2010-01-15: First Blood


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Summary: Jam'z pours on the crazy sauce, the Paragons ask for their order to go, and Jono pulls a dine and dash!

Date: January 15, 2010

Log Title First Blood

Rating: R

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

Mid-afternoon, and the impossible heat surrounding the state of New York has led for an extra set of complications for Rashmi and Zack. Well outside of Westchester by the time the urge to follow N'thynyl faded, the teammates have found themselves faced with the unhappy prospect of making their way back to the school on foot. For her part, Rashmi looks utterly miserable, as the sheer mass of hair on her head has made for a very permanent, very muggy blanket, on top of being utterly out of breath by the sheer mass of walking done. "I… can't believe… Lucas… went with those…. things…."

Zack pants a little bit, having shed his coat, and hs shirt, he's now just in a wife beater in the middle of january, shaking his head a little bit, "What the hell is up with that…mind control thing, that's dangerous, I mean, not even just kinda suggesting, just…make you doing stuff. Weird ya…" he says and looks at Rashmi, "Well, we'll get him back, it's probably like what happened to us, all mind scrambling thing"

Jam'z clicks his tongue, making a scolding sound, "Is THAT anywhere to speak about a fellow teammate?" In his hands, a leatherman, the blade cleaning out his fingernails. Several feet away, a wrecked truck, the inner windshield bloodied, "I've been looking for you. Heck…I just flew in from the school—-and boy are my wings tiired!" The human smiles, showing off his fangs, "So..I borrowed that truck." He looks over his shoulder and shakes his head, "Somehow..I don't think the owner minds anymore." He looks back over at you both and crosses his arms.

Rashmi stumbles to a halt at the sound of Jam'z' voice, face draining of color. There's a moment of confusion, until the voice is matched with the face, and the terror slowly gives way to a sick, horrified disbelief. "…James…? What… what's *happened* to you…?"

Zack huhs a moment as he moves over behind Rashmi, "Right, what is..holy shit…" he says staring at jam'z, and the truck, and Jam'z and back to Rashmi, "Wait what…what did you do?" he asks, "Dude that's blood. you didn't…you didn't hurt the guy did you? I mean, hey come on, you shoulda stayed at the school we're trying to uh. look for somthing." he says. He leans in to Rashmi and Whispers, "I think he got converted by the Hot Topic god too..and that looks bad…"

James phhhts, "I feel great! But me? Lets tak about you. What's happened to you? I thought we were a team, that we had each other's backs?" He wiggles his fingers, "So…I've been taking a few on my own." He outstretches his hands and claps them together, "I've started quite a collection. Wanna see?" He nods over to the truck. He tilts his head, black, beady eyes settling on Zack, "Oh, I assure you, it didn't hurt for long. Hey! I'm inhuman…but I'm not inhumane." He raises his right hand and makes a little cross over his heart. "SO! Who wants to play?" He rubs his hands together.

Rashmi nods slowly at Zack's whispering, a strange sadness creeping into her eyes. "We *are* a team, James… But we can't help with problems when we don't know what they *are,* right…?" As before, a half-dozen translucent, shimmering orbs fade into view, revolving slowly around the pair of students. "You don't have to be like this… just… come back to the school… let us try and help…"

Zack blinks a little moment and he' shocked, "Dude…dude…you KILLED someone?" he asks trying to derive from james' meaning, "Like…wait a second, "taking a few a collection…what did ou do…what did you do man, oh my god what did you DO"

James…Jam'z rather…takes a slow step towards you both, head tilting from side to side as he looks at the spheres. Ignoring the wrecked truck, the bloodstains, and the possibility of a victim inside, he inhales deeply. That leatherman he was carrying gets folded and put away as he inspects, coming closer. "Now, I could be wrong, but I think you're going to assault me? Your BFF teammate, ever?" He huff, looking at Zack, "Women. Ya stop wearing a rug and they stop returning your phonecalls." 15' and closing.

"No, James," Rashmi says, her tone as reasonable as she can force it to be, the spheres speeding up and slowing down in fits and starts, echoing the turmoil at the back of her mind. "I'm just very… very… afraid of you, right now… I'm not going to hurt you, if you don't make me…. just… stand there, and I'll make them go away. All—All right? I promise."

Zack is now kinds scared, "he's gone crazy, dude…there's a body in there, we gotta get outta here…Rashmi we gotta run…" despite his size every instinct is to run from danger, a greased killer with a knife means he is aching to zip to the nearest place of shelter, find a cop or somthing." his hand is on Rashmi's shoulder, "Come on…come on…we gotta go…"

Jam'z shakes his head, "I don't want to hurt anyone, I just want them to feel as good as I do." He stops, 12-or-more feet away. He outstretches his hands, palms towards you. The careful might see that any plant life within an uncertain radius starts to whither and die. "Sorry Zack, you're not going anywhere but with me. And Rashmi." He clenches his jaw, eyes narrowing.

"James…." Again with the forced-reasonable voice, even as the spheres shimmer and fade. "Look around you… if you get much closer, you'll probably kill us. That…. won't feel so good, you know…? Besides… Lucas is with you, isn't he? What do you think he'd do, if you let us get hurt…?"

Zack gives a gulp as he keeps trying to tug Rashmi, not hard, but, "Rashmi, dude, he's out of it, look at him, we gotta go we gotta run, find a cop or osmeothing, come ON we gotta go…" 12 feet, and he sucks in a deep breath.

July is dressed in her blue-and-white squad uniform. Elastica at your service! Bad news are happening all around town, but if this girl is right, she has even WORSE news! But on her way back to school she happens to notice Rashmi and two other guys. Apparently one is threatening the other two, "Hey!!" she calls out, frowning as she jumps toward the group, her elastic powers allowing her quite long and high jumps. She lands close to Rashmi and asks, "What's going on here?" She asks, keeping her eyes on James.

James open mouths, "Welll golllllly! I just have to stand around and ya'all ust come flocking to me," he says in a fake southern accent, "I keep this up, and I'll have the whole collection soon." He addresses July formally, eyebrow raised, "Well, you see…I was walking along, minding my own business, when I was assaulted, assaulted I tell you by these two!" He looks around after receiving any looks of disbelief, "What? Is there something on my nose? The tuck? Oh, it's the truck. It's a rental. Insurance will take care of it." He flexes his wings a little and takes another step, "But don't worry…I have a feeling AAA will arrive in time to call an ambulance…for at least one of you."

Rashmi takes a step back, one hand reaching out for Zack, the other for July. "July," she says, eyes fixed upon James, "You really… really… *really* need to get out of here. James was… taken, I guess… by whatever's in Central Park. He's killed at least one person." And the orbs fade back into being, as the redhead draws in a deep, slow breath. "Zack… When I give the word… I want you to run as fast as you can. It doesn't matter where."

Zack nods his head, "ya ya I can do that…come on you can hop on my shoulders, I think I can run faster then you too…so we'll go together…" e says not wnating to run without Rashmi, but really, REALLY wanting to beat feat right the hell on outta here.

July looks at Rashmi, eyes opening wide, "WHAT? Aw, damn. The blessing…" she says, looking back at James. "Look, man… you don't want to do this. You got possessed… by a demon. A demon in disguise of an angel." she says softly, calmly, even though she's nervous about this. She's alone, away from her team against someone. First time for her.

Jam'z jerks his head from side to side, cracking his neck. He looks over at Zack, little red pinpoints for eyes, "Yeah, Zack…run. Hyena's like to pick off the weak." He cackles, "Wait! I'm not a walking throw rug anymore. So I guess that means your all fair game!" He keeps his eyes on Zack, "Told you this place would screw you up." His head cranes quickly over to July. He takes another 2 steps, hands still outstretched, "And, I'm so much better off for it." A snake-like tongue slides over a fang.

The spheres orbiting Rashmi and Zack begin to move oddly, gathering in a tight line and speeding up, their path rising and falling, almost arresting if stared at for too long. J'amz takes one step, then another… And Rashmi's voice ring out in a single whip-crack syllable. "NOW!" At the same instant, one of the spheres detaches from the end of the group, streaking forward toward J'amz's hip.

Zack grunts hard, and he turns and runs, directl opposite from where Jam'z is, Rashmi never said she'd follow, but he listens he listens and he wanted to, so he's rnning, and running fast as his big body could.

July knows only one thing right now. She stands little chance against someone who can make stuff around him wither and die. When Rashmi tells Zack to run, the guy complying to the request, July reaches to get Rashmi, picking her up and jumping very high, thanks to her powers, landing almost several yards away from him, frowning. "You don't want to do this, man! Fight the possession!" and then she beeps her cellphone, calling the panic button.

X-Mansion> July just pressed the panic button of her cellphone, to whoever X-man around. >.>

Jam'z dodges, managing to get missed by several of Rashmi's orbs. However, while his hip no longer is in the way, errant gravel puts his chest in a rather precarious position as he slips. He takes the blow directly. There's a screech, the sound as inhuman as he has become and he is knocked back, landing on, and going through the truck's windshield. Feet sticking out, he calls weakly, …SssTrRike!" before going limp for a long moment. After a second or….300…he begins to twitch again.

The British voice seemingly comes out of no where, and is only heard by Rashmi, Zack, and July. «This way.» Jonothon's glad he held back, allowing someone else to stop the demon. That does wonders on the ego. So, while his eyes are flame lit, the man merely directs the three to where he's been watching. «I brought a car. Let's head back to the school while he's unconscious.» Jonothon is watching for signs of waking. He'll blast should he need to, but holds off for now. The Brit is also covered up again. This time, while still black, his attire isn't ala homeless. Not new, but good quality in way of jacket and dark shirt and pants.

Rashmi blinks sharply as Jono's mental voice rings out between her ears, and she all but sags in July's arms, loosing a deep, shuddery sigh of relief. "Zack!" she calls out tot he fleeing giant, "it's that guy Addison was talking to! Hurry up, we'll be home soon!" Leaning back into July's elastic arm, she turns an almost pathetic look up to the other girl. "…Can we go back, now?"

Zack grunts a little bit agai, "oh crap…it's the guy with no face, ahhh, in the car, ya ya…" he'll try to fit into the back of this car, his bulk causing it to groan no doubt, "man we gotta get outta here, so outta here"

July looks at Rashmi and nods. "Yeah, we gotta dash. I don't think we can stop him without hurting him badly. He's being controlled." she says, and rushes toward Jonothon, where he pointed his car is.

Jam'z feet suddenly disappear from the hood of the truck. He sits up inside and cranes his head, looking out at the car. Looking much worse for wear, broken glass falls off his back and wings as he oozes out of the truck and onto the ground, "Hey…WhEre do ya' thINk 'ur going?" He tosses a shoe at the car—one that never belonged to him. It bounces off the roof, "I'm not…" he pants "…finished…with you yet!" He tries to stand but goes back on his knees, looking rather drunk, "Second thought….whoooo…I'll catch up. Don't worry. I'll be fine after I…catch…" and he wves his hands by his face, "..catch my…breath. Whoo!" He puts his hands on his knees and watches everyone pile into the car.

The car is actually one of the minivans from the School. (Hopefully Scott won't mind his having taken it.) Not that Zack doesn't still have trouble getting inside, but it shouldn't be quite as bad. Jonothon stands near it, wary and ready, his eyes the only sign of active power use. All wrapped up as he is, the chamber energy doesn't show. The vehicle is still running, and the driver's door open. And then Jam'z moves. That was a big mistake. Allowing the three to start getting in the car, Jono focuses and shoots. Psyfire rushes forth with a PHOOM of sound, coiling through the air. A wide stretch, he's aiming to knock Jam'z back into the car again. «Catch this, wanker.»

"Come on come on come oDON'T HURT HIM, PLEASE!" Rashmi seems… conflicted. On the one hand, J'amz is positively terrifying, but on the other, he's still a teammate, and friend. "Let's just *go,* please? He can't hurt us if we get *away* quick enough!!"

Zack smacks the back of the seat hard enough to break it with a CRACK, and he winces as he moves his hand away, "Go go go! Come on!" he gulps as he moves, "Come on, go o go! MOVE!"

July has not problem fitting in tight places, so she quickly slips into the van, "Jon, there are demons pouring from this weird place whose name I can't remember now. But it's all being done by this Apocalypse guy! We gotta head back to school, warn everyone!!" she says, frowning. "We can't stop them without hurting our friends right now!"

There's a long pause, with nothing happening from the truck that James disappeared inside it. Then from over its roof, a shoe matching the one already thrown comes flying overhead. It lads some distance away with a meaty 'thunk,' the toss completely inaccurate. "…."

A narrow-eyed glance back to those shouting for him to hurry. Knowing that even if you hurry you can indeed still be hurt, Jonothon lingers just long enough to make sure that his blast hit. That, and make sure the three are inside. Then he's getting into the drivers seat and closing the door. «The school already knows.» Said calmly. Wondering how July knew his name, but he doesn't question it now. Merely gets the car in the proper gear, and turns it around. In seconds the four are quickly returning back to Xaviers. Jono keeping a watch for demons.

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