2009-02-24: Finding The Warmth Within


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Summary: Having heard about what happened with Dmitri and Kaden, Drew tries to teach him another way to access his powers… to positive results for both. Keith gets a little devious.

Date: February 24, 2009

Finding the Warmth Within

Rating: PG (Makey Outeyness)

Multiple Locations

With the morning chill in, Drew's started coming up with an idea. Grabbing Kaden, he's gone to Times Square to get out of the apartment for a little bit. Kaden may not have wanted to go, but Drew's sure he could convince him. "I know it's cold, but we'll get over that. Or you will." He snickers to himself, grinning at his companion. "Not to mention, we need to be seeing if there are other Us's around or something. They've been seeing other people all over."

Erik is walking along the street cracking his neck as he goes. He looks very tired, with bags under his eyes and a yawn as he walks along. He has a bottle of pills in one hand that he is rolling over carefully as if he is considering.

Kaden did grumble quite a bit but it's hard for him to say no to Drew and there's only so long one can stay in that apartment before just feeling the need to go out. He's bundled up a bit but just nods. He can only up his body temperature to stay warm when he's not trying to do it. "Fuck, I'd hate to run into another me. And I know they have, I was watching the news. It's weird though, California…Compton…it's gone…"

"Nah, it's still there, just… blocked. But I wonder if I could get in, following the waterways and all." Drew says, shrugging softly. He doesn't deny his abilities. After all, he's not a mutant and it's REALLY hard to kill him. He looks at the suffering Kaden and sighs. He does have an idea he's working on, though, that may help Kaden with more of his control. He smiles at people that walk past. But then, again, he gets weird looks, since he never wears a jacket, regardless of the temperature.

Erik pauses to yawn for a little bit and hears Kaden and Drew talking as they go by. "Gone or cut off is the same thing for practical purposes, for now." He offers.

Kaden looks at Drew and shakes his head. "You can wonder all you like but you're not gonna try to get in there. At least without me with you." He says and he looks at Erik and just scowls at him. "Mind you're own fucking business." He snaps at the white haired man.

Drew stops and sighs, "Kaden, he's not being mean. He's just offering an opinion." He runs a hand through his hair. Of course, as he does so, blue roots are visible. A little over a half-inch long. "It's alright." He looks up at Erik with a bit of a shrug. "Who knows. Maybe people just haven't figured out how to get in, yet. I'm sure there's a way."

Erik is hardly one to comment on unusual hair colors, as his white roots are quite visible. Erik looks at Kaden for a moment before he looks over to Drew. "It has something to do with holes. There are holes in the electromagnetic spectrum."

Kaden maybe be a red-head but the colour is a bit more vibrant than most naturally oranged haired people and has a bit more red in it as well. He scowls again at Drew but he doesn't say anything mean. Drew is one of the few people that can stop Kaden from blowing up for no reason. "It's just I was living there like what, six months ago? And Electromagnetic spectrum, what the fuck is that?" Kaden can never be called well educated.

"Mm. Maybe so. But the news reports also said that they couldn't find a way through. If there are other versions of people we know, maybe they're watching and blocking. Like a telekinetic is watching and spot-blocking with big forcefields. If they couldn't see it or sense it, there's the possibility that some one may make it through." Drew offers. The little hippie does have a really good-working brain after all, despite how he sometimes acts. "It's wavelengths. Magnetism, light, other stuff. We'll talk a little more about it when we go over some things for the GED. Promise." He says, reaching a hand out towards Kaden, lightly.

Erik chuckles a little bit. "It's one of the measurable wavelength spectrums of the world, one of the ones men can't see. The earth has a magnetic field…" He begins before he shakes his head. "Nevermind. Something is opening holes in things we can't see, but are fundamental to the universe."

Kaden shrugs and it's all going over his head. "Fundamental to the universe? Seriously, this is making no sense to me." He says. As the hand reaches out towards Kaden he doesn't realize that he reaches out to take it. "Fuck, I'm not looking forward to the GED shit at all, and other versions of people we know, god another Dmitri, that'd suck." One man beating him up is enough and he still has the fading black eye from that night.

"I kinda figured they had to be doing something. I mean, there are other people we know out there. Last night, there was that thing about other Avenger kids or whatever they call themselves." Drew says, blushing softly as Kaden's hand joins his. "And if they're blocking what they know… then caves or other stuff will let'em through." He squeezes Kaden's hand. "You'll get through it. I'll help." He promises.

"Young Avengers, I think." Erik says, trying to remember what his nephew had told him. "Depends on how they are blocking it, but caves are a possibility." He says thoughtfully. "Unless it goes in to their world, wherever it is, then those portals are not so easy."

Kaden looks down at Drew and sighs. "You're gonna drag me to California to figure this out, aren't you? God, until last week I never thought I'd see that fucking state again." He says and it's not California he hates but it's the memories there. "Yeah, I saw something about that on the news."

"I wanna know what's going on. And I wanna see how things work. If they're messing with my rivers and stuff." Drew says with a chuckle, turning a bright smile to Kaden before looking up to Erik. "Yeah, them. Those guys. Some kind fight in Central Park. Two of the same person were there."

"I wish that were more rare than you seem to think it is, young man." Erik says with a sigh. "But it does seem to be frighteningly common these days." Erik chuckles. "Be safe." He says to the two of them as he moves to walk away. "Tunnels…"

Kaden gives Erik a confused look and before he can ask him what the hell he's talking about, the white haired man walks away. He just looks at Drew and shrugs. "What's the hell is he talking about, what's common these days?" Then he shakes his head and gives Drew that half smile of his. "Your rivers." But in a sense they are his rivers just like any fire is Kaden's fire. It's what they are. "Well if you want to go check this out, I'll go with you. I'm not wearing any lame ass costume though."

"Costumes are for those who hide their identity. I AM who I am." Drew says, moving to a quieter area. "Also… I wanted to try something today." He explains, moving to see if he can find a quiet spot where they may not be seen. Maybe on a roof or something. It'll take a water-lift, but that's fine. Finding one while few people are looking, he raises them up high. "If… you wanna."

Kaden doesn't exactly like being lifted by water, but he deals with it. "Wh-what did you want to try?" Kaden asks almost nervously. He's still not sure how to deal with how he feels about Drew and what he wants to do about it but he's not fighting against things either.

"You said it worked, right? With Dmitri. That you WERE able to put a little control into things, right?" Drew says, figuring on outward emotions causing outward powerflow. He squeezes the hand still in his, with a grin. "I just wanna make sure that I have things right in my head before I try it."

Kaden nods. "Yeah, because I wasn't going anywhere unless I did it but I kind or remember how, I think I can actually summon it now but I haven't tried." One of the main reasons Kaden doesn't have much control over his power is that he's afraid of it. He looks at Drew nervously, not exactly sure what he's going to try.

"Well, I know that I can deal with cold because of water's tendency towards it… you should be able to heat your clothes to keep yourself warm, or even heat yourself up internally without hurt. Promise me one thing. Promise me you're not going to try to think about this, ok? Just feel. If you hate me afterwards, that's fine. But promise me that you'll feel, inside and out. And no, I'm not going to hurt you." Drew tacks on, biting his lip softly as he waits for Kaden to say it's ok. "But if you don't want me to, I won't."

Kaden shakes his head. "I..I trust you Drew, and I could never hate you." He admits, it would take a lot for Kaden to hate Drew. "I..I don't understand what you mean by feel, but I'll try.." He's confused and nervous and the fire spirit doesn't have a clue what Drew's going to try with him.

"Close your eyes." Drew says. He waits for Kaden to do so, as he focuses on what he's trying to do here. Dmitri brought outward ability by doing physical attacks. Perhaps, something softer and easier could bring Kaden to learn how to focus on his own body. How to awaken his power internally, or enough to heat an area without a fire. Especialy if his own body heats up. At least, that's Drew's thought process as he moves forward before Kaden can refuse and kisses him. Not the light, casual ones from yesterday, but something more passionate. Of course, if it works, he'll feel the heat as well.

Kaden closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, tense from being nervous. As Drew's lips touch his instinct tells Kaden to pull back but his feelings don't let him. Where as he doesn't do anything at first, he just stands there, his eyes opening wide with shock, but after a few moments things change. Kaden relaxes and returns the kiss, awkwardly, but it's returned. He closes his eyes again and shifts an arm to put it around Drew. After a while, he doesn't even feel the cold anymore.

There's a soft giggle from Drew as he pulls back just a little. "I think it worked." he whispers, before leaning his cheek against Kaden's, completely happy with himself for now. The awkwardness doesn't bother Drew. It's cute, really. Of course, his face is as red as it CAN be, despite the fact that he's completely ok with it. It's just… the whole situation.

On a roof top, in the middle of one of the most crowded cities in the world, Kaden just did something he'd never thought he'd do in his lifetime. He actually seems reluctant as Drew pulls back. He looks at Drew and is equally red. "I..I..I..what..worked?" He says still flustard and awkward. He doesn't understand what's going on, mainly with himself.

"You're warm." Drew says, softly. "Feel yourself. You're not cold." He places a hand up to brush it over Kaden's cheek, smiling at the other young man. He chuckles. "Of course, the means to it was nice, too."

"Huh?" Kaden asks still flustered and still with his arm around Drew. He seems like he's in a bit of a daze as his brain's trying to process what's going on. "I am?" He says now realizing that he's not feeling the cold. He blushes something fierce as two things dawn on him, once it was Drew's kiss that caused his body temperature to rise and it'll probably be remember that kiss that will help him trigger it again.

"You are." Drew nods, grinning. "I thought… maybe… since outward things made you use your powers outwardly that something like that… something that made you feel GOOD on the inside might make you learn how to use it to make you warm. I mean, I… I hope it felt good." Drew says, sheepishly and somewhat bashfully as he wrinkles his nose.

Kaden just looks at Drew and nods, but now the problem is that he's dressed too warmly. "I…yes.." He's still flustered but instead of saying anything he just leans forward, stoping once before continuing, to kiss Drew again. The part of Kaden's mind that likes it and enjoys it overtakes the part of his mind that believes it's not right. He's finally allowing himself to enjoy something.

Not much can shock Keith Flinn these days. But, what he just saw was one of the few things that could still do it. He'd just been out flying in cargo shorts and t-shirt when he saw Drew and Keith on a rooftop. Kissing. Atfirst he thought his goggles were playing tricks on him but they weren't. Eventually snapping out of the freeze, he lowers down to the rooftop quietly. "Sneaky sneaky sneaky…" he trails off to announce his arrival.

"I'm glad." That surprises Drew. The fact that Kaden made the move. Of course, the water spirit is quite happy with it. He wraps his arms around the Fire Spirit for a moment before the shock of a new appearance. "We're not sneaking." He says. Honestly, he's not.

Kaden jumps with shock and pulls back from the kiss at the recognized voice and he turns bright red. He looks like a deer caught in headlights. "What…what are you doing up here?" He asks quickly and is obviously flustered. "And Drew, he was just helping me, with my powers." Well it is the truth.

Keith smiles, wagging a finger. "Naughty, naughty boys," he chuckles, strolling over. "Well, the air and sky are sorta my domain so I should be asking you what -you're- doing up here," he muses. "But why didn't you two tell me you got together?" he asks, giving a little pout. "And don't be so embarassed. You're cute together."

"We didn't… get together. It just kinda happened." Drew says with a shrug. "But that was just… to see if it would draw his powers into him. And because I knew I'd enjoy it." He admits with a half-grin. "We couldn't do that IN the apartment, and I didn't want it to be anywhere his fire would hurt anything if he… lashed out." Not that he thought Kaden would lash out.

Kaden just isn't saying anything, the words can't really escape his mouth. He's just really embarassed right now, but it's more because he still trying to figure out his emotions himself than not wanting Keith to find out. "I..wouldn't do that.." He's found he can't get mad at Drew for some reason, maybe because he still feels bad about the time Drew got upset when Kaden didn't believe him about something.

Keith moves to sit with the younger spirits, head tilting to the side. "That so…huh…" he trails off, making some plans. "And what do you mean you couldn't do that in the apartment? You can kiss and a hell of a lot more all you want in the apartment."

"I meant I couldn't do that there, in case he lost his control. I wanted to do it somewhere safe." Drew says, sighing with exasperation. "I mean, I know I can kiss and play around in the apartment. It wouldn't be the first time." He rolls his eyes. Oops. Did he say that part out loud? Dangit.

As Drew says play around in the apartment, Kaden continues to stay bright red. "He didn't want me accidentally burning down your apartment okay?!" Kaden snaps mostly from embarassment. He crosses his arms over his chest defensively. He's not mad at anyone just flustered.

Keith nods slowly. "Huh," he lets out as he looks Drew over. "Alright then," he said after Kaden's little outburst. Keith is going to be making trips to a few stores and getting some work done around the apartment for sure now. "So…suppose I'll leave you two alone to get back to…working on power control then," he says with a smirk.

"It's fine." Drew says to Keith with a bit of a shrug. "That and… yeah." He says with a grin, reaching over and tugging Kaden closer. "He's actually having moments where he IS happy and enjoying things. Moreso than before, when he was angry all the time." Drew's definately happy about that.

Kaden gets tugged closer but is still seems grumpy. "It's fine." He mutters as he's not really sure what to do. "I don't know, and quit talking like I'm not here. So what, yeah, I've been in a better mood lately and I've been trying not to blow up at you guys as much."

Keith chuckles and stands. A gust of wind dusts him off and he walks over. "Alright. That's good, K-man. You two have fun and keep safe, okay? Get home soon," he requests, leaning down to give both younger spirit a kiss on the head. "See ya later," he calls, walking over to the closest edge and leaping off and into the air.

"I don't think he meant anything by it." Drew says, with his own blush as he turns back to Kaden after Keith leaves. "You ok?" He asks, tilting his head and raising an eyebrow.

Kaden sighs. "I didn't mean to tell him to leave…I wasn't mad at him." Kaden says trailing off. "I'm confused, I don't know. I like being with you Drew and…that…I just don't understand it." He says taking off his coat as he's still a bit warm. "Should we stay up here for a bit or go back home?"

"What don't you understand?" Drew asks, wondering. "And we can go back home and talk about it there. I'm sure Keith can be serious and actually help with figuring things out. I mean, he is older, right?"

"Maybe." Kaden says putting an arm around Drew and leaning against him. "I've just never felt like this, with anyone and I'm just confused by it all. You're also the first person I kissed." He says the last part in a quick mutter and blush. Also inside he's not sure if he's supposed to be happy, if he deserves it.

Letting the water carry him, Drew flows over the rooftops, carrying Kaden with him. Of course, his goal is to the penthouse without all the silly walking below. "I don't understand what's confusing you, though, babe." Drew says, holding tightly to the other boy. "Is it because it's me? Because I'm a guy and you're not gay?" He asks. "S'ok. I don't consider myself anything. I love people. I don't care what's dangling or not."

"That's…part of it." Kaden admits but then he's never really been attracted to anyone before so who knows. "Also…" Kaden takes a deep breath as he just admits it. "I've killed people Drew, people who didn't deserve to die and I'm still alive. What right do I have to be happy?" He winces as he says that fearing that he's going to annoy Drew by saying that.

"You have the same right to happiness that we all do. You didn't know about your power. You couldn't control it. You didn't mean to kill people. You worry that you're a bad person because of it. Worrying about it proves that you're NOT a bad person." Drew offers. "And you have not purposefully hurt anyone with your fires. Only accidentally. I could have done the same with my waters." He says. The penthouse is in view, now as they waterhop a few more. "I know what's inside. I know you're good. And you deserve happiness because I love you. Same as Keith, Dmitri, and Xane do."

"I love you too." Kaden whispers back as he clings to Drew. It's part because of the water beneath his feet part because he likes to be close to Drew. "I not depressed when I'm around you Drew, or even as much any more. I don't have any desire to kill myself like I used to, I mean…I really do think you've helped, a lot."

Landing on the balcony, Drew lets the water disperse. "That makes me happy." Drew says with a grin as he goes to open the door, wondering if Keith's already at home. "You don't need to be depressed. You need to think about things realistically and stop blaming. You're well on the way to feeling good all the time."

Kaden gives Drew a smile, that smile he had from yesterday and gives him a tight hug before going inside. "I have to apologize to him, I was just…embarassed." He mutters as he runs a hand through his hair. "I-ummm…uhhh..I…I do like kissing you." He admits with a blush before walking inside.

"Well, you can have as many of them as you want." Drew says with a nod. "As long as you're doing your best to study for the GED." He's apparently offering a study treat.

"Okay, I do plan on getting it, if you can just deal with me cause I'm not exactly smart." Kaden knows it takes a while for him to understand things and he's not going to risk saying he stupid or dumb infront of Drew. "So when are we going to start studying for that?"

"When this whole invasion thing is over." Drew says with a nod, peeking in. "We're home!" He calls out. "Well, I'm glad making out with me is incentive for you." He grins, wrinkling his nose happily.

"It's more than that, I do want to get it done. It's just a lot of studing and I always had trouble in school." Kaden says as he pushes his hair back, but he does like kissing Drew. "And I hope this invasion thing is over soon, it's just weird to think. Living out in California superhero shit didn't seem real, just shit that happened somewhere else." Now he is living in that 'somewhere else'.
"You'll learn. I'm patient and can help you learn things the way I learned'em." Drew says with a chuckle. "Plus, I'm gonna skim over everything first to see what else -I- need to learn." He moves to sit on the couch and kick his shoes off, under the table.

Kaden takes off his extra layers that he was wearing earlier and joins Drew in kicking his shoes off before floping down on the couch to sit next to him, leaning against him a bit. "Probably not that much, at least you're smart." He says grining at him.

"You never know, really. I know my math is fine, but my literature and stuff… I don't know what they require." Drew says with a shrug as he goes to get the paperwork for GED requirements.

Kaden flops down on the couch as Drew gets up so he's lying sideways on it with legs still in a sitting position. "All my stuff sucks, and math, I hated math." He got as far as pre-algebra and it just confused him. What do letters have to do with math.

Grabbing the paper and returning, Drew looks at the Kaden flopped on the couch and giggles a little before kneeling in front of the couch and resting his head on the cushion in front of Kaden. "Math's not too hard. Just certain things you have to remember and the rest is easy if you take your time."

Kaden moves his hand so it's resting over Drew's shoulder and onto his back. "I'll have to study a lot before hand." It's probably that it'll take about a year for Kaden to study for everything since his education level is about that of most seventh or eighth graders.

"That's fine. We'll get through it." Drew says with a nod, moving his head just a little closer. "And Keith will help, and so will the others. But I'll take the annoying subjects." He says, wrinkling his nose. "I'm glad you're feeling better."

"I am, thanks to you." Kaden says as he smiles at Drew and for once, he actually seems happy. There's barely a hint of the angry fire spirit. He's still confused as to 'what' him and Drew are now but he figures just to let it be. He leans forward so his forhead is against Drew's and just smiles at him.

"Good." Drew says, offering a soft smile as he just looks at the other teenager. "You do realize, that with that smile on your face, not even you can say you're not cute." He winks, teasing. What better time than now, right?
Kaden frowns at Drew. "Yeah I can." He says stubbornly before smiling again. "And you can't say you're girly cause you're not." He does think Drew's cute too but he's not about to say it just yet, there are baby steps he has to take with things. "I think at your birthday, when I was happy, even though I was a fake happy I realized…I liked it and it's hard but I decided I want to feel like that, on my own." He says bringing a hand up to run through the back of Drew's hair.

"Deciding to let good things happen is what makes them start happening." Drew says, nodding. The hand in the back of his hair makes him give a little sigh of pleasure. "Well, then you know what you have to do, right? You need to talk to Xane and thank him for letting you know what happy felt like." He moves a finger to put it over Kaden's lip to make sure he can finish. "Apologize for getting mad. And then… thank him for not adjusting the food in his house. Cause, ya know? You've known for a while that you've had powers. Xane only found out a little while ago. He may not know how to not use them, huh?" Apparently, someone did talk to Drew a little. "For me? Without getting mad, cause he really didn't mean it?" He asks, making a pouty-face as he pulls his finger back.

Kaden sighs. "I know he didn't mean it, and I tried to tell him that it wasn't him I was mad at and that I liked his food. He blew up at me before I could explain to him that I don't like my emotions being altered." He feels like he did try and it just exploded in his face. "I'll thank him but I really don't know what I have to apologize for, I'm not blaming him for using his powers."

"Trust me. Sometimes, it's easier to apologize, even if it's not your fault. You're passionate, and he's got the emotion thing going on. So, it's likely that he's easily emotional. I don't know, since I don't get to see him that mmuch. But I bet it would go a long way to making things better between you." Drew inches forward just a smidge again. "It worked on you. Well, that and turning things back to you." He grins, sheepishly.

The door to the apartment opens up and the balding old english man known as Jon walks into the room looking a little irritated. He's carrying a few bags from local electronics stores. Keith comes in a moment later with another few bags and that impish smile on his face. "Hey! K-man! Drew!" he greets, drowning Jon's more polite greeting out. "I'll be right back," he says, following Jon upstairs. After about five minutes, Keith flies back downstairs while the butler heads to his room and a nice book. "So, how's it goin'?" Keith asks as he drops into a chair near the younger spirit, watching them carefully.

Kaden gives that sigh again and shrugs, he's not really one to easily apologize to people. "I dunno…I'll try to talk to him again, I don't dislike Xane, I just…" He's difficult is what he wants to say but he knows he's difficult too. He's about to say something else when Keith comes walking in and Kaden jump slightly, but he doesn't move from where he is, staying close to Drew. "Keith, what the hell did you spend your too much money on now?" He asks sees Jon carring a few bags. "Drew and I are just talking about the GEDs and stuffs."

"Yup. Just talking GEDs and stuff." Though their faces are only a few inches apart. Kaden on the couch, and Drew on the floor with his head on the cushion. Wait, not even inches, when Kaden's got his forehead leaned against Drew's for a second. Drew shrugs slightly. "Who knows. He has enough money to do anything he wants, anyway. And with it being electronics bags, probably new gadgets. Toys."

Keith smirks and arches an eyebrow. "GED. Right," he teases gently. "And yes. It was some toys…or atleast gadgets for fun," he says with a nod. "And I didn't spend all that much on 'em. Got a good sale deal."

Kaden looks over at Keith. "Actually we were." He says holding up the paper in regards to the GED that Drew brought over before. "Drew was also saying I should apologize to Xane." He says with a sigh but he figures he'll try to do something to bridge the gap. "Knowing you Keith, I'm not sure if I want to know what you buy for fun." His face still stays pretty close to Drew's as now that Keith knows, he's not as embarassed as the inital shock.

"Yeah, just talking. We stopped making out on the roof before we came in." Drew admits, with a grin at Keith, but still remaining there for a moment. However, he does start to stretch his arms out. "I think I'm gonna have to go get myself something to eat."

Keith sticks his tongue out at Kaden in a bit of an immature move. "I didn't buy anything for sex or anything like that…" he trails off. "And yeah, another shot at apologizing would be good," he murmurs. "Just restocked the fridge so enjoy," he says to Drew.

As drew streches his arms out, Kaden reaches out to grab Drew in a hug and give him a quick kiss, a bit red with embarassment but he couldn't help himself. "Enjoy." He says to Drew as he stays lying down on the couch but doesn't go to sit up yet. "So is this one of your surprises that you won't tell anyone about?"

Drew chuckles, extremely pleased with the progress in Kaden's demeanor as he goes to grab a bite to eat and take it out to the hot tub with himself. "I'll see y'all in a little bit. Gonna relax out here."

Keith nods as Drew goes then looks to Kaden. "Naw," he makes a vague gesture. "It's stuff no one'd be interested in. Just swapping out some of the sound system and security stuff for newer stuff is all."

Kaden nods and pushes himself up so he's sitting on the couch. "Well if you need any help with anything let me know, I don't do much around here and I'd like to be some help." He admits instead of just feeling like he's just living and loafing around here for nothing. He actually seems to be relaxed and in a good mood which is a natural first for Kaden.

Keith waves it off, grinning. "Don't worry about it, K-man," he says. "Easier for me cause I can fly. Don't want you fallin' off the ladder," he says. "Get a chance to try out the sonic gel bath yet?"

"Yeah, it's weird." Kaden admits, it's nicer than water but it's going to take a while to get used too. "You should give it a shot just to see what it's like. Oh, between Dmitri and Drew I'm learning a bit more about my power."

Keith smiles. "Is it atleast better than water?" he asks, hoping the fire-spirit likes it. "Maybe I'll give it a shot sometime…" he trails off. "That's great! Learning to control the fire."

"It is, it's not as suffocating." Kaden says running a hand through his hair. "Yeah, this is what Drew kind of taught me." And Kaden concentrates and blushes a bit but his body temperature starts to warm up and he presses a warmed hand against Keith's arm to show him.

Keith arches an eyebrow as Kaden goes red. When the warm touch comes, the air-spirit grins again. He quickly moves to the couch with Kaden and pulls him close. "Ooh, we'll save a ton on heating bills with you around, K-man," he jokes, proud of the younger spirit.

Kaden smiles as it feels nice to have someone proud of him. "That's what Drew was teaching me on the roof today." The kissing was just how Drew showed him how to do it. "Hey, I may be fire but I'm not a heating unit." He jokes back as it's obvious that Kaden's finally pulling himself out of his depression.

Keith leans down to give Kaden another kiss on the head. "Man, you're doin' great, K-man," he says, rather happy right now. Staring up at the ceiling, Keith takes a breath. "So, Drew finally got you to kiss him…"

"Huh? What do you mean by finally?" Kaden asks completely oblvious to the sort. He's just now realizing that he feels that way towards him. "I also have to thank Xane, I was mad at him but he…he's not a bad guy. He actually helped."

Keith smiles. "Drew's liked you for awhile. Mentioned wanting to kiss you when ya'll started living with me," he explains. "And yeah, Xane's a great guy. In a way…you and him have the hardest powers to deal with too."

Kaden gives Keith a confused look. "Why my power so hard to deal with?" He asks wondering if it's his lack of control. And when Keith says that about Drew wanting to kiss him since they started living there, Kaden turns red. "I just always thought he was being Drew, I mean he flirts with you a lot too."

Keith holds up one finger. "Cause you're fire. All power and heat and passion and like…whoosh," he says, making a little hand spreading gesture. "Yeah, he flirts with me too but I flirt with a lot of people too. We both love ya, Kaden."

Kaden looks down and nods. "That's why I'm afraid of it." He actually admits. He's scared of his power and the destruction it has caused. "I know Keith but don't think that telling me that means I'm gonna kiss you too." He says grining at him.

Keith ruffles Kaden's hair. "Don't worry, K-man. I was scared of my power for awhile too. Especially after seeing just what stuff like hurricanes and tornados can do…" he trails off with a shudder. There's a pause and the air-spirit smirks. "If you want to, go ahead. I won't mind," he states simply.

Kaden smacks Keith on his arm lightly and shakes his head. "You're such a pervert." He says but he does smile as if he's not bothered by it. "Now I just wonder, I can heat things up, I can light my self on fire and shot it to a certain spot but I wonder if I can control fire, like do you think I can put a fire out?"

Keith laughs. "Hey, I was just being cheeky. If I suggested you and Drew use the sonic gel bath together I'd be a perv," he jokes. Thinking for a moment, Keith nods. "You should be able to eventually. Hmm. I'll pick up some candles and you can practice."

Kaden frowns again at Keith as he mentions using the soinc gel together, getting a bit flustered again. "You are a prev, and it's not like Drew would since he likes water." Which is kind of a bummer that Kaden hates being in a tub or shower. "Thanks, Keith. I'll try my hardest not to burn your place down." And it would take a long time for Kaden to forgive himself if he did that.

Keith squeezes Kaden's shoulder and chuckles. "Don't worry about it, K-man. The place has fire prevention systems and you can do it on the roof. And I'm pretty sure Drew and I could counter any damage an accident would cause."

Kaden nods and always forgets about the roof. "Now I'm getting hungry." He says but he doesn't get up to move but likes hanging out with Keith. "So when did you find out about your air, wind powers and how did you learn to control them?" Kaden asks curiously.

Keith looks up. "Well," he takes a deep breath. "I was sky diving when I was around your age. And chute was all messed up. I pulled and the chute left. Backup too. Damn thing wasn't connected right. It was a fly or die kinda thing and I didn't know about the immortal thing back then. Suddenly I'm flying which was great. Spent the rest of the day flying around and figuring stuff out until I learned how to land," he chuckles. "Let's get something to eat then," he adds.

"Well that's good that you found out about the powers then. I didn't know anything until it was later." Kaden reaches down to dig his sneakers out from under the table and shoves them on his feet. "I'm still not comfortable with eating Xane's stuff but I'm sure I can find something Jon cooked." Kaden says and he feels bad about it cause he does like Xane and his cooking.

Keith kicks up a draft to pull the shoes out from under the table. "Don't worry about it," he repeats. "Jon's started labeling what he cooks with red tape for ya," he points out. He waits for the fire-spirit to get his shoes before reaching to scoop him up and carry him piggy-back just to be amusing.

Kaden does struggle against the piggy-back and tries to squrim out of it. "You're such a dork Keith." He says as he finds resistance is futile as he's brought into the kitchen with Keith for food.

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