2011-11-02: Finally Meeting


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Summary: Jeremy and Kai finally officially meet as roommates.

Date: November 2, 2011

Log Title: Finally Meeting

Rating: G

Barnes Academy - Jeremy and Kai's Room

A two-person room. Two beds are in the room, one on each side. Both beds are twin-sized. There are wall-build dressers and closets and a single bathroom for both people to share.

Done with his classes for the day Kai is sitting on his bed working on a project that he's been working on for a couple of months now, in the background he has the Chameleon Circuit song Nightmares playing, dressed in his blue and grey Barnes uniform he only turns away from the laptop a couple of times to make notes on a notepad.

Comming into the room, with the slight smell of cigarettes lingering on him, is Jeremy, Kai's ever so quite roommate. He doesn't spend a lot of time in the room, at least when his roommates there. He walks in, taking off his jacket but leaving the gloves and scarf on over his Barnes uniform. "Hello, how you are this afternoon?" He says polietly to Kai as he sits down on his bed and starts to turn on his laptop.

As Jeremy enters the room Kai locks his laptop and switches off his music, he frowns a little at the smell of smoke, why would someone do that to their body? "Oh hey, i'm alright, a little irritated but good, how about you? rare to find you in here", he has noted that his roomate isn't all that social.

"I have homework to do. Library was a bit..crowded." Jeremy says as it's more that someone he doesn't like was in there and thought he'd be better in the room. "That's good that you're well. Sorry I'm not the most social of roommates I'm just…" What's he going to say, shy? antisocial? untrusting? Instead he just shakes his head. "Just quiet."

Kai shrugs, "No problem, i'd rather have a quiet roomate than one that talks my ear off all day, but i moved into your room so don't avoid the place just because i'm here", he's only been to the library a couple of times, he didn't have the clearance to find anything usefull, "Don't have to talk, can be as quiet as you want".

Jeremy tightens his gloves down over his hands and nods to Kai as he finally gets his laptop up and running and going through his homework. "Listen, I should have told you this when you got here but one of the reasons I avoid the room is my powers." He says taking a deep breath and avoiding looking at his roomate. "I'm a post cognative, I can see the past of anything I touch."

Kai tenses up when Jeremy reveals what his power is, "Oh, wow thats interesting", he makes a mental note never to let Jeremy within touching distance of him, "Does it just work on objects or does it effect living things aswell?, if so, how do you stand eating?"

Jeremy nods and it's obvious that he's not exactly happy about his ability. He tugs again nerviously on his gloves. "I wear gloves when eating so I don't touch my food. It's happened a few times and then my appitite just disappears." Which might explain why he's extremely skinny. "Though if it touches my lips and I eat it, I'm okay. And it works on anything I touch. People, objects, animals, anything."

Kai again firmly decides to avoid getting to close to his roomate but he is still curious, "Weird how it doesn't count with your lips, lucky though, hmmm, what if someone was to pull a hair from their head would you see their history or just the history of that hair?, how far back can you see?".

"It's only skin." Jeremy explains with a bit of a sigh. "I know, it's something that's annoying to live with. Everyone has their secrets and past and if you want a different roommate I understand." Though he's not sure if the school will allow that or not. "Well, with that one hair I'd see the life span of that hair. So for the time it was on your head and everything that you did with it. I haven't cut my hair in years, so I'd probably see a few years worth but not everything like if I were to touch your hand."

Kai nods, "I'm not going to request a different roomate", might aswell wear a sign 'I'M HIDING SOMETHING' if he did, "Just dont go touching me, like you said we've all got our secrets, things we don't wanna share with other people", he smiles, "And i'll try not to make the room feel cold".

Jeremy shakes his head. "I don't plan on touching anyone or anything, not intentionally." He says sounding defensive. "I hate having that stuff in my head." He muttes before looking up at Kai and almost taking the subject change. "Feel cold? Is that your ability?"

Kai nods, "Yeah, i make ice, well at least i think i do, i might just be freezing moisture already in the air and just be making it look like i make ice, i think either way i'm classed as a cyrokinetic", he leans over and gets a bottle of water out of his drawer, "Watch this, hopefully this'll work", he starts freezing the water.

"Well even if you freeze the moisture in the air you're still making ice." Jeremy says. "You just probably have the ability to freeze it at a faster rate altering the molecules to move slower to make the moisture a soild." He thinks it's a simple reasoning. "That's pretty neat, being able to freeze things would probably be a lot more convenite. Your drinks never get cold?"

Kai nods, "Solid hypothosis, the science behind how powers work is very interesting, not even sure where some powers come from, and i guess it is useful for cold drinks on hot days", he puts the bottle back in the drawer, "So how long have you been at Barnes?"

"Almost two years I think. I'm in my junior year." Jeremy says as he definately looks too old to be a junior in High School. "I missed a lot of school so I've been playing a lot of catch up. I had to redo a few years. So, how do you like it here so far?"

Kai puts down his laptop and crosses his legs, "What happened to make you miss school?, or is it a power thing you don't wanna talk about?", an alarm starts going off in his bag, "Oh, i'm gonna have to leave in a second", he gets off his bed and hurredly starts changing into street clothes.

Taking a bit of a pause before answering, Jeremy looks awkwardly at the floor. "I was kicked out of my house and had to live on the streets." He is greatful when the alarm starts to go off and he brushes his hair back out of his face. "Nice to finally talk to you Kai." He says as he goes to focus on his homework.

Kai nods with his head inside his shirt, "Yeah it was cool meeting you properly", he gets his head out and straightens his shirt before pulling on his shoes, "That must've been hard, sorry about that", he slips his laptop and notebook into his bag and slips it over his shoulder, "See you later Jeremy", and with that he's out the door.

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