2010-10-23: First Scenes

Players: Mayfair and Shifter

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Summary: A meeting between underworld bosses gets interrupted by a shifter.

Date: October 23, 2010

Log Title: First Scenes

Rating: R

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

It's late, dark and raining, making it the best time for New York's newest Morlock to come to the surface for supplies as there are less people around, pulling himself out of a manhole he grins as he's in just the right neighborhood, pushing the cover back on with his tail he heads down an alleyway, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, and a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), tucking his tail into his hoodie he starts to decide where to hit first.

Late, dark, and raining, just how Jordan Mayfair typically likes it as well. It is late Friday evening, and this attorney sits in a limo parked oddly enough in the same alleyway. Discreet as can be, which is not hard in New York City and particularly this neighborhood or Brooklyn, he sits back relaxed. Approaching the limo, and not having noticed the scraggly Morlock, two men wearing suits and appearing like the Secret Service stand in the rain providing some kind of protection. Jordan and some questionable businessman discuss some underworld issue for the lawyer to attend too.

Stepping out of the alley Shifter chooses his target, just a simple one, a convenience store, he should be able to find many of the needed supplies in there, he'll have to be quick though as it probably has some form of security system in place, darting to the other side of the street, he looks for the best point of entrance.

Having caught a glance at something or someone moving out of the alleyway, one of the men signals the other man. Both men are dressed in nice expensive suits despite the rain. One man goes to the entrance of the alleyway the other remains by the car and speaks into his headset. A window is lowered by the limo and Jordan peaks his head out momentarily. Looking out and noticing nothing, the window immediately rises back up and his voice can be heard over the headset, "Deal with it." He then resumes his private conversation in the limo. While one of the men makes it out of the alleyway and spots Shifter and merely watches for a moment, though a hand is on a gun, ready to use.

Concentrating for several seconds Shifter shifts the consistency of his hand making it something similar to rhino hide and punches though the door, reaches round to the locks and lets himself in, setting off the alarm, rolling his eyes, he finds an unused reuse sack being the counter and begins filling it with what he needs.

Upon hearing the alarm, Jordan looks to his fellow crime boss and says simply, "Get out and we'll meet in a few in Manhattan." The other person exits the limo with his armed guard and makes his way out the opposite end of the alleyway and into another waiting limo and it pulls off quickly.

Jordan's limo makes its way out of the alleyway, but remains parked. The armed guard who was watching Shifter spots all this happening and reports back to Jordan. Jordan orders that he remain present and unseen. Jordan himself remains in the limosine, protected by the tinted windows and merely observing the convenience store to see who would have potentially ruined a clandestine crimeworld meeting.

Shifter continues filling the sack with what is needed, mentally calculating how long it would be before the police would arrive and half considering waiting so he can have the chance to out run them, deciding against it, he flings the sack over his shoulder and exits the store.

Watching all that has happened, Jordan spots Shifter exiting the store and smiles as he reads the surface thoughts of Shifter. The armed guard still at the entrance of the alleyway holds his gun out and trains it on Shifter. The cops have not yet arrived. "Should I shoot, sir?" the armed man asks, but Jordan does not give an order as he watches and reads Shifter.

As Shifter begins crossing the road he spots the limo, wondering how long it's been there and if they saw him break into the shop, he goes back and leans against the wall of the store, making it obvious he's watching the limo.

Mayfair grins from the limo as the Shifter has seen the limo, but has no idea who is inside. He speaks into a phone and then says, "Shoot the critter!"
While Shifter is busy staring at the limo, the armed guard. still hiding at the alleyway entrance, aims and fires at the mutant Morlock. Jordan watches from the safety of his limo hidden by the tinted windows.

Shifter yells in pain as the bullet inbeds itself in his shoulder, clutching his shoulder, he shifts to force the bullet out and heal the wound created, shifting his leg muscles he leaps in the direction the shot can from, teeth gritted from the pain in his shoulder.

Mayfair watches the Shifter get shot and then heal. Jordan nods impressed and when Shifter leaps towards the origin of the bullet. The armed guard runs back into the alleyway and fires another shot towards Shifter. Jordan tells the driver of the limo to drive off and go towards the opposite end.

Shifter is only grazed by the bullet this time so continues after the guard, jumping from wall to wall down the alleyway, he dives down towards the guard aiming to use his tail to disarm the man.

The gun drops from his hand and he screams, "Fucken' mutant!" He tries to grab Shifter by the throat and throw him against the wall.
The limo pulls to the other side of the alleyway, away from the cops that have arrived and are checking the convenience store. The window lowers and Jordan peers his head out.

Shifter is winded as he gets smashed against the wall, coughing he looks at the agent and grins, several organic blades jut out of his neck into the guards hand, and trust me, they're pretty damn sharp.

The Guard screams and releases Shifter, "You motherfucker!" Jordan finally steps from the limo, "Enough!" He screams as the bodyguard looks his way. Suddenly, he leaps out and kicks the guard in face and then a throat thrust which knocks the guard out, "Are you alright, young man?"

Shifter is about to strike out at the guard with his tail when Jordan knocks him out, he nods as the blades retract, he keeps his tail behind him just in case, he's not in the busness of trusting humans.

Looking Shifter over, "Are you a mutant like me?" He asks as he looks over Shifter's body. "Did he hurt you because you were a mutant?"Jordan looks himself over and at the guard, "Sorry if he was hurting you….I can take you somewhere if you need help?"

Slipping his tail back into his hoodie Shifter nods, yes he is a mutant, looking over at the guard, he shrugs his shoulders, how is he supposed to know why some guy in a suit shot at him, though it is most probably the mutant thing, humans are jerks, and no he doesn't need any help, he show his by showing Jordan what WAS his bullet wound.

Jordan nods and thinks for a moment, "Can you talk?" Jordan moves closer to Shifter, "My name is Brain. What's your name?" He taps his forehead gesturing towards the brain inside, "I am a mutant too." Sirens can be heard as police are arriving. "Let's check the alley!" One cop yells. Jordan peers down the alley and looks to Shifter, "You can come with me." as he gestures towards the limo.

Again Mayfair gets a nod, yes Shifter can talk, he just has some issues with words is all, at the sound of the police shouting, he's already heading out of the alley, when he's offered a lift he looks at the limo and shakes his head, no, he should be getting back to the tunnels, also Morlocks don't really ride limos.

Mayfair hmmmmns and nods and makes his way towards the limo, doing one more scan of the mutant's surface thoughts as he waves, "I'm sure. We will meet again."

Jordan hmmmmns and nods and makes his way towards the limo, doing one more scan of the mutant's surface thoughts as he waves, "I'm sure. We will meet again."

Shifter turns and heads further into New York, he gonna have to hit another store, jerk guard made him drop his sack of supplies.

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