2011-06-16: Final Lesson Part 2

Players: Cloud and Xorn

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Summary: Xorn meets with Cloud for one final lesson

Date: June 16, 2011

Log Title: Final Lesson Part 2

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Classroom Two

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

Hovering midair and spinning around slowly going from upside down to normal to upside down, Xorn dressed in his standard issue X-Man uniform white robes X-adorned red sash and metallic mask. He rotates and Cloud’s file rotates with him as he reads and reviews it, nodding his head up and down as he does so. Closing the file, he sends a mental summons to Cloud, “Please come to Classroom Two.”

Having made some serious decisions today Cloud was relaxing in his room when he got Xorn's message, he's dressed in blue jeans, a pair of red sneakers and a black t-shirt, for the first time he has no worries that he's in trouble which i what he usually assumes, when he reaches the classroom he knocks before entering.

Stopping his spinning, Xorn firmly plants his feet on the ground and walks towards his desk, “Cloud Rosen, please have a seat.” Placing the folder on the desk he taps his fingers on it, “So Cloud, you are up for graduation. Congratulations. How do you feel?” Wisps of black energy steam off from the mask every so often.

Entering the room Cloud sits down where he's told, "Dunno, it's big i guess moving on to the real world and all, but it feels good knowing i managed to get though it", and he PASSSED!, no summer school for Cloud Rosen.

Nodding his head, “So have you made any decisions on what you will be doing? You said moving on to the real world so I take you will be leaving the institution, then?” Xorn opens the file and opens a drawer to pull out a pen.

Cloud nods, "Actullay i sort of decided what i'm going to do today, i wanna eventually work with the police, but i wanna spend a year or so working to help with getting mutants more widely excepted", he sighs, "Though basically that is gonna mean it's gonna be pretty obvious i'm a mutant, so tomorrow i'm gonna tell the people i know"

Tilting his head as he seems to examine Cloud for a moment, “You are… what is the term that is used… coming out as a mutant? Who are the people you know that don’t already know?” Xorn nods as he continues to write in the file.

"My family are the only ones outside of the school who know that i'm a mutant, i never told anyone else because i was worried about how they would react", Cloud takes a deep breath, "But if i'm gonna work on the whole mutant rights thing, i gotta be willing to let people know".

“That is very brave and admirable. A perfect example of Professor Xavier’s dream. If we are to live in coexistence and harmony, then making it known who you are, shows pride and strength. I am proud of you.” Xorn nods his head, “Will you be leaving the Institute? Other than coming out? How else will you help your fellow brother and sister mutants?”

Cloud nods, "Yeah, i'm probably gonna leave the school, head to New York and try and find an apartment, sink or swim i guess", he's gonna maybe contact the Genosian Embasy, maybe Magneto or just try some volenteer work in Mutant town.

“Well that is very good. I wish you the best of luck with that and if you need any assistance let me know me. Many former students and alum have made it out on there own. And you will always be welcome here. In a way the Xavier Institute is as much a home as it is a school.” Xorn reviews the file, “So how do you feel you have progressed with your powers? How were they when you started and now?”

"When i first got here my powers would sometimes activate on their own, if they didn't i wouldn't have come here in the first place, back then i'd rather have stayed back home", Cloud can barely remember how he felt back then, "The last time my powers fucked up was over a year ago and i seem to have complete control over my absorbsion, so well done Xavier's"

“Well then that is great. So what was the best part of being at Xavier’s? What was the worst part?” At this point, Xorn closes the file and genuinely seems interest in his student’s responses and not just for a final evaluation.

Cloud is silent for about a minute as he thinks about the question put to him, "Best part would have to be the squad sessions, i liked working in a team again", he tenses up when it comes to the bad part, "This place is dangerous, you know the things that have happened to my sister since she joined this school, this school exists to help people but it attracts danger".

“Well, I am glad things went well with the squad sessions. I wasn’t sure how they would go when I took over after Forge.” Xorn would smile if he could, but he can’t, but then continues, “The school has had its moments. I must say, but having met with your sister. She is a better person for it. How are you and your sister doing? Are things better?”

Cloud shrugs, "It's still kinda tense at the moment but i'm planning on finding her later to talk, kinda sort things out before graduation", and talk to her about the whole coming out thing, theres a chance it might effect her too.

“Well that is good. She should know. And no matter what the reaction is. Know that you are making the right decision. Stick with it and see the outcome and prepare for the consequences.” Xorn then notes, “Well, it alls seems that you are set. That is good. Any advice for the new students. And new squad members?”

Cloud smiles and nods, "Yeah, learn to duck and avoid unknon portals and futuristic leather fetish chicks and thats about all i can think of on the advice front", hmm, "Nope can't think of anything else other than the warning that girls are mental"

Shaking his head as Cloud speaks, Xorn pauses, “A moment sound advice I suppose. Are the leather fetish chicks and the girls being mental, related? What girl did you encounter with a leather fetish?”
Cloud shakes his head, "No they're not related, the girls being mental thing is just an overall observation where as the leather fetish chick thing is a one time observation, and the leather fetish chick was future Heather"

Xorn would ask more as he had no idea Heather would grow up to become a leather fetishist, but you never know what will happen. Best to avoid. "Well sound advice then." Standing up, "Well, Cloud Rosen, I am very proud. Since I have become squadron leader, I have seen you progress the most and your willingness to help your teammates and others is amazing. I am so pleased to hear you will be helping out mutants. And remember you will always be welcome here and will always have my assistance should you need it."

Cloud stands up when Xorn does, "Thanks Xorn, you've been a great teacher", and the lessions he's learned are gonna be very important if he's gonna servive the next year or so, "I'll remember that".
Extending to shakes Cloud’s hand and place his hand on his student’s shoulder Xorn offers,

“Congratulations on graduating of the Xavier Institute and the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.”
Cloud shakes Xorn's hand and grins, "Goes to show anythings possible i guess", giving Xorn another thanks he turns and heads out the door, next on the agenda find his sister and tell her what he has planned.

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