2010-06-18: Firestarter, instigator


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Summary: Jakob and Renate are on their way home and have a small run in with Kaden.

Date: June 18, 2010

Firestarter, instigator

Rating: PG

City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

The walk had her eyes skipping from Jakob, as he talked, to that of the scenery, going from old to newer and to monuments of reverence. Renate came to a stop at a water fountain beside the large one and started it up, washing her hands with the cleaner means provided, paying attention to even what was under her nails. Looking over her shoulder she drew out the knife and even submersed that, watching the blood run pink down the drain. "I served in German military, so hearing orders barked in German was not so rare for me. You learned..Sehr gut."
Once the blood was off the dagger she shook it out and slid it back into her corset and concealed it with the lowering of her arm. Renate then shifted her eyes back towards the fountain and followed its height up and then out before she re-focused on Jakob and gestured to continue on, dipping her head and hiding the look of contemplation behind the fall of white hair. Lying was beyond her, but now, if he asked too much, what should she tell. Change of subject maybe? "You live in Battery Park?"

"You, served in the German military?" Sounding incredulous as he asked her, "Yeah I learned though, well enough…. maybe you should get rid of that." Memories though vague and blurry flashed through his mind catching glimpses of the odd woman using that blade. Jakobs frown deepend, "So, you're not part of any special school around here and I imagine you're definitely not an American citizen…" His hand ran over his stomach, rubbing across the muscles there as he holds his frown in their walk. "No, I go to a private school, I live there in the dorms." Not telling her what that school was or where. Rules and such. The weather right now was a sunny and clear 73 degrees out. Nice actually considering the rain they were hit with last night… people were obviously taking advantage of this as well as the Park had signs of life.

Sitting on one of the benches in the park, seemingly transfixed by the fire in the gas lit lamps is the red headed Kaden. It's the only park in the city with laps lit with flame so the spirit of fire feels comfortable here. Watching Renat wash her hands in the fountain he sighs. "You know, cleaning -blood- off a dangerous weapon in a water fountain in a public park isn't a good idea? There are people around here who are watching you." He says in a very rude tone of voice. "I mean someone might decide that you just killed someone and are now washing a murder weapon."

"Yes, made it to Fahnenjunker before I was assigned elsewhere." Through basics, enough to get her feet wet with what it was like and then into private training of other means. She left the rest off and when Jakob spoke of the knife Renate shook her head. "I earned it, I keep it." As if to emphasise her hand rested over her side, where just beneath the vinyl encasing the blade rested, tapping. "I am an American citizen, just new but I know of its history." Did that matter at all? She did not really know but what knowledge she had she was somewhat proud of, her capacity to learn always something that was shined on by her former…formers.
Hearing the voice of Kaden her eyes dart to him and narrowed ever so slightly in study. "Let people think, the blood is mine and I was attacked." As she spoke her other arm rose to show the tear in the side of dark attire as well as the dried blood that took from the sheen and split pale skin beneath that was already forming its healing in dried blood.
Uncaring for Kaden's tone and finding no further need to give him any other information she started to move on down the path, pausing to ensure Jakob was joining.

"Because people just decide to gut someone and clean a knife off in public." Jakob replied to the person who hadn't been noticed by either one of them. Though, why Renate chose to clean it here he was unsure, not that what remained no the weapon could have been much. "You a cop or something?" He asks the Kaden on the defensive his hackles had risen abit, not really that he knew this pale woman beyond the rather insane night that was blurs and half flashes of imagery.

"Well I just call it like I see it." Kaden says as he looks at Renate's injury but doesn't say anything. "Yes, I'm a cop. I a perfect example of the law here." He says sarcastically as he shakes his head. "Even if the blood is yours, you're the one with the knife so just…it's better to do it in a space that isn't open? Fucking city." He mutters the last part as New York City is just too….annoying for him at times.

Renate had overlooked the red headed man, this was her own fault, and Jakob's jump to defense had her waiting longer than she wanted to. He had a valid question though, was this one local law enforcement or just assuming the position via being nosey? A few steps were taken, bringing her back to Jakob's side, levelling deep oceanic blue eyes upon Kaden. Beside Jakob her height was nearly even, the boots rising her up slightly above six foot, leather boots held to her feet by buckles and belts that bound to mid-calf. From there was the swathing of black on purple tattered and torn nylon mixed with netting. The dress was a black vinyl overlain with a purple decor'd corset that laced up her back.
Renate should have known it would make her stand out, but what she did know was not much when it came to what was socially acceptable or not; it was recommended and oddly comfortable. When Kaden spoke up the sarcasm was beyond her though the tone was still disliked. Her upper lip pulled back and her head tilted, giving the disbelieving stare at him. "You are this city's version of law? Bitch, please." What? She got it from a movie she had watched and from Kaden, she borrowed the tone to throw right back at him. "I'll be sure to take your advice."

Jakob gave Renate an estranged look at the 'Bitch,please' comment, how out of place that seemed yet… oddly humorous. Not in the fact she just insulted someone but the very Twilight Zone habit in which she delivered it. Not one to ever sport a smile unless it was for a good reason he felt his lips curling up," Uhm, yeah and okay anyways not do disturb your ever important looking bird watching or whatever it is you're not doing officer." That sarcasm being fired back and forth now.
There is a slight smirk at the 'bitch please' comment. "Okay seriously, do you -really- think this city employs teenagers as cops?" He shakes his head since he's only seventeen and a bit of a J.D. "Just sayin' you're washing off a bloody knife in a public fountation, you're gonna attract unwanted attention, like mine." He says as looks up at one of the gas lamps. "Fire watching…not bird watching, fire."

Renate must have done something right, the tone was firing from all sides and the smile now beamed from her, pulling glossed lips back from her teeth to match the slow coming ones of the other two. When Kaden speaks up again though her head tilted, some of that razor cut white hair splitting off to slice tips along the line of her jaw. "No such thing as Unteroffizier? Umm.." She fumbled for the english version of the word and then shrugged it off, the smile faltering a bit as her eyes went from Jakob to Kaden. "You speaking up of it wouldn't?"

When he spoke of fire watching her eyes went to one of the lamps and then to Jakob, one pale shoulder rising and then falling. Nothing to say to that, though confusion did show.
"Sarcasm, seems a losing front here. Speaking up of what?"Confusedly Jakob asks before he gave an exhale as he turned about, beginning to walk again his hands shoving into his pockets. "Anyways, you want to get to Battery Park we need to keep moving there uhhm…" He stops, still in range of Kaden, "Guess I never got your name. Mines Jakob."

In Kaden's opinion, Jakob is hiting on the creepy killer bondage chick but he still answers Renate's question. "What can I say, I like being a jerk." He shrugs and at least he's honest about it. Kaden just likes to start fights it's kind of a weird quirk of his that connects to his self loathing.
"Him speaking up of the knife, doesn't help the defeated topic of unwanted attention." Renate's eyes followed Jakob, with a slight flick to Kaden, before her feet were soon after, stepping up in time with his and then abruptly coming to a halt behind him when he did so as not to run into him. One leggy stride to the right and she avoided that happening again. "Renate."
Kaden speaking up again drew her eyes back to him with one brow rising. "Jerk?" That figure of speech was lost to her as well.

Hearing Kaden, Jakob tips his head up abit and looks at the other young man. "Yeah, sand in the vagina does that to people." A wink is given and he draws his cell-phone out checking the time. Thats one course missed this morning, Renate’s weird way of speaking had him confused again, too much in one go, already and he'd not gotten sleep, laid, or drunk last night. Damn. "Part of Germany you say you were from?" Shit, she was odd. "A jerk, in this case is a person whose dick has inverted and become a pussy. You'll encounter alot of those here in America, Renate. "

The comment from Jakob causes the fire in the gas lamps to flare up for a moment before settling back down, which people do notice. "What, you have a fucking problem? You saying that because I have a boyfriend means I got a pussy? I'm a jerk because everything about this world pisses me off, including your face." He snaps at Jakob as he's obviously not really making sense right now but then Kaden likes to pick fights.

"I didn't say. Berlin." As Jakob defines the meaning of jerk she smiles and nods then as if the epiphany alone amused her. "Ahh okay, a fotze." Insults, she got it now. When Kaden spoke up her gaze drifted back to him and then narrowed once more, sweeping from toe to head and them back. "I think they have treatments for that.." Though whether it meant Kaden's issue or the sudden fluxed ignition of flame was left rather open, though her eyes did snap to that and then back.

Trick of the mind and sleep deprivation or did the gas lamps around the park just flare up. Jakob lifts his gaze from his cellphone to peer over at Kaden, one dark etched eyebrow uplifting. "Sorry, I couldn't hear anything you said beyond blah blah I'm a fucking punk look at me I need attention whine whine blah blah. " Locking his eyes in place on Kaden, "Yes a fotze." He said to Renate, not having realized she said Berlin in there. "Generally the treatment is getting their ass-beat or teaching them how to cut in the right direction, its up and down not across. Try that next time, buddy - it will solve all your problems and get rid of one more waste of space."

Standing up Kaden rushes over to Jakob hoping to get a hold of his shirt, not to punch him…yet. "So you wanna beat my ass? And believe me, you know nothing of my problems." He growls as years ago he did try to kill himself but it just didn't work, being immortal can suck. "So come on asshat, let's see this treatment of yours or are you just all talk for your girlfriend here?"

Renate was pretty cut and dry, to the point and the insult slinging was over her head, but to offer some form of assistance in this little matter and help remedy the issue she offered, and backed it with a turn in her stance and a settling of her eyes on Kaden. "I can provide both."
There were no real rules in fighting for her, so when Kaden rose and made his dash towards Jakob one arm rose and her fist had a dead aim for his jaw as the other came up to draw her into a stance, attempting to knock him off path if possible and then fall back into form.

"I said you needed your ass beat not that I was going to waste the t…"Kaden rushed Jakob cutting off what he was about to say instantly Jakob was in motion, weight went to the balls of his feet and the cellphone shoved away as his hand came up to grab for Kaden's but… it never made it. Renate in her eerie mannerisms was in between both of them and Jakob was more or less brushed back, "What the fuck, chick?"

The fist comes and clocks Kaden right on the jaw and he takes a step back and there's a smile on his face as he rubs his jaw. "So I see the girl is the one with balls here." He says as he takes a step back, opening his mouth to adjust his jaw as it starts to turn red quickly. "So…you gonna be the one to defend your boyfriend here?" He says as he brings his right fist in to return the punch in the face, and expecting it to be blocked, he brings in the left fist to jab her torso. He's a guy who doesn't have problems fighting a woman, manners were never taught to the fire spirit.

Hearing Jakob's up lift in voice bordering on the angry she froze. Apparently she did something wrong now and for a fleeting moment enough it seized any and all motions to block and cast an apologetic look towards Jakob. This was quite abruptly wiped off of her face by the land of Kaden's fist that snapped her head to the side, impacting flesh, and then something harder beneath. The split second reaction came when his follow up punch was thrown to her torso and nearly doubled her over, but when that happened both her hands came down, attempting to clamp down on the striking fist, twist and have his own hand waving back at him when he came to rise, utilizing a pressure point that would have her shoving him back towards Jakob if it was effective.

Having seen Renate the night before, or thinking he had at least those memory bits flickered to life as he recalled her flipping and tossing fully grown men. This angry emo infront of them wasn't going to stand much of a chance against that in his mind. "If she can take care of the light work." Jakob stepped back again, removing himself from melee range the boxers stance he was about to drop into forgotten as he stood far enough away to simply observe. Then again with another step, that directional press of Renate would have Kaden going for empty air, this wasn't his fight anymore. He'd not even swung yet. "Besides this is just fuckin' hilarious."

The hit lands but Kaden doesn't get cocky, he doesn't have time to as his arm is twisted, painfully, which causes a grimace and shoves him back a bit. "What's fucking hilarious is that you've got someone fighting for you." His voice comes out as a pained growl with a hint of amusement in it? He then heats up his arm, just enough to hopefully cause Renate let go with shock of the heat. There's no fire but it's like a rapidly heating frying pan.

Jakob was stepping back, this only known when Renate became aware where a body was was no longer. A swift roll of her eyes to her surroundings again had her finding the locations of anyone near, her tongue snaking out to one corner of her lips where blood had welled up from Kaden's blow. She felt the heat building beneath her hands that held his wrist twisted and in a position that moving him would be like walking a well trained animal, the grip was held just long enough to twist her body to the side and attempt to aim a snapped out kick of platformed boot against Kaden's torso, only then releasing him in effort to let his body fly back with the strength of that blow. "What's fucking hilarious? Either way you are going to get your 'ass beat'."

Jakob stood back on the cement watching, the cellphone in his hand again sending a txt message to the school, informing them he would be missing another class. Thats two, the first two he had missed since he started going to Barnes, not a good thing when you're actually still a G.I. trying to cross-train into SHIELD. More shit from the mouth of Kaden and he was glaring, wondering if he should just walk off right now and let these two sort it, not like he had much reason to remain here with the creepy albino girl aside from some bit of feeling bad she was a foreigner and probably batshit crazy as most of the people in New York he had mat, but didn't that put her in safer arms. Not bothering to answer the question on what was hilarious, how do you explain the entire scenario had a funny element to it.
Sometimes it's not about a winner or a loser, it's just about a fight and if you win or not, you got what you wanted, a fight. "Whatever girly." He says as she leads him since he really can't get out of the hold and then the boot hits his stomach and he stagers back a bit but doesn't fall over. He just stays where he is and gets in a fighting stance, nothing that really looks trained as he's not using what he's learned as he's still very green in martial arts. "Come on. Kick my ass." He says waiting for her to come in an attack.

Renate was shaking off her hands as she stepped back and was in a balanced pose, ready for another incoming thrust from Kaden. When he stepped back and only flung a taunt her way she tilted her head a bit and studied him once more like a bird would a worm. It was a deciding factor of need versus simple want and his stance factored in had her shaking her head. "You moved first, I defended. You pose as no threat." No more advancing so she was not going to waste her energy, though she did not drop her defensive stance. Not yet, she was not made for playground antics, and to her, that is precisely what this had become the minute he stopped.

Kaden just watches Renate for a moment and the fact that she's not coming forward, frustrates him. "What…are you just fucking talk? What about getting my 'ass beat'? You're just gonna stand there and say 'I pose as no threat'? What are you some dumb ass robot chick who decided that I'm not good enough to fight you? COME ON! Don't start what you can't finish!"

Renate was shifting her stance to a stand, despite the lax appearance in it there was still a good placement between her feet to keep her balanced and ready should Kaden move. "I did not start it, you came at us first. I decided you are not good enough to fight because you stand there, untrained, unbalanced, and run your mouth instead of continuing. If you were serious, that wouldn't be happening. It's not my priority to finish what you started." The turn this fight had taken was like talking about the weather during sex, to Renate, you just didn't do that.

"That actually might be the first thing shes said that makes sense, what are you some sick fuck masochist? Go masturbate with a curling iron and be done with it already. Look, I missed two classes already, I really should be getting the hell out of dodge." Jakob blows hair out of his face as he looks from Renate to Kaden.

Kaden glares at the two of them and flips them off. "Pussies" he says and just walks of. He doesn't mention anything about them and their other words but just starts to wander off leaving Jakob to be further protected by his bondage girlfriend.

Renate lifted her hands, pushing the white hair from her face and back, twisting it into a ponytail before pulling it over one of her shoulders. Before it would unwind and fall into a natural state if anyone was paying close attention there was a flash of a tattoo at the base of her neck before it was obscured once again.
Her eyes followed Kaden in his exit, blinking at the gesture and nothing more was thought of it. Jakob got the faintest glance before her stance shifted into a more casual one, unwinding and heading in the direction that he seemed to be aimed at to finish the walk, one hand rising to press fingers at the corner of her lips, pulling away and looking for blood; content at finding none. "If I did wrong, I apologize."

"Think we just witnessed some sort of emo-breakdown." Jakob commented, the entire ordeal rather out there. "Fuckin' New Yorkers…" His head shook and he rubs the back o his neck with a hand, "Next time, Renate, someone comes at me. Let me handle it, general rule of thumb you see two guys about to go at a fight one on one, let them deal. Stepping in like that… cute and all but not necessary. You said you were from Berlin, huh? The guys there all teach up the girls to be some sort of uber bodyguards?" His head shook once and he turned his stride lengthening as they continued on his way, "Come on. I'm headed to Battery Park…"

Renate listened to Jakob once more, finding it better to not speak considering he had stated she did not make much sense. She was speaking english this time, or was it something else? When he directed her in fighting mannerisms though she nodded and then let her eyes dart back to him his question answered rather simply. "My…family taught me nothing but military, it's how I was raised. You defend you yours with force." Leaving it at that she continued the walk in silence unless there were any further questions.

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