doesn't know how much older he means by 'older'. "Like…parents age older? Or like me and Jared older?" Daisuke knows he has about three years on Jared but he doesn't care.

"Like old enough to drink older." Leo says with a wrinkle of his nose. Three years is nothing. But that's just too much for Leo at his age. He looks up at Dai and nods. "I just… he said we could establish rules and he'd be fine with it. I just don't kow what."

"Will you be fine with establishing rules?" Daisuke asks as Leo said that Nathan is he one who suggested it and would be fine with it. "Well do you think the two of you could be just with eachother or do the two of you feel the need to…with someone else?"

"I have no idea what rules to establish. THat's the problem. I'm… getting more comfortable with being just there, but I know that I don't trust mySELF." That's new for Leo.

"Then maybe rules won't do anything to help." Daisuke says as he squeezes Leo's shoulder. "I don't know much about relationships in all honesty but I really think you need to tell him everything you're telling me. That you don't trust yourself, that not being able to meet this guy bothers you and all. I really think he needs to hear this."

Leo nods lightly. "I will. If he's around. He may not even be here." He sighs softly, remaining curled. It's one of those things. It's just the easiest way to comfort the self.

"It's not your fault what happened Leo okay?" Daisuke says as he smiles at Leo. "Something happened, I don't know what, and Nathan did what he did. I don't know why but when you're ready the two of you really need to talk okay?" Daisuke's been choosing his words fairly carefully as to not say 'Nathan's the bad guy in this' because he doesn't think of it that way.

Leo doesn't think of it that way. He just doesn't understand why it bothers him. IT shouldn't. It really shouldn't. He shakes his head softly. "I'll talk to him when I can see him."

"Maybe you should talk to Jared about it. I know you two have history but he's also your best friend and knows you a lot more than I do." Daisuke says as he's not sure what else to say in regards to it. "In the meantime, do you want to go out to the city, hang out a bit, grab some lunch, try to get your mind off things?"

"Sure. I need to pick out some new clothes anyway." Leo says with a nod. Shopping always DOES make him feel better.

Daisuke smile and ruffles Leo's hair. "Okay, we'll go clothes shopping then grab some lunch." Daisuke says with chuckle hopeing that just getting out for the day and getting his mind on something else helps.

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