2010-02-14: First Date


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Summary: Lucas takes Rashmi out for Valentine's Day on their first date.

Date: February 4, 2010

First Date

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

"Naaa," James starts, "Let me try that one out by myself. Practice run. I figure eluding to decapitation won't be nearly as had to return from as it is for almost biting Zack." he clenches his jaw a little, "Jean-Paul is going to have words for me later."

"And you're going to deserve them," Rashmi agrees, nodding slowly. Settling back in her chair, she takes up her tea, finishing the last of it. "All right, then… I guess all I can say then, is good luck."

Lucas steps into the kitchen, and pauses at the door. He's been looking for Rashmi for about fifteen minutes in this giant place. He's wearing a nice pair of light gray jeans. He has a white button up dress shirt on, tucked in, and covered with a light gray vest. His collar is unbuttoned, but still sports a thing black tie loose around it. His hair is even sort of brushed. Well, for Lucas it's brushed. In his hand is a single carnation. Judging by the color, old lady Storm is probably gonna miss it from her garden in the morning. "Hey," he says, with a coy smirk.

James sighs and nods, "And I just got out of detention too!" He stands and gives Rashmi and hug…which is mostly performed by covering her completely and carefully giving her a squeeze, "Sorry for all this. I'll make it up to you." He tosses his trash after gathering the failed dinner and makes his way towards, the exit, "I'll go see if I can find Jade now." He looks at his roommate as he enters with a rather questionable look, "Hey Lucas." But continues on his way out. "I'll be back in a bit if I don't have any luck."

Rashmi pats James' back as he moves away, turning to catch Lucas… and stops dead, jaw dropping open. "Oh, my *God*…. Lucas you look *good!* I… wait, where are we going on our date?"

Lucas furrows his brow, watching James go. "Jade, huh…?" He looks at Rashmi. "Ah always look good, thank you very much," he counters, with a charismatic arrogance. He gestures over his shoulder with his thumb, "He gonna ask snake lady out?"

"No he's going to apologize for acting a complete toad partly by accident… but seriously Lucas, *where* are we going? I mean, you're all dressed up. *I* should be all dressed up. I have one of Mami's dresses but I didn't want to wear it all day and I just…" Her semi-panicked babble trails off, and she holds up a finger. "…Can you give me… Iunno… fifteen minutes?"

Lucas smirks, and shrugs, "You look beautiful. But… Ah mean, if'n you wanna change, Ah reckon Ah can wait." He smiles at her, walking over, and handing her the carnation. "Happy Valentine's Day." He leans down and kisses her, running his fingers over her cheek, still amazed by the touch.

Rashmi squeals as Lucas pulls back from the kiss, taking the carnation and throwing her arms around the blond. "Happy Valentine's Day," she murmurs, giving him a peck on the cheek. "I'll be right back, I promise. Just, it's a real date and I want it to be special and… er… I'll be right back." Clearly flustered, she steps to one side darting out the kitchen door in a flurry of movement and hair.

Lucas stands there watching her go, and then just laughs.

FADE to The Olive Garden restaurant

Lucas takes Rashmi by cab to the Olive Garden by the mall. He sits across from her at the dimly lit table, and smiles. "Sorry Ah couldn't afford somethin' fancier like Red Lobster," he says, sincerely.

Rashmi chuckles, toying with her fork, a deep blush on her face as she tugs at the crimson shawl around her shoulders. "Lucas… This is probably the fanciest dinner I've ever had, and I'm on a date with a *really* cute blond. Trust me… I don't have a single thing to complain about."

Lucas grins, and he shrugs, "He is REALLY cute, huh?" He laughs a little, and takes a bite of his Raviolli dePortabello. "So…" He sits the fork down, swallowing. "Ah don't really have money…" He begins digging around in his pocket, "So… Ah hope you don't mind that… um… Ah sorta made you a gift instead…"

Rashmi picks up her fork as the carbonara is set down in front of her, inhaling deeply with a look of evident pleasure on her face. She's about to take her first bite, but pauses as Lucas announces his gift, blinking in surprise. "Oh, Lucas… you didn't have to, really… I mean, this entire dinner is just wonderful." Words that belie the curiosity in her eyes, as she cranes her neck to try (and fail) to see what he's digging for.

Lucas eventually pulls out a piece of notebook paper. It's sort of worn and waded up from being in his pocket. He's sweet, but he's not really neat. He unfolds it, and as he does, looks across at her, "You can't make fun of me…"
*clatter* The fork drops onto the plate as Rashmi's eyes widen slightly. Her braid whips back and forth as she shakes her head quickly, settling back to listen with total, undivided attention… except that given to the piece of breadstick she breaks off to nibble at.

Lucas furrows his brow a little at her, it's nervous, not judgemental, and he looks at the paper. He clears his throat, and then says, quietly,

"The chains
so long beholden of
Pain and Darkness
Symbols of pasts
of prisons
of sin
Dark amrias trade
for light
As burdons
become bonds
Ache becomes love"

He studies the paper a long moment, and then his cheeks flush with embarrassment, and he begins folding the sheet back up. "So… that's it…"

Silence reigns at the other end of the table for long, long moments after the poem is read, a tiny, trembling smile on Rashmi's face. Slowly, she reaches out, taking the blond's hand across the table. "…Thank you," she whispers after a few false starts. "Thank you."

Lucas shoves the paper back into his pocket, "It ain't that good, just… Ah was thinking of you, and…" There's an innocent shrug, "Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day, Rash."

Rashmi's smile spreads, eyes lowering for a moment. "It's okay. I heard what you wanted to say, and… well… it means everything to me. Happy Valentine's Day, Lucas. This whole date is something I'll remember for a long time."

Lucas smiles at her, watching her closely, and then nods, "Yeah," agreeing. He begins cutting another piece of his ravioli. He sighs, content. "Next year, someplace fancier. Ah promise."

Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head. "It's perfect just the way it is, Lucas," she says, closing her eyes in pleasure as she takes her first bite of chicken, pasta and bacon. "Mmmn… Perfect."

Lucas laughs at her, "She likes Italian food." He grins, "Note taken."

Rashmi swallows her bite, flushing deeply as she takes a drink of water. "She's never *had* Italian except form the cafeteria. This is just… my God, it's wonderful."

Lucas laughs, "It's my favorite. Ah mean, not necessarily from here, but… pasta." He shrugs, "Ah missed it. Well, a lot of it. Ah was able to do spaghettios." He rolls his eyes, "Whatever. From here on out, fettucine and spaghetti."

Rashmi grins. "You've never had a good curry then… I'll have to fix that. For your birthday, *I* get your dinner, okay? I promise… you're going to love it. …Okay, and I'll find some kind of pasta recipe just in case you don't," she amends.

Lucas laughs, "Ah'm SO not tellin' when my birthday is…" He smiles, "Ah'm sure you're a right amazin' cook. You done do everything else good." He gives her a wink.

Rashmi snorts, flushing at the compliment. "…Only Hindi, really, since that's what mami taught me to make… I'm still going to take Mr. Parker-Mayfair's class to do anything else… And I *know* when your birthday is, silly… or close to it. Beltane, you said, remember?"

Lucas makes a grumbly sound, "Damn. Outsmarted again." He gives her a caring smile and look, and takes another bite of his pasta, leaving a splatter of sauce unnoticed on his upper lip. He smiles at her again, "Ah make a mean hot dog."

Rashmi's eyes drop to Lucas' gloved hand, lips trying not to turn up at the corners. "I bet you do… oh," she says, brushing at her upper lip. "You've got a thing…right here. Anyway… you know James actually looks up to you did you know? 'He'll be really awesome someday,' he told me."

Lucas wipes his mouth with his napkin, "Sorry…" He smiles, "Get it?" he checks. He sits the napkin back on his lap. "Looks UP to me? How? Ah mean… that's… That's retarded. He knows that's retarded right? You told him it's stupid, right?"

Rashmi chuckles. "You got it, yeah… And no, I didn't, because it's *not.* I mean, I keep *telling* you you're a really good guy… That just means it's not just me who sees it, you know?"

Lucas sighs, "Why? Ah mean… you know… Why does he look up to me?" he asks, "That's silly."

Rashmi shrugs quietly. "I don't know, honestly… But, I *can* guess. Because he doesn't think he's good enough for *any* of us to put up with, you know? I'm too nice, you're too good-looking and sweet when you want to be, Zack's too kind to have to put up with him… He tries, really hard, to stop hating what he is, you know? And… well, you managed to do that even if just a little."

Lucas sighs, "James is a lot like me. Ah could tell that." He shakes his head, some of the joy gone from his face. "Ah hate it for him. Ah mean, Ah'm okay because some of this got better," he wiggles his fingers. "He's not gonna get new gloves, you know?" he says, quietly. "Maybe Ah should talk to someone about getting something that makes him LOOK human…"

Rashmi smiles brightly. "I think that would make his day, Lucas… Talk to Dr. McCoy, actually. See if James could have one of those imaging-thingys like Mike's got. You've seen Mike lately, right? I mean, he can *talk* nowsort ofAnd he looks like an actual kid again. I don't see how James couldn't have that." Taking another bite of her food, she pauses, grinning widely. "…You know? I think that might possibly be the nicest thing you've ever done for someone, besides me."

Lucas rolls his eyes, "Whatever. Just don't tell anyone." He smirks.

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