2012-02-03: Fixed In A Jiffy


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Summary: Nigel decides to lend a hand in fixing the rec room.

Date: February 3, 2012

Log Title: Fixed In A Jiffy

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

After classes and Nigel is currently working in the still semi-trashed Rec Room. By now the outter wall would have been repaired which leaves the interior stuff, a few sheets of drywall, a bucket of plaster, a hammer and nails and a can of paint are all laid out on a table while Nigel walks around covering the remaining walls and other furnishings with plastic sheeting and drop-cloths. All the while whistling the old Looney Tunes theme music.

Having heard the notice that students aren't supposed to be in the recreation room until it's finished being repaired, Nicholas has decide to duck in and out to grab the X-Box 360 and the copy of Borederland to try to hook up in the living room to play for a bit. He stops a few feet into the room as he spots Nigel, watching him for a bit before speaking. "We're not supposed to be hanging out in here, so unless you want to suffer Ms. Frost's wrath…."

Taylor is just walking through the hallway, still wearing the blue jeans and the blue t-shirt with a killer whale and the words 'You are now a killer whale. Is this awesome? (Y/N)' on it from the previous night. The feline student pauses upon hearing voices and smelling people in the rec room. The student pauses at the edge of the construction, not keen on extra work, and says, "Are you guys helping with repairs there?"

Nigel looks over to Nicholas and gives a wave "I saw the anouncement.. it said if we were in here we'd either get Detention or have to help with the repairs. So since the outter wall is back up I'm gonna finish the rest of it in here tonight. Not the first time I've worked with drywall.. had to repair several walls at home from time to time when I had my 'episodes'." He waves to Taylor as well. "You two might wanna take cover.. this could get messy."

"Well, mind if I just grab the X-Box before you do…whatever?" Nicholas says as he goes over and starts to try to figure out how to unhook it from the television. "I don't have any experience doing what…well, that sort of stuff but I hope that since it's a school there aren't any codes or anything you have to follow."

Taylor's ears twitch lightly and the feline says, "Either way, I'm going to be staying outside the room here… don't need to get detention or anything… I should be protected with this plastic… thing… in the way if you're about to do something messy?"

Nigel nods to Nicholas "Yeah go ahead, won't take long to finish once I get started. Already checked the municipal codes and the like, all the stuff to finish the job was already here just gotta get the work done. Figured I'd give Ahmed a break, he's already gotta apologise to Roid-Rage so I figure that's enough. Can't really fault the guy for doing what alot of us have wanted to do for weeks." He nods to Taylor "Yeah just stay behind the plastic.. I can't even imagine what kind of a pain it would be to get paint out of Fur."

There's a bit of a flinch from Nick as Ahmed's name is mentioned. "Yeah…I've been avoiding the room." He says as he goes to start unhooking the X-Box. "No…there's a difference Nigel. Ahmed started it this time." He says not really wanting to talk about it too much. He then looks over at Taylor and gives her a wave. "Hey Taylor, how you doing today?"

Taylor peers past the plastic sheet and waves at Nicholas in return. "I've been alright today. Stayed awake for most of my classes. You?" The feline student leans on the edge of the doorway lightly and says, "I don't really get what all happened or anything but… wow, seems a lot of damage that resulted. And yeah, paint in fur… not good."

Nigel nods "Yeah I heard, but he's going through alot right now. Whole family turning thier back on you is kinda a rough thing to deal with. After all he wouldn't be the first student around here to act like a jackass due to personal tragedy, we've all got our breaking points." He rolls his neck a moment as though loosening up for what's coming. "This aughta be interesting to say the least…" He waits for Nicholas to get clear and seems to be talking to himself. "Ok nutjob.. we're doing somthing constructive today so no shinanigans. Ahmed is a friend and you screw this up I swear I'll shut you down in a heartbeat and no Danger Room Sessions for a week I don't care if it screws my grades up or not comprende?"

There's quite the dirty look that is shot Nigel's way once Nick is done unhooking the X-Box and he goes to stand by Taylor. "I've been…hanging in there." He can't really say good. "I got half the day of from classes for being the heroic one and stopping the fight between Quenton and Ahmed, yay me." He says sounding none to happy about it.

Taylor shrugs lightly at Nicholas and says, "Eh, from the sounds of it, you did what you had to… I mean, I guess those two fighting is pretty… destructive…" The feline student glances towards Nigel still in the room and then takes a step back from the plastic and says, seeming to comprehend what Nigel is about to do, "Man, if I /do/ end up with paint on me…"

Nigel lets the dirty look slide right off, having gotten his point across. With Nicholas clear and Taylor standing at a safe distance he glances around one more time before calling out "Bada-Bing, Bada-Bang, Bada-BOOM!" There's a localized explosion that obscures him from view and when the smoke clears Wildcard stands where Nigel was, wearing a pair of overalls and a hardhat and holding a large wrench and hammer. "Ahahahahahaaa! Can we Fix it!?" The tools in his hand sprout faces and shout "YES WE CAN!" At which point Wildcard screams and drops them "Ahhhh talking tools!.. Ok somthing isn't right here. Wait a sec.." He spins around fast enough to blur his form and when he stops he's wearing a plaid shirt with one red and one green suspender, has a beer gut and wears an obviously fake grey beard. "Ah here we go.. if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

"Honestly it was pretty scary seeing the two of them but if I only kept.." Nicholas stops talking once Nigel says his catch phrase and transfroms. He ducks behind one of the couches and almost doesn't want to watch but he can't turn his eyes away. "Taylor, I'm really wondering if we should leave because last time I saw this guy…"

Taylor makes sure to keep behind the plastic sheet, and then the feline's ears twitch several times at all of the noise that Nigel starts making, a sort of blank expression for a few moments. The feline looks towards Nick and says, "What happened? And, um, maybe that's not a bad idea…" Eyes turn back towards Nigel.

Wildcards cracks his knuckles and looks over the scene. "Ok, got the tools.. got the materials.. got nothing better to do. Alright let's make it happen cap'n!" He begins to spin, the speeds increasing to the point where he's a total blur and the sound effect of the old tazmanian devil cartoons can be clearly heard. Becoming a veritable cartoon whirlwind the building materials vanish and a dust cloud engulfs the far wall when the tornado collides with it, the sounds of hammering, sawing, a pnuematic wrench and other tools begin used echos through the room as the occassional three-fingered gloved hand holding a random tool appears from the cloud only to sink back into it.

Nicholas quickly ducks under the nearest piece of plastic, holding on to the X-Box still, as to not get it dust cover. "I want to turn away and leave but it's like a train wreck I can't help but watch. You know it's going to end horrible." He says quitely to Taylor. "What happened when? You mean to make Ahmed and Quenton want to kill each other or what happened to say the last time I met that guy it wasn't pretty cause it was similar to what it is now but with Christmas decorations."

"I meant… yeah, last time that you met this guy? Though I guess you've answered now," says Taylor, eyes shifting on over towards Wildcard and then nodding, "I know what you mean about the train wreck thing. As for Ahmed and Quenton, eh, I figure trash talk and then punching…"

After about 2 minutes the cloud disapates revealing the newly repaired wall, the smell of paint fills the air and a sawhorse with a sign that reads 'wet paint' sits in front of it. The whirlwind then zips around the room the dropcloths and plastic sheeting disappearing into it before it finally stops back at the worktable and the remaining materials, tools, and all the sheets and dropcloths are arranged neatly and cleanly. Wildcard turns and bows to the pair making up his audience with a cheerfull "Ta da! And they said I'd never make it through trade school. Heh heh."

"Pretty much but there wasn't much trash talking. Quenton tried to get under my skin with a dumb comment, I ignored it, Ahmed then said something to him, Quenton took the bait then Ahmed kinda….were-leoparded out and it really seemed like he wanted the fight and wanted to…." Nicholas shakes his head with a shudder as the memory still frightens him a bit. "Well…uh….nice job?" He says to Wildcard once he's done not sure what to make of the crazy alter-ego.

Taylor frowns slightly as Nicholas relays the story and the feline looks down for a moment before glancing towards Wildcard and blinking a few times quickly, "Ummm… huh. Yeah, that's pretty quick work… I just hope it's not like secretly a cartoon wall or anything."

Wildcard shakes his head and rolls his eyes a moment. "Oy you two are real happy campers aren't you? Ok Nigel you're up, the room's far too depressing for my tastes." There's another explosion and Nigel reappears, wobbling a little and grabbing the table to steady himself. "Woo.. that went better than expected."

"Do you think he can really do that?" Nicholas asks Taylor curious if the wall is 'real' or not now. He shoots Wildcard a dirty look that unfortunately gets Nigel as well once he transforms. "I swear, that guy just really gets under my skin."

"I dunno, I just know in some cartoons the characters can paint a tunnel and a train'll come out of it, gotta watch out for stuff like that," says Taylor, glancing back towards Nicholas with a shrug, peering further inside. "Looks good, Nigel."

Nigel cracks his neck a moment "Eh he can do that, but he does come in handy. As for the wall being fake that can't happen. As wildcard I can manifest temporary items like weapons and the like but they fade from existance after I lose contact with them for longer than about 20 seconds or so. If it was a fake wasl it would have vanished by now. What you see there is one hundred percent real. Wildcard knows everything I know, trick is he can do it about 20 times faster than I can."

Nicholas nods slowly to Nigel as he takes his power in. "So am I like the only person who doesn't have a power that physically changes them? Well I guess there's Shane but that's about it." He says as he nods along with Taylor. "And yeah, the wall looks good."

Taylor glances towards Nicholas and shrugs lightly, "I think there are probably a few people… umm… and my power doesn't change me. I think it's just… being changed…" The feline student glances down for a moment and says, "Anyways… Warlock I don't think is changed either."

Nigel shrugs "What can I say.. even for a mutant I'm weird. There are days I would love to just do somthing basic like shoot lasers from my hands or somthing, but we work with what we're given I guess. Technically my power is some kind of Molecular manipulation, I should be doing stuff like turning lead into gold or somthing. How it end up manifesting as wildcard is anyone's guess."

Nicholas nods and puts the X-Box down so he can sit on one of the plastic covered chairs, glad that it's paint free. "Okay Warlock, that makes three of us who don't have some sort of physical aspect to our powers." He says running a hand through his hair. "Maybe you just watched too many cartoons as a kid and it stuck?"

"Yeah… I'm sure there are others, but, I dunno. Physical stuff must be a big part in a lot of mutations…" says Taylor, glancing down for a moment and shrugging lightly. "I mean. I wish I didn't have physical aspects for sure."

Nigel nods "Yeah just seems most of us this year have some physical aspect to what we do. Makes for a strangeh student body but hey what can you do?"

Nicholas shrugs and frowns at the wall. "Man I wish it wasn't all messed up in here, I really don't want to go back to my room. Last night I slept out in the stables, don't think I'm gonna do that tonight but if I can find that atrium by the classes, maybe I'll crash on the couch there."

"I can help you find it, if you want," offers Taylor to Nicholas, head tilted lightly, "Are you really that worried or uncomfortable going back to your room that you'd sleep in the stables? I'd offer the spare bed in my room, but I think that's against the rules."

Nigel nods "Sooner or later I need to finish my smartphone map for this place. That should help. But we'd better take off, the Staff likely already know I'm in here since transforming into Wildcard sets off an energy sensor in the security system, but no sense in you two taking any heat. I did my good deed and I'll take the grief for it if there is any, so we'd best split before somone shows up to investigate."

Nicholas nods to Nigel. "Yeah you're right. We shouldn't linger in here too long." He says getting up and looking to Taylor. "Yeah, I mean I know Quenton's going to be a jerkoff no matter what but Ahmed, I don't know what really set him off before he just…transformed and went all crazy. I mean I know I can be a real jerk sometimes so what happens if I say the wrong thing? He going to try to break me in half too?"

"Hey," says Taylor, hands raising slightly, "I still haven't properly crossed the threshold here…" The felinoid student sill leans in the doorway, but takes a step out and says to Nick, "I can understand that being, yeah, pretty worrying…" Tay frowns for a moment and says, "I'll help you find somewhere to sleep."

Nigel shakes his head to Nicholas, waiting for the other two to leave before he does. "I wouldn't worry about it too much, I think the outburst was just a boil-over of everything that's happened to him lately. I don't think he'll be doing it again anytime soon. Hopefully Quenton learned to keep his yap shut a little more often too. Besides if Ahmed gets cranky again just pop in a DVD of the lion king, should mellow him right out." He grins a bit.

Nicholas looks to Nigel and shrugs, not returning the smile. "You weren't here to see it and you don't have to room with him. It's not that I don't like him it's just…" He shakes his head. "I'm gonna head out now, if you wanna help me find a place Taylor, feel free but as long as I have a blanket I'm fine."

Taylor nods at Nicholas and says, "Well, better you be comfortable than just fine… I've already napped in so many places at this school, I know some spots are better than others…" The feline student then looks towards Nigel and nods at him politely, though noting, "Don't think the Lion King is enough…"

Nigel shrugs "You're right, I wasn't there. Suppose I'm just trying to stay upbeat about things. I try to keep an open mind and give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they give me a reason not to. Going nuts on Quenton is a far cry from going nuts on anyone else around here. I mean the guy is a whole new level of annoying. But do what you gotta do man, both of you have a good night I'm gonna take off before I get the Headmistress giving me a mental chewout session. Night folks." He slips out without another word.

Nicholas waves to Nigel. "G'night and nice job on the fixing." He says before looking to Taylor and nodding. "Sure, I really don't care where it is, heck maybe even the living room will work, I can hook this up in there. So, let's head on out of here." He says as he leads the way out of the rec room.

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