2009-12-03: Fire Meets Fire


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Summary: Kalindi helps others to a subway when fire senses fire.

Date: December 3, 2009

Log Title Fire meets Fire

Rating: PG

NYC - Queens

Queens is located on Long Island just north of Brooklyn. Brick apartment buildings are found more on the Northern part of Queens where as you get further south towards the Atlantic, more homes with yards can be found. Queens is home to Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, John F Kennedy Airport, and was the home to the World Fair in 1939 and 1964. The Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe still sits on display from the Worlds Fair in Queens.

Brr! It's a bit chilly out this evening, especially because of a breeze passing through the streets! Some might, because of this, question Kalindi's choice of a pretty sky-blue dress more suited for a little girl than a teen, and even less suited for this weather. It's sleeveless, and it's clear that she does feel the weather by all the goosebumps dotting her arms and the chattering of her teeth. In fact, she's been questioning her own choice of dress quite a bit lately. In her hair, there are clips of gold, clearly designed to look like golden coloured strands of hair among the black, but too shiny to be natural.

Another person not really dressed for the winter is Kaden, he's wearing a dark blue hoodie over a white tshirt and jeans, though unlike Kalindi, he's not shivering. The red head walks down one of the streets aimlessly. He headed down to Queens to go to the one store he heard about out here but now, he's not really sure how to get back to the Subway, and which one is in the area. He stands at in intersection looking around a bit aimlessly, not to far from Kalindi.

July has come out to the city wearing a leather jacket, a bit heavier to keep her warm, and jeans, slightly faded, while on her trip. "Woooo…" she says softly, rubbing her hands together, "Winter's coming! It's gonna be a tad annoying to move around outside the house. Heh." she says, shaking her head softly as she blows some hot air on her hands.

Annalisa is walking close to July, with her arm hooked around July's. "I can keep you warm, in all kinds of ways!" She exclaims with a grin and a giggle, scooting just a bit closer. Shes wearing a pair of jeans as well, with a simple pinkish jacket as well. Shes wearing a pair of flip flops however, and her feet look quite cold.

Tugging on the straps of her backpack, Kalindi mutters something sourly to herself. She looks at the guy who seems to be wandering about aimlessly and raises her brow slightly. She approaches him and asks as pleasantly at she can manage, given how cold she feels, "Are you looking to find something?"

Kaden chuckles as Kalindi approches him and he rubs the back of his head. "Yeah, I'm looking for the subway." She'd actucally be able to feel a bit of heat radiating off of him. That's how he stays warm, he raises his body temperature using his fire powers. "I don't know Queens that well. I just know Manhattan is back that way." And he points in the direction of the island.

July can't help but chuckle gently at Annalisa's offer, "Let's avoid using our powers outside the school. Attracts unwanted attention." she winks to her friend, "Now… I wonder… where's the subway…" she rubs her chin gently, before noticing Kaden and Kalindi, and she smiles, "Let's ask those two if they can give us directions?" she asks Anna.

Annalisa giggles at July, and sighs. "Whats the point of cracking a potentially dirty joke, when you're so innocent?" She says, looking over towards the two, and perking an eyebrow. "Wait…wasn't she the person that guy was shooting at"

"Ah, then that I can help you with. I do not live very far from here, so I know the area very well," she says, her thick accent both jarringly strange and familiar in its origins. She pulls off her backpack and says, "You have anything with which to write?" She pauses for a moment and comments, "You are very warm to be around."

"Nope, I don't really have anything to write with. Just a right or left would be fine?" Kaden says hopefully. "I guess I just have high body temperature? I've been told I'm like a living fire place?" Well he hasn't really been told that but he knows it's kind of true. And speaking of living fire, something catches his attention and he turns to look at Annalisa. "Fire?" He asks himself.

July chuckles gently, "Well, I usually let those kinds of jokes fly over my head when we're out in public like that." she winks to Annalisa, and giggles, before approaching Kalindi and Kaden. But before she can ask anything, Kaden addresses Annalisa. "Huh?" The brunette asks, blinking softly. "Anna, you know him?"

Annalisa hears the word "fire", and suddenly ducks, covering her head and screaming. "Where!?" She exclaims, almost on the verge of tears.

Kalindi quietly stares at Annalisa with wide eyes as she seems to panic at the word 'fire'. She doesn't really know what to say at this display and instead opts to ignore it and says to Kaden, "Ah, of course. It is down the street that way," she points in the direction of the subways, "And then a little ways to the left of there, it is hard to miss if you are looking and paying attention."

Kaden looks at Annalisa with little amusement and crosses his arms over his chest. "Seriously? Where? You. You have something to do with fire." He says his voice kind of flat. He looks back to Kalindi and nods. "Cool, should be able to find it if it's just down there, if I get lost again, well, not like much can happen to me."

July blinks as Annalisa has… quite the reaction to a simply spoken word. She sighs and gently pulls Annalisa back up by the arm, "Honestly, Anna, the man just spoke the word. There's no fire anywhere." she shakes her head, before turning to Kaden, "What do you mean? Who are you?"

Annalisa glances up at July, and then stands, letting out a sigh. She seemed distraught that nobody cared whatsoever about her phobia anymore. "Sorry…"

Kalindi stares for a few moments more at Annalisa, as if trying to remember where she recognizes her from, and then just shrugs. She continues to try and stand pretty close to Kaden to benefit from the heat that he's radiating, and she carefully lifts her bag back up to throw it over her shoulder. "It is okay…" she says half-heartedly in response to Anna's apology.

"I am fire." Kaden says in answer to July before looking to Annalisa. "It's what you are, you have a connection to he element of fire, I can feel it." He says with a shrug. "Nothing wrong with it." Kaden's not really a sensitive person and he's kind of a jerk to people he doesn't know.

July arches one eyebrow at KAden's words, "Alright…" she says slowly, "You're nuts, you know that?" she arches one eyebrow, before leaning a bit toward Anna and whispering, "This guy is onto you. I think we shouldn't hang around him…"

Annalisa glances over at July with a perk of her brow. "He's probably one of us…" She whispers to July softly, glancing over at the other two.

Kalindi just blinks a couple of times at Kaden as he says that he is fire. Maybe it's metaphorical? He's certainly warm like one. She continues to stand close and tugs uncomfortably on the strap of her backpack. "All this whispering, it makes me wonder what is being whispered about," she says, idly.

Kaden looks at Kalindi and shrugs. "No idea. All I know is she has a connection to my element." He doesn't get into more detail than that. "No, I'm not nuts. Things might have been easier if I was, but I'm far from crazy."

July whispers back to Annalisa, "Maybe. But, mutant or not, announcing it out in the open like that is bound to bring problems to us. Remember one of the rules of teh school is to not use powers outside the school, nor flaunt around that you're a mutant." she nods gently. That's not exactly the rule, but it's July's resumed view of the rules for outside behavior regarding mutant powers. She then looks at Kaiden. "So, ah.. changing subjects!" she clears her throat. "Any of you know where is the nearest subway station?"

Annalisa simply leans against July, sighing a bit. Still kind of depressed about the occurance a few moments ago. "I can't even remember why were trying to find it…"

"Your element, it seems very useful in the wintertime," comments Kalindi, even as she kind of tilts her head at July and Annalisa. "Ah, yes, there is something I can answer. The subway station." She points down the street and says, "It is down that way, and then you go left of there for a little ways, and you will find it."

"I just have a connection with fire." Kaden says with a shrug. He has more than a connection with fire, he's the elemental embodiment. "I was gonna head down to the subway, if you want I can walk with you two, I promise I'm not some creepy guy looking to pick up two girls or do anything creepy."

July uh's softly, and then she looks at Annalisa for a moment, before shrugging lightly, "We might as well." she says softly, "Just… no more fire talk, ok? Please?" She asks, arching one eyebrow, "Name's July. And this is Anna."

Annalisa nods a bit, and smiles at July, she leans against her. "Alright, where are we going again?"

Kalindi gestures a couple of times in the general direction that the subway is. "Listen, I will be going on my own way now, it is too cold for me to be out anymore. You will be sure to find your way if you follow my directions. Just down until the end of the street there, and then left. You will be fine, yes?" She adjusts the straps of her backpack and gets ready to wander off in her own way.

Kaden nods. "Yeah, I'll be find, thanks." HE says to Kalindi. If Kaden was a nicer guy he'd offer his hoodie but he's not really the type of person to do that. He looks at the two girls and shrugs. "Kaden. And we're going to the subway?" He says to Annalisa in a questioning tone almost as if saying 'is she drunk?'.

July rolls her eyes at Kaden's 'answer' to Annalisa's question, "We're heading to the closest mall." she says, to both Kaden, and to remind Annalisa of their destination. She inwardly hopes that Kaden is going to get a different route…

Annalisa nods at July, and wraps her arms around one of July's arms. "Kay!" She exclaims girlishly.

Kalindi says, "My name is Kalindi. You may call me Kali, if you would like. It is shorter. Goodbye, and have a good trip," says Kalindi, now wandering off.

Kaden shoves his hands back in his pockets and starts walking towards the subway not looking back to see if the two girls are following him. "Ya know, I used to hate what I could do too." He says idly but Kaden leaves it as that as he walks down the blocks. "I hope she gave me right directions."

July watches as Kaden just unceremoniously starts walking away and talking. She looks at Annalisa on her side and hmms softly, "Shall we follow him? Or shall we wait a bit then ask someone else for directions to the subway?" she asks, having occurred to her that she actually didn't get any directions from KAden or Kalindi.

Annalisa grins a bit, and shrugs, leaning up to peck July's neck. "Up to you baby." She says, not really concerned where they were if July was there.

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