Fiona O'Mally
Portrayed By Katie McGrath
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 21, 1995
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Manhattan
Current Location Manhattan
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Mother, father, brother.
Significant Other Jules Lynche
Identity ??
Known Abilities Plant-based Nature Sorcery; dimensional rift manipulation.
First Appearance February 3rd, 2011

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Fiona has always been, for the most part, a bit of a loner. As a child, she was ill quite a bit, and quite frail. Often times she would be inside while all the other kids in the neighborhood were outside playing. Thus, she had a tendancy to be somewhat bookish - learning to read well at a very young age, she tried to ignore her status as an outcast, escaping to a fantasy world.

However, this really only made things worse for her socially - as time went on, she became known as 'that one weird girl.' It wasn't necessarily that she didn't like her peers; she just had no idea how to approach them. No, she definitely wanted friends; but the prospect of actually going out and making some seemed daunting.

Life wasn't all bad though - she did have her older brother to keep her company from time to time. He was… shall we say much more normal; a few years older than her, and interested in sports, cars, etc… Down the road he would go on to play on the high school football team, and do well. It was for this reason, and his being very protective of her, that her school life was not TOTALLY miserable. Indeed, if anybody started picking on his little sister, he was definitely there to give them a fat lip (and that definitely happened several times.)

As Fiona got older, nearing her teens, she started to take an interest in darker fantasy books; reading first through classics like Lord of the Rings and then later stumbling upon the works of one H.P. Lovecraft. She even wrote some stuff of her own (though most of it was awful.) She took to wearing darker clothes all the time, which got her parents somewhat worried; but they figured it was probably just one of those stages that kids go through.

As time went on, she went from reading simple books of fiction to ones that were professing to be true - though to her, it was all just fun and games. She didn't actually believe in any of the stuff in the books she read; or at least, she thought she didn't.

All the same though, she was dabbling in dangerous waters; totally ignorant of the dark forces that lay just below the surface of reality. That is, until her ignorance caught up with her. Yeah - that's right. Stupid as she was, she followed the directions in a book she'd found - why? Maybe she was just bored at the time. Maybe she was curious; really, it was a bit of both.

Anyway, late one night after everyone else had gone to sleep, she carefully drew up the lines and magic runes on her bedroom floor, lighting a series of candles as well. She began to chant, slowly; at first, it seemed like nothing was happening. She felt disappointed, but a bit relieved; and then all hell broke loose.

The smell of sulphur permeated the air, and a portal ripped open across the floor, sucking the girl in her pajamas through before sealing itself shut. She had no idea what she'd gotten herself into, but the realm she found herself in was anything but pleasant.

Treating her as an intruder (as what mere mortal could have accidentally stumbled through a dimensional portal), she was immediately captured and thrown in a cell. Time and space seemed to flow differently there; it felt like an eternity before she was dragged out and put before a powerful demon.

Terrified, all she could do was scream as the demon bellowed at her in a language she did not understand; it took some time before he spoke to her in English. "Foolish mortal," he said to her, "I am Norgatraz! You have no business in my realm. Your spirit is forfeit; give me a reason why I should not feed you to my hounds?"

The demon rubbed his chin, "No, that would be a waste," he decided, an idea sparking in his head. "Especially when I could make you serve me instead."

Fiona, at this point, still terrified, mustered up every bit of courage she had in defiance. "I refuse!" she shouted, straining at her bonds.

The demon simply laughed, "Very well, then you can die. And I'll open that portal right back up, and everyone you /know/ will suffer eternal agony. If you accept, however… I can grant you powers beyond your kin."

Fiona's eyes went wide; she had no reason to disbelieve what she was being told. At this point, she was ready to believe anything. She hung her head in defeat, "F-fine. I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my family. They're all I have."

"Excellent choice, my girl. As if you ever had one." He cut his own flesh with a taloned finger, holding the wound out to her, "Drink." He demanded, shoving it in her face. Tentatively, she did as he commanded, and immediately felt a fire burning within her. She stood, her body seemingly not under her own control.

Norgatraz cackled, "You are MINE. Finally, an agent to do my bidding outside of this /prison./" He smirked at the stupidified look on her face, "Well, you didn't REALLY think I would just stay in here if I didn't have to, did you? But now I have you - things will be easier."

Fiona finally broke down, sobbing. Norg laughed again, "Oh don't worry. I am a demon of my word; your family will be spared. Your world, however…" He stroked his chin again.

How stupid could she have been! Fiona kicked herself mentally, simply shaking her head over and over. "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Please don't do this, kill me, I don't care!" she begged.

Norg simply laughed, "Now don't be like that. There are… perks to the bond," he explained, snapping his fingers. "Every good servant needs tools to do their job. I said I would grant you power, correct? And as I said, I keep my word. When it serves me, of course." He tapped his forehead, "Let's see… what would be the best…" he wondered. "I've got it!" He shouted a command to one of his imps, "Take her away for now, I must make preparations."

Fiona spent what seemed like another eternity in the cell - she was hungry, it seemed like it had been weeks since she first arrived in this hell-world, and yet…

Eventually, she was once again dragged out of her cell. This time, there was more pomp and ceremony; Norg himself arrived, presenting her with an ornate wooden box. "It's not every day that a new herald is sent forth… My gift… to you, my lady," he said sarcastically, opening it. Inside, a pair of ivory wands, a crystal ball, and a set of keys. "These will be your tools. They will respond to your will and your will alone; I have granted you great power. It is yours to do as you please with; but know that I am watching. Ultimately, whether you choose to do good or evil, you are mine. Your purpose is to make your world MY world."

With that, she was yanked back through the rift - finding herself bedraggled, dazed, but in her own bed with the implements Norg had given her. She heard his voice ringing in her head… "We'll be in touch… soon."

It was not long before this proved to be true - she recieved her first assignment. An artifact that Norg wanted for something she didn't understand; at any rate, she literally found she could not refuse. "I will show you how this is going to work," explained Norg. The item he wanted simply appeared in the crystal ball; and she found herself sneaking out of the house late at night and burning her way into a private residence with the wands. It was exhilirating; and overall a success. Returning home, she sent the artifact back through the rift, feeling Norg's control leaving her.

This happened several more times - it was not long before Fiona began to experiment with her tools herself, much to her master's satisfaction. However, she also felt a crushing guilt - knowing that what she was doing was wrong and being unable to stop it.

Time passed; her family grew more concerned about her darker disposition. They knew virtually nothing about what she had done in order to 'protect' them. It also seemed like her master had to control her less and less; with the knowledge that she would be compelled to do it anyway, she did the jobs of her own free will. (That is, without being directly controlled.)

One night, while she had snuck out the back window to do a job, she came across a mugging in process - not something that she particularly cared about, except that the mugger happened to see her; he waved his gun at her menacingly. Without thinking, she drew one of her wands and blasted him full force; unprepared, the man was flung across the street, badly injured. Fiona blinked, unsure of what she had just done, when the other mugging victim suddenly exclaimed, "You saved my life! You're amazing! I thought I was gonna die!"

Somewhat dazed, the girl just stood there as the one she'd saved rambled on and on. The word 'hero' rang in her ears; she snapped her fingers. "That's it! That's what I can do! Thank YOU!" she grabbed the man, really more of teenage boy a few years older than her. "I'm helpless to stop what's coming, but… but that doesn't mean I can't do SOMETHING in the mean time!"

This led to a bit of a dual life - she would go out and do Norg's bidding at night, but at the same time, she also kept an eye on the neighborhood. Just because the world might be ending (she really had no idea that her master was actually a pretty low-level demon, for the most part), didn't mean people had to suffer.

This brings us up to present day; she's both a criminal an an aspiring superhero at the same time, attempting to follow in the footsteps of the greats like Spider-Man or the Avengers, whom she admires greatly at this point.


~2010-ish: Fiona accidentally opens a portal to a nether dimension and becomes enthralled by the demon Norgatraz. She begins to do odd jobs for Norgatraz, breaking and entering museums and private collections to steal various magical artifacts for him, ostensibly in preparation of his return to the mortal plane.

February, 2011: Fiona has been doing odd jobs for quite some time. Contact with Norgatraz ceases for a time - she believes she's lost her connection or that the demon has gone dormant. During this time, she meets her first boyfriend, Jules Lynche, and makes many contacts in the metahuman community. Begins searching for a 'cure' and seriously considering the future.

August, 2011: Norgatraz resumes contact with Fiona, ordering her to go on a journey around the country in order to fetch the last of the things that he needs for his summoning ritual. Fiona refuses, and he tortures her with nightmares for three days, threatening to take direct control of her and kill her family if she doesn't comply. Fearful for her loved ones, Fiona runs away from home to do his bidding.

December, 2011: After months of travelling, the preparations are finally complete and Fiona is ordered to undertake the final ritual in a small town in Kansas. At the last second, she realizes the path that she's on and refuses. To her surprise, the demon roars at her impotently, unable to force her to do anything. She lets her would-be human sacrifice go and flees back to New York.

January, 2012: Fiona finally arrives back home, in a disheveled and delirious state. She is too afraid to return to her parents and wanders, homeless, through the city for a month, surviving through dumpster diving and petty crime. She meets up with a few old friends, but has little luck contacting her strongest allies. Something is amiss.

February 27, 2012: Wandering through the streets of Hell's Kitchen while being tormented by Norgatraz, Fiona is first stalked and then attacked by a mysterious woman known only as Stormwaltzer. Instead of killing her, however, the woman decides to become her mentor when she finds out Fiona's thralldom is involuntary. She confiscates the girl's demonic weaponry.

March 1, 2012: Fiona begins her training under Stormwaltzer.

Late Spring, 2012: Fiona continues her training under Stormwaltzer, evolving into a fully fledged apprentice and gaining a greater understanding of magical forces (something which she had only really been playing with before). She learns of a kidnapping of several of her personal friends by the vampire Dracula; arranges for her mentor Donna to help in tracking down the girls.

June-August, 2012: Fiona begins to learn to control and summon the power of individual elements, and how to combine them into more useful magicks. She begins to learn more about her own magical affinities in the process, unearthing a talent for nature magic; specifically plant based nature magic. She carves a pair of rings to replace her old wands as 'focuses' for her magical powers. She chooses Irish (her ancestral home country) as her verbal focus for spells.

September, 2012: Fiona's combat training increases pace, as tensions between mutants and anti-mutant humans flare up; she is nearly killed in one of the first skirmishes via being shot in the face. She wakes up at Xavier's, rather surprised to find herself still alive.

October 31, 2012: Fiona perfects (to a usable point) several of her spells, as the Purifiers take over Mutant Town and other metahumans are caught up in the crossfire.


Fiona started out practicing demonic magic using enchanted weapons and tools, but now relies on her own magical power. Though she is well versed in all of the basic magical elements, her particular style happens to be wood, or… more generally, plants, which seems to jibe with her celtic (druidic?) magical heritage… Fiona's magic, while being plant/nature based (itself a complex combination of earth, fire, and water), further falls under the category of summoning magic, which she seems to have a general affinity for.

A rough approximation of her abilities (and the way that Fiona visualizes mana usage to keep track of it) would be to imagine her magic as consuming 'spheres' of mana. She then can consume five spheres within a given time period, after which she needs to rest and regain her abilities. Each major ability takes a given number of spheres total, and has a given set of conditions under which it can be cast. Each hour (roughly the IC time of the average scene) she gets up to five new spheres, never having more than 5 maximum.

Thornvine Whip - A spell that creates a whip in the preferred hand (right or left) made of a flexible but tough thorned vine. It's capable of doing everything a normal whip can (think Indiana Jones) but is additionally covered in sharp, barbed thorns beyond the handle. Like a normal whip, it's capable of breaking the sound barrier in its speed, and is used primarily as a slashing weapon. It is (around) twenty feet long, and sticks around until mentally dismissed or until five minutes have passed, at which point the spell dissipates and needs to be manually recast. This ability consumes one sphere. "Dealg lascaim!"

Ironwood Gauntlet - This is a defensive spell that covers one of Fiona's arms (including hands) in a dense magical wooden gauntlet that behaves much like a real armored gauntlet, except lighter. It's capable of deflecting conventional small arms fire and incoming blows, as well as adding weight and protection to conventional melee attacks. This ability consumes one sphere. "Coill lámhainn!"

Entangling Roots - Extremely tough black roots burst forth from the ground in a given area (eight feet in diameter and up to ten feet in height) and grasp and tie anything (anything but Fiona) that they encounter to the ground. They are incredibly resistant to blunt force truama and capable of regenerating quickly should they become cut; but are weak to temperature variation like extreme heat/cold. This spell must be cast in an area where roots could concievably exist; IE a park, field, or wooded area; paved areas, rooftops, or places indoor need not apply. They last up to an hour, once cast, or until dismissed. This ability consumes two spheres. "Díothaigh!"

Portal Keys - Fiona still possesses her portal keys, given to her by the demon Norgatraz, which she can use to open roughly backpack sized pocket dimensions, which are undetectable via conventional (read: non magical) means, and she uses to store various handy objects in. She has roughly 5-6 of these keys which she keeps on a gold chain around her neck at pretty much all times. Portal keys do not require a focus object (because they are, essentially, one) nor vocalization (because she is not casting the spell herself).

Visual Appearance/details - Fiona's plants take on a black, twisted appearance like something out of a horror movie; the demonic taint that stains her soul extends to her magic, altering the coloration to be darker and in some cases, violet or purple colored. She does not, necessarily, HAVE to vocalize her spell casting, but it does help her concentrate in the heat of a battle.


Fiona really hasn't said anything yet either! Maybe sometime soon.


Fiona is quite adept at playing the piano, though she alternately despises it and loves it. Her parents are responsible for this.


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