2010-04-28: Final Straw


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Summary: James finds Jono practicing in the woods. Their meeting turns sour and rather final.

Date: April 28, 2010

Log Title The Final Straw

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Communications Tower

This large metal tower has many mysteries and stories surrounding it. Deep in the woods it supplies most of the radio frequencies of the school. Danger and High Voltage signs hang all around the tower, but that doesn't stop the occasional group of students from trying to climb it.

He's out here because few come here and he just couldn't handle being cooped up in the school anymore. And Jonothon is so very tired of venting in the danger room. Not that he's blasting anything, but the psy-fire is sure active, and he's using his powers. The air around him is filled with bits of wood, and the occasional odd and end that students leave up here by mistake. Standing amid it all, the man motions an arm, swinging it up, and what was once an old fallen tree flows like water up into a new shape. Normally doesn't use gestures, but today he's just venting. That tree is shaped with the ease of soft clay to form a spiraling shape around the Brit. It circles upwards, forming a delicate sphere of waves and dolphins. Something he never shows people if he can, but to be honest there's no good reason to hide it. With the flick of its tail one of the dolphins leaps and arches through the air before the spinning motif catches up with it - The whole affair constantly in motion, constantly changing.

Crouched on a rock some distance away is James. Having traipsed through the woods on another one of his 'gonna go be myself for a bit' walks, the hyena had discovered his squad leader and took up watching the scene just long enough to wonder if Jono knows he's there. "So," he starts, "I can't imagine I've suddenly gotten so good I can sneak past you. So, either you already know I'm here, or I caught you in a rare moment that I'm bound to be apologizing for in a sec."

Being spoken to has Jonothon, not to mention everything else, stopping. Tiny bits of debris hover there on the air within a good fifteen feet of the man, including that sphere of wood. «Was hoping you wouldn't ruin the moment.» Too late for that now. Get the feeling someone is grumpy at James? Oh yeah. «I'm not sure I'd be believing your apology anyway.» The motion he makes, sweeping his arm to one side, is rough and angry. Wood follows it though, pooling together. Done are the pretty designs in the water, and the dolphins. Jono shapes it all into a large ball and let's it thud to the earth.

James narrows his eyes and hops off the rock, "Good to know my words are as wasted as my deeds around here." He starts heading away from his squad leader, a route that will have him headed towards the school after skirting the other man, "Tell you what, I'll go ask Addison to re-reset me so at least I can feel as if I have a reason to be mad back." He gives the wooden ball a sniff, "Well…other than the fact you've been playing with a bunch of trees I pissed on." Serious? Not? Hard to tell, but he's smirking nonetheless.

«It's the deeds that are causing me trouble, James.» Comes the reply as Jonothon stands near that sphere, eyes still flame filled. «Every time you ask me to trust you, then you go behind my back on something. Every time I stupidly trust you, and every time I get hurt. This time it was bloody stupid, yet you did it anyway. You want to run away, fine, but that won't solve anything.» Never mind he came out here to try and not take out his ire against the Hyena. No, he doesn't care if James pissed on anything. He can't smell, and it's all still on the tree, not him.
Holding a hand over that sphere, the man concentrates on it again. The stuff pools upwards, once again spiraling. It echoes the psy-fire that is doing the same around his head and shoulders. Almost never straight lines.

James gives Jono a long glaring look, having stopped to do so, "You keep chewing on that bone much longer and they're going to start calling 'you' a hyena." With a sigh, James looks over his squad leader, "I try, but it's pretty obvious that I can't do right by you. Dunno what it was this time, but every time we cross paths, I get to hear all about this trust issue thing. Maybe we should just stop crossing paths."

If he had iris and pupil he'd be rolling them at you. As it stands there's too much fire there currently to tell that. «I was playing that game long before you got here.» They call Jonothon stubborn for a reason. «You went behind my back and asked Kenta for training. That's all it was, and I wasn't planning on mentioning it to you. Came out here to vent a little.» Which he has been quite well, thank you. «I'm not chasing you down anymore, James. You want to cut me out, that's up to you. At this point I won't stop you.» Arms drop and the wood does too. «I just can't deal with this anymore.» Weary that. Almost apologetic.

James crosses his arms, "Not playing games Jono, if I threaten to leave the team this time, it's for real. Pretty obvious you and I are water and oil. Not sure why you expect anything better. Jade, you, Tara. Done apologizing to people who won't do the same. You want answers? Maybe you should have come talk to me. Or is this too much like dealing with anything?" He gives the dirt a scratch with his toe nail, "And yeah, I asked Kenta. So? There was no behind your back. He is the other squad leader. You're only 50% of the equation. You start acting like you're more than 10% and I'll start relying on you for answers. Otherwise, you're just holding me back."

«Alright then. Good luck.» No attempt to talk James into anything. If he wants to cut ties, Jonothon can live with that. Doesn't attempt to caution the Hyena about getting what he asked for. Turning somewhat away, the Brit resumes his practice. That's what it is, for that's what it always is.

James nods, "Dad always said 'if you can't lead a horse to water, find a better horse.' Don't think I knew what he meant until now." James pulls his goggles off his head and puts them away in his pocket, muttering a "Hi-ho Silver." to himself as he heads back towards the school.

Jonothon doesn't rise to the bait. There's no need. He focuses in on practicing the routines that Magneto wanted him too. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black there, isn't it?

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