2010-09-03: Finding Cam


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Summary: Sam asks Cam what he wishes to achieve in the new year.

Date: September 3, 2010

Log Title: Finding Cam

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

LA large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

With everything that's happened, and the occasional memory/dream issue he's been having, Cam has started attempting meditation. With no one training or teaching him, it's not really that practical or effective. As he sits in the gardens, he has his eyes closed, focussing on himself, internally. He… could look either intent or constipated.

Walking to the gardens is one Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball. He's on a mission of his own to seak out all of the New Mutants. Since Cam is one of the few he had on his team last year, this conversation should go a bit easier. "Howdy Cam, ya got a moment tah talk?" He asks of the contemplative teen.

"Not a hound." Cam mutters before he hears an unexpected voice and makes an odd sound as his eyes open and he almost falls back from his seat. "Sorry… uhm… yeah, I guess. No classes right now, so…" He coughs a bit. "What's up, Mr. Guthrie?" He asks, pink tinting his cheeks.

Sam sits down next to Cam and leands back, his blond hair blowing lightly in the breeze. "Ah just wanted tah talk about the new year Cam. Ah know the team's changed a bit and Ah know yer powers so Ah ain't needin' tah ask 'bout them but Ah wanna know a few things but before we git intah that, Ah got somethin' more important tah ask. How've ya been holdin' up with everythin'?"

"Surviving. Still trying to figure out that trick I used when I was a Hound. It's… sometimes hard to separate." Cam explains with a bit of a downward glance. "I know it wasn't me. I had no control in what was done, or what I did, but at the same time, I see it and I feel what it felt like. After the conditioning. So… It's just separating the two." He shrugs a bit.

"Well ya ain't no hound Cam. If if ya wanna talk 'bout what happened, Ah'm always up for listenin'." Sam's trying to get more involved with the kids and be more than just a squad leader. "So, what was this trick that ya used when you were hound?"

Cam nods. "I know I'm not. But the memories and feelings are there. And it's hard sometimes to remind myself. That, and those weird dreams about Arcade after it was all over…" Cam shrugs before looking up. "It was like he… let me use new abilities. Like he unlocked my head a bit. When I was a hound, I could reach into someone else's head and… instead of seeing their path, I could CHANGE their path. I did it to Connor. He was trying to run away from me, but I turned him around, so that he thought away was toward. And he ran TO me instead."

"Well there's always a new way tah use powers that ya don't know till ya try them, and sometimes it just comes when ya need it. Sometimes when ya don't. Ah've pulled off sutff that Ah had no clue Ah could do till Ah tried it, saved mah life." Sam says as he's thinking about his fight with Gladiator. "Now ya know ya can do this, but it's gotta be you that does it, not the memory of you doin' it as a hound. It's something we can definately work on this year."

"I can feel it in there. I just have to figure it out is all. I've never… as myself… actively reached into someone else's perceptions. I've only tried to touch them." Cam offers. "I'm not worried about that, honestly. I figure that when I need to figure it out, I will. It's more the other stuff. So… new team people? Who do we have and what do I need to be afraid of?" He asks with an innocent grin.

"What do ya assume ya got somethin' tah be afraid of?" Sam asks as he doesn't see anything wrong with anyone on the team. "Well we got You, Connor, Chezlie then Alvin who Ah ain't got a chance tah meet yet, Heather and Max. Ya already know Max and have worked with him. Ah'm just tryin' tah figure out what everone wants tah get out of trainin' this year. So what is it yer hopin' tah accomplish?"

"New creepy powers that affect others weird. That's what's to be afraid of." Cam nods with a chuckle. "And Max. Hyped up on sugar. That's why, when I know he's around… the cookies are made with SPLENDA." He explains. "Have you SEEN that boy on sugar? It's frightening." He ponders for a second. "I'd like to accomplish not being worthless. I mean, not powerswise. I know where my powers lie and what I can do with those. But, I've got no attack or skills that help in that side of a fight. For that… I'm pretty much useless unless I have something to help me. And I have no training in anything of that nature, so… it makes me feel kinda useless, you know?"

"Ah've seen that boy not on sugar…" Sam says as he figures he's going to have to work with Max to find a way to keep him focused and a somewhere to put all that energy. "It ain't that weird Cam, Ah mean ya ain't like Dani who could reach into others heads and pull out their fears, ya just go with location. Actually it could prove useful if someone's chargin' ya. Or tryin' tah find something an ya can send them in another direction. So ya don't wanna be worthless. How about three times a week ya and I practive hand tah hand together."

"No offense Mr. Guthrie, but if I'm at the point where I'm up against someone physically, I'm already dead. I'm a little beefy, yes, but most people that I'd get into a fight with, considering our history here, who come up close, have some kind of ability that would make them useful up close. Strength. Agility. Weapons. I'd be better off with something more distance oriented. I mean, I don't mind learning something up close, just to have a chance against normal folks, but… I think range might be better for someone like me." Cam coughs. Well, he HAS given it some thought at least.

Sam puts a hand on Cam's shoulder. "Listen, Ah understand that but yer gonna learn tah fight up close with me, we're gonna have lessons. It ain't about yer size but it's gonna help in the long run. Just learnin' how tah shoot a gun or fire a bow ain't gonna cut it when ya haven't practiced how tah dodge or anything or even read yer opponent. Ah've known people who have powers that ain't great for close combat but…Ah think Ah'm gonna make it a mandatory part of New Mutants trainin'." After all it was kind of mandatory for him. "Then we'll talk 'bout what kinda projectile style weapons ya wanna learn how tah use."

Cam is actually rather offended by that. "Mr. Guthrie… no offense… but what part of 'I don't mind learning something up close' came out as 'I'm not going to and I don't care to?'." He looks up at his instructor. "I said I was willing, I just said I need something MORE than what you're offering because that won't be enough for me. I need something that'll give me another edge that the first won't."

"Ah didn't take it as a no Cam, but yah were hesitant." Sam says as the pause between but and the I marked a hesitation for the former New Mutant. "Ah'm thinkin' yer powers can give ya an edge as well Cam. Espeically if ya explore what ya did with the Hounds. Not that Ah'm saying yer not gonna learn a ranged means of defense but Ah'd really like to see some of the tactics ya can use yer powers for."

"It sounded like that. It was kinda insulting." Cam says, now grumpy. "I mean, declaring something mandatory just because I said I wanted more… kinda makes a guy feel like he was being told that thinking one isn't that great for him is a bad thing."

"Ah think it was just me thinkin' out loud a bit and decidin' that it'd be good for not just you but the entire team." Sam says as he didn't mean any offense with Cam. "Ah'm sorry if ya took it like that but Ah am gonna help ya with findin' some ranged defesne, am Ah not?"

"I think it would be better for me." Cam nods. "Not that I'm against up close, but I just… Hand to Hand from someone like me seems like a waste of time. Now, a little melee… daggers or something…" Yeah, he's a gaming geek. "Considering I know how to filet a fish and how to cut a chicken…" He grins innocently. Now, he's just being silly. Or… is he?

Sam smiles at Cam and shakes his head. "Ah'm really not one tah teach weapons like that. If Dani were 'round, maybe she'd help out but right now it's gonna be straight hand tah hand along with findin' someone tah teach ya the ranged attack ya wanna learn." He wants to do a class for all six New Mutants to learn the same thing in regards to Hand to Hand and Cam inadverntaly gave him the idea. "Also Ah wanna know, as the leader of the New Mutants, ya can feel free tah come tah me with an issues or anythign ya wanna talk about."

Cam considers for a moment. "Ok. Who is Arcade? What is Murderworld?" He asks bluntly. After his tie to the future, he has had dreams about those two things. He can't remember what happens IN them, just thoes two thngs,

"Arcade?" Sam asks. "Why do ya wanna know about him and Murderworld?" He doesn't want for an answer from Cam before he starts to explain. "Arcade has been one of the many villains the X-Men have fought. He doesn't really have any powers but he has this place called Murderworld. Which is kinda like his idea of fun and games but with the prize kinda bein' yer life. If ya fail, ya die. He loves his deathratps. Arcade is a twisted genius who uses his Murderworld for his sick enjoyment. Last Ah heard he was workin' as an assassin."

There's a momentary pause from Cam. "I dreamed him. And Murderworld. When Mr. Falk changed me back from Hound. When everything went normal… after Heather-Future went back with Ahab. And I've dreamed him a few times since. I see myself standing in front of him. Me, like I am now. And something… something heavy is hanging on me. Not physically. Emotionally and mentally. But I don't know what." Cam explains. Since Sam was up front, he can be too.

"Ah don't know, Ah heard a few people had visions of a future in regards to Heather and such, but Ah don't know much about it." Sam didn't get a vision of the future but he has heard about them. "Ah don't know what tah tell ya Cam but maybe it's somethin' that happened. Just Ah wouldn't recomend think bout it too much, Arcade ain't someone Ah'd like tah have dreams about."

Cam stands slowly and nods. "I know, but I feel like it's a memory… that's the strange part. I just… don't get it." He nods again, though. "I'm gonna go work on updating my costume to the new standards." He says with a nod. Basically palette swapping the colors to match the new. He likes his trench-coat and goggles.

"Well good luck with that Cam. If ya see Heather, Alvin or Max before Ah do, let them know Ah'd like a word with them." Sam says as he stands up as well and dusts off his jeans. "And Cam, lemme know if ya need anything."

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