2010-01-03: Fire Bad


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Summary: Mikhail tells Robyn about his fear and why he's afraid of fire.

Date: January 3, 2010

Log Title Fire Bad

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Walking into the kitchen, Riobyn immediately goes to the fridge and gets out two cans of soda and puts one on the table for Mikhail. "There's gotta be some cookies around here somewhere." He says going through the cabinets. "So what's so bad about fire, what's got you so scared of it?"

Mikhail breathes deeply and some off the fear leaves his eyes as he sits down and takes the soda from Robyn, "Fire burn, Fire punish Mikhail", hes trying to explain that he used to be burned as a punishment before the institute found him, he just stares at the soda can not sure what its for.

Robyn listens to what Mikhail says, dropping the tray of cookies he found before turning around. "What do you mean fire punished you?" He's wondering if their was some tragity where his house was burned down or something like that where he thinks fire punished him that sense. He doesn't think of it as a physical punishment. He just looks at him for a bit forgetting about the cookies.

Mikhail sighs, "Mikhail dont preform, Mikhail punished, croud wants fun, they punish Mikhail", he cringes at the memory of it, his last punishment was just over two weeks ago, so the fear of fire is still fresh in his mind.

Robyn just stares at Mikhail wideeyed for a bit, not sure how to react to that. "Oh man Mikhail, I'm sorry that happened. I promise you won't be forced to preform here or get punished and any fun is what you want okay? We're teammates Mikhail, both on Alpha Squadron, I'll watch out for you." He can't help but feel protective of Mikhail after hearing that and he's usually not the type.

Mikhail nods smileing, "It nice here, no one say preform, no one punish Mikhail, Mikhail has friends, Robyn, Dallas, Owen, Jared, Trey, Nathan" when he says each name he says it in that persons voice, he grins, "Alpha Squadron, I'll watch out for you", he says it in Robyn's voice but means to say he'll do the same for him.

Robyn smiles and puts a hand on Mikhails shoulder. "We got eachother's backs." He says looking at the can of soda and then opening it for Mikhail. "I gotta go pick up those cookies I dropped, I'll find something else for us to snack on. Anything you like Mik?" He says glad that Mikhail has come to Xavier's.

Mikhail tastes the soda and smiles, he likes sugar very much, he drinks the soda with inhuman speed, "sugar nice", when Robyn asks what he likes he answers, "no chocolate, chocolate bad", choclate is like poison for Mikhail, he learnt that shortly after leaving the circus, hes very glad to have friends, they make him feel more like Mikhail and less like the "Bestia Copil".

"No chocolate? Well that's okay cause Oatmeal cookies are better than Chocolate Chip anyway, but I can't find any." Robyn says frowning but glad that he dropped the cookies he had before since they were Oreos. "Hrm, here's a bag of potato chips and yeah, sugars great. I think it's bad because I eat so much junk food since getting here since I don't have my parents telling me to eat my veggies." He says smiling as he sits down next to Mikhail with the chips.

Mikhail pulls a face when Robyn mentions "veggies, he doesn't like them, he takes a chip and eats it, deciding that the chips are nice he smiles and takes another one, "Thank you Robyn", he runs a hand through his blue hair, "What Robyn do?" he asks.

"Me, like powers wise?" Robyn says brushing some of the hair out of his face. "All my powers are mental. I have to absorb psychic energy from people to function on a daily basis, but Addison helps me there so I don't have to do it from random people. I also can go on the Astral Plane and Posses people. I know I can make pyschic weapons but I don't know how. What about you Mikhail?"

Mikhail stares in confusion as he doesn't understand what Robyn is saying, he does however make a mental note to find out when he knows more English, "Mikhail strong, Mikhail fast, Mikhail heal, Mikhail hear see, the basic feral package" he says in reasponce to Robyn's question, with the last part in Jared's voice.

Robyn nods and smiles. "The basica feral package, I really don't know what that is but I'll take you're word for it. I'm all mental based, everything has to do with my mind." Robyn says munching on some of the chips. "Wait, you heal? Yourself or others?" He thinks that having someone like Mikhail on the team might be fun and helpful.

In responce to Robyn's question, Mikhail holds out his arm and uses one of his nails to make a long cut down his arm, "Like this", he points as his arm heals up the cut.

Robyn winces as Mikhail holds out one of his arms and cuts it. "Ouch, you don't need to cut yourself to show me you can regenerate. We do have Jared whose a healer on our team, and I should warn you, one of the girls on our team…" The only girl on their team. "Annalisa, her power is fire. Though, she's afraid of fire as well."

Mikhail smiles, "Yes Jared heals", he met Jared all ready, at the mention of having to spend time with someone with fire powers his eyes widen with fear, "Fire girl in squad?", the way he was told about the squads sounded a little like a preformance, and now theres fire.

Robyn closes his eyes and bites his lower lip with a nod. "Yeah Mikhail, there is. Maybe we can talk to Mr. Weyrin and explain your situation and see if there is anything we can do about it. Like I said earlier though, I promise I'll look out for you okay? Remember, I got your back." He says smiling as he squeezes Mikhails shoulder. "Anytime you need help with anything or need a friend, just find me okay? Unfortunaely right now I gotta run. I gotta find one of the teachers before I go to bed about the assigment that I was supposed to do over the last week." He says standing up and patting Mikhail's shoulder. "Take care Mik."

Mikhail smiles feeling a little reassured, "thanks Robyn, goodnight".

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