2009-04-22: First Session


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Summary: A new student seeks out Jericho's specialization.

Date:April 22, 2009

First Session

Rating: PG

Jeri's in his office. It's normal office hours between classes, and he has no current appointments set up for now. He's sitting at his desk in his normal white shirt and black pants. There's a black wifebeater beneath the white shirt. Sure, it doesn't look right, but it's what he wears when he's been working out. He's just returned from one.

Antonio is just out of class, however he was met by one long red head and given a little slip of yellow paper that he was asked to take to Jericho's office. So, Tony does as he is asked, and makes his way towards the office, knocking on the door softly. At the moment he is wearing a pair of shorts, a pair of sneakers with no socks, some kind of soccer jersey covered by a hoodie, and of course his head band.

The shirt is unbuttoned, showing the undershirt, but that doesn't matter. Jeri's not one on propriety. "Come in." He says, looking to the door. He wasn't expecting anyone to be here, but he won't turn anyone away.

Antonio gives you a small look over, eyes flickering over you in a well practiced habit of sizing every male he encounters up in a single glance. He nods once and pushes away from the door, moving across to pull his backpack off one shoulder long enough to hand you a folded and stapled slip of yellow paper. "This is from Addison." He offers.

Jericho is seven feet tall and built like a brick shithouse. He's… huge. THere are no ifs ands or buts about it. "Oh? Close the door and we'll talk." Jeri says with a grin as he looks over the paper. Afterwards, he extends his hand. "Did Addison say who I am?" He pauses for a moment. "I'm Dr. Mayfair-Parker. But, you can call me Jeri. Most students do. I'm Eddie and Jared's dad… Christopher's husband, and the school psychologist. How long have you been here, Antonio?" He asks, having not met the kid yet.

Antonio gives a nod of his head and puts his book bag down by a chair and then moves to close the door, trotting back to take your hand. He nods, having met Eddie and Jared and Christopher. He shakes your hand firmly, takes his hand back after a moment and then moves to sit quietly. "This is my second week." He offers working hard to make sure the sentence is correct in front of the teachers. His accent thick.

"How are things going? Are you fitting in well?" He asks, giving the teenager a grin. "Is everything going well at the school?" He motions to either the chair or the couch. "Have a seat. Wherever you like. Just make yourself as comfortable as you like. Treat the office like your space, too."

Antonio furrows his brow, looking at the couch and then the chair he is in, looking like he is about to hop up. But given the choice, he lowers himself back into the chair and shrugs a little bit. "I do not speak english very good. So…" He shrugs. "And, I do not knowing many people." He says not mentioning the fact that he doesn't take the opportunity, as he spends most of his class period nose in book, and most of his free time in the gym, avoiding people. "Is a very good school. All the peoples, they are the good people." He actually smiles.

Jeri doesn't say anything about misused english, as he knows ESL people have some trouble sometimes. "That's good." He says with a nod, looking things over for a moment. Jeri notices a lot of things. It's part of who he is and what he does. "So, what's troubling you?" He asks, knowing there's something there. He hasn't noticed the ears yet.

Antonio raises a brow at that. "I am no making the trouble." He says putting up his hands. "Addison told me, I do what he says." he offers, completely misunderstanding the question. And honestly, even if he understood it, he doesn't think anything is wrong. He just doesn't like his ears, but it's so part of his life, it's not one of those things you think of.

"I didn't say you were causing trouble. I said what bothers you?" Jeri says sympathetically as he looks over the note again. "Addison said that there was something troubling you, but he didn't want to look inside to see what it was, because it's not right."

Antonio shrugs a little at that. Perhaps not understanding, or perhaps not thinking of anything, however after a moment he offers. "I…" He shrugs again, not really knowing what to say. If Addison said it, it is probably true, and Antonio doesn't want to call a mentor a liar. But he's not one to volunteer information about woes that he feels are part of his every day life. "No capito."

Jeri stands up, moving over to get a little closer to Antonio. Some people are bugged by their powers. THat's one regular thing he deals with. "Would you mind if I power-shared?" He asks, kneeling down next to the chair. "My power share gives you some of my power and gives me some of yours."

Antonio shrugs a little at that, looking at your cautiously, curiously. "Perche? My power is nothing…is small." He offers, true, perhaps he's a little bother that his 'power' doesn't measure up to the other boys. "Is not so useful." He however just gives a nod. "Ma, if you want." He offers, holding out his hand to you as if perhaps that was part of it. Like drawing blood or something.

Jericho makes no more than a featherlight touch. During that second, Antonio's own powers will cut in half, but his body will grow two inches, and bulk up quite a bit. He'll feel amazingly strong, and there's something else in there. Something impact related. However, Jeri himself takes a moment. "Matter reduction and altered body." He says, reaching up to feel his ears. He gives a bit of a grin. "Now this is a unique one." He looks about, reaching for a fake ficus in the office. Much like how Antonio's power normally displays, it begins to shrink, only reducing half as fast as Antonio's.

Matter transmutation actually. He potentially has the power to alter matter from one thing to another, or it's shape or anything like that. But currently he is a little afraid of his power, but not that it will hurt someone, that it simply isn't good enough. Antonio was already -very- athletic, having a swimmers build coupled with the hard core of a diver. Now his muscles strain at his clothes, his jeans grow tighter as does his shirt. He blinks a bit and looks down at himself and then back up to you. "Si." He offers, watching as the lights harmlessly spark up out of the ficus like a fountain, causing the room to grow brighter.

"And the ears are nice. I feel like I can hear just a little bit better." Jeri says with a brief nod. "So… is that what's wrong?" He says, suddenly realizing that it might be the issue. "Do you feel like it makes you look less like a person? Because your ears are different?"

Looks a little fearful when you mention the ears, and his hands go up instantly to try and make sure the headband has no moved or exposed him. He looks down at your for a moment before his eyes cut away and down to the floor. "They do make me look less like a person." Italians are -very- hung up on their appearance, especially the important ones. Tony flushes a little out of embarrassment and tries to avoid eye contact.

"I call bull." Jericho says, as he moves back to his seat, his own ears now just as pointed as Antonio's. "Your ears are just fine. There's nothing wrong with looking differently. We are mutants after all." He sighs softly, playing with the shrinking power a little more, shrinking a cup on his desk.

Antonio frowns a little and looks at the ground. "They make problems for my family if people see." He says, shaking hands, making sure they are covered. He just shakes his head a little. "My father is good man. He sees I am mutant when sono bambino, ma…" He grunts, slipping into italian accidently. "When I am Baby, he could have given me to church, or left me on corner. Or even cut them. But he say, no. This is my son, God has plan for him…so he hides them…Is safe. Is good." He scratches his head.

"But, if God has a plan, it's not to hide." Jeri says with a shrug ."That's just how I feel about it. And, on this campus, everyone has things that they don't talk about." He looks about and then smacks himself in the chest. Now, there are TWO Dr. Mayfair-Parkers standing there. He grins. The other one starts laughing as he goes about shrinking random items. "Gah, it's the impulsive one again."

Antonio gives a nod of his head. "Si…" He offers quietly, in agreeance with you. He however pauses upon noting the second Doctor. He looks from one to the other and idly reaches down to tap himself on the chest to see if perhaps he picked that up during the swap.

"A little more power than that." Impulsive-Jeri says with a grin, reaching out and planting a good slap on Antonio's back. The other Antonio would appear then. And… it would probably be a different personality aspect than the original Antonio. The Jeri-Prime shakes his head. "Sorry. Their personalities are getting out of hand."

Antonio grunts as he is patted and suddenly there are two of him. He doesn't know how the power works, but it has officially gotten to wierd for him, and the scared neurotic Tony seems to not be fairing to well as he starts to curl in a ball and shake. So instinctivly, real Tony reaches over and attempts to pull his duplicate back in.

The duplicate vanishes. It's just a matter of will. Jeri does the same to his own duplicate. "See? We're all about different, and it's natural. AFter all, for those that believe in God, he says that he created us in his image, so how can any of it be wrong?" Jeri says with a nod. "Alright. Well, we'll set up weekly discussions. Between now and next time, I want you to write out some good things about yourself. And try not to wear your headband on campus. Off campus, I can understand. But you need to be comfortable with you."

Antonio gives a nod of his head and frowns a little bit, not really liking the option of being asked not to do the one thing that has been a constant in his life since he can remember. He gives a small nod and idly reaches a nervous hand up to pull the headband down around his neck, exposing the sharply pointed ears. "Si." He offers to you.

"I understand if you can't do it all the time. But try. You'll get used to it. And you can do SO much more with your hair. My husband is a hair stylist, and I bet he would LOVE to find a hair style for you to work with your ears." Jeri says brightly. "And feel free to come see me anytime."

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