2010-01-26: Film at 11



Summary: Jam'z creates a tape to lure Quinn back for Round 3.

Date: Janurary, 24, 2010

Log Title

Rating: PG-13


*static fades to a image of a poorly-lit floor. The screen blinks a few times and you hear a voice begin to speak:
“Is this thing on? Yeah, there it goes. Wait a second…the frekin’ clock is blinking 12:00 a.m. Ahh, man! The least you could do is set it correctly. We’re trying to be professionals. A blinking clock is not the sign of professionals! What am I paying you for?”

*incoherent demonic burbling*

Off screen, someone responds, "Oh…it ‘is’ 12:00 a.m. Oh, sorry. My bad."

*More incoherent demonic burbling*

Off screen, the same human voice responds, "Cool. Yeah. Alright, I think we’re rolling.”

The video quickly pans up to the face of a rather miserable looking man. The zoom pans back and reveals that he’s tied to a chair. While he doesn’t look mistreated, he does look rather upset about what ever is going on.

The same off screen voice states, “Alright, state your naaaaaame.”

The man on screen says, “Chad…"

Off: “Chad…What?”
On: “Chad Chatsworth.”
Off: “Wow Chad, that’s practically 2 first names. What are you doing in the big city?"
On: "Contracting."
Off: "Really? And what is it you were doing?"
On: "Electrical engineering."
Off: "Interesting. Does it pay well?"

Chad nods.

Off: "Does the job offer any benefits other than being temporarily and HarmlesslyI might addsequestered by demon hordes from the neither realms?"

On: "No…?"
Off: "Wow. Good answer."

The screen goes in and out of clarity and the voice off screen asks, “So Chad, what message do you have to tell whomever sees this video?”

Chad nervously states, “That I’m not being harmed and I’m in good spirits.” His eyes dart back and forth as if he’s reading from a script.

The voice off screen coaches a little, “And…?”

Chad continues, “That I won’t be harmed. All that’s required is a simple exchange. I will be released in the approximate condition I was taken in if…” Chad squints a little, “If…DC? Is handed over to my hosts?” He scoffs just a little, “You want D.C.?

Off “No, no, no…that’d be crazy. It’s a girl, not a country—-or whatever that place is considered. I never got her name…the girl. No, deffinatly not the city…state…whatever.”

There’s a pause before the person off screen asks, “Damn…think I should have asked for Coney Island too? I never considered a piece of property in exchange.”

Chad shrugs and sits still for a moment until the sound of movement triggers another squint before he starts reading again, “It’s a simple exchange. No one will be hurt if the demands are meant. I will get to go back home to my family.”

Off: "Where’s your family live, Chaaaad?”
On: "New Jersey?"
Off “You want to leave this for ‘New Jersey?’ Wow Chad, you’re a masochist.”

Chad doesn’t respond until the sound of a queue card being changed makes him read another line, “You have a phone number at which the drop off location can be discussed. This is a limited…time offer. Operators…are…standing by?”

Off: "Wow Chad, you’re a natural. You should have been a movie star.”

The camera moves rapidly and is suddenly pointed at a pair of shoes. A pair of demonic feet enter the picture and the other feet disappear The camera swings wildy, practically capturing the whole room and the off-screen speaker—Jam’z—before being pointed quickly in random directions quickly.

Off screen Jam’z says, “Don’t break that you fool. Chad’s a professional. He only does one take!”

Footsteps near, a pair of legs in blue jeans enters the picture and as something clicks the screen goes to static.

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