2009-02-13: Fire and Water


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Summary: Kaden and Drew chat about going to L.A., their personalities and Drew's upcoming birthday

Date: February 13, 2009

Log Title Fire and Water

Rating: PG-13 (Mild Language)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's winter so the nice weather wasn't going to last long in New York City. So Kaden sits on the couch, still wearing his pajama clothes, wrapped up in a blue comforter that he dragged out from his room. He munches on an apple as he slowly goes from channel to channel on the television. It's about his third time through the channels not really finding anything to watch but with that faint hope that something has changed in the last three minutes that might interest him.

The door from Drew's room peeks open. It pauses a moment, taking a few seconds for something, before Drew comes sliding out and flopping onto the couch next to Kaden. "Dude." He says, happily. It doesn't take much to make him happy, obviously.

Kaden looks over at Drew and raises his eyebrows. "Dude." He greets back in response. "It's cold this morning." He says as he puts the remote control down on the couch leaving the television on some morning news show that seems to be talking about some robbery at a dinner midtown at the moment. "Hey, I talked to Keith about that whole GED thing."

"Cool! What'd Keith say?" Drew asks as he looks at the TV screen. He shakes his head as it passes a News report. "I think I'm gonna take a trip to see Los Angeles. I wanna know what's up with that dome."

"He said he'd help us out, but sometimes the way he talks about money and just that he seems to be growing it out of his ass makes me want to punch him." Kaden says but he's not mad at Keith or dislikes him for it, it's just something that's hard for him to wrap his head around, having that much money. "Really? I don't know, if feel like I shouldn't give a shit about that dome I mean I hated it back in Califorina but it's around thirty mintues from where I…the shelter I..so.." He trails off with a sigh.

"Come with me." Drew says with a nod. "We'll see if Keith or Dmitri or anyone wants to go." He offers, reaching a hand out to grab Kaden's happily. Not like a squeezy love thing. Just for the offer. But he releases it quickly. "And, cool. At least we can do that, then. And I know. I… the money scares me, really."

"How are we going to get out there?" Kaden says, he didn't say yes but he didn't say no. "I don't know about scares, but it makes me uncomfortable." Maybe it's because he didn't really have anything growing up. "Keith seems like he could care less about what's going on out there, and Dmitri…" He just shrugs and doesn't bring up Xane.

"I… I don't know yet. We'll ask them for help? Maybe get a flight out there? I mean, it would take me a few days, but I could take the waterways there, but I know that won't work for you." Drew says as he thinks about it. He was planning to go alone at first.

Kaden finishes up the apple he was munching on and wraps himself tighter in the blanket. He really has to learn how to control his power so he isn't cold in the winter. "Keith might go if we bugged him, and Dmitri, I only ment him once and Xane…he's probably too busy being high and mighty chef somewhere."

"Dude, he's not that bad. He's just good at what he does, that's all. Get over it." Drew says, exasperated as he shakes his head. "Well, Dmitri could probably move us through the ground. Maybe faster than I could get there with water."

Kaden hasn't given Xane or Dmitri a chance yet so by default, he just doesn't like them. "Get over what?" Kaden says with an annoyed tone. "And whatever. We could just use the money fancy pants gave to us to take a plane, hell Keith might even have a private jet or something, he seems to have everything."

"I was thinkin' about that, but I didn't… wanna spend. Ya know?" Drew says, blushing. Though technically, with that money, he could take flying lessons and BUY a small plane. "Xane and Dmitri are part of our group, even if you don't like'em. They're like us. And Dmitri's nice."

"I don't want to spend it but it also makes me uncomfortable having it there." Kaden says. "But you probably need identification to fly, I think they checked some stuff when I flew to New York with the social services asshole. And Dmitri…" Kaden just shrugs again, they only met once and it wasn't exactly the best meeting.

"He's nice. He's helping me with some things. He says we're the stable elements." Drew chuckles. But then, compared to Keith's flighty nature and Kaden's passionate… Drew's Go-With-The-Flow and Dmitri's Rock-Solid-Endurance are the stable ones.

Kaden frowns at Drew. "Oh so you're saying I'm not stable?" He knows he isn't and he's just giving Drew a hardtime, and it's apparent because there's that faint smile that appears. "Well I did flush all my medication down the toilet.." He admits.

"When was the last time you took it?" Drew asks. He's not nagging, he's just wondering. He flops around, moving to lay his head on Kaden's leg. Yep. Get used to it.

"When did you drag me away from that hell hole to your island?" Kaden asks and that was the last time he took it. "I just hate being on any sort of medication." He says actually not minding Drew resting on him at all. It's the kissing where he draw the line.

Drew begins to smile. "See? It was good of you to get away. You haven't had any problems either. You just needed people who understand you." Drew says with a quick nod. The happy smile stays on his face as he closes his eyes. The blue roots are getting a little longer now. About three quarters of an inch.

"They used to drug me up pretty bad at the facility when I was…in one of my moods. I just never liked any medication after that." Which Kaden doesn't seem to get all Angry! Kaden around Drew and Keith or even Xane. He looks down at Drew and just stares at him for a bit. "I never thought I'd let myself be like this."

"It's a good thing. You're safe. You're loved. You have… a… hmm. A weird, warped dysfunctional, but caring family now." Drew says with a chuckle. "And your 'brother' or whatever is about to have a birthday… sigh."

There's that small smile again but alas no chuckle. He still has to learn to let himself laugh. "Whose my 'brother'? And is it you or Keith?" He wouldn't concider Xane or Dmitri anything like that. "I sometimes wish I could have had someone like Keith as a brother, and you, I don't think I'd consider you like a brother, I like you…I..all that stuff you say to me but it doesn't feel anything 'brotherly'?" He doesn't know how to describe how he feels towards Drew.

"Me. Tomorrow." Drew says with a nod. "Not brotherly? Well, it's not boyfriendly, because you don't like it." Drew teases, reaching up to Ruffle Kaden's hair. "Though that would be acceptable to me, I know it's not to you." He laughs, grinning. "I know. We'd all have had it much better if we'd been born in a family. Or something like that."

Kaden actually moves an arm to rest on Drew. "I couldn't be in a relationship like that with anyone Drew." Not until Kaden learns to stop hating himself he probably won't be able to open up to anyone like that. "You at least had a good family, you at least got that Drew. It probably wouldn't have been better just, different. And tomorrow, man I'm the youngest. What do you want to do tomorrow? It's on Keith?" He says and for some reason he's been smiling more often today, even if it's faint.

"Honestly, I dunno. I just wanna relax. Like every day. I've got everything I want right here." Drew says, waving an arm around the place. "What more could I ask for?" He's serious. He places a hand of his own on the arm over him. How cute.

"I don't know." Kaden says. "I didn't know if you wanted to go out anywhere do what people seem to do on birthdays, get a cake or something. Maybe Xane can do his cooking thing?" Kaden doesn't know why but he wants to do something for Drew since he is his first and best friend.

"Birthdays weren't really a big thing back home. I mean, we had better food for birthdays, but that was about it. Just another day older, really." Drew says with a nod. "And seriously. What more could I ask for?"

"I haven't done anything to celebrate mine since, I don't remember." Kaden says honestly. He probably did before he was six but the facility didn't do anything for the kids. "I really don't know. I can't think of anything I'd ask for. I…like it here."

"You could use… nevermind. I won't say that. It's kinda mean and I don't want you to think I'm makin' fun of you, cause you've gotten much better and I don't wanna counteract that." Drew says with a wrinkled nose as he nods. "I know what you mean. Just… not wet enough for me."

Kaden gives Drew a confused look. "I guess it's good I don't feel like I have to be in fire all the time. Sorry about water, I know it's your thing but it sometimes feels so..suffocating to me." Kaden admits. "And now I'm want to know what you were going to, I won't punch you or get mad?" He offers since he does know Drew isn't being serious.

Drew grins. "What you need for your birthday, is to get stoned and laid." He nods, winking up at Kaden. "With those two goin' on, you won't get mad at ANYthing."

Kaden shakes his head. "No, I have not desire to get stoned. They used to drug me up so bad at the facility that I couldn't do anything that, I just don't like the idea of not being in control." Which is odd since he can't control his temper. "And get laid? Like that's gonna happen anytime soon."

"It could." Drew says with a nod, looking up. "There are people that care and wouldn't mind helping." He chuckles, turning inwards and curling up against himself… and Kaden, coincidentally. He yawns broadly. "I think we'll start looking over subjects soon."

"Sorry Drew, I'm not about to let anyone get that close to me." Kaden states flatly. He's still struggling through his depression and self loathing to really think about a relationship, of any sort. "Subjects? For the GED? I fucking hate tests." He grumbles looking down at Drew and shaking his head.

"S'ok. I'll help you learn." Drew says with a nod. He'd at least made it through some geometry and higher high school courses. After all, he DID have to attend. He has plenty of talent and intelligence. He just never gave a fuck. Another yawn and Drew begins to drift off, completely comfortable on the Kaden.

Kaden looks down at Drew as he begins to drift off. "Great, I'm a fucking pillow." He mutters as he goes to change the channel on the televsion but notices it's another news report on the domes in LA and he sighs. "Fuck, I guess I'm going back to that hellhole." He says before flipping through the channels again.

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